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Subject: Suckered by a Jonas Brother – Part 20 This is a fictional story in which sexual activity between consenting adult males is depicted; it is no way based on true events or the sexuality of any of the persons mentioned. If you are underage or it is otherwise illegal to read this story where you live, please stop reading now. The Nifty Archive is a great website and is made possible by donations from its readers. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so fty/donate.html This story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments and feedback can be emailed to: red.cheshire.writer@ Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic RedCheshire Website: bly ——————————————————————– Suckered by a Jonas Brother – “Three Twinks and a Daddy” *Part of the “Nick’s First Time” story arc* ——————————————————————– Author’s Note: This first part of this story takes place in September 2010, in the United States. The second part takes place in late November 2010 in Europe. Thank you to Robert for some suggestions and ideas that helped shape this story. Thank you, always, to Patrick for proof-reading. ~ ~ PART 1 – SEPTEMBER 2010, U.S.A. ~ ~ Laughter echoed through the room, bouncing off of the walls and marble floor of the hotel lobby. Two young men came to a stop and stood there, dripping water onto the floor, their laughter dying down to a series of chuckles as they struggled to regain their composure. Joe Jonas shook his head, water flying from his wavy locks of hair, glad that he’d cut it much shorter than the style he’d been sporting for the past few years. Waving, he called out to the front desk attendant who stood there, blinking. “Hey, sorry…we got caught out in the rain.” “Rain? Dude, that’s a *storm*.” Roshon Fegan pushed at Joe’s shoulder with a laugh, both of their bodies rocking. “Raindrops the size of tennis balls.” “Yeah, sorry. We got caught out in the *storm*…” Joe emphasized the word and paused, teasing his friend with the correction. “…and we’re all wet. Do you have like a towel we can use? I don’t want to drip water all over the place.” “Uh, yeah. Just a moment, Mr. Jonas. Mr. Fegan.” It was Joe’s turn to blink, still not used to people calling him “Mr. Jonas”. In his mind, that was his dad – not him or his brothers. Although it was kinda funny when people said it three times in a row, if he, Kevin, and Nick were together. The desk attendant came around from the back with an armful of towels and handed a pair to each of the two young men, still blinking in what Joe thought was surprise or shock at the sight of them being drenched in the middle of the lobby. And that *was* part of it, although the real reason was the way that their t-shirts and pants were plastered to their bodies like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination. The coolness had brought a reaction from both men’s nipples, making four perky points through the cotton fabric. Joe’s shirt in particular was causing blood to rush to the attendant’s crotch – it was white and already not the thickest material. Soaked with water, the middle Jonas Brother might as well have been walking around shirtless. “Is there anything else that I can get for you two gentlemen?” The clerk held back a sigh, envisioning helping the pair of cute twinks dry off, giving that personal touch that some guests enjoyed. “No man, I think we’re good.” Joe and Roshon were oblivious to the other man’s oggling, focused on trying to not make more mess. “Thanks though!” Having wiped down a good amount, the two lads made a dash for the elevator, the towels wrapped around their waists. `Fuck, I love this job,’ the hotel clerk thought to himself, smiling wistfully as he returned to his station behind the lobby’s front desk. When the elevator doors opened onto their floor, Josh and Roshon hurried out, making a beeline in the direction of their rooms, the air conditioned air feeling chilly against their wet skin. “You know, this reminds me of…” Roshon’s words trailed off, hanging in the air, a big grin stretching the corners of his mouth. “I was just thinking the same thing.” Joe’s usually confident tone was more hushed, licking his lips as a memory flashed through his mind. The pair shared a knowing glance. Reaching his room, Roshon fished his wallet out of his wet pants, retrieving the key card. “Do you want to – “. He’d intended to ask Joe if he wanted to head back to the lobby, after cleaning up, to get something to eat. He was cut off as Joe was *right there*, their bodies barely brushing up against each other, his eyes shining brightly with that look. Moments later, they were in Roshon’s room, lips locked together, their hands everywhere as they struggled to peel off their soaking wet clothes, each piece of clothing landing on the floor with a wet `plop’ sound, barely audible over the wet smacking sounds of their lips kissing, their breath coming out hard and heavy. Memories rushed through Roshon’s consciousness like a film reel playing a favorite movie. Another rain storm, similar to this one, coming out of nowhere. Except there were green fields and big trees, the site where they were filming Camp Rock 2. Playing frisbee golf, he and Joe were on the far side of the camp, a good distance away from anything else. They’d dashed for a cabin nearby, bursting in, drenched to the bone. Realizing that waiting out the storm was going to be quite some time, they’d removed their wet clothes, hanging them to dry a little, picking up blankets from a nearby bed. Well, they’d thought that they were blankets – it was just one big one, stitched together from two smaller blankets, the two patterns throwing them off, confused and then laughing as Joe held up the patchwork length. With only one blanket, they’d decided to share it, huddled sitting together on the bed, shivering. Between their scantily-clad state, the nearness of their bodies, the feeling of Joe’s flesh against his, side by side…despite doing math problems and picturing nuns, Roshon’s cock had betrayed him, filling out and making a tent in his briefs. Joe had noticed…pretending *not* to notice…although his own tent being pitched in his trunks gave him away. Furtive glances had given way to tentative touching…and before long their underwear was hanging up to dry as well, the two young men a mess of arms and legs, exploring one another on the small bed, the old mattress creaking beneath them. It’d been Joe’s first time…and close to Roshon’s, with Joe being only the second guy he’d fooled around with. He’d been surprised when Joe didn’t pull off, curiosity