Starting from Scratch Ch. 23: BED BUGS

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“It’s soooo good to be home.”

Josie McKellen led her girls through the front door of their home, kicking her heels off at the door, uncaring where they landed. Dakota being the neat freak that she was picked them up and took them upstairs for her Mother. Josie herself just flopped on the living room sofa and closed her eyes to take a ten minute snooze. Following her sister, Sable made it to the top of the stairs before grabbing Dakota’s arm.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Can you give me a minute?” She held her Mom’s heels up. Sable nodded then headed for her own bedroom. Opening the bedroom door to her parents room Dakota heard humming along with the sounds of water. Eyes flaring at the possibilities she made certain Sable wasn’t behind her and eased the bedroom door closed. Setting her Mother’s shoes by her side of the bed, she crept cautiously toward the adjoining bathroom which had the door wide open.

In their shower Dakota spotted her Father Henry cleaning himself up behind steamed over glass doors, his silhouette majestic. Frozen in reaction she stared at his big dick dangling down and bit her lower lip. This was a chance to see him without her sister right there risking them being busted. Ever since she and Sable had watched Henry having phone sex with his co-worker Tessa Harper she had been obsessed with male anatomy. She didn’t count seeing neighbor boy Travis, only Henry and the photo she possessed of Mace Belmont’s studhorse cock.

“Daddy looks so happy.” She smiled timidly. “He’s been really cool about seeing me nakie here lately. Does he…like what he sees?” She recalled the towel drops, her dress without panties as she bent over searching for a missing earring that was never lost. Even when he landed over her accidently while Sable was wrestling with him. The tension was definitely in the air. Even her opened shirt on the way to school was met with intrigue until Mace and Travis ruined it for her. That is until she got to school.

“The boys at school loved my cleavage. I…liked showing off, even when Angus…” She fidgets, “Why didn’t Angus say anything about my tits? He saw them when he helped me pick my things up off the floor. Nipples too. Maybe he’s just being a gentleman to prove he wants more than just sex. I like Ang…” She swallows dryly as she sees Henry washing his dick and stroking soap along its length, “…Daddy.”

Hearing footsteps in the hall then the door creaking open she worried it was her Mother and raced to bend over the heels as if ready to use them as an excuse. Uncertain she quickly dropped and rolled under her parents bed. Seeing bare feet only in passing she wasn’t certain if it was her Mom. As the feet tiptoed quietly toward the bathroom door she realized it was Sable wearing shorts and a tank top. She too peeked in on Henry showering without care. Sable however lingered there knowing her Mom was napping after a quick sneak down the staircase to hear her snoring. Hurrying back she presumed Dakota was in her own room changing.

“Daddy is so built.” Sable touched her lips, also recalling she and Dakota trapped in his closet behind clothing as he stood inches from them, his dick right up close to both their faces without even knowing. Since that day she often glanced his way without his noticing and admired his crotch. She was less obvious than her sister Dakota in that area. Still nosey she just felt devilish. It could have been the worry over showing the cheerleaders Mace Belmont’s nine incher that drew her thoughts to a real penis. Maybe she was just intrigued, wondering what it might be like to see more than any photo. Sure she could probably ask Travis to show her his again, but his was hardly…big. Unlike Daddy, unlike Mace, unlike Kelly Herbert’s bodybuilder boyfriend who she caught a glimpse of through balcony planks, all massive in size. Even though she had never actually seen Mace’s outside of the pic. Daddy had the size that made her…curious.

Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs Sable panics and dives down to hide under the bed to find her sister, sharing in a duel of bulging eyes. “Dakota? What are you?” She had no choice but to join her under the king size bed. Whimpering at one another with held breath they witness their Mother’s feet slowly walking by, obviously her short nap was over with. Shutting and locking the bedroom door the girls knew they were in trouble.

Josie hearing the shower mumbled, “Mmmm! Some shower head sounds inviting.” Dress easily off being all that she was wearing she snuck into the bathroom and opened the shower door. The twins squirmed awkwardly under the bed for a better angle to observe them, in ready to make their escape. Witnessing Josie step in with Henry they heard their Father huff.

“Well hello Mrs. McKellen. Fancy meeting you here. You’re home early, what no rendezvous with Roman?” The girls looked at one another confirming the rumors heard at school and that their Father knew of him. This required more spying, if anything to learn canlı bahis things their parents might be hiding.

