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Jayna sat lazily by the pool soaking in the sun. Being in a strange city on a business trip was usually exciting, but this time, for some reason, she felt no desire to go site seeing or shopping, at least not yet. The way things were going she was sure her stay would be extended at least another week. The fact that the president of the company her firm wanted to do business with was away on a last minute vacation and would not be available for their meeting was, in a way, a plus. Jayna could have a little vacation of her own until Mr. High-and-Mighty J. B. Brent decided to return. For the past three days she had done nothing with her free time but sit by the pool and work on her tan; she would have plenty of time to do other things later. For now she was content with allowing herself the luxury of relaxing and taking it easy.

Jayna adjusted her sunglasses and flipped on to her stomach wishing she were somewhere less public so she could untie her red string bikini and avoid the tan lines. Sighing in resignation, she reached over her head and began spraying tan oil on her back when she felt a shadow blocking her sun.

“Can I help you with that?” A deep masculine voice startled her. Following the direction of the voice, her gaze slowly traveled upwards to see to whom it belonged. Surely not one of the busboys! Jayna gasped as her eyes took in beautifully bronzed skin on shapely, muscular legs dusted with golden curls. She stopped briefly at the narrow hips, among other obvious things, encased in brief black Speedo’s. Her gaze caught the golden V that disappeared into the waistband of the briefs and slowly followed it up a washboard stomach, muscular chest, and the most amused, arrogant, flashy white smile she had ever seen on a man.

Jayna felt herself blush deeply, mortified that she’d been so obvious. Glad she was wearing her sunglasses and that she was lying on her stomach, Jayna put her head back down on the lounger and politely denied him.

“Don’t play coy. You’ll be burned if its not applied properly.” Coy! He had some nerve! Acting as if strange women allowed him to oil their backs all the time! Well she surely did not go around asking strange men to oil her back, and she wasn’t about to start now.

“I’m not playing anything mister, and you are blocking my sun. Would you kindly move?”

Much to Jayna’s exasperation, he moved, and sat down in the lounger right next to hers.

“Why do women always take things the wrong way? It’s not as if I asked you to come up to my room. I simply offered help.” The man continued mumbling about how women always misunderstood especially the good-looking ones who suffered from delusions that men were always after them.

After five minutes of his incessant mumbling she gave in. Never had she met a more irritating person.

“Fine mister. Put oil on my back. Then will you go away?”

“Maybe I don’t want to do it anymore. Maybe I should just let you roast!”

“Fine. Whatever! Just shut up already!” She instantly regretted her rudeness, but the man was maddening!

“Testy, testy!” He clicked his tongue, clearly amused. The man picked up the bottle and sat down on the edge of Jayna’s lounger. He spritzed her back thoroughly and began rubbing the oil in to her warm skin.

Jayna moaned much to her own irritation. She couldn’t help it. His hands felt wonderful, strong and warm. Perhaps he was the hotel’s masseur. He certainly knew what he was doing.

Jayna knew he was taking more time than necessary, but she had been a bit tense, and the big strong hands gently rubbing her muscles felt good. His touch was sensual, almost personal. A few times she thought she felt him move perilously close to the side of her breasts, or too low, close to her buttocks, but her lulled brain refused to allow her to protest his ministrations. Her body was beginning to respond to his touch and Jayna could feel the goose bumps travel up and down her arms and her nipples were becoming uncomfortably hard. She knew she should have said something and not let him take advantage of the situation, but it felt too good. Jayna had to admit she didn’t want him to stop. Then, just as she was beginning to completely relax and give in, he stopped.

“There, all done. Now you won’t burn, at least not for a while.”

“Thank you.” She answered a little too curtly, she was sure he could hear the frustration in her voice. He knew what he had been doing, making her relax and enjoy his touch and even perhaps arouse her. It had been deliberate. Jayna had no doubt of that.

“Glad to be of service.” Refusing to look at him, she could almost hear the smile in his voice.