taking over at what *it* tasted like, swallowing all of Roshon’s juices as his cock erupted in Joe’s mouth. Roshon had returned the favor, savoring the older boy’s nectar as it filled his mouth and went down his throat. Later, after the storm had finished and they’d returned to their trailers…Joe had shown up at Roshon’s room, a shy smile, giving some pretense of wanting to hang out. That *had* turned into a first for both of them, their bodies shaking nervously as Roshon had slathered Joe’s rigid member with lube, gasping as it entered inside, and then moaning, covering his mouth to stifle the sounds of pleasure. He’d shot all over himself, unable to hold back as the feelings encompassed his body, loving the way it felt to have a cock driving in and out. Joe had hovered on top of his, arms quaking and eyes scrunched shut as he came, coming down for a kiss when he was spent, trying to describe to Roshon how fucking good it felt. And…from youth and excitement…Joe’s cock stayed rock hard, leading to another round, one that lasted longer this time. And then another, until they parted some time after midnight, Joe reluctantly heading back to his own trailer in case anyone came looking for him. Those memories weren’t the only thing bringing smiles to their faces now, as they went at it again. It was a year later, doing press for the movie instead of filming it…but they fell into a comfortable easy rhythm. Joe held Roshon’s shoulder with one hand, the other grasping his hip, holding the little stud in place as he began thrusting from behind. “Looks like someone got some more experience.” Fegan grinned, noting the difference in how Joe’s hips were moving, compared to that time before. “A little. Was about to ask the same thing.” Jonas’ eyes had gone wide when he’d gotten the tip in, watching as his friend’s hips corkscrewed around, pushing back to impale himself on Joe’s rod. “I learned a few new tricks.” “Care to share? Ohhh…” Joe’s cocky tone faded away as Roshon *did* share some of what he’d learned in the past year, putting his hips and hole to work on Joe’s dick. “Daaaaamn, dude. Fuck…” Joe’s palm slid up and down Roshon’s back, showing appreciation for his friend’s efforts. “Your turn.” Fegan lowered his shoulders down to the mattress, smiling over his shoulder as his body went still. “Alright.” Joe marshaled the lessons he’d learned during the interim, guiding his meat to find that one certain spot…ah, there it was. His smile grew wider as he watched Roshon’s body shudder, a moan escaping those cute lips, as Joe used the end of his cock to tap that pleasure button in between Fegan’s legs. Joe moaned as well, both from the feeling of Roshon’s tight ring around his shaft and his mind popping up faces from the past year. Seducing Daniel Fathers before they’d wrapped up filming `Camp Rock 2′. Fooling around with a couple of the contestants on `American Idol’. Brandon Mychal Smith, who had introduced Joe to the joys of bottoming. He moaned again. The word `joy’ was too short to encompass how damn good it’d been to take Brandon’s dick…and then to flip and get between those sexy long legs. Big Rob, one of the co-stars on Joe’s own television show…another sigh from Joe’s lips. Working together afforded more time to fool around, so Big Rob was where Joe had learned the most about gay sex. Fuck, Big Rob had taught him *a lot*…and the dude was working with a lot between his legs. Joe’s tongue darted out to wet his lips again, thinking that a reunion with Big Rob was long overdue. Joe slid his hands up Roshon’s back, taking hold of those slim shoulders as he began slamming his hips against his friend’s rear. “Yeah, that’s it…Joe. Pound my hole.” Fegan rolled his entire backside in a wavelike motion, riding Jonas’ cock. He’d caught himself before the word `daddy’ had slipped from his lips, a habit from his escapades with Daniel. “Pound it hard.” “Like this?” The sound of flesh slapping against flesh became louder and faster. “Fuck yeah, juuust like that.” Roshon was rocking on his hands and knees, meeting Joe’s thrusts. It wasn’t long before Roshon felt his friend’s body go rigid, hips quaking against his body, Joe grunting as he busted his nut deep inside. Suddenly he was pulled up, a hand grasping his hard dick and stroking it wildly, eager for Roshon to get off as well. “Damn dude, I’m about to…” Joe’s half-hard cock slid out from between his cheeks, the heartthrob twink flopping onto his back in front of Fegan, grasping the throbbing rod and jerking it, pointing the tip towards his open mouth, tongue outstretched. “Fuck – hungry?” “Uh huh.” Joe nodded, making sure to keep that dick in place. Ever since satisfying his curiosity at what cum tasted like with that first splash from Roshon, Joe had fallen in love with swallowing, noting the differences in the flavor, thickness, and texture of each man’s load. His moans joined Roshon’s as the Filipino cutie’s body shook, the muscles of his body working to release the juices from his balls…juices that landed along Joe’s tongue and against the back of his throat. When the last bit of jizz squirted out, Joe slowly closed his lips around his friend’s cockhead, suckling to pull out more, enjoying the feel of the foreskin sliding against his tongue. After several moments, he released Roshon’s dick with a loud smacking sound, sighing with delight. ~ ~ ~ ~ “I could get used to this.” Roshon purred as soapy hands roamed over his body, working the suds into the slim muscles, feeling Joe’s body up against his own from behind. “Oh yeah?” Lips landed up and down Roshon’s neck as Joe took his time cleaning the sweat and cum from his friend’s body. “Mmhmm. I’m all clean now. Your turn.” They swapped places, Joe resting his hands against the lip of the large bathtub, sighing again as Roshon’s fingers expertly worked up and down. He didn’t mind when the fingertips dragged down his stomach or tweaked at his nipples. And he definitely didn’t mind when one soapy finger found its way inside his hole, slowly sliding back and forth. One digit soon became two…and then three, Joe arching his back as Roshon teased him, opening him up. The fingers disappeared, quickly replaced by… “Ohhhh…fuck yeah.” Closing his eyes, Joe pushed back, taking all seven inches in one stroke, biting down on his lower lip as he groaned with pleasure. Roshon took his time – this was round two, the youthful sense of urgency to get off having been satiated. Even Joe, after quickly taking Roshon’s length inside, lowered his torso down and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of being slowly plowed, the hard throbbing cock tugging at