“Almost! Pretty stressful day.” She withheld the fact her 1st. period class had got an eye full of flashing ass and sexy twat. Not to mention she was eaten out by her fantasy basketballer Reese Teller, alongside Piper Cherry. Add that to her fountain romp with Piper and Mimi Alexander where she stripped off her dress and wore a wet t-shirt in front of students her brain was weary. The pure adrenalin rush was still soaring which tired her, so she thought. That was until she needed her husband’s attention. Nympho indeed.

Seeing their Mother kneel in front of Henry and begin sucking his dick at just the perfect angle the girls dropped their jaws. Dakota seeing the back and forth bob her Mother was enacting made her fantasize that it was her giving a boy pleasure, going so far as envisioning sucking off her Dad in the closet that day. Hearing Henry say, “Take it all Bitch.” then Josie swallowing 80% of his length both girls admired their Mother’s commitment.

“She’s putting all of him in her mouth.” Sable whispered. “That’s a lot.”

“Daddy likes it.” Dakota mumbled back.

“We should make a break for it before we get busted. I don’t want to get paddled again. Daddy would ground us for life.”

“Nooo! Don’t leave me yet. I want to watch.”

“Are you nuts?”

Speaking of, “Mom’s sucking on his nuts now.”

“She is? Ewww! Why?”

“Look! Daddy must like it his head is hanging backwards. Listen to him.”

“FUCK YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I LIKE.” He praised Josie, her tongue lapping his scrotum in between swallowing his cock time and time again. She enjoyed pleasing her men…man.

“See? We should learn from this.” Dakota mumbled softly enough that only her sister could hear her. “I for one don’t want to be with a boy and not know what to do. Especially Angus…if I…ever do anything with him.”

“About him. I started to tell you earlier, the cheerleaders are coming over to Piper’s house tomorrow night to practice. Robin will be there.”

“What? Nooo! I don’t know what she knows. I mean she smiled a lot at me last Friday but she’s evil. Her knowing where we live could be bad.”

“Worse, I accidently showed them Mace’s dick pic. They stole my cell and even saw Travis.”

“You have a dick pic of Travis?” Dakota winced with a gross expression.

“Yes. Stop being mean. I like Travis. Tawny says Corey Samson likes me too.”

“Corey I can see, but Travis? Ewww! You’re weird.”

“So are you. You have a crush on Daddy don’t you?”

“No I don’t. I’m just fascinated by knowing he’s making a sex game on his computer. We need to snoop and watch it.”

“Come on Dakota, I see how you tease Daddy. I’m not dumb.”

“Okay…I’m just…finding him useful in learning what guys are like…what they like too.”

Lost in their current conversation they hear their Father nut hard into their Mother’s mouth. In seconds Henry rallied energy and launched his stunning wife up into his arms. Her legs wrapped around his hips Henry shut the water valves off, it growing cold and slapped the shower door open. Josie squealing about, “Don’t slip.” laughter leading to Henry acknowledging that he didn’t care. Wet from head to toe he marched Josie out of their bathroom and right into the bedroom. The twins below the bed caught off guard pushed themselves to the furthest point of the frame to avoid being seen. Panic was freezing their souls.

Hurling he and Josie on to their mattress only pinned the girls even tighter beneath their weight. While Josie was maybe 120, Henry was a sturdy 230. Laughter above them clenched that Henry was doing something to Josie, her giggles becoming deafening moans. Out of nowhere Josie gasped, “The girls might be back, they will hear us.”

“Not the first time.” He huffed and shifted his weight above the twins. “You wanted new experiences, things to spice up our sex life, so why not 4:30 in the afternoon?”

“I do want that, I…just don’t want the girls to think badly of me…us. After they’re asleep is…OH GOD! YES HENRY…EAT MY PUSSY. You always know how to make her purr.” In her rallied outburst the girls below persistently drop their jaws. Daddy was eating her pussy? Dakota felt a tingle in her own cute puss and did her best to slip a hand snugly down under her to touch herself. Sable catching on to her sister’s contortion slapped blindly at her, mouthing, “At a time like this?”

“I can’t help it.” Dakota cringed and rubbed her clit. This was her time to absorb what might be happening above her. All she knew was her Mother was moaning like crazy and praising Henry for his talented tongue, fingers as well. Hearing Josie beg him to add another finger even Sable came unhinged and joined her sister in taunting her own tingling pussy. The fever was just too inviting.

