Study friends (Ginny and Hermione)

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Study friends (Ginny and Hermione)Hermione walked towards the libary to meet up with Ginny – who had asked Hermione if she could help her with studying for the OWLS. The mere thought of studying sent Hermione into a frenzy of delight! What would she teach the young Ginny? Transfiguration? Defense Against The Dark Arts? Oh! Hermione did not care which subject, for she loved them all. She walked into the libary and proceeded to look for Ginny – she overheard several people talking, “man, I never knew she could be that hot – honestly, I’d have her!” “Yeah, me to!” was just a few of the things she heard, but she dismissed them as unimportant. And almost two seconds later she brought back into mind, she spotted Ginny.Wearing a mini-skirt, a shirt with the Gryfinndor tie, tights and the most amazing shoes. “Wow..” she said outloud, to which Ginny turned round and saw her. “Hermione!” she stood up and ran towards Hermione, before stopping before her and smiling. Now that she was closer, she could see more of Ginny, her hair was straight with little flicks at the bottom. She looked like the classic kinky schoolgirl and Hermione had to admit – she was smoking hot.”Wow, Ginny, who you trying to impress?” Hermione managed to compose herself enough to ask. “Oh, no one.. just fancied a change.”Hermione had lost all interest in studying and was now struggling with desire and lust for her friend – but she couldn’t be, Ginny was a girl above all else and Hermione certainly was not a lesbian! But no matter how much she tried to deny it, she couldn’t deny she was enjoying the images she had in her head of her friend and her together. “Pull yourself together Hermione..” she mumbled as her and Ginny walked for what seemed like an eternity back to the Gryfinndor Common Room.Entering the Common Room, they arrived to wolf whistles and “Hey Ginny, how are you today?” from nearly every lad in the Common Room and in equal measures, disgust from the girls. Hermione, normally being one to follow with the disgust, could not help herself thinking “The lads are right with this one. Ginny is sexy today!” Ginny merely laughed it off and proceeded to her dorm, she entered, took a quick look around before coming to the conclusion that no one was around.She magically locked the door. Hermione had no desire to unlock istanbul travesti the door, though it would have been a simple matter. She was now alone, locked in Ginny’s dorm. Ginny collasped on her bed and sighed, Hermione could not help but sneak a look up Ginny’s mini-skirt, and almost cursed herself when she did – Ginny was wearing the sexiest red thong in the world, which showed off her legs perfectly. “Hermione, are you okay?” Ginny asked, clearly confused.Passion overtook Hermione as she decided she had no choice but to take Ginny Weasley right this second. She climbed onto Ginny’s bed and knelt above her. “I’m fine.. how about you?””You look like you’re about to kiss me Hermione?””Would that be so bad?””I don’t know..”She had been expecting a flat-out no, but “I don’t know”, was perfect! It was just the right ammount of encourage she needed, she moved her mouth closer and was delighted to see that Ginny opened her mouth in anticipation. As they’re lips pressed together, Hermione felt a tingle up her spine. She was kissing Ginny Weasley! It was a light kiss that was over all to quickly. She opened her eyes and looked deep into Ginny’s eyes – the blue of her eyes just served to make her want the red-head more – she then attacked Ginny’s mouth with her own and was immediately greeted by a counterattack by Ginny, who took Hermione’s kiss and sent one back. They’re tounges playing with each other, as Ginny wrapped her arms round Hermione, placing her hands up Hermione’s shirt, fingering her back softly, which sent even more shockwaves through Hermione’s body. “Ginny, I’ve never been this turned on over anyone – let alone a girl.””Hmm,” was all that came from Ginny, it was a pleasureable sound, one that showed that Ginny was enjoying the closeness of Hermione’s body, and it was even more encouragement for Hermione. A few more minutes of kissing later and Hermione was in heaven, she could taste Ginny’s mouth and was loving every moment of it, it was the most wonderful taste in the world and it left her gasping for more. She wanted to taste Ginny more then anything!She decided to move down towards Ginny’s groain area, to which Ginny arched her back, before relaxing and smiling to herself. Hermione slit her hands up Ginny’s legs and began to slowly rub her pussy taksim travesti through her tights and thong, it wasn’t long before Hermione could