Step Brother Grows Up – 1st Time

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My Mom and Dad split up when I was a freshman in high school. She remarried when I was entering my senior year. To say I was pissed was an understatement, because not only did I have to live in a house with her new husband, I also had to put up with his squirrelly son, who was just a scrawny pimple-faced freshman.

I was the captain of the cheerleader squad and wanted nothing to do with a step-brother. I couldn’t wait to graduate and move on to college. That day finally came, and I happily said ‘adios!’ and moved away. Although I had to come back on the occasional holiday, for the most part I was able to avoid the step-family as I continued my studies by taking summer school classes after my freshman year at university.

Unfortunately, my luck ran out after my Sophomore year. The classes I needed for my major were not offered that summer, so I reluctantly moved back to my home town, dreading the next three months of living with the “steps”. As I begrudgingly drove to the house and started to unload my car, I was greeted in the driveway by a stunningly fit guy who had me doing a double take of his body. “Hi Tori!” he said as if he knew me. It took me several seconds before I realized that it was my step-brother Kent. ‘Holy shit!’ I thought to myself. This kid sure has grown up!

“Kent, you look amazing! When did you grow up?” I said with a whole new attitude and a genuine smile.

“Been working out a lot since I made the football team last year. Guess I hit a growth spurt at the right time.” He said, stating the obvious. He was now 6′ 2″, 220 pounds of solid muscle with v-cut shoulders to a trim waist and tight ass! The pimples were gone, replaced by a handsomely rugged jaw line below a beautiful smile.

‘Damn!’ I thought to myself. This may not be such a bad summer after all. Kent helped me carry my stuff into the house and said to give him a shout if I needed any help with anything, he would be in the garage working out. He then smiled and left me in my room.

I must admit that I was now seeing him through a totally different set of eyes, which I didn’t take off his ass until he was completely out of my bedroom. My mind was already racing as I felt a warmth between my legs. The attraction I felt was demanding attention, so I quickly changed from my jeans and sweatshirt into a pair of tiny running shorts and a matching sports bra. I then put on my running shoes and went down to the garage.

I opened the door to find that Kent had turned the garage into a well-appointed gym. Complete with dumbbells, a bench press, and lots of serious workout equipment. “Mind if I join you?” I asked. He was wearing only a pair of workout shorts with no shirt. Muscles already bulging from the completion of several sets of lifts. canlı bahis Seeing me in my outfit caused his jaw to drop, but he stammered “Uh, sure! Come on in!”

“I work out at school, but I don’t know much about weights. Can you show me some exercises?” I asked as I pranced around the garage, giving him a full and unobstructed view of my ass, legs and tits as I bent over to examine various pieces of equipment.

He proceeded to explain various exercises and what parts of the body they targeted. He had me lay down on the bench press and do a set with just the bar, focusing on proper form and technique. Then we did a set of dumbbell curls for biceps and a set of triceps pushdowns on a cable machine. Next was back. “Dumbbell rows!” he announced, having me place my left knee and hand on a bench while grasping a dumbbell from the floor with my right hand. Instructing me to slowly raise the weight to my chest before lowering it back to the floor. He was standing to the side and behind me as he provided instructions. I knew my ass was clearly exposed. As I slowly raised the weight, I made a point to push my ass up and back, teasing him unmercifully. After doing a set of ten reps, I dropped the weight and sat on the bench. Kent quickly turned away, fumbling to find his shirt and quickly put it on as he stood with his back to me. I could see in the mirror that he had developed a massive erection and was attempting to hide it from me.

I smiled to myself, then let him off the hook by saying “Thanks for the coaching! I’m heading out for a run now.” As I left the garage, I felt the wetness between my legs. Damn! I thought to myself, I need to take care of this and circled around to the back door and then headed for my room, intending to masturbate like crazy.

In order to get to my room, I had to pass Kent’s bedroom. As I approached his door, I noticed it was shut but not latched. I could hear heavy breathing coming from the room, so I quietly pushed the door open just enough to see in. To my astonishment, Kent was laying on his bed completely naked furiously jerking off! I watched in amazement as he stroked the full length of his big cock. I know I should have walked away, but I was mesmerized by his growing excitement. A few more pulls and he shot a huge wad of sperm straight up into the air followed quickly by several more. His cum splashing down onto his midsection and running down the sides of his belly. He continued pulling on his cock until he was spent, then settled back into his pillow. I quietly made my way to my room and closed my door.