Deciding to ignore him, Jayna closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun. Nevertheless, the man meant to make sure she knew he was close. He moved around in his lounger, rubbing oil into his skin. Jayna could hear the whispering of skin against skin, and shook her head to shoo away the mental images of his big hands running all over his muscled, and now oiled, bronzed body. Her attempts ataşehir escort bayan to clear her head were fruitless. He did everything possible to deliberately remind her that he was still there. Ten minutes later her body was on edge. Shocking images of herself straddling his lap while he sat in the lounger, the bright sun shining on his golden naked body played in her mind. What was wrong with her? This man was a complete stranger, and while she agreed that that didn’t take away from his sex appeal, she normally didn’t fantasize about every good-looking Tom, Dick or Harry that came her way. She decided she couldn’t take it anymore and got up from her chair and began gathering her things.

“Ahem, miss?”

Jayna somehow knew that she would be stopped. With a sigh of resignation she slipped her sunglasses down her nose a bit and peered at him over the dark lenses.


“Could I ask you for a favor?”

“Let me guess. You want me to rub oil on your back, right?”

He flashed her a bright, wide grin. “How did you guess?”

Jayna had to admit he did have a sexy smile. What was she saying? The man was arrogant and presumptuous. So full of himself! Deliberately suppressing a smile of her own, Jayna put her things down and sat on the edge of his lounger. She couldn’t refuse. True, his “favor” had been uninvited, and some might say she was forced into accepting it. Still, the least she could do is return it. After all, it was no big deal; it was just putting some oil on his back! Resigned to get it over with, she sprayed some oil onto his back and began rubbing it into his sun-kissed skin.

His skin was soft and supple. His muscles well defined and hard. Chastising herself for letting her mind wander and bring up the same images as before, she made short work of the task, keeping her touch impersonal and cool.

“There, it’s done!” she said clapping her hands as if dusting them off. “Good day mister.”

“Jonas” he replied.

“Excuse me?”

“The name, is not mister. It’s Jonas. What’s yours?”

“Busy.” Jayna quickly turned and walked away.

Later that evening Jayna decided to go downstairs to the hotel restaurant for dinner. After taking a nice nap and a long hot shower she had realized that she was hungrier than she had thought and a little restless. The hotel had a nice lounge and dance club and she decided to check it out after dinner.

She picked out a short off-white halter dress with a low back and a deep V neckline to show off her tan and bring out the deep red highlights in her upswept, shoulder-length hair. Gold strappy sandals and gold hoops completed her outfit. After carefully applying her make-up she took one last look in the mirror. She was not presumptuous in the least, but she did like the way she looked. The short skirt and high heels accented her long legs, and the plunging neckline of her halter top dress revealed a bit more cleavage than she was accustomed to, still, she was satisfied with the way she looked. She gathered her small evening bag and walked down to the restaurant.

The dinning room was a bit crowded and the maitre d’ asked Jayna if she’d mind sharing a table with another guest. Since she was hungry, and it looked like she’d have to wait for a table, she agreed. Jayna followed the maitre d’ through the softly lit room towards the rear, where a few tables for two had been set up by the large bay windows overlooking the pool.

“Sir, I have a dinner companion for you.” The maitre d’ announced to a gentleman sitting at one of the tables.

The same arrogant, insolent, cock-sure smile she had seen earlier by the pool was directed at her again.

“On second thought, I think I can wait for a table. I don’t want to intrude on anyone’s meal.” She smiled nervously at the puzzled maitre d’ and began to walk away.

“Nonsense! It’s no intrusion at all. Please sit.” Said the deep, familiar voice. And then to the maitre d’ “Please hold my order until Miss Busy is ready and bring her a glass of the house’s white wine please.” The man was exasperating! Not wanting to cause a scene Jayna reluctantly sat and thanked the waiter for the menu he handed her. She decided to ignore his insolence and just keep things as pleasant as possible, eat quickly and escape to her room.

Once the waiter left them alone Jayna thought to set a few things straight and clear the air.

“Listen mister, I don’t like you and I agreed to dine with you out of courtesy to the maitre d’. So lets just have our dinner and go, ok? By the way, you have no right to order anything for me, I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own, and my name is not Miss Busy!”

“Are you sure? I could have sworn that was the name you gave me earlier.”

Jayna sighed and refused to look at him, burying her head in her menu. Hopefully, the cook would be swift and prevent a murder by getting her her order ready quickly!

After a few awkward silent moments the man shifted in his chair and cleared his throat

“Look, escort kadıköy miss, I’m sorry if I’ve said anything to annoy you. Can we call a truce? Perhaps start all over again?” He stretched out his hand towards her in a gesture of friendship. “I’m Jonas. Glad to meet you.”

