Storm Bound Love

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Belle Delphine

The spring season in central Washington has a cold and wet climate that is ripe for very heavy storms and constantly suffers from power outages almost every other week and this week happened to be one of the record breaking storms of the century for this area.

Amy, who is 20 and living with her twin sister Alice, was looking out the living room window to the blackened sky and saw a flash of lightning and quickly ran and hid under the table that her sister was currently sitting and shivered as another bolt of lightning flashed from outside.

Alice looked down at her sister and shook her head, “You know you really should grow out of your fear of storms seeing as we live here in one of the stormiest places in the pacific northwest.” she said and patted her sister’s head, “Now get up here and sit next to me and have some tea.” Alice added and smiled softly as she poured the tea.

Amy slowly got up from under the table and sat next to her sister and snuggled close as she took the warm tea cup into her hands and gently tilted it back as she sipped the tea slowly. “Why are you all ways so nice to me sis?” she asked slowly as she lowered the cup.

Alice looked at her and smiled, “Because you’re my sister and I love you, that’s why silly.”

“But I’m nothing but a scaredy cat.” She stated and took another sip of her tea. As Amy sat the tea cup down she jumped as a loud clash of thunder made the whole house shake and the lights flicked off then didn’t come back on. She quickly grabbed hold of her sister and found herself pressing her face up against her sister’s breasts.

Alice looked down at her sister who was now all shades of red and Alice could tell that she was blushing as well, “Umm…Amy…your face is buried between my breasts.” She stated softly and tried to pull her sister off but her grip was just too tight.

Amy nodded and kept her face pinned in her sister’s ample 34-D breasts. For some reason Amy didn’t care that her face was in her sister’s breasts, she just felt safe at that moment and was in no hurry to leave.

Alice sighed and looked down at her sister who always had the tendency of hiding her face in her chest, “You know this is just like the story our parents told us when they were snowed in huh.” She said and smiled as she ran her hand through her sister’s hair trying to reassure her.

Amy looked up to her sister and smiled softly, “You know you’re right….” she said and smiled as she put her hand onto Alice’s chest and leaned up and kissed her softy on the lips and kept her smile, “Just like what mom did.” she whispered and laid her head on Alice’s chest and closed her eyes as she listened to her heart beat.

Alice jumped when her sister kissed her but smiled and nodded, “Yes, just like mom…” she trailed off and kissed her sister back forcefully, “And that was just like dad.” she said as her cheeks flushed red when she realized she had just returned a kiss from her own sister.

Amy looked deep into her sister’s green eyes and blushed deeply and quickly illegal bahis buried her face back into her sister’s chest as the thunder clashes grew closer to the house. Alice just shook her head and smiled as she stood up pulling her sister with her.

“You can’t stay like that forever hun.” She said and smiled as she took her hand, “Come on lets go to the bed room where its sound proofed so you can’t hear the storm.” Alice said and smiled as she started walking down the hall. As Amy followed behind her sister she started to look her sister up and down her 5’7″ frame carrying her perfect weight and her brunette hair that hung just above her shoulder that showed off the nape of her neck. Amy hadn’t realized it before but her eyes were glued to her sister’s firm ass and she quickly shook her head and trotted closer to her and stood by her side.

“Umm… Alice… you have a really nice ass.” she said and blushed deeply as her brunette hair fell down in front of her face and hid her eyes.

Alice looked back and smiled at her sister and nodded, “I know I do, tell me something I don’t already know.” she said with a small laugh as they got into the shared bed room and closed the door behind them, “See, now no more storm.” she said softly and gently moved a piece of hair from her sisters face.

Amy smiled and took her sisters hand in hers and gently kissed her cheek, “Thank you so much for putting up with me each time there is a storm.”

Alice nodded her head and gave her sister a soft returned kiss on the lips, “You know I’m always there for you no matter what happens.” she said softly as she pulled her sister into a tight loving embrace. Amy returned the hug and buried her face back into her sister’s breasts.

Alice just smiled and softly chucked which made her breasts gently move up and down, “You really like my breasts don’t you sweetie.” she said in a soft voice.

Amy nodded and kept her face buried in her sister’s chest till Alice pulled her away, “Well if you love them so much why don’t you do what you normally did when we were kids.” Alice backed up and held her arms up and Amy walked over very timidly as she slowly started to lift off her sister’s shirt, tossing it to the ground. Once it was on the floor she slowly unhooked her bra and again dropped it to the floor.

“They are still so lovely.” Amy said softly and took them both in her hands softly squeezing them.

Alice smiled and nodded, “You have always liked playing with my breasts haven’t you sweetie?” she said and softly stroked her hair.

Amy slowly started to lick Alice’s small pink nipples in very tight circles. Alice leaned her head back as she started to moan from her sister’s licking. The lustrous actions coming from her sister caused Alice’s nipples to quickly harden as her sister continued to lick and bite.

“You’re doing such a great job sis.” Alice said between her soft squeals of a moan. Amy looked up at her sister and smiled and gently nibbled the soft skin around her sister’s areola.

“Can you also do illegal bahis siteleri the same thing to me Alice?” she asked in a painful moan as she ground her thighs together.

