Submissive Parking

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Submissive ParkingThe day has been long with anticipation. We’ve been talking for a few weeks and your imagination has been running wild with intrigue. It is finally time to meet, and you have dressed to impress. As you look in the mirror, satisfaction and confidence coarse through your veins. Hair…perfect, a tight top to accentuate the curves of your breasts, a skirt that is hemmed mid-thigh, and underneath; a sultry seductive set of lingerie. Yes, you are ready!We have decided to meet at a local park and take a walk so we can talk a little. It’s eight o’clock in the evening and the sun is just beginning to sink into the horizon. The shadows are beginning to stretch long and it is a warm day as a gentle breeze whiffs through the air. You are waiting in the desolate parking lot when you finally see my pick up truck arrive. Quickly, you take one last look at yourself and make any adjustments you feel necessary in the reflection of the glass on your window. My truck comes to a stop next to your vehicle and as the door opens you watch intently while I step out and stand tall. Donned in a t-shirt, jeans, and boots, yet a chiseled body still visible underneath, you are impressed with this physique. I greet you with a smile and a gentle kiss on the cheek as we begin conversing and walking together along one lone trail. It’s not long before you realize that you are with a complete stranger güvenilir bahis in a secluded area. Your heart starts to race with panic, yet somehow you are comfortable at the same time. It is sort of an intense, serene feeling. At that moment we cross upon a bench and that is where I stop you, turn you to face me and plant a deep kiss upon your lips. Romantic and passionate, our tongues swirl and you feel my fingers entwine in your hair at the nape of your neck. Your body goes numb and you fall limber into my grasp…then suddenly….the grip of my hand becomes tight and forceful in your hair!The pace of your heart quickens as this gentle man becomes aggressive and forces you to bend over the bench. As you struggle to worm your way out of my grasp, you suddenly find yourself handcuffed to the bench and your mind begins to race. Adrenaline rushes through your body yet you do not scream as you find yourself immensely aroused!Helpless and bound you feel the stirring sensations of my hands groping your body, clasping your shoulders and gliding down your back, then down your buttocks to the hem of your skirt where I grab the edges and pull up; revealing your perfect ass. Your breathing becomes heavy as I push my pelvis against your backside, my obvious erection pressed into the crevice of your cheeks. A deafening silence fills your ears as you realize that I am undoing my pants. You güvenilir bahis siteleri look down between your legs and see my jeans drop to my ankles and then prepare yourself for the violation to come. Suddenly you gasp as I pull your head back by your hair and plunge my pulsating cock deep into your pussy without any regard to your wetness. The walls of your womanhood spread wide as my entire girth enters your body and you grip onto the bench to brace yourself. I begin fucking you violently, your moans unheard amongst the trees of the outdoors. The cold steel of handcuffs around your wrists, the wind blowing across your naked ass, and the warmth of my manhood penetrating your soaking wet cunt make you feel vulnerable yet desired. Soon thereafter my pounding thrusts come to an immediate stop and you feel as I pull out and reposition the head of my cock against your asshole. Your body tightens as you prepare for the painful entry of my throbbing cock into your anal cavity. My hands wrap around your hips as I pull your body back and push my pelvis forward, slowly squeezing myself into the forbidden zone. The pain is agonizing at first, then slowly subsides, falling into an erotic asphyxiation as this stranger begins fucking your ass vigorously. You can’t help but let out deep grunts loudly into the night, as I pump my veiny member deep inside of you. Once I feel you are iddaa siteleri loosened I begin swapping back and forth, fucking your pussy and your ass, pounding you with every inch of my manhood, thrusting and alternating while you are exposed to the public. Completely content, you feel a burning within your belly, your juices start to flow and your muscles tighten. A lightheaded feeling sweeps through your mind as every muscle in your body tenses. The grip of your hands upon the bench becomes tighter and tighter until you finally feel a wave of ecstasy flow through your veins and begin to squirt all over my cock. Gush after gush, the tingling almost unbearable as you grit your teeth and grunt. Once I feel that you have taken your punishment well and you are physically satisfied, I decide it is my turn. I then pull my cock out of your dripping wet pussy, your juices flowing down your inner thighs, and move myself around to your front, where I grab your hair and begin fucking your mouth. With the tip of my head stabbing at the back of your throat you begin to gag, but my fury is unrelenting as I fuck your face. My balls bouncing off of your chin, you feel as I swell against your tongue, then suddenly pull out and begin shooting loads of hot, milky white cum all over your face. You feel as my spunk rolls down your cheek and then drips off of your chin and I rub the head of my cock all around your lips. The passion is over, your body is relaxed, and I pull up my pants. Then I tell you to beg to be released. You look at me with your cum covered face and ask me “please daddy, I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I?”. Well, have you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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