begin to feel Ginny get wetter and wetter through her tights. But no matter how wet Ginny was, Hermione was wetter just thinking about what she was doing.Ginny was remarkably quiet throughout this whole thing, just a few moans and groans here and there, but generally relaxed and just enjoying Hermione. It was after a few minutes of Hermione rubbing her that she decided to move things along – she slowly pushed her tights down, being careful to leave her skirt up, Hermione took over by taking them off her completely.She stared, transfixed at Ginny’s legs, perfectly smooth – they were perfect legs. She ran her hands up Ginny’s legs before grabbing hold of her thong and pulling them down. As she did so, she was greeted by the sight of Ginny’s naked pussy, hairless and without a single flaw. Hermione could not believe what she was doing. But she loved it.Ginny seemed to enjoy knowing that Hermione could see her, for she giggled before saying “Hermione, I want you to taste me..” “I’m going to Ginny, I’m going to..” and with that she moved her head closer and began licking at Ginny, who immediately arched her back and thrust her hips into Hermione’s face. Hermione was in glee, licking between the lips of Ginny’s perfect pussy, licking at the enterance to her lovely vagina, she then caught sight of Ginny’s clitoral hood, and began licking and sucking at that, to which Ginny began to moan and shake. “Hermione.. Jean.. Granger..” Ginny moaned in time to the sucks on her clit. Hermione could taste every single moment of Ginny’s pleasure, and she tasted fantastic, if she had known that Ginny would taste this good, she would have ate her pussy out years before.Hermione grabbed hold of the hood with her teeth and licked inside at the clit with her tounge, to which Ginny began to buck and shake violently, moaning loudly at this point, “H-Hermione.. don’t.. stop..” Hermione had no intention of stopping anything. She had never been so horny in her entire life, and she knew she had to do something about herself or she’d go insane! So she slipped her hand down her pants and began to rub herself, god-damn, she was wet. Very wet. She reached down istanbul travestileri further, and wetting her hand with her own juices, slid a finger into herself. She began thrusting it in and out, slowly at first but getting faster.After a while, Ginny shot up and pushed Hermione backwards on her back, and quickly removed Hermione’s pants and knickers to find her fingering herself, she smiled before taking Hermione’s fingers, pulling them out and placing them inside her mouth. She licked it clean of Hermione’s scent before thrusting her own fingers into Hermione, to which Hermione responded by thrusting hers into Ginny. The two began furiously fingering each other to estasy, after awhile Ginny inserted another finger into Hermione, now double-finger fucking her, to which Hermione moaned loudly. The two kept fingering each other, going faster and faster, using the moans coming from the other as encouragement to go even faster until the two were certain there fingers were nothing more then blurs. It was Hermione whose concentration broke first, and Ginny capitalized on it to increase her speed. She forced Hermione to a mini-orgasm before carrying on to force more out of her, Hermione had completely given up on the cause of pleasuring Ginny and gave in to the fingering.. 3 orgasms later, Ginny finally managed to get Hermione to the big one, to which her entire body shoke violently, and her pussy tightened around Ginny’s twin-fingers, to which she simply forced her fingers through, fingering her through the orgasm.After the orgasm had subsided, Ginny slowed down and Hermione decided to finish Ginny off, and inserted two fingers into the red-head and began to thrust into her hard and fast, to which Ginny relaxed, licking one of her fingers, before giving the other for Hermione to suck – Hermione could not believe she was tasting herself, and my god, she decided – she tasted good! Not quite as good as Ginny – she reached up to Ginny’s breast and began playing with them under her shirt, to which Ginny moaned. Just like with Hermione, Ginny experienced multiple-orgasms before the final one almost broke Hermione’s fingers with its intensity. Returning the favour from before, she battled on through it, refusing to let Ginny’s orgasm finish. Eventually, regretably, it did and both Hermione and Ginny collasped.10 minutes later, Ginny managed to pick herself up and pick her tights off the floor.”Hermione, I need another study session tommorrow.. are you free?”Hermione simply nodded and fell asleep without putting her knickers or her pants back on.

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