Alice grinned while nodding and slid her hands under her sister’s shirt and slowly pulling it off of her and drops it on the floor. She slowly unhooked the red lacy bra that held in Amy’s perfect perky 34-B breasts and again dropped it to the floor. “There we go my sweet little sister.” Alice spoke in a sultry tone as she pinched Amy’s hard nipples and lifting them up then dropping them as they bounced softly.

Amy let out a soft moaning scream and fell onto her knees and looked up at her sister before dropping her eyes and softly kissing each foot. Alice smiled and leaned forward and slapped her sister across the ass that made her jump.

Alice smiled and walked over the high back chair that was in the corner of the room before snapping her fingers and having Amy crawl towards her, “You do know what I desire don’t you my sweet?” she asked as she dangled a foot in front of Amy’s face and smiled.

Amy nodded and gently held her sister’s foot in her hands and slowly ran her tongue along the undersides of her toes before gently sucking each one individually which caused Alice to let out a shudder and deep moan as her sister’s tongue widely ran the distance between the sole of her foot to the end of her big toe, stopping as she reached the end to softly suckle on her sister’s big toe. Amy did the same to Alice’s other foot and kept making her moan till Alice snapped her fingers and made her sister lean over across her lap.

“You’ve been a very bad girl haven’t you Amy?” Alice asked as she grabbed the paddle that was next to the leather high backed chair.

Amy nodded and started to wiggle her ass on her sister’s leg, “I’ve been a very naughty girl.” she said softly as she moaned gently.

Alice held the paddle tight in her hand as she swatted her sister’s ass through her sweats and smiled. Amy wiggled around in her sister’s lap as she was spanked and looked up into her sisters eyes, “Will you please pull off my sweats and hit me harder?” she asked and wiggled her ass more. Alice nodded and started to pull down her sister’s sweats as Amy lifted up to allow them to be taken off.

As soon as Amy’s sweats were pulled down and her soft tight ass was exposed Alice continued to swat her sister’s ass till little red welts started to show up on her supple ass. Amy moaned and wiggled more frantically as her sister continued to swat her and pinch the little sore welts, “My my, your ass is always wonderful for spanking my dear Amy.” Alice said with a soft tone in her voice as she watched her sister shake and moan deeply.

“And it’s just for you my dear mistress.” Amy spoke softly and looked up at her sister and hungrily started to suck on Alice’s nipples.

Alice let out a deep moan as her sister sucked her nipples, the warm feeling of her mouth soothed her as she felt her sister’s wetness against her leg, “Oh my, you are canlı bahis siteleri so wet aren’t you Amy.” Alice had started to get turned on herself which normally didn’t happen when they played but for some reason her sister was getting to her this time and she just couldn’t stand it anymore so she picked her up and threw her down onto the bed and started to quickly lap up her warm love juices.

Amy ran her hands through her sister’s long auburn hair and pulled her closer into her as she felt her warm tongue dart in and out of her wanting pussy, “Oh god Alice what’s gotten into you?!” she asked in a moan filled scream. Alice said nothing as she continued to play with Amy’s clit with her tongue. Amy let out a loud deep scream as Alice’s tongue circled around her clit and caused her to go over the edge. Alice kept her face down by her sister’s pussy as she continued to lick up the juices.

“Mmm, you’re really tasty Amy.” Alice said as she got up and leaned over to kiss her sister deeply so she could taste her own juices and pinched her nipples. “Now it’s your turn to do the same to me.” she said as she pinched the welts on her sister’s ass.

The pinching made her sister quickly move down to fulfill her sister’s wishes. Amy slowly opened her sister’s legs very gently and slowly moved her hands up to her inner thigh, placing her thumb on her clit and gently moving in a clockwise motion while she moved in and started to outline the opening to her pussy with her tongue. “Oh Amy!” Alice moaned out which made Amy move her thumb a bit faster and slowly started to insert her tongue in her sister’s pussy. In and out her tongue moved a bit faster every time Alice’s moan got louder. Amy moved her tongue to the very sensitive tip of Alice’s clit and moved it around in small circles as she slid her index finger into Alice’s warm pussy.

Alice tried not to moan but it felt too good and she had to let out a little moan, “I know you can moan louder than that” Amy said as she started to suck on her sister’s clit, moving one finger in and out a bit faster.

Alice gripped her sisters’ hair and pulled her forcefully towards her pussy, “Don’t toy with me damn it!” Alice yelled and moaned deeply as Amy continued to move her finger around.

Amy added another finger which made her sister arch her back and thrust foreword causing her to let out a loud moan as her body started to spasm in an orgasm. Alice smiled and looked up at her sisters face ‘her face is just so cute when she is having an orgasm’ she thought to herself and pulled out her fingers…….


The storm outside had just about settled to a soft drizzle as the gray clouds kept the sun from the hopefully eyes of the citizens, the twins could care less what was going on outside as they were twisted up in sweaty passion filled hug as they cuddle close their bodies pressed together without a care in the world.

Their phone rings but the twins can’t hear it from the room they are in so the answering machine picks it up, “Kids it’s your father, your mother and I will be coming up there next week to visit you, see you two soon. Love ya, bye.” the machine clicks off and the storm moves on letting the sun shine on a new problem….or new sexual expansion to come their way…….

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