Something More with Abi Ch. 02

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As i have mentioned before, Abi comes from a DEEPLY religious family that she got away from but has sought to reestablish some sort of connection after attending therapy. Since before we met, Abi has been seeing a therapist to reconcile her issues with her family and her strict upbringing. recently though, at the urging of her therapist, she has been “recconecting” with her parents and occasionally talking on the phone with them. She has told them about us, and updated them on her life in general.

Her parents asked Abi and I to come to their house for dinner on the Friday after Thanksgiving for a family Thanksgiving with her parents and her brother and his family. This was the first time I had met them, and the first time Abi had seen them in about 6 months.

We drove over (about 2 hours) with the plan to drive home that evening after dinner. Abi told me to look nice because her family takes family dinners for the holidays as a serious occasion. I wore nice jeans and a button up while Abi wore a knee length skirt and a sweater. We got there and did the whole “meet the parents” thing.

Her father started to grill me about my religious beliefs (I’m agnostic) and a lot of other personal things. I think he was trying to find a way to “pull Abi back in,” by making me uncomfortable, and showing Abi that their way of life was better; but dealing with high schoolers all day makes that hard.

After about an hour, Abi’s brother, wife, and two kids showed up which gave her dad something else to focus on.

When dinner was ready, we sat down and went around the table saying what we were thankful; her family did all the normal religious and family stuff, I said I was thankful for a wonderful looking dinner and a family that welcomed me into their home. This seemed to irritate her dad yalova escort a little because he hadn’t been able to get under my skin. We ate in peace just making standard small talk, catching up with Abi’s career, talking about how her nephews were doing in school and how teaching during Covid was so much different for me.

As we finished, I helped her mother and sister-in-law clear the table while Abi went upstairs to spend time with her nephews. I sat down with her brother and father to watch some football (the only thing normal about this Thanksgiving.).

After an hour or so and not much talk, my watch buzzed with this text from Abi: “I’d like desert, come upstairs.”

I excused myself, saying “Man the turkey is hitting me, is there somewhere I can take a power nap before Abi, and I head back in a bit.”

Abi’s brother (decent guy really) said, “Upstairs, third door on your right is my old room, it’s where the kids usually sleep, you can sleep in there.” I thanked him and walked upstairs.

As I reached the top of the steps, I started down the hall towards the door he said, but as I passed the bathroom, the door swung open, and Abi pulled me.

As she shut and locked the door behind me, she said, “About time, Bryson and Jacob are conked out, I figure we have about 10 minutes before one of them wakes up.”

I said, “Your parents are downstairs, and they already think I’m Satan on earth!”

She giggled and as she kneeled said, “Then let’s prove their suspicions correct.”

She undid my belt and pants and pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. As soon as it was hard and over my half assed objections, she sucked my cock into her mouth.

For the next 2- or 3-minutes Abi gave me a wet and sloppy blowjob, only pausing to wipe the spit of her chin so it didn’t yalova escort bayan drip onto her sweater.

As I held onto the sink for stability, Abi finally stopped and said, “Okay that’s enough of that, I need you to fuck me.”

I must admit I chuckled because I’m pretty sure that was the first time “fuck” was uttered in that house. As Abi stood up, she unzipped the back of her skirt, pulled it up as high on her waist as she could then sat on the sink.

This allowed me to see she had thigh highs on and a pair of matching black panties. She put one leg on the sink and pulled me towards her by my shirt. As I got between her legs, she pulled her panties to the side, and she lined my cock up as I sank into her.

As I got all the way in, she sighed and said, “Yes, this is what I need.” I started to thrust in and out of her, the whole while she gripped the sink with one hand and covered her moans with the other.

As I kept up my pace, I saw her eyes roll back as I felt her orgasm start. I bottomed out as her orgasm hit its peak and stayed there as she rode her orgasm to finish.

As she came down, she said, “Oh god that was perfect, but we need to hurry up and finish you off before the boys wake up.”

I started to thrust again as she put her arms around my neck. As I picked up my pace, Abi whispered into my ear, “I want you to finish in my mouth, so give me time.”

I thrusted for about another minute or two and as I felt my orgasm building, I warned her as she instructed. She just shook her head, and I pulled my cock out and scooted back. She moved back to the floor and took my cock back into her mouth. With about five bobs of her head, I began to cum.

One of the thing Abi has been “working on” is getting rid of/ignoring her gag reflex, so she likes to escort yalova see how far she can take my cock. I’m only about 7.5 inches but this time her nose nearly touched my pelvis as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth and throat.

As my orgasm subsided, she slowly cleaned my cock off. As my cock popped free, she goes “A perfect desert. Maybe I’ll get a bit of creampie tonight” I had to laugh because hearing prim and proper Abi talk dirty still made me laugh.

She stood up and began to straighten herself out. She then said, “How’d you get away from my dad and brother?”

I told her I had asked about a power nap. She responded, “That’s perfect, go lay down for about 20 minutes and then we can leave.”

I tucked my semi-hard cock into my pants and snuck out of the bathroom down to my original destination. I lay in the bed with my thoughts spinning for about fifteen minutes when the door opened, and Abi came in. As I stood up, she shoved something into my hand; I looked down and noticed it was her panties and she said, “They are soaked from before, put them in your pocket.”

I did as I was told, and we went downstairs and began our goodbyes.

As she kissed bother her parents on the cheek, her dad shook my hand and said, “You aren’t as bad as I pictured. Come back again, I can see Abi is very happy, she’s glowing now.”

I had to stifle a chuckle because the glow was her normal post sex look, but I thanked him again for his hospitality and we headed to the truck. As we pulled away, I fished her panties out of my pocket and flipped them at her to both our laughs.

Once our laughter died down, she goes, “That was a great quickie, and my own little bit of revenge for the strict world I grew up in.

I put my hand on her leg, pushing her skirt up until I got to bare skin and remarked, “Something tells me that’s not what your therapist had in mind when she told her to reconnect with them.”

She laughed and said, “Probably not, now get us home, I don’t like having to be quiet.”

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