As I sat on the edge of my bed replaying the whole scene in my mind, I felt my juices running down the inside of my thighs. I also felt my nipples begging to be touched. I raised both hands bahis siteleri to my sports bra, which I pulled over my head. I then started playing with my nipples. It felt so good and I was so horny that I decided to go for it right then and there. Standing for a second to peel off my running shorts, I quickly laid back on the bed. I again started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples with my left hand as my right hand went between my legs. After a few long strokes across the length of my pussy, I went for my clit.

“Oooooh!” I moaned softly as my fingers worked their magic. My body was on fire and needed relief after watching my step-brother jerk off just minutes before.

My closet door was open, and I could see myself masturbating in the full-length dressing mirror which hung on the inside. Watching myself in the mirror was hypnotizing and adding to my pleasure. My bedroom door was behind me, but I could also see it in the mirror. I watched myself intently as I was getting close to cumming. Just then, I noticed the bedroom door open ever so slightly. Through the crack I saw Kent watching me. That’s all it took as my orgasm hit me like a train and I began thrashing my hips wildly off the bed to meet my fingers as my body shook uncontrollably. “Aaaaahhhh!” I moaned as my fingers flew over my clit sending electrical shocks shooting through my body. I squirmed from side to side milking my orgasm for as long as possible. The pleasure was so intense that I almost passed out.

Once my orgasm finally let up, I opened my eyes to see that my bedroom door was once again closed.

‘Wow!’ I thought to myself. I’ve been home now for less than an hour. I wonder what the rest of the summer is going to look like?

The remainder of the day went by without further incident. My Mom and step-father came home from work and we spent the evening catching up and talking about our lives. I was now genuinely interested in what everyone had to say, especially Kent. I could tell that everyone was surprised by my new-found friendliness, but they probably thought I had simply matured and grown out of my self-centered attitude. We laughed and joked together for the first time since my Mom had remarried. Everyone went to bed with a smile that evening.

I slept like a baby. Dreaming the entire night about the previous day’s ‘activities’ with Kent and fantasizing about what could be our next adventure.

I awoke the next morning and looked out the window. Both the parents’ cars were gone, so I got up and quietly walked down the hallway towards Kent’s room. Wearing only a small tank top and a short pair of cotton shorts, I eased his bedroom door open. He was lying naked in bed with the covers pulled to the side playing with his erect cock. This bahis şirketleri time he saw me and quickly yanked the covers back over himself in surprise. Obviously, he had not seen me spying on him the day before.

“Fair’s fair. I saw you watching me yesterday. Go ahead and finish what you started.” I said in a demanding tone.

After several moments of thinking, he pulled the covers back off his body. His hard on sprang out from under the covers and stuck straight up into the air. It was even more massive than I remembered! The bulbous head was huge and purple. I suddenly felt the urge to suck it but resisted. “Go on.” I urged him.

He reached over to a bottle of body lotion on the night stand and took a squirt into his hand. Then he proceeded to lube up his prick, wrapping his right hand around the base and sliding it all the way up to the head before sliding it back down the entire length. He moved very slowly, almost teasing me with his deliberateness. His prick was shiny and hard as a rock! A small gasp escaped my mouth as I stared intently at his motion. He continued the slow stroking, pausing at the top to run his thumb over the very tip in a small circle before sliding his hand back down again.

I moved to the edge of the bed and took a squirt of lotion from the bottle. Then I raised my shirt over my breasts and began rubbing the lotion into my tits with both hands. Stopping to squeeze my nipples ever so often. It felt so good! Kent was staring intently as I worked over my tits. His hand starting to move faster on his cock.

As my left hand worked my tits, my right hand traced down my belly to the top of my shorts before disappearing under the waist band. I quickly found my dripping pussy and started fingering my clit. My knees buckled slightly as I leaned into the mattress for balance, never taking my eyes off his cock as he jerked it with greater urgency.

My fingers were soaking wet as I furiously stroked my clit and pinched my nipples until it hurt. “Oh fuck!” I shrieked out loud as I started cumming on my hand. I leaned forward so my tits were now directly over Kent’s cock. He was jacking himself with a blur of his hand as he arched his hips up off the bed and shot a huge rope of cum straight up onto my tits. My pussy exploded with pleasure and my legs trembled as his next load shot onto me. I rubbed his goo all over my tits and nipples as my orgasm raked my body. He then directed the next several loads towards my belly, hitting my exposed wrist and drenching the cotton fabric of my shorts. Our orgasms seemed to go on forever as his milky cream covered my midsection.

Finally spent, I pushed myself back from the bed and quickly made my way to my bathroom to clean up as his cum ran down my tits and belly, soaking into my shirt and shorts. My mind was racing as I thought through what was happening. To my amazement, I wasn’t the least bit ashamed or worried about my thoughts. Just horny as hell and wanting more!

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