Stuck in the Window – An Adult Story

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Stuck in the Window – An Adult StoryMy girlfriends Mom came to find some dirt on me so I break up with her daughter, Instead she got stuck in my big window. What was I suppose to do???I only had been dating Teresa Diamond for about a month. We met at a health food place near my house. We went on a few dates. She would tell me about her over bearing parents she lived with. Whom I never met in person. So it was not a big surprise when she called me a few minutes ago to tell me she was breaking up with me. She used her parents as the excuse why we were breaking up. I wasn’t really upset about it. I just hung up the phone and started to walk toward my house.I live at the top of a big hill in town. It was off the beaten path. I was happy with no neighbors to bother me. I was caring two paper bags of groceries as I walked up my long dirt driveway. I stopped when I saw a small white mini van parked near my garage. I was not expecting anyone today. My front door is around the back of my house. It’s a nice two story modern house with lots of windows to look out of. I followed the small path around back looking around for the person who was parking in my drive way.I almost dropped my two bags of grocery when I finally spotted the driver. I could hear a female voice talking kind of loud inside my house but only half her was inside. Right next to my big green door is a small wooden bench. Two people could sit on it comfortably. I loved to eat my breakfast on the bench and watch the sunset. Some how this woman lower body was on the bench and her upper body was stuck in the window in my house. I had installed a big window above the bench. I usually left the window unlocked and sometime left open with a screen to let in some cool air on hot days.I was wondering how the fuck this woman got stuck like this and exactly who she was. Her knees were on the bench, and then she was bent over at the waist into the window, which was wide open. The screen had been knocked inside, I was guessing. I could not see that from my view point. The woman was maybe 5ft 2”, she was wearing tight black yoga pants and a matching tight black yoga top. Her ass was huge, she was twerking it around as she struggled to get free from the window.Damn! I thought. Her ass was so fine. I was kind of happy that Teresa had just broken up with me. “Hello! Hello! Is someone there? Finally, I’ve been saved. Please help me.” She said. I finally closed my mouth and walked closer to her. She was trying to look over her shoulder at me. But she was having difficulties moving from inside my house to look back at me. I finally got close enough to see her shoulder length blonde hair tossed to her right side as she looked over her left shoulder at me. She was in her mid thirties. I just got out of high school and was living on my own. I lost my virginity at a early age but other than the one night nothing more to write about. Her finger and toe nails were painted a dark red. She was wearing large gold hoop earrings and had a few gold rings on her fingers. I noticed a big rock on her left hand. Her husband was one lucky guy.She was wearing black 3ich wooden heels and her black yoga pants she pulled up over her ankles and calves. The back of her black yoga top was tight around the middle of her back. Her waist was small and her skin was some what tanned, I looked for a tramp stamp but could not see one. She was talking a mile a minute before I cleared my throat and she finally stopped.“Hello! I’m Buck, Who are you? And why are you in my house?” I said. “Oh thank god. Hi Buck. I’m Mrs. Marci Diamond. Teresa Mom. I wanted to come and talk with you today. You were not here and then one thing led to another and I got stuck like this. Can you please help me?” she said. I had a big smile on my face. I looked down to the right of Mrs. Diamond. She must have dropped her big black purse on the ground before she got stuck. I could hear her cell phone going off deep inside her big black leather purse.“How long have you been stuck like this?” I said. “I don’t know. Maybe a half hour, you have such a beautiful home. Can you please help me now?” she insisted this time. Her voice got louder. Her breathing had increased. Fuck she was hot. I could not take my eyes off her big ass stuck outside my window. I better get my grocery in first before I can help. I have some ice cream that my melt. I’m surprised you did not check my door first. I barely ever locked it. I opened my door pretty quick and walked just inside. I placed my two bags of grocery on a big wooden table near my kitchen. My kitchen was the first place you walked into from just inside the door. I opened the fridge as Mrs. Diamond kept talking behind me. I quickly put everything away and turned around shutting the refrigerator door behind me.My mouth fell wide open. My eyes got really big. I finally saw Mrs. Diamond’s upper body hanging inside my house. Her huge ass was not the only thing big on her. Teresa was a C Cup on a good day. Her mother was at least a triple GGG Cup. I was not sure how her huge breasts did not explode out her black yoga top. They fell or slope down from just inside the window. They were two huge breasts dangling in mid air. How her yoga top kept them in, I could not explain. They were perhaps the biggest boobs I had ever seen. Even more important, they were a few feet etiler escort from me.She was wearing a gold necklace that was dangling in front of her huge rack. Her deep cleavage was in perfect view. I was licking my lips. She strained to lift her head to look at me. “Aren’t you going to help me?” she said loudly again. “You’ve been here the whole time. Did you get a call from Teresa or a text today?” I said. “I could hear my phone but I could not reach it young man. Why?” she said in a louder voice.