Stepmom and Daughter Helps Us Out

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My new stepmother Brandi and daughter Claudia moved in with my older sister Heather, me and my dad on a blisteringly hot July day. My father, as usual, was at work, and it’s where he spends most of his time.

Brandi is the polar opposite of my natural mother when it comes to sex, and the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree with Claudia. Brandi is a medium-sized woman with a drop-dead gorgeous shape and beautiful, thick black hair that reaches her medium-sized breasts. You can often catch them walking around town in eye-catching tank tops, short skirts or shorts, which easily display their goods if you will. I’m sure you get the picture.

Her 18-year-old daughter is equally appealing, slim one thing led to another until you showed up.”

“Wow, I think I’m going to enjoy having them around. I’ve never been drawn to girls before, but I am now, particularly Claudia. You don’t mind, do you?

“Nah… I’m happy for you. I’m also glad you have the chance to do what you want without mom trying to turn us into zombies.”

Heather agreed and gave me a little cheek hug, and jumped on her bus for college. I had to wait a few more minutes for the bus to my high school. For most of the day, it was the same old bullshit, only a different day.

I got home and walked into the house. Brandi was cleaning the table, wearing a yellow dress with tiny black polka dots, a thin strap tied at her shoulders. Her plunged V-neck showed off her ample cleavage. The material was light enough that you could clearly see her large nipples and hairless pussy as she stood with her back against the afternoon sun shining through the windows.

Brandi wrapped her arms around my neck, in turn I put my arms around her waist. She gave me a seductive kiss, smiled and said, “How was school today?”

“Hmm… it was okay.” I murmured as the school’s not one of my favourite topics of conversation. The two of us talked for a minute or two, and I couldn’t resist looking through her dress and at that gorgeous body. To say I was horny would’ve been an understatement. Me standing there with a broad grin on my face had to be very obvious to her what I wanted.

“You know, I could use a quick shot up my pussy before your father gets home?”

“Oh yes… trust me, I would love to do that!”

“Well, remember what I told you this morning, all you gotta do is ask.” Claudia and I will gladly take your load anytime. “Well… not when your father’s here. He’s not like you two and us that way and he might not see the humour in you fucking his wife.” Brandi smirked.

Brandi hiked her dress and bent over. “Enjoy my pussy!”

I threw my backpack on a chair, knocked down my pants and shoved my shaft up Brandi’s pussy. She was already soaked and ready for action. I leaned over and grabbed her sweet breasts, playing with them through the fabric of her dress. I could smell her sweat and whatever soaps she was using. The two aromas mingled together, creating a kind of aphrodisiac effect. The more she sweated as we fucked, the more pungent the smell. Brandi turned around and laid on the table, and I stuck it into her again and laid on top of her hot, sweaty body as we kissed passionately.

Claudia and Heather walked in carrying their books against their chest. Heather’s eyes were as big as pizzas as she watched me fucking my new stepmom.

Claudia asyabahis yeni giriş watched as well. To her, it was not something new to see her mom with a cock in her pussy.

“Looks like you’ll have to stand in line, Heather, to get laid. Mom beat you to it. C’mon, I’ll lick your pussy, and you can lick mine too!”

With no hesitation, Heather’s face lit up, and she grinned, “All right, let’s go!”

Claudia shook her head while thinking to herself, “Holy shit, she sounds like she’s fucking ready for a gangbang!”

Claudia quickly stepped over to her mother lying on the table and grabbed one of her boobs, she gave her a short kiss, “Heather and I are going to my room to play around. You and Brian can join us later if you’d like.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, he’s killing my pussy, Brian!” Brandi yells. “And he won’t stop. Ooh! I’ll never walk straight again.”

Claudia ran her moist sweaty hand up and down my back, across my ass cheeks, then between my legs, grabbing and gently squeezing my balls as I banged her mother. She whispered in my ear, “Come to my room after you’re done fucking my mom.”

Brandi and I continued on for several more minutes until I unloaded in her pussy. She sat up on the table with her legs spread, looking blushed and covered with sweat. She reached down and wiped up my cum dripping from her darkish snatch.