“You like that Bitch?” Henry growled, “I can make it four fingers.” Sable and Dakota bulged bahis siteleri their eyes and mumbled, “Four? Oh my God!”

“Do it Henry.” Josie excitably clawed at the bed. In her clutches she drew the draping blankets up away from the girls hiding place like the curtains at a theatrical play rising to the clamor of the crowd. Josie did teach classical literature, so it was befitting. It did make the girls more visible however, safe for now but it still left them wide…open.

Dakota looked left and spotted the closet door mirror that went front the top of the door to the floor. In it was the perfect reflection of their parents. Pointing it out to Sable the girls became instantly hooked on their activity, crawling to face the mirror side by side. Josie was squeezing her tits as Henry was sprawled out and gnawing at her clit while his four fingers stormed her hole. Josie was crying out her pleasure, long over the hesitation to protect her daughters from trauma. If she only knew.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m going to cum Henry. I’M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM!” Hard it was, squirting all over Henry’s face and fingers. After a minute more to drain her well he pulled his fingers out and lifted up over her more, reaching across her upper body to feed his four fingers to her awaiting lips. Again the girls below dropped their jaws and increased their own stimulations. They didn’t know that tasting a man’s fingers was the right thing to do. Mom sure loved it she was acting as if it were the best thing in the world.

Finally, Henry withdrew his fingers and crawled to his knees above Josie’s great divide and stroked his mighty cock. The girls were amazed by his girth and the strength of it. Their Mother must really know how to get him aroused. Using his right hand to nurture his beast gave the girls an unhindered show, no arm to block a perfect view of it. Just as Josie teased her toes along his legs he swatted her clit hard with the tip of his crown, the response was Josie yelping, “Yes Henry. Torture my clit. Whip it into submission.”

A few more strikes he lined his beefy crown up to her trickling cunt and slammed it home. Josie’s reaction was an instant gasp as she arched her back, “GOD I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK. It spreads my pussy so wide, feels so good inside. No mercy Henry. Please…NO MERCY.” She was getting pretty darn loud for a woman worried about her kids.

Lowering over her, he guides her legs behind her head and lifts up to prepare his attack. Stretching his body out with his legs wide to support his stance he pulls out and rams right back in for a shrill, “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” The bed began to spasm on top of the girls making their wiggle room tighter. Each downward body slam nudged the box springs into harder compressions over the girls asses making it difficult to tease themselves.

Giving up on her stimulations for the moment Dakota grew claustrophobic and wormed her body along the carpet to the foot of their bed. Sable seeing her sister taking risks grit her teeth, but inevitably followed her where the bed’s stressful weight was less harmful.

At the foot of the bed Dakota climbed out quietly and hugged the floor to slither like a snake. Once all the way out she eased up on her knees, curiosity running rampant. With her parents distracted by their emotions she ever so slowly lifted up enough to peer out over the mattress to witness her Father rearing up and torpedoing straight down into her Mother’s spitting pussy. It was really vivid, she could see his thick cock rising out and disappearing just as miraculously, his enormous balls slapping loudly on Josie’s thighs and ass cheeks.

Waving Sable up while mesmerized by his strong masculine physique, Dakota could only hold her breath and absorb the tortured cries of her Mother. Henry’s powerful grunts of inner strength made her wet as hell. Fingers back beneath her stretch pants with slithering ease she taunted her clit. Knowing masturbation well enough in small degrees of experience she found herself wishing for further exploration.

Sable braving her own escape from under the bed rose up for her first solid look at any man and woman engaging in sex. It was obvious their Mother loved what their Dad was doing. Even if it did look painful, the girls could not imagine their own cunts to ever be stretched as wide as their Mother’s was right now. Terror and lust was an even balance.

Awestruck, neither sister could even share a glance with one another, they were glued to that one area, cock pounding into a very sloppy hole. It was becoming primal. Henry found himself so turned on by his wife’s excessive pleas of destruction that he just could not fathom stopping.

For a good ten minutes the girls touched themselves, afraid of teasing their pussies too much that they would let their parents know of their secret invasion. Sable with her shorts lifted and fingers rubbing within had to stop or squeal. Dakota with her whole arm inside her stretch pants was less worried. She had fingers bahis şirketleri inside herself as far as her virginity allowed them to sink. She wanted the full effect, actually envisioning her Father doing this to her. Mumbles of, “Yes Daddy.” , was heard by Sable. Flaring eyes toward her sister’s rambling, Dakota bit her lip to suppress herself from further dreams of glory.