“Hold that thought Marci. Just curious about your phone. Maybe I should get it for you.” I said as I left the door open and walked outside and around the bench to her purse. She kept mumbling something as I bent down to pick up her purse. Her big black leather purse was full of empty water bottles and different female things. I finally found her small cell phone at the bottom of her purse.I walked back inside and dropped her purse on the floor near her face. She strained her neck again to look at me. “Why are you look at my phone?” she said in a stern voice again. “Got it, password is password. Not to hard Marci. I was standing there in a white wife beater and tan cargo shorts. I pushed my flip flops off with my toes as I strolled through her message on her phone. Being 6ft 4 and still in athletic shape, I looked down at Mrs. Diamond as I read her cell phone messages.First message as I read them to her : 1st… “Honey did you find his house???” “It’s on top of the hill. Hope you find some dirt on him so we can get Teresa to break up with him.” “Mike at work wants to take her out. Operation break them up begins in earnest.” 2nd…“Honey, got a late meeting tonight. Don’t wait up, will be home super late” “Sorry I won’t be home till Monday now. Thanks, smiley face.” 3rd… “Mom call me when you get this” 4th… “Mom where are you please call.” 5th… “MOM 911 damn it.” 6th… “Ok. I did what you and Dad wanted. I broke up with Buck and I called Mike. I have date with him next week. Love you. Smiley face. Best Mom ever..”I pausef for a minute. I could have cared less a few minutes ago. Now I was kind of pissed about what I just read from her phone. “It’s not what you think young man. It was her Dad who wanted you to break up with our daughter. I was going to work out and came here instead. Please help me get unstuck.” Said Mrs. Diamond. “Hold that look. I was going to take a few photos with her phone and mine. I quickly took a bunch of photos with both phones. I was getting ever angle from behind when I walked back inside my kitchen.I turned to face her. She was moving her head around. “Are you taking photos of me?” she said. “Thought I might send them to your daughter or husband. Show them how there poor Mom got stuck inside my house. I thought Teresa was big. Mrs. Diamond you are so much bigger. You fill out that yoga outfit to perfection.” I said as I smiled and focused my phone on her big juggs hanging inside my kitchen.I then got on my knees next to her. She had turned her head to look at me. “What are you doing?” she said softly. “I better free you before it’s too late and you’re stuck for who knows how long. Plus I’m a pretty nice guy. Better than your husband co- worker.” I said. I could see the bottom of her black yoga top was caught in the window frame. It some how got jammed or pinched under her into the window.“Looks like your top is pinched inside the window.” I said. “Oh no, I just got this. It cost me a small fortune. Please! You can’t tear it. My husband bought it for me to loose weight.” She said. “He told you that. You look pretty good to me. I would not ask you to change a thing if I was your husband. But we are going to have to rip or tear this to get you out.” I said. She let out a big sigh. “Please! Can you try pushing me out from the back? Maybe that will unhook me.” She said.I was loving the view of her huge rack dangling near my face. Her sexy red lips and white teeth from her smile made me get up and walk around to the bench. I got in one last photo from over looking her fat ass stuffed inside her yoga pants before I put my phone in my cargo shorts and reached down with my hands on her back. I pushed a few times on her upper back and then lower back. She was wearing a sexy perfume that was over taking my nose and I felt my hard cock begin to expand.I was semi hard as she struggled and I began to push on the top of her upper ass and lower back. “It’s not working.” I said. “Try pushing real hard.” She said. I shook my head back and forth as I pushed her from all angles trying to free her. I finally put my big hands on her huge ass and tried pushing, but it did not work. I could feel my hard cock aching inside my cargo shorts. I think I finally had enough of her over sexed body stuck in my window. She was teasing me to death at this point.I walked back inside. She turned her head to watch me. It was now or never for me. I got down on one knee next to her. “Let’s try pulling this over your head. It might work.” I said. My eyes got bigger as I pulled her yoga top up over her blonde hair and then passed her face and then it hung under her. Almost at the same time her huge breasts just fell out into the open in my kitchen. She breathed in heavy and tried to use her small hands to cover her huge boobs. But she could not get ümraniye escort her hands in front of them. They just hung there in all there glory.I licked my lips as her yoga top slightly fell under her