Jayna peered over her menu and sighed. The man was overbearing and arrogant, and still he managed to make her feel like a heel. She guessed it would do her no harm to accept his truce. It wasn’t like she’d have to deal with him forever. In a week or so she’d go back home and never see him again. Perhaps his stay wouldn’t be as long as hers and she could probably avoid him most of the time. She nodded in response; feeling a bit embarrassed by her attitude, and accepted his hand.

“Hello, I’m Jayna Marsden.”

“Jayna is a pretty name. It suits you.” He smiled sincerely, not arrogant or over-confident like before.

“Thank you.”

The waiter came around to take her order and bring her her wine. She had to admit Jonas had made a good choice with the wine, even if she wouldn’t admit it to him.

Throughout the meal Jonas proved to be good company. Gone were the pretentious attitude and arrogant posture. He was relaxed and enjoying their conversation. His easy demeanor and quick smiles were contagious and soon Jayna too relaxed and put down her guard. For a while she wondered if this man had multiple personalities. He went from God’s-gift-to-women-macho-stud-muffin to pleasant company in sixty seconds flat. What did it matter? She had already decided not to be affected and to avoid him later anyway.

Jayna stared out at the pool through the bay window. It had just closed and people were gathering their things from their evening swim and walking past their window.

“Would you like to go for an evening swim?”

“I would love to, but it’s too late. The pool is closed.”

“Not my pool.”

“Your pool?” What on earth was he talking about?

“I’m staying in the penthouse. I have my own private pool.” He had an impish gleam in his eyes that almost made her blush.

“Oh! I couldn’t impose…” Not in your wildest dreams mister, she thought.

“Oh, it would be no trouble at all. Perhaps you’ll change your mind after dancing a bit. Care to join me at the club?”

Why not? After all, she had decided to go to the club after dinner anyway, no harm in going with him. Jayna was annoyed with herself. Although he had gone about it all wrong, the man was trying to be nice. What was it about him that rubbed her the wrong way? He was sexy as hell and he knew it, but she had dealt with his kind before, even had an affair or two with them. The fact that he wanted her and did not even try to hide it? Oh, she had seen the hungry look in his eyes from the start, but his look had not been lecherous in any way. So why was she acting this way? Jayna made a mental note to herself to try to be nicer; after all, it was only dinner and dancing.

After a few drinks and a few whirls around the dance floor with Jonas, Jayna was hot. The air in the club was full with cigarette smoke and alcohol, and the scent of a dozen different perfumes and colognes, and Jayna needed a breath of fresh air. She followed Jonas outside and sat on a bench in the garden.

“Ready for that swim?”

“It’s tempting!” Jayna replied while dabbing at the perspiration on her forehead and neck with a napkin.

“Well, lets go. I’ll wait outside your door for you to change.”

“Jonas, I don’t know if I should.”

“Why not? It’s still early, and I’m sure you want to cool off a bit. Come on, I’ll walk you to your room. No funny stuff, I promise. That is, unless you want it.” Jonas grinned, a devilish grin full of intent, but Jayna brushed it off as a joke and smiled back nodding.

Later Jayna would ask herself what had convinced her to go for that swim. Perhaps it had been the few drinks she’d had, or the warm night air, maybe even Jonas’ congeniality. She changed into her red string bikini and grabbed a towel as quickly as she could and stepped out into the hallway where Jonas waited. They silently rode up the elevators to the top floor. Jayna’s gasp of surprise finally broke the silence when she viewed his room. It was almost as big as her apartment, and lo and behold, just outside sliding glass doors in the sitting area, was a swimming pool. Kidney-shaped with a dark teal bottom, its cool waters looked very inviting. Jayna wasted no time, and while Jonas changed and prepared them drinks she hurriedly slipped into the pool. Jonas joined her shortly after, with margaritas in tow.

They talked easily. Jayna realized that Jonas was slowly inching his way closer to her. Despite the fact that earlier that afternoon she had told himself that she found him utterly odious, this didn’t perturb her. He was, after all, a very handsome man. She caught herself on more than one occasion watching his mouth as he spoke, wondering what his lips would feel like against hers.

