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Subject: The Storage Room Standard-issue disclaimer. The following story describes explicit female-female sex acts, and if it’s not your kind of thing, or you’re under the age of 18, this story isn’t for you. But if this is your bag, baby, then read on! -Jennifer Lake The Storage Room I’d never had sex with a woman before, so this was a new experience for me. Especially since it’s happening in a storage room at work. Laura, the operations manager’s secretary, had made a lot of jokes about, now, wasn’t I just cute enough to fuck? I always thought she was joking. Guess I was wrong. She’s got my nipple in her mouth. My jacket? Hanging from the handle of a vacuum cleaner. My blouse? Crumpled up in a pile on the shelf. Our shoes? Kicked into the corner. My bra is barely clinging to my body by a strap, and she quickly plucks it away and tosses it onto the shelf with my blouse. I think that my clothing is getting lonely so I ask her if her clothing wants to join mine on the shelf. “It would,” she says. With that she removes her blazer and puts it on the shelf. She’s not wearing a shirt underneath, and I can see her hardened nipples pressing through the cloth of her bra, even though it’s black. I open the front clasp of her bra with my teeth, savoring her scent, the smell of strawberries, and underneath, the smell of a woman. How smooth and soft her skin is. How firm and flat her stomach is. The taste of flesh, just a little salty. I pull the bra from her shoulders and drop it to the ground. Her breasts are pert, not too large, with small, light brown nipples. Rock hard nipples. I feel them pressing into my own as I run my fingers through her gorgeous brown hair, and we kiss again. My tongue brushes her lips, tasting lipstick and saliva. With our tongues twisting, dancing around each other, I vaguely remember being told by everyone under the sun that homosexuality is wrong. Kissing a woman is wrong. Getting naked and fucking a woman in a storage room is wrong. Right? But forget all that. Pressed against Laura in that cold room, with one of her legs wrapped around my body and our lips locked together, I don’t care if it’s wrong. At a time like this, with my panties getting soaked, who really cares about right and wrong anyway? I take her earlobe into kocaeli escort bayan my mouth, sucking it gently. This elicits a moan from Laura, probably too loud, but neither of us are paying too much attention to the outside world to worry about that right now. I move my kisses down the tender flesh of her neck, along the defined ridge of her collarbone, and down the center of her chest. “Suck my tits,” she mumbles, her fingers tangled in my thick, curly hair. Yes, ma’am. My mouth is everywhere, leaving a thin coating of saliva over the top of her left breast, and my hand groping the right. I lick the underside of her breast, from her torso along the gentle curve leading upwards to her tiny nipple. I reach out with my long tongue, barely brushing the tip of it against her, and I watch her shudder. I close my lips around her nipple, sucking and gently tugging with my teeth. My hands slide down her back to the zipper on her skirt, and in a moment, it’s laying in a pool around her ankles. She kicks it aside, and I stand up. Nothing separating her from me but a pair of soaking, lacy black panties. Those will have to go, I tell her. “You first,” she says. And my skirt drops to the floor too, followed by my pantyhose and my thong underwear. Her tongue, with a sensation like lightning, travels down my body, starting with my breasts, drawing circles around each pink nipple and moving on. Hugging the curved underside of my breasts. Along my ribcage, my skin pulled tight as I arch my back. Down the rigid lines of my stomach. Dipping into my navel. Sloping further downwards to a tiny patch of carefully trimmed pubic hair. Past my pussy to the tingling flesh of my inner thighs. She locks her lips around the tendon connecting my leg to my torso, and I nearly tip over from the desire for her to run her nimble tongue over my clit. Leaning a little too hard on the shelf, we jump as a few boxes full of files tumble from the top. She looks up at me with those beautiful emerald eyes of hers and giggles. Maintenance could be coming any minute now, after that crash. Things are really getting exciting. “We might be in trouble now,” Laura says. I’m inclined to agree, but I also don’t care. Make me cum, I beg her. She grips my ass with both hands and brushes kocaeli escort the tip of her tongue against my outer lips, tasting me and deeply inhaling my scent. Then she darts her