Soulmates Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Charlie yawned as he opened his eyes slowly, swearing to himself because he knew needed to get up soon. The bedroom was dark; the curtains were drawn, however some morning light managed to pierce through fabric.

Charlie groaned, turning onto his side, trying to shield his face from the persistent rays. He was now flat on his stomach; his body almost completely covered by the blankets save for half his face. He could see with one eye his clock on the bedside table.

Fuck…I have that meeting at 9am…Charlie internally whined as he turned over onto his back to stare up at the ceiling.

Charlie Blake was an assistant professor at the private university in the city. Besides work, Charlie spent time with a group of other academics at a local pub on the weekends and sometimes during the week. It wouldn’t be too much of a shocker to note that Charlie didn’t really have time to date, or the will power, really. Something about the dating scene was too intimidating and it was often difficult trying to connect with someone who didn’t appreciate his ever-evolving schedule that consisted of never-ending research and teaching undergraduate students.

Charlie mumbled to himself, complaining about the fact that the faculty in his program had already met that month. He closed his eyes as he turned onto his back once more, hating himself for agreeing with the time for the meeting when he needed most of the day to finish grading.

Besides dating, Charlie felt like he had everything figured out. He enjoyed his work and it helped having the resources and funding associated with working at a prestigious university. He had his colleagues and friends who gave him a necessary social outlet whenever he isolated himself in his apartment, office, or library.

Yet, Charlie felt like a piece of him was missing. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when Charlie reassessed his life after turning thirty, that he realized that something was missing from his life. He dated and reaffirmed his friendships, but nothing ever felt right. He never felt right. It was as if a major body part was missing, but Charlie wouldn’t have been able to describe the missing body part or why he needed it.

He just knew that something was missing in his life, and he wasn’t happy. And after turning thirty, Charlie realized that he had always felt this way.

Charlie groaned. He took one of the pillows on the bed to cover his face. He screamed to himself, wishing he had a few more minutes before getting ready to leave for the university. But really, as screaming in a pillow became more of a ritual of late, Charlie was distraught as it pertained to his life. He knew he needed to make a change, but he wasn’t sure what or if he could.

Charlie sprawled out on the bed with his limbs reaching out as far as they could. He laid there until the snooze alarm reminded him of the meeting again. Charlie pushed himself out of the bed with a loud groan, letting his legs swing off to the side before standing.

He took his time entering the bathroom, remarking himself that he just needed to get through the day.

Later that afternoon….

Charlie was standing in the fiction section of the bookstore. He typically frequented this particular bookstore as it was the only privately owned bookstore within a fifty-mile radius of the university. Charlie ran his fingers along the spines of the books, musing to himself about finally getting the time to sit down and read a book that had absolutely nothing to do with either his research or class prep.

He found one book that sounded intriguing based on the cover art and the description on the back. Charlie flipped through the pages, skimming the work before ultimately deciding on purchasing the book.

Charlie closed the book as he looked at the surrounding books left on the shelf. He then turned around to leave the section, walking to the end until something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Charlie looked up to see someone standing in the art section. He stared but couldn’t see the man’s face. The man was standing with his back toward him, holding a table coffee book.

Charlie stepped back to the shelf as he watched the man from afar. Charlie hugged his body up against the shelf. Something about the man felt familiar and strange at the same time, but Charlie wasn’t sure what to make of it. However, as he continued to watch the man, the sinking feeling he had always experienced began to dissipate. At that moment, Charlie felt the happiest he had ever felt, and he had trouble understanding why.

Suddenly, the stranger from across the way made a move to turn around. Charlie swore to himself as he hid behind the bookshelf, turning his back so that the man wouldn’t see his face. Yet in doing so, Charlie missed the stranger’s face.

Charlie waited before looking behind the bookshelf. He could now see the stranger paying for the book at the front istanbul travesti counter. The man bade goodbye to the bookstore owner before briskly exiting the store. Charlie felt compelled to follow the man but stopped himself. He could feel his heart flutter with anticipation, but the lingering sick feeling returned, causing Charlie to realize that for a few seconds he had been freed from his constant sense of dread.