his insides. Neither of them noticed when the water had gone cool, focused on the heat in their loins. Fegan fought to maintain a chill pace, resisting the urge to pick up speed and chase another orgasm, focusing on prolonging their pleasure for as long as possible. He groaned with Joe as the other man’s body tightened up, cum pouring out of his rod to float in the bath water. With a loud gasp, Roshon pushed forward one more time, his rod jerking inside Joe’s guts as he painted them with his juices. The two lads laughed as they realized that they were no longer clean, Joe’s jizz clinging to their thighs. Still laughing, they drained the tub and turned on the shower, grabbing the bar of soap once more. ~ ~ PART 2 – TWO MONTHS LATER, SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE ~ ~ Joe watched, taking some effort to maintain a neutral facial expression as he watched Roshon and Nick dash off to Nick’s room to play some stupid video game that they’d been talking about. The cast and crew were enjoying their time in Europe, promoting the movie…although today had been a bit of a drag. Two days of intense rain had kept them bottled up indoors – the shuttle to the television studios their only escape, unable to go out and enjoy the sights of the city. Today they’d run through a bunch of games – board games, charades, pictionary…hell, they’d even played hide-and–seek until the hotel manager had kindly asked them not to run all over the place. The last game had been Twister – try as he might, Joe kept winding up on the opposite side of the mat from Roshon. Instead, Fegan and Joe’s little brother had been closer to each other, with Nick talking about that damned video game. “You look like my dog when his toy gets taken away.” “Huh?” Joe looked to his right, finding Daniel Fathers sitting there, nursing a whiskey. “My dog, Bingo. If you take his toy, he gets this look. It’s all up here.” Daniel’s hand moved in a circle around his eyebrows. “Your dog’s name is Bingo?” “It’s his name-o.” Joe closed his eyes, turning his head to the side, eyebrows scrunching down. He liked puns, but that one hurt. Unable to help himself, a laugh burst out. “Are you serious?” “Naw. His name is Ringo. Right proper English name. You really think I’d name him Bingo?” Joe’s finger tips splayed out across his forehead and temples, biting his lips, shoulders shaking in silent laughter. “Feels better if you let it out.” Joe took a deep breath, hands falling into his lap, looking back at Daniel. He wasn’t quite sure what his co-star meant – let out the laugh, what was bothering him…or something else? “I just…” Another long exhale, his lips pouting slightly. “I was just hoping to hang out with Roshon.” `You weren’t the only one…’ Daniel thought, taking a sip. “And then *Nicky*…” Joe emphasized the nickname that he knew irritated his brother. “…started talking about that stupid video game and they took off.” “Well…” Daniel looked at his glass, swirling it around, the amber fluid climbing up the curved insides. “…if you want to hang out, I’m game. If you’re okay with hanging out with one of the `old guys’. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a video game in my room.” Looking back up at Joe, he lifted one eyebrow, letting the offer hang in the air. They made it to Daniel’s hotel room quickly and eagerly – as fast as they could move without drawing attention to themselves. There wasn’t a video game…but there was a joystick…and Joe was enjoying the hell out of it. Mere minutes after they’d left the lobby, Daniel was tossing the last of the whiskey down his throat and setting the glass down on the side table, spreading his legs and lowering his hand to run his fingers through Joe’s hair. “Aww, I miss your hair when it was long and wavy.” Joe looked up from the floor, resting on his knees, making a loud slurping sound as Daniel’s hefty cock fell from his lips. “You don’t like it now?” His eyes lit up, teasing the older man as he shook his head left and right. “I mean, it’s nice either way. It was cuter when it was longer. You look handsome this way though.” Daniel slid a finger up along the gelled locks which stuck upward from Joe’s scalp. The Jonas singer smiled warmly at the compliment as he opened his mouth and took Daniel in, humming happily, enjoying the very familiar feeling of Daniel’s meat in his mouth. He’d drained the English actor’s balls dry during the last couple weeks of filming the previous year. The idea of swallowing a load from Daniel in each of Europe’s cities made Joe’s eyes gleam with mischief and lust. “Damn, I nearly forgot how good you are at this.” Daniel’s head rocked back, a long moan rolling out of his chest, his hand resting on the back of Joe’s head, guiding it as those cute full lips rose up and down his pole. The things this kid could do with those lips…he moaned again as Joe did that little trick with his tongue, teasing the shaft and head, still bobbing up and down, sucking for all he was worth. “Here’s your reminder then.” Joe redoubled his efforts, slurping up and down the six thick inches, opening wide to engulf the entire length down his throat, swiveling his head once his lips were all the way down. Occasionally he pulled off, smacking the hefty member against his face. A whore being paid top dollar wouldn’t hold a candle to the show Joe put on as he sucked Daniel’s cock, knowing exactly which buttons to push to get the other man off. “Fucking hell, I forgot how hungry you are for this.” Growling, Daniel rose to his feet. With his hands on either side of Joe’s head, he pulled the twink up with him as he began hammering in and out, face fucking the Jonas Brother. “Yeah, that’s what you wanted?” “Mmmhmmm.” Joe nodded up and down, eyes wide as he relaxed his throat to take the oral pounding. “Getting there…” Daniel moaned again as he felt a hand slap up against his chest, fingers dragging downward, digging into his skin. Joe’s other hand was between his own legs, furiously beating his bursa escort meat. “So close…” Daniel’s chest rose and fell, his arms working to pull Joe’s face up and down his cock as it grew more rigid, throbbing between those sexy full lips. “Mmmmmmmmm.” A muffled moan, hungry and needy. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Daniel threw his head back one more time, crying out as his balls erupted down Joe’s throat, feeling it squeeze around his shaft as the younger man worked hard to swallow. Something warm splashed against his calf. The corner of his mouth twitched in a grin as he felt Joe cumming, shooting all over his leg and foot, still moaning as he swallowed the Brit’s cum. He fell to his knees, taking Joe’s face between his hands again, this time to kiss the twink instead of face-fuck him, driving his tongue inside instead of his dick. Somehow they wound up on the bed, Joe curled up on top of the older man, one hand stroking through his hairy chest, the pair still kissing. Reaching down, Daniel scooped up some of Joe’s juices…and then placed his finger at Jonas’ entrance, using the younger cutie’s own fluids to ease his own hole open, sliding a finger in and out. “This is next.” “Mmmm. Yes Daddy Dan.” Joe tugged at Daniel’s lower lip with his teeth, an eager look on his face. Daniel grinned, realizing that it was the same expression his dog had when he got hold of a toy and was ready to play. ~ ~ DOWN THE HALLWAY ~ ~ Roshon squeezed his eyes for a moment, stifling a little bit of a yawn. The hour was getting late but he was in no hurry for Nick to leave. They’d moved the video game console to Roshon’s room, since he didn’t have a roommate. Nick and Joe were bunked in a room together – since they didn’t know when Joe might come back, they didn’t want to still be playing the game while the older Jonas brother was trying to sleep. Video games had turned into a movie night, currently watching last year’s `The Proposal’. “Dude, can you imagine working with someone like that one day?” Both boys watched Ryan Reynolds on the television screen, picturing themselves in a movie next to the Canadian actor. In Roshon’s mind, it was a comedy, something goofy, with a hilarious bloopers reel. Nick saw himself in an action movie, maybe one of the X-Men movies. Their eyes were far away, imagining possible future roles instead of focusing on the screen in front of them. “And he got soooo jacked! Did you see that haunted house movie he was in, or the one with Blade?” Nick nodded, his mind popping up images of Ryan Reynolds sweaty and shirtless in both movies. When his brothers weren’t around, he’d hit the pause button, drooling over the hunk’s beefed up body. Roshon watched out of the corner of his eye as Nick’s Adam’s apple bobbed with a swallow. His curiosity was running amok – if *one* of the Jonas Brothers was open to fooling around, maybe another was as well? He ran through his memory, looking for clues. He recalled Nick talking about girls…but it always seemed to be in response to someone else’s comment – Roshon couldn’t think of a single time that Nick has brought up the subject first. What did come to mind was how Nick blushed every time they changed in front of each other. And the way Nick gravitated towards movies with Hollywood’s leading men…rarely suggesting a movie featuring a hot chick. “I know – it’s insane. Joe and I have been going to the gym but can’t even imagine how much work it takes to look like that.” Nick waved towards the screen. “Yeah, I was gonna say, looks like you two have been working at it.” Roshon squeezed Nick’s bicep, letting go and laughing as he watched a look of embarrassment crawl over Nick’s features. “It’s not *that* much…” Nick looked down at his arms, trying to gauge how much progress he and his brother had made over the past year. “I mean, it’s not *Ryan Reynolds*, but you’re doing good.” Roshon patted Nick’s shoulder, earning a shy smile. The gears of his mind spun, figuring out a way to test the waters with Nick. As the movie continued on, Roshon spoke less often…until he wasn’t talking at all. Nick looked over to find his friend asleep, head leaning over, hands slumped down in his lap, Roshon’s forearms crossing over his thighs. Nick chuckled, his attention returning to the movie, but it wasn’t long until his eyes drifted back over. Roshon’s arms were framing his crotch, drawing Nick’s attention again and again. His friend’s pants were that skinny style that was trendy. They looked good on Roshon’s slender frame – and right now they weren’t hiding much. Nick’s eyes kept darting up to see if his friend was still sleeping, not wanting to get caught checking out the bulge that ran along Roshon’s right thigh. As he kept stealing glances, it seemed as if the other actor was having a nice dream. The bulge grew thicker and longer, pushing against the tight denim stretched over his leg. Nick’s own pants seemed to grow tighter as his manhood filled out, responding to the sight next to him. Roshon took a deep breath, yawning and stretching as he `woke up’. “Damn, how much of the movie did I miss?” “Uh, not much, I think.” Nick looked between his friend and the television – to be honest, he wasn’t sure what part of the movie was playing right now. “Last thing I remember was the welcome home party. What happened after that?” “Um…” Nick gritted his teeth, trying to remember the movie…but it’d been a year since he’d seen it and he’d been distracted the last several minutes. “They, uh, went to a bar.” “Are you okay? You look – oh. Oh!” Roshon pretended to just notice the erection running along his leg, moving his hands to cover up. “Shit, sorry. Happens when I’m sleeping sometimes, you know?” He watched as Nick’s cheeks turned pink. “Sorry – anyway, what happened after that?” Roshon watched as Sandra Bullock’s character was on a boat – there was quite the gap that Nick was leaving out. “They did a bunch of family stuff.” Fegan laughed, lightly punching Nick’s shoulder. “Dude, that’s vague as hell. The whole movie is family stuff. Were you paying attention?” He glanced down at Nick’s crotch, noticing the large bulge. “Oh damn, looks like you fell asleep too!” Roshon waggled his eyebrows. “What?” Nick looked down and back up, the pink color in his cheeks quickly turning darker as his hands went down into his lap, covering up his groin. “No, I didn’t fall…Mmph.” He cut the sentence off, realizing that falling asleep would have been the easier explanation for his current state. His lips pressed together, frustrated as Roshon’s facial expression got more inquisitive, picking up on the thread that Nick had hoped he’d miss. “Well, if you didn’t fall asleep, what’s that?” Roshon nodded between Nick’s legs, his hands busy mostly-covering himself up. If he was doing a bad job of it, part of his bulge peeking out from under his hand…that must have been an accident. “I just, uh…it just happened.” Nick swallowed, flustered. Roshon looked back at the screen, where Bullock was still in the boat. “Ooooh, Nick has a thing for MILFs.” Roshon winked, leaning in close to tease his friend. “What? No. I mean, she looks good, but…” Nick cut off again, irritated at himself. He was normally much faster on his feet but he was thrown off at the moment and couldn’t get it together. “No? I mean, I’d hit it.” Roshon