It didn’t take long to find out. As their bostancı escort conversation flowed, Jonas got closer. Perhaps it was his nearness combined with the dim lighting from the underwater lights and the margaritas, or perhaps it was Jayna’s awareness of the virile man before her. Whatever it was that brought on the silent sexual tension between them, Jayna would never know. All she knew was that she couldn’t take her eyes off his sensuous lips and her desire must have been mirrored in her eyes. That to Jonas was an open invitation, and before she knew it his mouth covered hers.

Jonas’ kisses were like a drug. Intoxicating, distracting, and something she couldn’t get enough of. She almost cried out in protest as his lips left hers and he abruptly turned her around to face the side of the pool. She could feel his hardness pressing against her bottom, wedging itself between her buttocks through the fabrics of their bathing suits. He kissed her ears and neck, slowly traveling to her shoulders and back, all the while his hands kneaded her breasts. Jayna could do nothing. She no longer had control of her body. With her head laid back on his shoulders, on its own volition her body pressed itself back against Jonas’ hard groin and arched to give him better access to her breasts. Sensing her movements as surrender, Jonas moved aside the small red triangles that covered her breasts and took each one fully in one hand, testing their delicious weight in his palms and rolling the hardened rosy tips between his fingers.

Jayna hadn’t realized it until she actually felt it, but Jonas had slowly moved them around the sides of the pool until he found one of the water jets. His hands slowly moved lower, gently caressing his way down to her inner thighs. The feel of his strong hands and the soft ripples of water were driving her mad, sending chills up her spine and turning her blood into warm honey that stirred and pooled in her belly awaiting release. There were no abrupt movements, and his slowness was making her insane. Jayna whimpered. She was aroused enough to claw at his Speedo’s and wrap her legs around his hips and impale herself upon him, but Jonas had other ideas. He tenderly parted her legs and lifted them until they were hooked on the side of the pool, all the while he whispered in her ear to soothe and calm her. With her back pressed against his hard chest, Jayna lifted her arms and held on to the back of his neck for balance, she knew what was about to happen.

Jonas’s hand traveled down her belly to the edge of her bikini bottom. His fingers inched their way under the edge of the fabric and worked their way down, past the neatly trimmed silky curls. Jayna felt his finger slither into her, making her almost explode on contact.

“Your pussy is so wet and slick. Does that mean that you are ready for me?” He huskily whispered in her ear. His finger never stopped moving, maddeningly slow, in and out. His crude words did nothing but arouse her more. Never had anyone spoken to her that way and she didn’t know exactly how to respond. Jayna just nodded. She wanted him. She wanted him now.

“I think you can wait just a little, huh? If I promise that you’ll like it even better if you wait a little, will you be patient?” Again Jayna nodded. She could not speak. There were other things her mouth wanted to do, and talking was not it.

Jonas inserted another finger and Jayna almost cried out. He was torturing her. She needed release; if only…She tried to move against him, trying to make him move faster, but he just chuckled.

“Now Jayna, you promised…”

“Please…” She begged. Jayna surprised herself. Not long ago this man had seemed arrogant and overbearing, entirely not her type. So full of himself, with an ego the size of the pool. The type of man she thought would only worry about his own pleasure. Yet there she was wanting… no begging… to be full of him and receiving so much pleasure she thought she would fall apart!

Jonas chuckled again and brought his fingers up to his lips, greedily slurping at her thick juices clinging to them. He then lifted Jayna’s hips and guided her until the water jet was positioned where he wanted it.

“That’s it baby. Is that good? Does this feel good on your pussy? Huh? Mm, can you feel that?” He whispered.

Jayna almost came immediately. The feel of the water pressure between her legs and Jonas’s husky voice whispering crudely in her ear was more than she could bear. She became tense, knowing what was to happen, and her breaths slowly becoming harder and shallower. She could feel her blood rushing between her thighs, making her tremble, leaving all other parts of her body until she couldn’t even think, or breathe or talk. Her moans and cries became louder as pleasure racked her body until she thought she had completely disintegrated, her particles dissipating in the cool water of the pool.

As her body slowly came back together and her breathing normalized Jayna thought she could stand no more. Never in her life, could she remember experiencing such complete release. Her whole body trembled and her limbs would not respond. Jonas held her close, his fingers drawing circles around her nipples and down to her belly, murmuring close to her ear, reassuring her that she was still whole.

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