Charlie yelped as he heard a voice from behind.

“Do you need some help finding anything?” Charlie turned around to see one of the bookstore owners smiling at him.

“Uh,” Charlie told himself to chill as he settled from the unexpected interruption, “I’m fine thank you.”

The bookstore owner smiled at him before turning around to walk past Charlie toward the front counter. Charlie looked down at the book in his hands before walking to the art section. He looked around to make sure no one was near him before scanning the shelves to see if he could surmise anything from the books that would give him a clue about the mysterious man.

His head bobbed up and down the shelf until he spotted something on one of the shelves. There was a nice black art pen perched on the shelf in the empty space that might have belonged to the book the man had purchased. Charlie looked around once more before taking the pen. He thought about giving it to the bookstore owners in case the man returned.

However, as Charlie reached the front counter, the pen landed in his coat pocket instead. Charlie paid for his book before exiting the bookstore, thinking about the man as he walked home.

That weekend…

Charlie hummed to himself as he took his time examining the fruit in front of him. He was doing some grocery shopping, looking forward to the free time he sorely needed after endless meetings and classes.

Charlie reached for an apple, turning it over a few times before placing it into his tote bag. He turned to reach for another but before he could grab another apple, he bumped hands with someone else.

“Oh!” Charlie retracted his hand quickly before turning to face the other shopper.

“I’m sorry…” But as he tried to apologize, Charlie felt like had entered a different dimension all together.

There standing in front of him was a man who looked familiar, so familiar that Charlie was sure he was seeing things.

“Uh…” Charlie couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The man was slightly taller than him, but his facial features reminded Charlie of his own.

“I, uh…” Charlie babbled as the man smiled at him.

“Has anyone told you…you look like someone else?” The man asked softly

Charlie blinked a few times, not really sure if he should just leave the store because he was sure he was close to making a scene.

“I, uh…” Charlie attempted again, “do we know each other?”

The man laughed. Something about it sounded easy and comfortable but that only further short-circuited Charlie’s thought process.

“I’m not sure,” the man answered, “but it feels like we do.”

Charlie’s breath hitched as the man continued to look at him in such a way that he had never experienced before. He tried to say something back, but his brain wouldn’t focus. Charlie then turned red as he though back to man at the bookstore.

“Sorry…” Charlie started as turned away from the man, clearly embarrassed, “I should go.” He didn’t wait for the man to respond before spinning on his heels to walk away in the opposite direction.

Charlie hustled through the grocery store. He ran to the pet section, thinking he should hide there until it was clear. Yet, as his heart pounded in chest and he struggled to breathe, Charlie decided to just leave the store instead. He placed his near full basket on a shelf before walking quickly out of the store.


Charlie was barely outside on the sidewalk before he heard someone calling for him. He kept walking, trying to tell himself to remain calm but he couldn’t. He felt a hand on his shoulder which was accompanied by labored breathing.

“Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry.” Charlie inhaled deeply as he took his time turning around to face the man who had greeted him in the store.

Charlie couldn’t help himself from staring at the man. The man looked so much like him that Charlie was sure he was dreaming.

“I think we started off on the wrong foot…I probably should have introduced myself first.” The man smiled as he rested is hands on his hips.

Charlie’s mouth bobbed open and shut a few times as he tried to force himself to say something, anything really. The feeling he had felt while in the bookstore returned, almost terrifying Charlie as he just stared at the man in front of him.

“James Kent.” The man reached out a hand toward Charlie.

Charlie looked down at the man’s hand before looking back up at James. Charlie’s heart summersaulted a few times and then melted at the site of James’s smile. His expression istanbul travestileri was attractive as well as shockingly familiar, as if Charlie was looking in the mirror, but at someone who was happy and fulfilled by his life.

Charlie gulped as he took James’s hand. He felt the hand tighten around his own, but the grip wasn’t too tight.

“Uh, my name is Charlie…” Charlie finally smiled back at James, “Charlie Blake.”