wasn’t lying, although he’d probably jump on Ryan before Sandra. “Wait. Betty White?” “What? NO!” “Damn, Nick’s a granny chaser. Joe’s gonna – ” Roshon was cut off by Nick pushing him, both young men laughing. “Well if it isn’t Sandra and it isn’t Betty…?” Ryan Reynolds showed up on screen again. Roshon looked back and forth between the television and Nick. “Ohhhh – Ryan?” “Huh?” Nick forgot to push back on the idea out loud, too focused on trying to dodge the question entirely. “Hey, he’s hot as hell. Aim high, my man.” “I didn’t say – what?” “He’s hot as hell. He was hotter in Amityville and Blade, all – ” Roshon took in a deep breath, swelling his torso up, feigning big muscles. ” – but he looks good like this too.” “He…?” Nick trailed off, unsure of how he even wanted to finish the sentence. “He looks hot as hell.” “You…?” “Hit it? Hell yeah. And half the guys in the world would too, if they were being honest.” Nick swallowed again. This entire conversation had him off his game. All of it was unexpected – seeing Roshon’s bulge, having his own pointed out, hearing his friend drool over Ryan. Roshon was still talking, although Nick was only catching half the words, his mind still fuzzy with shock. He knew that Fegan was describing Ryan’s muscles and something about looking better with a beard. “So would you?” “Hmmm?” Nick blinked, regaining his focus. “Would you hit it? Ryan.” “I…” Nick started to say something to deflect his friend but as he opened his mouth to speak, he looked away from Roshon and towards the television, where Ryan Reynolds filled the screen. He blinked again, his mouth opening and then closing. Half of his mind was trying to think of a response…and the other half was imagining what Ryan looked like naked…what he *felt* like naked…what his…what he’d feel like inside Nick’s mouth. “Looks like a yes.” Nick looked over at Roshon, who was looking at Nick’s crotch. He followed Fegan’s gaze to find a wet spot growing. “Shit!” Nick froze, torn between running out of the room and trying to hide. “Dude.” Roshon put his hand on Nick’s arm in an effort to calm his friend down. He could see the artery in Nick’s neck throbbing, the Jonas singer’s heart running a mile a minute. “It’s okay. It happens. See?” He moved his hand, revealing a dark patch in his pants, bigger than the one Nick had made. Nick stared, unable to tear his eyes away, watching as the bulge pulsed under the denim fabric, making the wet spot grow a little larger. “I should…” Nick swallowed, his mouth working to try and excuse himself. “Go?” “Yeah…” “Back to your room? To take care of that?” The red in Nick’s cheeks got brighter. Roshon’s hand gently squeezed Nick’s shoulder. “You know Joe is probably back by now, so you’re not going to have any privacy to…” His other hand closed into a fist, moving back and forth in the air. “And if you try to do it in the shower, you know he’ll tease you about taking so long.” Nick bit his lip, knowing that Roshon was right. “Or…” Roshon let the word hang in the air. Nick looked up, eyebrows raised slightly. “Or you could just take care of it here.” “Here??” “Yeah, man. Hell, that’s what I was going to do the second you were out the door anyway. And if you can’t beat off in your own room…mi casa es su casa.” Nick’s heart thudded in his chest. Was Roshon suggesting that they…together? “In front of each other? Here?” “I mean, I was thinking of just staying here, so that’d be side-by-side. But I can move in front, if that floats your boat.” “No! I…just meant…” “Dude, I know what you meant.” Roshon chuckled, nudging Nick’s arm. “Just giving you a hard time. Although not as hard as that.” He pointed between Nick’s legs. Then Roshon’s hands were in his own lap, fingers at the button of his skinny jeans. “Yeah?” Nick bit his lip, trying to think. His cock throbbed in his pants, trying to have a say in the decision. He bit down harder as Roshon began humming the theme from `Jeopardy’, undoing the button, his finger starting to slowly pull down the zipper. Nick’s jaw tightened…and at the same time, his fingers impulsively followed Roshon’s lead, until both of them sat there with their pants undone, underwear exposed, a sense of expectation hovering in the air. “Hang on – we’ll need something.” Roshon rose up and rummaged in his nightstand, returning with a small bottle of lube, dropping it on the couch between them as he sat down. “Ready?” Nick nodded, the rapid movement giving away his nervousness. He mirrored Roshon’s movements, lifting up his hips as his hands pushed down on his jeans, the skin of his thighs coming into view. The sound of clothing hitting the floor was next, the pants pooling around their ankles. “Those are cute.” Nick looked down at his briefs, a bold red and blue striped pattern. “Um, thanks. Those are…oh wow.” Nick’s eyes went wide as he realized Roshon was sporting a jock strap, the gray pouch jutting up. Roshon had tucked his member back in when he’d gotten up, the hard rod having escaped the cotton cup as it’d snaked down his thigh earlier. “You were wearing…a jock…all day?” Nick thought back to their game of Twister, thinking about Roshon’s body having less fabric between them than he’d thought. Fegan grinned. He’d been planning on paying Daniel a visit, knowing that the skimpy underwear was a big turn on for his favorite DILF. Things with Nick had been an unexpected but happy turn of events. “Yeah. It just feels really fun sometimes.” “Fun?” “Another way of saying it feels sexy as hell.” Roshon winked at his friend. “It, uh…it looks…looks sexy.” Nick struggled with the words, kicking himself. He’d felt comfortable talking a little dirty with Drake but he felt thrown for a loop. His eyes gazed up and down the side of his friend’s exposed leg, taking in the way it looked, that one thin strip of elastic running down under his butt. “Thanks. You should try it sometime.” “I…” Nick blushed again, trying to imagine walking around like that. He felt like somehow everyone would know somehow. He shook his head. “We’ll see. Ready?” Fegan reached down and cupped his junk, giving it a little squeeze. He noticed that Nick copied his moves, so he took the lead. Slowly, he pulled down on the waistband until his cock was free, springing up into the air. Next to him, Nick’s meat came into view. Roshon wiggled one foot, freeing it from his pants. He pretended to struggle with pulling out his other foot, giving him an excuse to stand up – both to show off his bare ass and to move a little closer when he sat back down. Nick was using his toes to peel off his pants, pushing them to the side. “Hold out your hand.” Roshin giggled