waist and it was till stuck under her in the window. “I guess that did not work either your still stuck. Maybe if I do this?” I said. I smiled as I began to move my hands around her big breasts. I was breathing heavier now. “There so sensitive young man. Please be careful. Only my doctor and husband have touched them. I can see your trying to help me get unstuck… Thank you.” she said.I quickly dropped my left hand under her huge hanging breasts. I cupped her huge left breast. Her big fat nipple was very hard. I used my thumb to rub on her hard nipple back and forth. Her eyes were closed and her head was moving back and forth. I then used my right hand between her huge cleavage. My whole arm was getting lost in between her huge valley of boobs. Her right nipple was just as hard. I started using both hands to fondle her big breasts. She kept thinking I was trying to get her unstuck from the window. She kept telling me to do it to help her. What was a horny guy to do???After a good twenty minute fondling her breasts I had to get up and walk back outside. My cock needed to be free. I quickly took off my cargo shorts and pulled on my cock twice before I walked closer to her. I then took off my shirt and look down at her amazing ass. I was inches from rubbing my cock on her. She tried looking back to see me. She caught a glimpse of my bare chest and muscles. She was still confused about what was going to happen next. If she had seen all 9 ¾ inches of my hard cock pointing straight at her she might have spoken up quicker.I stood behind her, look down at her kneeling still on the bench. “Maybe we should try removing this next. It might help. Need to make sure nothing else is stuck in the window. I’m just trying to eliminate all possibilities.” I said. I then reached down to put my hand on her hips and grab her yoga bottoms. I then started to peel off her yoga pants. I could hear the yoga pants come off her wet skin. Especially between her legs. A huge sweet pungent aroma came off between her legs as I looked up between her curvy thighs and just below her amazing naked ass now. She had a small batch of dirty blonde hair covering her pussy mound. I pulled her yoga pants to just around her ankles. I wanted her to leave on the sexy wooden heels. “I don’t think that helped young man. I’m still stuck.” She said. “Oh I think that did help.” I said with a big smile on my face. I then quickly walked over to grab our phones again and started to take more photos of her. I then dropped our phones back on my cargo shorts and walked over between her legs again.I inched forward with my feet, I arched my back and stuck out my hard cock at her huge ass. It was inches from touching her. “Move your butt back and forth again it might help this time.” I said in a low tone. She then started to move her ass faster and faster. I just looked down with amazement. I could not take it any longer. I spit on my left palm in my left hand and wiped the tip of my cock.I looked down to see my cock was rock hard and a little wet from my hand. I could not wait any longer. I inched closer to her on the bench. She tried moving and looking back at me. I put my hands on her hips and started to rub my hard cock on her ass. She finally stopped shaking her ass and froze for a second. “What are you doing young man? Is that what I think it is? Oh my goodness. Is that your arm in between my legs? Grunt!!” I easily pushed the tip of my erect cock into her tight pussy. She grunted as I got about an inch inside her before her tight pussy pushed me out.“Young man!! I know your probably super horny seeing me like this but I’m married. What will my husband think? God!! Your big beautiful cock is filling my tight pussy up. You’re so big. This is so wrong in so many ways. You were just dating my daughter a few minutes ago. I don’t think we should do this.” She moaned very loud. I was inching more of my cock into her tight pussy. I was half way inside before I started to pull all the way out and then back inside her. She was shaking her ass and moaning very loud now.“I’m glad your daughter broke up with me now. I don’t feel so bad. If your husband was really concerned about you, he would have come himself, instead of sending you. Your daughter would have never broken up with me, if she seen my 9 ¾ inches in action. Plus your husband not coming home for two days, it’s your husband fault your in this predicament.” I laughed. I gripped her hips and shoved another 2 inches deeper inside.Mrs. Diamond was grunting and moaning and breathing faster as I fucked her from behind. I started to slap her big ass. She screamed. A minute later her whole body began to shake. I stopped fucking her to feel her pussy begin to tighten around my cock. She was close to her first orgasm from my cock. “Should I stop or keep going Mrs. Diamond. Your mouth says stop but your wet pussy says Yes!