James held onto Charlie’s hand as he shook it. As moments passed, it felt like they were the only two people in the world and Charlie finally felt complete.

“Nice to meet you, Charlie.” James let go of Charlie’s hand. He laughed as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Can I buy you a coffee?”

Charlie hesitated. Although the moment felt weird and strange, as if he had been transported elsewhere entirely, Charlie wanted to stay with James for as long as possible. There was an unfamiliar feeling brewing inside of him, but it felt better than anything he had ever experienced prior to that moment.

“Uh,” Charlie shuffled back and forth, “sure.”

James lingered a bit longer, smiling at Charlie as if he was the most unique person he had ever met. Charlie turned even more red as he pointed in the direction of a coffee shop not too far away from the grocery store.

“Uh, there’s a coffee shop that I usually go to…it’s just around the corner if that’s okay?” Charlie smiled weakly at James.

James nodded as he made a move to walk toward the coffee shop but waited for Charlie who let out a contained laugh from how both unnerving and cinematic the situation appeared to be.

“I just moved here about a month ago…” James started as he made sure Charlie was walking with him, “…still getting used to the lay of the land.”

Charlie nodded again. “Oh, well, this part of the neighborhood is great. I don’t live too far away from here actually…” He immediately seized up, thinking he was already volunteering too much information and could possibly miss out on a great opportunity by appearing desperate.

“Yeah, I’m liking it here so far.” James offered casually.

Charlie inhaled a sigh of relief as he sauntered along with James who chatted as if the two of them had known each other their entire lives. Charlie felt himself ease up as they approached the coffee shop. James opened the door for Charlie who turned bright red again from how chivalrous this near perfect and very hansom stranger was being.

Charlie and James walked together to the counter. “Let me guess…” James reached out a hand, resting it on Charlie’s forearm, “…you’re a black coffee kind of guy, right?” He teased.

Charlie chuckled, maybe a little too loudly, but he was having a great time with this person. “You’re almost correct. I also like honey in my black coffee.” He sneered.

James laughed which in turn prompted a smile from Charlie. He couldn’t believe how well he was flirting with this guy. Everything so far seemed great; the guy was very good looking and funny, too. He also had a comforting demeanor about him as if Charlie could see them being friends even if something romantic didn’t pan out.

They chatted a little longer as they waited for their coffees. James grabbed both coffees as he motioned for Charlie to find a table near the windows. James placed the coffees on the table before pulling out Charlie’s chair for him. Charlie was beside himself as he took his time sitting down; he couldn’t believe how perfect this whole situation was becoming.

“So, what do you do?” James began as he sat down across from Charlie.

Charlie took a sip from his coffee cup. “I’m a professor at the university.”

James’s face lit up. “Really? That’s interesting. But then again, I pegged you as the egg head type upon first glance.” He winked at Charlie, signaling that he was only joking.

Charlie blushed from the attention. He laughed quietly. “Yeah, I guess I’m a stereotype. What do you do?”

James nodded. “I’m an engineer. Moved here for work, actually.”

Charlie perked up. “Well, that’s certainly more interesting than what I’m doing.” He smiled.

James laughed. He looked down at his coffee cup before looking directly at Charlie. Charlie couldn’t believe that he was sitting across from someone like James. Everything about him seemed warm and inviting, like he was truly interested in learning everything he possibly could about Charlie and then some.

Charlie never felt that from anyone else before. And he couldn’t believe he was experiencing it now. They chatted for another hour or so; there was never a break in the conversation and never an uninteresting topic discussed.

“I should probably get going…” James looked at his watch before rising from his chair.

Charlie felt crestfallen. He wanted to talk to James all day, ask him everything possible, but he also knew he needed to take it easy in order to avoid any perception of desperation.

“Could I have your number?” travesti istanbul James looked down at Charlie with that warm smile.

Charlie’s breath hitched before answering; he was too excited about the prospect of a new romantic interest that seemed promising from the start.

“Uh,” Charlie turned red again, “of course.” He managed without betraying how thrilled he was.