as Nick’s hand moved over, hovering several inches above Fegan’s crotch. “Palm up.” “Oh.” Nick turned his wrist, watching as his friend squeezed the bottle, clear fluid pooling in his palm. Roshon did the same for himself, then reached down and took hold of his dick, stroking up and down to coat his length, watching as Nick did the same. “Damn dude, thick piece.” “Thanks. Yours is…nice too. Um…” “Hmm?” “What’s…um, what’s…” “This?” Using his thumb, Fegan played with the bit of loose skin at the end of his cock. “Foreskin.” “Oh. Ohhhh.” Nick stared as Roshon peeled it back, the head coming into full view. Precum was pumping out of the end, adding to the lube already slathered along the rod of flesh. The pair sat in silence, the wet sound of stroking the only noise in the room. Nick’s gaze remained fixated on what was between his friend’s legs. “How does it…, um.” “They just didn’t cut it off when I was a kid. I think it makes everything a little more sensitive, since it’s covered up.” “Does it, like, get in the way, or…?” “Naw. Pull it back and jerk off. Or…” Roshon pushed up with his thumb, causing the foreskin to extend, covering half of his cockhead. “It’s like a built-in sleeve. Feels good.” He watched as Nick swallowed, riveted. “Do you want to…?” “Hmm? Oh, no?” He noticed that Nick’s `no’ sounded unsure, as if he kinda wanted to say `yes’. “It won’t bite. Here.” Reaching over, he took hold of Nick’s hand and moved it over, placing it on his dick. Nick’s fingers moved on their own, wrapping around the shaft and tugging. Roshon moaned a little – it felt different when someone else was doing the stroking. Reaching over, he took hold of Nick’s member, his fingers gliding up and down the shaft. Roshon hissed between his teeth a little. “Eaaasy. Don’t tug too hard.” “Sorry.” “Mmmm…you can make up for it. Yeah, like that.” A thumb rolled over his slit, causing his toes to flex. “How’s it feel?” “Different. Neat. Just different. Mine?” “Mmm. Nice and thick.” The pair went silent again, enjoying the feeling of each other’s cocks in their hands, exploring as they stroked. “Hey, want to see what it feels like?” “Huh? I don’t have…I’m…” Nick’s eyebrows scrunched, confused. “Here, stand up.” Using Nick’s cock as a grip, Roshon guided his friend up onto his feet. He moved in front, face to face. “Hold it still.” Nick’s fingers encircled the base of his own cock, keeping it from wagging around. Reaching down, Roshon gently gripped his foreskin and pulled it away from his body, the head of his dick disappearing from view…and then Nick’s, as he enveloped it with his own flesh. Wrapping his fingers to hold his foreskin in place, Roshon tenderly and slowly moved his hand back and forth. “Ohh…fuuuuck.” “That’s kinda what it feels like.” “It’s…hot.” “Yeah, liking it?” “Mmhmmm.” Nick sighed, enjoying the sensation, different from a hand or a mouth. “Nick.’ “Hmm?” Roshon leaned in, still stroking their cocks together, his lips finding his friend’s. They parted quickly, allowing Roshon’s tongue inside, Nick’s reaching out as well, tasting each other, moaning more as their chests pushed together. The kiss became more intense…and then ended as Roshon broke away. Nick opened his eyes to find out why…and watched as his friend dropped to his knees, taking Nick’s meat into his mouth. Reaching up, Roshon took hold of Nick’s hand and brought it to the back of his head, sending a silent hint. Nick’s fingers curled in the wavy black hair, his hips slowly beginning to rock back and forth, meeting the tempo of Roshon’s mouth as it dove up and down. He paid attention to Nick’s breathing – when it got heavy, he pulled off, returning to his feet. Nick moved in for a quick kiss before moving to a kneeling position, quickly taking all of Roshon’s seven inches down his throat. “Oh fuck dude. Fuuuuuck.” Roshon’s fingers pushed in at the back of Nick’s scalp, his hips thrusting up. “Not your first time?” “Mmm-mmm.” Nick shook his head left and right, his lips still wrapped around the base of Fegan’s shaft. “Nice.” Roshon let out a long happy sigh as Nick went to town, sucking away on his cock. The way his face swiveled as he worked up and down…Roshon’s balls soon began to tighten up. He dropped down, finding Nick’s face with his hands and pushing his tongue where his dick had just been, able to taste his precum in his friend’s mouth. Somehow they wound up on Roshon’s bed, underwear discarded, laying on top of one another as they continued making out. They kept rolling around, taking turns of who was on top, giving the other person access for their hands to roam around better, squeezing and groping. Nick moaned every time that Roshon grabbed his ass, finding that his co-star did the same whenever Nick’s fingers clenched the slim globes. Grinning, Roshon pulled away, licking Nick’s lips before twisting his body around. Reaching around, Roshon pulled on Nick’s rear, swallowing the thick piece as he felt Nick’s mouth devour his cock again, side by side in a happy 69. They pawed at each other, thrusting their hips, pumping into one another’s mouths as they enjoyed the hot wet confines of their mouths and throats. Despite his escort bayan experience, Roshon was the first to lose it, too turned on by the idea of having bagged both Jonas brothers. Moaning around Nick’s thick pipe, his hips jerked as he pumped his load into Nick’s mouth, feeling the lips work to swallow hungrily. When he was fully spent, Roshon pulled on Nick’s body, rolling onto his back and pulling the other man on top, yanking on his hips. Nick followed Roshon’s lead, pummeling his throat, harder and faster. With a loud grunt and a solid thrust, Jonas began shooting down his friend’s throat. Roshon barely had to work to swallow – with Nick buried balls deep, the ropes of cum went straight down into his stomach. Their mouths found one another again, licking and sucking at each other’s lips, the intensity slowly waning as their pulses returned to normal. Roshon curled up against Nick’s side, his head on his friend’s chest, enjoying the sound of Nick’s heartbeat thrumming against his cheek. His hand lazily wandered up and down Nick’s torso, making happy sounds as Nick’s finger tips grazed up and down his neck and back. “Spend the night?” Nick sighed. He wanted to, but he was concerned about drawing any attention. “I can’t. Joe would ask why I didn’t come back to our room.” “You could say you fell asleep.” Another sigh, the chest rising and falling, lifting and dropping Roshon’s head as it rested there. He could feel the tension in his friend’s body. “Or, hang out tomorrow.” There, the muscles relaxing. “That’d be fun.” “Fun?” Nick giggled. “That’d be hot.” Roshon turned, facing Nick as he crawled upwards, tugging at his lower lip with his teeth. “That’s better. Tomorrow then?” “Mmmhmm.” ~ ~ ~ ~ “How was the game?’ “Oh – it was fun. We wound up watching a movie too.” Nick ducked into the bathroom. “What did you do?” “Just hung out.” Joe’s groin stirred, thinking about the feeling of Daniel driving his thick cock in and out until he’d bred Joe. He listened as Nick began brushing his teeth. “I think it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.” Nick spat into the sink. “That sucks. We’ll be stuck inside again all day.” His voice sounded sincere – and he really would have liked to get out and do some exploring. He smiled, thinking of having another type of adventure, over in Roshon’s room. The toothbrush went back into his mouth, the movement making him think of Roshon’s dick. He spat into the sink again, staring at the running water and feeling a little disappointed that the taste of mint had so quickly replaced the delicious flavor of his friend’s juices. Rinsing, he peeled off his clothes and crawled under the sheets. “Oh – no pajamas, just underwear?” “Too sleepy. Changing clothes feels like…work.” He heard Joe laugh from the next bed. “Aww, my little brother. All grown up. And lazy as hell.” His laughter got louder as Nick scrunched up his nose and lifted a middle finger into the air. “Watch out – you might accidentally lift the sheets and someone might see you.” The irritation flashing on Nick’s face just brought out another laugh. “You suck, Joe.” `Mmm, you have no idea,’ his older brother thought, his smile growing wider. If it was going to rain all day tomorrow, maybe he’d hang out with Roshon. Or Daniel. Hell, it could keep raining the entire trip. “Good night, Joseph Adam.” “You little…” Nick began giggling. “I ought to come over there and beat your ass.” More giggles. “Just wait, Nicky. Watch out – you’re going to get it one of these days.” “Okay, Joseph.” “Goodnight Nicky. Sleep with one eye open.” He waited for a retort that didn’t come – instead, heavy breathing and then a light snore came from Nick’s side of the room. `Lame. How the hell do you get worn out playing video games?’ Shaking his head, Joe nestled into the pillow, fading off quickly. ~ ~ THE NEXT DAY ~ ~ The two young men rolled around on Roshon’s bed, their slim bodies a tangle of legs and arms, panting as their mouths and hands roamed one another. Nick’s mind was a mess of hormones, reeling in the taste and feel of his friend’s flesh and scent, finding it much more intoxicating than the beer he’d tried earlier in the year. Another rainy day – after finishing press, the pair had skipped hanging out with the group, making the excuse of wanting to finish their video game from the day before…although it was a different set of joysticks that they were playing with. Roshon rolled their bodies again, winding up on top this time. He purred as he chewed on Nick’s lower lip. His hips rolled as he shifted so that his cock was up against Nick’s body and the singer’s meat was wedged in the crack of his ass, loving the way the thick piece drove up and down, teasing his hole. After a dozen times of feeling the meaty knob graze his entrance, Roshon wiggled his waist, teasing the tip by pushing down on it. “Do you want to…?” His teeth pulled on Jonas’ lower lip again, leaving the question hanging in the air. Nick’s eyes opened a little wider, blinking a couple of times. “I, uh…” “It’s a yes or no question, dude.” “I…” Nick closed his mouth, swallowing, his already-flushed cheeks turning a darker shade. Something about the return of this shy expression caused Roshon to pause. Pushing himself up a little, he looked back and forth between the warm brown eyes. “Nick Jonas – are you a virgin?” “No. We did stuff yesterday, remember?” “Yeah, but that’s with your mouth.” He traced that full lower lip with his finger tip. “I’m talking about this.” He wiggled his hips again to make a point. Nick’s silence, other than the sound of another hard swallow, was all the answer he needed. “You *are* a virgin.” Roshon’s lips stretched in a big grin. “Want to change that?” He pushed back again, his hole teasing Nick’s head, feeling it throb in response. Nick felt his heart hammering in his chest. A voice inside his mind was saying `no’ as loud as it could, reminding him about his purity ring, his vow to stay celibate until marriage, that this was a bad idea. That voice was a whisper in a hurricane, lost in the swirl of hormones and lust and desire roiling through his brain (and other parts of his body). The part of his mind that was saying `yes’ won out by using logic – he’d already sucked Drake’s dick and Roshon’s, so this wasn’t much different. And he wasn’t violating his purity vow since he couldn’t marry Roshon, so this was just like…practice, for when he did get married someday. He nodded, Roshon’s excited smile causing the corners of his own mouth to curl up as well. “Oh man, this is going to feel so good.” Roshon leaned over to dig in the drawer of the nightstand. “You’re so damn thick.” Nick watched, his chest rising and falling with large breaths, as his friend’s hand went down between their legs, grasping Nick’s tool and lubing it up. Biting his lower lip, Fegan resisted the urge to quickly impale himself so that Nick could more-fully enjoy the sensation of his first time. He watched as Nick let out a little gasp as he entered Roshon, pushing past the tight ring, taking in a deep breath as that hot tight velvet grip continued down, down, down, slowly enveloping his entire shaft. It felt like a small eternity and then Roshon’s ass was against his thighs, his dick fully buried inside. He took heavy breaths, trying to process the feeling. Fegan groaned as he lifted up, the girthy member tugging at his guts as it withdrew, moaning again as he sank back down on it. Up and down he went, sighing and moaning as his inner walls were deliciously stretched. And after several moments, he realized that his moans were the only ones that he was hearing. Opening his eyes, Roshon saw Nick looking down, between their legs, those cute eyebrows furrowed, a look of consternation etched into his friend’s features. “You okay?” Nick looked up, blinking. “Yeah, I’m good.” “Good?” Roshon squeezed the muscles of his ass, tightening the grip around Nick’s shaft, earning a little sigh of pleasure from the raven-haired cutie. “Yeah, it feels…good. I think.” “You’re not sure?” “I mean…” Nick looked confused, trying to grasp at words but lacking the vocabulary and the ability to get those words out, still