“Damn, I wish Claudia would’ve stuck around to clean me up; she loves cum. I’m going to have to train your sister to eat your cum too.

Brandi put a couple fingers inside her cum soaked pussy and pulled some out, then put them up to her mouth. She slowly licked each finger clean, her eyes lit up, and she smiled. “Hmm, oh hey… your cum tastes good. Now, I’m regretting that I gave Claudia your sperm this morning. Damn it, the story of my life!”

Brandi pushed her dress back down and pulled the straps up over her shoulders. She shoved her tits back into her dress. Then she straightened her hair and earrings.

“Hmm, That wasn’t bad; you need a little more experience. Claudia will likely give you a shit load of that. A year from now you could probably get a job as a porn star with us teaching you how to fuck like one.” Brandi kidded.

I went to my room all hot and bothered and changed shirts; I put on what I like to call my’ imitation shorts’; they’re really just regular boxer shorts you wear under your clothes. But these could easily pass as swimmers; they are genuinely lightweight and airy. When I get a hard-on, I won’t have to worry about my dick being so tightly packed in my jeans that it hides my arousal. Believe me, I want them to know how aroused I am.

Brandi went to Claudia’s room when dinner was ready. Because no one shuts doors around here anymore she casually walked in. Brandi stood there proudly, observing her daughter being eaten by her new stepdaughter. She wanted nothing better than to join the two young aspiring lesbians. But dinner was ready, and my dad would soon be home from work.

Brandi adored Heather’s beautiful soft olive skin and her tiny floral tattoos just below her right buttock and another on her left ankle. The ultra-fine blonde hairs on her body glistened in the afternoon sun. She playfully ran the tip of her fingers over Heather’s smooth ass. Brandi slipped her hand between Heather’s legs and played with asyabahis giriş her pink pearl for several seconds.

“Hey girls, you better hurry and finish up. Get dressed because dinner’s ready and your dad will be home soon.”

“Okay Mom.” Claudia whined. “She was just hitting the right spot too. Damn it!”

Both girls got up and got dressed. Heather peeked in my bedroom door as I was doing my homework. “Mom said dinner’s ready.”

I got up and met the two girls in the hallway upstairs. We started to go downstairs when Claudia pointed to a laundry basket on the hall table which was filled with her mom’s clothes. “Hey, do you want to smell my mom’s pussy?”

“Uh… sure, why not?” I answered.

“Oh… I dunno!” Heather whispered.

“Awww… c’mon I do it all the time. I know she smells mine. I’ve seen her do it. Don’t think she won’t smell yours, She’s a total nympho.”

As Claudia sifted through the laundry, “Hey smell these, they’re still wet!”

“Hmm… fuck she smell’s good. I can’t wait to lick your mom, Claudia.” Heather says with exuberance, “Here Brian, smell it; taste it too!”

I did as I was told.

“Nice, Huh!?!”

“Oh fuck yeah. Now I wanna fuck her.”

Claudia snatched the panties out of my hand and threw them back in the basket.

“Down boy, better go. Hey Look, Heather, he’s gotta a hard on!”

“Ooh…Brian…I gotta feel your cock,” Heather’s eyes opened up and she grabbed my cock through my boxers. Then pulled the boxers back and reached in. “Holy Shit, Claud, it feels warm, squishy and hard all at the same time. This is awesome!”

Heather pulled my shorts down just a bit farther to get a look at me. I reached down her top and felt her tits and nipples for the first time in my life.

“Holy Heather, you’ve got big nipples.”

“I know, I’ve waited so long to show them to you. You almost saw them this morning.”

“Hey guys, quit fucking up there and get down here. Dinner’s getting cold!” Brandi says angrily.

“Shit, better go… Mom’s getting mad.” Claudia said.

Heather, Claudia, Brandi and I were sitting at the dinner table; dad hadn’t come home from work yet. We discussed school and other everyday topics, but the conversation eventually turned to sex.