Troubled by her sister’s fantasy it drew her in to the times she had already seen Henry jerking off and so very close to them in the closet. While not as into the fantasy as Dakota seemed to be, Sable still imagined what it would be like to be under a man as strong as Henry was. Corey Samson came to mind. Then, strangely Mace Belmont, then finally Travis. She missed Travis.

Pouting as she continued to observe Henry lose his mind, he pulled out of Josie to their shock, rearing back and forcefully tossing their Mother over on to her stomach. Lifting her lower body he spat on her asshole then primed for re-entry. No mercy indeed, he wasn’t even offering to go in easy. He nailed her pucker deep on the first try. A shrill scream out of Josie let the girls know she was fine with it.


Eyes bulging the girls witnessed his thick member destroying her anus. A pussy was one thing, the butthole another. Sable nearly gagged at the thought. Dakota? She fingered herself even harder, whimpering until Sable planted her palm over her sister’s mouth to muffle her. A hand that had recently been wet from her own weeping pussy. The scent of her sister didn’t even slow Dakota down. She was going to cum.

Fortunately her timing was right on par with her Mother’s screaming orgasm. In her deafening outcry even Henry raised his voice and nutted hard inside Josie’s ass. Dakota squealed loudly at just the right moment to be masked by her parents demeanor. Sable followed her sister as she lay on the carpet due to trembling limbs, hand still smothering what sounds that might be deciphered. Once they heard their parents calm down Sable tried to drag Dakota back under the bed for safety.

“I love you so much Henry.” Josie lay there panting, a ball of sweat.

“You better. I’m not done.” Gripping her shoulders he prompted Josie into rising to her hands and knees on the bed. His dick relocating back inside her cunt he wiped his brow and took control. Reaching out with both hands he surrounded Josie’s throat and choked her as he nailed her from behind. More shrill cries proved to the girls that Mommy loved even this position.

At Sable’s insistence Dakota found her own energy to return under the bed and just watch through the closet mirror. Witnessing their Mother being manhandled spooked them. Sable in particular worried that Henry was being too rough until her Mother huffed, “YESSSSS! OWN MY PUSSY DADDY!”

“Whoa!” The girls mumbled, “She called Daddy…Daddy.”

Switching personas Josie continued using that seductive designation until Henry detonated a second round deep inside her. From there Henry released her throat and gripped her by her shoulder length mane, matted with sweat, ripping her head back until her face was red. One hand yanking, one hand spanking.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl. Daddy needs to punish you harder than usual.” He rambled, lifting a hand then slapping Josie’s ass in earthshaking cracks of thunder. Suddenly, Sable found herself unable to resist touching herself again, her arm pinned under her, hand down the front of her tight shorts to frolic. Dakota panted heavily in short triggered bursts of exhales seeing him spank their Mother so, her thoughts recalling the masked pleasure of the last time Henry had spanked she and Sable.

Shrieking Josie came all over Henry’s jackhammer cock. As it was with Dakota moments earlier Dakota had to palm Sable’s mouth to prevent her follow up moans. Another array of screams out of Josie McKellen covered Sable’s tracks. Her shorts were drenched in the crotch. Collapsing to the carpet face down Sable felt ashamed.

All energy spent their parents fell over one another breathing hard, and cuddling. Henry on top, still inside Josie’s cunt just held his quaking wife. The girls in that moment knew how much they loved one another. It was blatantly obvious.

“Roman fuck you that good?” They heard Henry say, their jaws dropping once again at the mention of his name.

“No comment.” Josie sighed, “He has his moments.”

“You were supposed to say not even close.” Henry grumbled.

“Oh! Not even close. You’re a sex God Henry.”

“Too late. I know how I rate. That reminds me, awhile back you mentioned something about more skeletons in your closet, you never finished that admission.”

Trembling Josie swallowed dryly, “Can I go next door and get drunk before I get into those? I might need to have a few bottles of wine to numb myself first.”

“So…raincheck yet again? Must be a whole skeleton crew. You raid the morgue?”

“Henry…I…” She lifted up letting him topple to his side, “I swear I’ll tell you everything. Just let me get up the courage.” Watching her sit up he frowned. “I’m sorry I’m such a whore Henry. I…just can’t help myself some days.”

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