…” “Fuck! Fuck me! Keep fucking me young man. Use my pussy.” She grunted.I was now close to cumming. I started to pick up the pace. I looked down at her gorgeous ass and body. She was hot under my hands and body. sarıyer escort I started to slam her pussy really hard. She moaned very loud and screamed and then orgasm so hard from my cock. I was glad I had no neighbors now. They might have called the police from my fucking this hot MILF in my window. A second later I felt a huge spurt unleash from the tip of my cock. I held onto her hips and just pumped load after load of semen deep inside her. “Fuck!! You’re not wearing any protection. I’m very fertile this time of the month. I was hoping to have another baby before I got to old with my husband, but now you have filled me up. I’m leaking on your bench. It’s running down my legs.” She moanedI finally pulled all the way out. My cock was covered in her juices and my big load. I walked over to take a few more photos with our phones at her leaking pussy. It was so hot. She was trying to move to get unhooked more harder now. I put down our cell phones and walked back inside my house. She looked up and saw my big cock in front of her face. “It’s so big and round.” She breathed.“You should clean it off and show me how big a slut you are. I mean you just fucked your daughter ex-boyfriend.” I laughed again. She was just about ready to say something when I shoved my cock into her wet mouth. I then began to fondle her huge tits as she sucked my cock. She was very good cock sucker. I could tell she only got to suck her husband about once a year or maybe when she was back in college. She used her free hands to cup my big hairless balls that her chin as she bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock.I let go of her magnificent fat juggs and reached up to put my hands just under her arm pits. I gently squeezed her body. I then heard a small muffled noise. She spit out my cock and arched her whole body up from the window. She was now free. She used her hands to push herself up. I watched as she sat back on her heels. Her ass pushed out the sides. Her thick thighs glisten from the sun. She then pulled her yoga pants over her heels and walked back inside the house. She wiped her mouth from salvia dripping from her red lips. Her eyes were slightly glazed over; her mascara had run a little on her face. She looked at me very seriously. I just pointed for her to get on her knees in front of me on the wooden floor in my kitchen. A minute later she engulfed more of my cock into her greedy mouth, She went back to sucking my cock like a big whore she was becoming. After a few minutes I pushed her mouth from my cock and pulled her huge tits around my wet cock.“What are you doing? Are you going to fuck my big boobs? That feel so good. There so sensitive. You’re rubbing the tip of your cock on my big nipples. I’m going to orgasm again you little bastard. FUCK!!!” I looked down to see her left hand under her pussy mound. She was fingering her wet pussy as I fucked her big tits. I was close to cumming again. She sensed it and her mouth fell open as the first big glob of goo hit her upper lip and then her chin. I saved the best for last and shot 3-4 big drops on her huge breasts.She was licking her big breast; I walked over to my kitchen sink and got a wet towel for her. I tossed it to her and then walked outside and sat on the bench next to the open window. A few minutes passed before she walked back outside to face me. She looked so hot standing there in just her wooden heels. She put her hands on her sexy hips and looked at me. I had a big grin on my face. “Where your bathroom? I have to go.” I looked at her. “Your outside, you can go anywhere Mrs. Diamond. Pop a squat.” I laughed. She looked around. “I’ve never done that before. I’ve always used a bathroom to go.” “Than today’s your lucky day, I have a better idea then just going any where outside. Come over here. That a good wife. Now hold it. Squeeze your thigh together. I’m going to spit in my hand and then finger your ass hole. Ohhhh that is very tight. Your husband needs to use more of your body. Just a second, let me wet my now growing cock. Stand in front of me. Reach back to spread your big ass cheeks.” We both grunted.I got maybe two inches inside her tight ass hole before I reached under her huge tits and over her tight stomach and just touching the tip of her pussy mound. A minute later she screamed as I grunted in her ear…”Pee! Go ahead let it go.” She screamed as her whole body shook as she began to pee into the warm air in front of the bench. I could her white pee splash onto the deck in front of the bench. She started to spray everywhere and I could feel her hot stream hit her thighs and then drip on to mine. I then felt warm pee drip on my big balls and cock. She was a mess.She finally stops peeing after a few minutes. I kept slapping her big ass as she rode my hard cock wedged her tight asshole. I finally got about ¾ deep inside her and she put her hands on the side rails of the bench and we got a good fucking rhythm going. After what seemed like for ever, I finally spurted a few drop deep in her ass. We spent the next two days fucking all around my house. We fucked twice more in the window. She wanted me to recreate our first fuck because it was so good. She texted her husband to tell him she felt bad that she did not find anything on me. She also told him that I was a pretty nice guy and we should have let there daughter continue dating me. Her last text read: “Darling I’m pregnant. You’re not the father. It’s been so long since you toughed me. I lost count. I’m leaving you. He fills me up in ways you never could.” Marci then paper clipped the photo of her tight pussy leaking onto the bench from our first fuck and hit sent to her husband. Love,BuckxOOx

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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