tongue in, sliding through every dripping fold of my pussy, licking up and down to devour every bit of my juices. My legs start shaking, and I drop to my back against the cool cement floor of the storage room. With her left hand around my thigh and her right hand rubbing her own pussy underneath her panties, she wraps her thin lips around my budding clit and starts sucking. Oh God, I moan. Maybe I screamed it. I feel like an ocean in a severe tropical storm, everything writhing and crashing against itself, and I’m cumming, over and over, my back arching and my ass up off the floor, hips grinding in Laura’s face. Hurricane Jennifer. I clasp my legs around her hand, two fingers still inside me. Trembling, I wait a moment until the spasms subside. Thank you, I whisper to Laura, releasing her hand. She only grins in response, and licks my fluids from her fingers. She pulls herself on top of me and we kiss. I can taste myself on her lips. Quickly, we pick the boxes up that had fallen to the floor and replace the scattered files where they belong. We should go, I tell her. Maintenance will be here any second. We gather our clothes on a shelf out of view of the doorway, in case someone comes barging in. “We can’t get caught,” she says. But then I’m behind her, she’s reaching for her clothes, and I can’t help but brush her hair aside of her long, slender neck and over her shoulder. I can’t help sucking on her graceful neck, just below her ear. I can’t help wrapping my arms around her, cradling her firm breasts and teasing her aching nipples with my fingers. I can’t help slowly sliding her wet panties off of her body and placing them with the other clothes. I can’t help sliding my right hand down her stomach, across the taut muscles, and into the small, triangular patch of pubic hair above her pussy. I can’t help sliding my fingers into her, dripping with wetness, her muscles pulsating and twitching with anticipation. “Mmmmm..” She’s moaning unintelligibly as she reaches back over her head and wraps my hair around her fingers. Her legs spread farther apart, each izmit eve gelen escort muscle tight as she begins to approach orgasm, and she’s crying out rather loudly. It echoes in this small room, and we’re lost in each other. We might as well have been in a cave, for as much bearing as the real world had around us right now. My fingers are really going now, pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit, and her knees are starting to give. As she begins to collapse, we hear the sound of keys jangling in the lock, and we both instantly straighten, frozen together behind a stack of boxes, with her hands in my hair, and I’ve got one hand covering her mouth, the other still in her pussy. Laura quivering with the nearness of her orgasm, and both of us covered in sweat. We must be quite a sight, should the person at the door decide to actually investigate the noise in the room. I hear the person take a few steps into the room and stop. Laura is breathing very heavily, and I wonder if they can hear us. Apparently not, because they turn around to leave the room after a short pause. I wanted this to be more exciting. I wanted to make this something we never forget I wanted to be daring. So I began rubbing her clit again, keeping my hand clamped over her mouth as she squirmed around in surprise, and I was still unable to prevent a gasp from escaping her lips. The person in the doorway stopped again, and I felt her knees buckle as she came, gushing fluids on my hand and down her legs. I managed to stifle her cries fairly well, but the person still took a few steps back into the room. The overhead track lighting came on, and a long, excruciating pause settled down on the room. Laura was shaking, nearly unable to contain herself, and I held her as close to me as possible. Finally, the person in the doorway left the room, and I was unsure of just how much they knew. As we slumped down into the corner, Laura is cumming again, bucking wildly against my hand, three fingers buried hilt deep in her pussy. I lick my fingers clean, loving the taste of her juices, and she cranes her neck around to embrace me in a passionate kiss. Exhausted, we lay holding each other on the floor for nearly twenty minutes before finally getting up to put our clothes back on and go to work. As we give each other once last kiss before returning to the public, and we make plans to see each other again, I have one last thought as I look deep into those amazing emerald green eyes of hers. No, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. Please send responses to ail!

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