Charlie gave James his number who in turn called Charlie. Charlie saved the number in his phone as he rose to stand with James.

“Nice to…meet you, Charlie.” James offered, lingering a bit before turning around to leave the coffee shop.

Charlie watched James leave; every emotion he could possibly feel fired through his body. Charlie smiled to himself, amazed that he managed to find a love connection at the grocery store.

Yet, as Charlie left the coffee shop, he began ruminating on James’s last comment. Something about it seemed a little off as if James wanted to say more. Charlie just told himself that he was probably just as nervous as he was asking a complete stranger out to coffee on a whim.

So, Charlie thought about hearing from James again instead of dying alone for once.

A few days later…

Charlie took a deep breath to steady himself, reaching into his pocket with his free hand to feel the art pen he had been holding on to for some time now. He paused before pressing the button to call James’s apartment number. He stepped back from the door, looking around the building; James’s apartment building was located in a posh part of the city. The door buzzed before it clicked open for Charlie to enter.

Charlie slid into the building, carrying a salad he whipped together at the last minute. James told him on the phone not to bother, but Charlie was trying to make a best second impression. Usually, he preferred eating dinner someplace in public in case the date went south, but Charlie had a good feeling about this dinner with James.

It took about a day or so for Charlie to hear back from James. The latter had called early on an evening to see if Charlie was free for dinner at his place. Typically, Charlie was a wreck when it came to hearing back from anyone for a date, but somehow and some way, he knew instinctively that James would call him. He tried not to get his hopes up, but the great feeling he had been experiencing since meeting James only intensified.

Charlie walked into the elevator, pressing the button to James’s floor. He hummed expectedly to himself, feeling excited to see James again. As soon as the elevator stopped at his destination, Charlie took another moment, telling himself just to take it easy and see what happens.

It’s a good sign that he invited me over…Charlie reminded himself as he walked in the direction of James’s apartment unit.

As he reached the door, Charlie reached out a fist to knock, but the door opened instead.

“Hey!” James was at the door, leaning to the side and looking incredibly attractive.

Charlie attempted back a reply, but he had trouble trying to focus as his eyes surveyed James’s entire body.

“Uh, hey.” Charlie finally replied. He held the salad bowl out, “I know you said not to bring anything, but I figured I should bring something.”

James smiled as he accepted the bowl. “Thanks, but I totally figured you would do something like that.” He stepped to the side to let Charlie into the apartment.

Charlie grimaced as he entered but his expression changed as soon as he laid eyes on James’s apartment. It looked exactly how Charlie imagined it; it had a modern look to it with streamlined angles and contours and a lighter color scheme. Everything looked ordered and curated, a far cry from Charlie’s more traditional and less kept apartment.

“Nice place.” Charlie let out as he felt James take his coat from him.

“Thanks,” James laughed, “I’m really glad you like it.”

Charlie nodded as he turned around to see James placing the bowl on the counter before taking his coat out of the kitchen/living room area into bedroom. Charlie cocked his head at an angle to get a peek at the room. It looked like a guestroom; too manicured to be a bedroom unless James took the time to clean the room.

Charlie blushed again as James closed the door, thinking to himself about being with James in that room.

We just met…Charlie reminded himself again.

“Want anything to drink?” James was now behind the kitchen island, holding up a bottle of red wine, “Wine, perhaps?”

Charlie nodded with a shrug. “Maybe just a glass.”

James laughed again as he opened the bottle before pouring two glasses. He rounded the island to hand one glass to Charlie. And as he approached, Charlie became hyper aware of his own moments, making sure he wasn’t making a stupid or silly face from James advancing.

James held out the wine glass and Charlie accepted it, brushing his hand up against James’s. “Thank you…” Charlie let out as James motioned to cheers.

At this point James was standing about a foot away from Charlie. He was close enough to indicate that he was interested, but Charlie had to stop himself from doing anything too early. He found himself wanting to embrace James but fought back the feeling. He had to keep reminding himself that they just met.

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