“Claudia suggested to her mother and us, “You know what we should do tomorrow night when dad’s at work? We should all go to the strip joint; we could get a couple Ho’s and bring them back?”

“Gee, I don’t know Claudia.” Brandi thought aloud.

“Why not, you used to be a stripper and I’ll bet you can still pick them up like you did. Shit, Brian and Heather need more experience.”

Brandi looked at me, and then Heather, “What do you say?”

“Hey, I’m a guy, sure I’m gonna say let’s do it.” I said enthusiastically.

Heather, on the other hand, wasn’t too obsessed with the idea. “Well, I don’t have any problems with Mom being a stripper or us going to a strip club. I haven’t had sex with Mom or Claudia yet. Brian and I haven’t even had the chance to fuck, either. Sure, Claudia and I had a little fun for like five minutes before dinner this afternoon. But I could do with a lot more experience before trying strange women or guys. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Oh, well… maybe we can do it some other time. The strip club will always be there.” asyabahis güvenilirmi Claudia reasoned.

To Brandi, the idea was a bit of a trip down memory lane for her, “I am kinda fond of the idea, I might’ve seen some of my old girlfriends there. Brian, maybe you’d get to bang ’em. These are good girls, always horny.”

“They sound like they’re my kind of girls.”

“Oh, listen to the stud here. As though you could handle a dozen women. Um… you know what? Maybe that’s a good idea. It might be what you need. Maybe you will get yourself fucked out and start thinking with the big head,” Brandi giggled.

The conversation hit a lull. I looked over at Claudia as she sat at the table, looking off into deep space. She had a cigarette in one hand and her lighter in the other. I reached over and slid my hand down her loose tank top, feeling her firm tits. Rubbing my hands up and down between them.

Heather and Brandi sat back and watched us. I continued playing with her breasts until Claudia stood up, pushed the chair out of the way and dropped her shorts down and tossed them against the wall. I stood up, and got rid of my shorts too. I rubbed my cock with my and slapped it against her firm little ass several times. Her body was tight and toned because of her numerous hours in the gym. After some kissing and foreplay, I slowly penetrated her from the back.

“Mom…” Heather whined,” See, he’s fucking her now, and I still haven’t gotten fucked by my brother. “

Brandi grabbed Heather’s T-shirt and pulled it overhead, revealing her tiny mounds. Then she pushed Heather’s pants off. My stepmom looked into Heather’s eyes and quickly ran her hand between her legs, rubbing her juicy snatch. She licked, kissed and sucked Heather’s erect nipples for a while. Then she concentrated on her tiny little hairless pussy. Heather looked flushed; she was definitely getting hot and bothered by our stepmom. Brandi gently took her by the hand, and they came to the end of the table where Claudia and I were deeply into each other.

“C’mon, let’s get you fucked right now. I’m not leaving until there’s semen seeping out your pussy. I want to make sure you get a good proper fucking. Don’t worry about anything else, just enjoy yourself. The rest will come to you after you and Brian do it several more times, Okay?” Heather understood and nodded.

Brandi softly ran her warm hand along my lower back. I looked up at her; she gently put her hand on my shoulder, pulling me off, Claudia. “Here fuck your sister, she’s dying for some of your pecker juice. It’s time for her to get nailed and taste some too.”

I looked at Heather as Claudia moved away from the table. She was eager to get fucking, so I grabbed her, threw her on the table, and plowed my shaft into her tight little hole. It was pretty evident she hadn’t had a lot of dicks up there. Hopefully, that changes. She deserves to be loved every day like Claudia.

Brandi and Claudia stood next to each other, caressing themselves as they watched us.

“I’m sorry I had to stop you from fucking him.” Brandi apologized.

“No… I’m happy you did. They’re finally together and fucking. Besides there will be plenty more opportunities to have sex with them.”

“True,” Brandi whispered as she stared at us.

To my amazement, my sister was a great kisser. She was ready, and it didn’t bother her in any way that she was getting banged by her younger brother. Several minutes went by before I pulled her by her hair and made her squat and shove my cock into her mouth before I unleashed my cum. I stood back, and I was sweating and drained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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