getting used to saying phrases his upbringing had told him were `dirty’. He wished he had Joe’s ability to curse when they weren’t around their parents, older people, and the media. “It feels really good. I just…” The corners of his mouth turned down, afraid of offending his friend. He looked up, eyes shining with concern for his friend’s feelings. His voice came out low, almost whispering. “I just thought it’d feel different. It…I don’t know.” Roshon tilted his head, thinking. “Okay. So this feels `good’…” He lifted up and down, feeling the hefty rod inside his guts. “…but not `great’, right?” “Yeah. Sorry. I’m really sorry.” “Nick Jonas…” “I’m sorry.” “…you’re a bottom.” “I’m…huh?” His words of apology broke off, trying to process the unexpected response. Why wasn’t Roshon mad at him? Nick thought he’d be upset, being told that his ass didn’t feel amazing. It felt tight, and hot, and he could see why people enjoyed it but something was missing. Maybe he *wasn’t* into guys? Part of his mind broke out into laughter at himself, recalling the way his mouth watered just thinking about Drake’s thick cock. Okay, he was into guys, so why wasn’t he into this? “You. Are. A. Bottom.” “I don’t…” Roshon smiled, pulling off of Nick’s dick, the thick member waving in the air, bobbing under its own weight. “We’ll try something else. If you’re game.” Taking the little plastic bottle, he kissed Nick on the lips again, long and hard, before moving south, teasing the slim muscles of his friend’s body as he ventured down. Nick was confused as Roshon ignored his boner, sticking out his tongue and snaking it over Jonas’ balls, earning a little moan. Tanned fingers pushed gently at Nick’s thighs, spreading them…and then sliding farther down, those lips still sucking at Nick’s balls. And then a finger was…there. The muscles of Nick’s rear clenched up as a reflex. Roshon’s other hand stroked Nick’s stomach, calming him down until his friend’s haunches relaxed. Nick watched with interest as he heard the soft click of the plastic cap opening and closing. Soft lapping of a tongue against his balls and then – his thighs flexed, instinctively pushing away as Roshon’s finger was back, grazing back and forth. He forced himself to relax, trusting his friend…and then sighed as Roshon’s mouth engulfed his manhood, sucking softly. He got lost in the moment, enjoying the smooth up and down movement of Roshon’s lips, the gliding of his digit at Nick’s back door, fingers of his friend’s other hand teasing his balls. When Roshon’s mouth stayed up at the head, sucking on it, Nick pushed up to fill his mouth. Roshon waited until Nick lowered his hips again, choosing that moment to flex the muscles of his right arm, nudging his hand forward…and causing the tip of his finger to penetrate inside of Nick. Nick moaned. He’d…done that…in the shower on occasion, enjoying the way it felt. But it somehow was even better with someone else doing it to him. He moaned again as Roshon’s finger withdrew and pushed back in, swirling around a little, teasing the muscles of his anal ring. Then again, it felt better when Roshon, or Drake, jerked him off, compared to him doing it to himself, so maybe this was like that…something that felt good but was even better when someone else did it. He didn’t even really register when Roshon slid a second finger in – Nick just knew that “better” became “awesome”, the dimly-lit room seeming to become brighter, his moan a little louder. He wasn’t even aware that he’d spread his legs a little further. If his mind was distracted, still having a conflict of how to pursue…this…his body certainly knew what it wanted. Roshon worked his mouth up and down, matching the tempo of his fingers sliding in and out, spreading his digits on each outward stroke, feeling Nick’s hips gently bucking to meet his hand. When the younger Jonas brother moaned loudly as a third finger was introduced, he couldn’t help but grin – the boy was definitely a bottom, his ass hard-wired for pleasure. He moved more deftly as he worked over Nick’s hole with three fingers, his own cock throbbing between his legs, ready to move into action. When he felt Nick’s lower body rocking, he knew his friend was ready. Keeping his fingers in place, Roshon scooted forward on his knees, moving closer in between Nick’s legs. Letting go of Nick’s meat in his mouth, he used his free hand to shift Nick’s legs, moving in closer, the tip of his own cock brushing up against his hand as he continued working over Nick’s entrance. “Ready?” Nick’s eyebrows twitched, looking both ready and uncertain. His breathing grew heavier, full of anticipation at the next moment and apprehension at taking another step down the path he’d started with Drake. His head nodded, so slightly you could almost miss it. “Okay, take a deep breath in.” Roshon watched as Nick’s chest rose up. “And a deep breath out. In. Out. In. Out.” He set the head of his cock up against Nick’s knot, letting it rest there. “In. Out. Okay, on the next breath, when you breathe out, push out down here, like you’re going to the bathroom.” “What?” “Just…trust me. It’ll open you up.” “Oh – okay…” Roshon waited patiently as Nick closed his eyes, holding them shut for a moment, and then reopened them. Biting his lower lip, he took a giant breath in, held it, and then let it out, his breath shuddering with nervousness. As he exhaled, he pushed down…and felt Roshon gently push in, breaching his ring for the first time. He’d expected it to hurt, or at least to feel uncomfortable. Stuff wasn’t supposed to go up there. Instead, as the knob of Roshon’s head slowly made its way inside, he felt…stretched. And then a little empty as Roshon pulled back, leaving just the tip inside. The feeling of being opened returned as Roshon nudged forward again…and then grew as the head was all the way in. Now he felt like he was being filled up, sensing the knob-shaped head driving a little further inside, the shaft continuing to expand his hole. “How is it?” He looked up to see Roshon’s dark brown eyes staring into his, checking on him. “It…it…” Nick’s mind grasped for a word and couldn’t find the right one. He didn’t have a word to describe the new sensations that were emanating from his lower parts. Movement at the edges of his vision caught Roshon’s attention. Glancing over, he saw Nick’s toes curling, over and over again, the muscles of his calves tensing and relaxing, occasionally making his toes splay out before curling up again. Looking down… “Wow…” The word came out as a murmur. Nick’s cock had been hard when it was between his lips. But now… `Daaaaaamn,’ Roshon thought. `Hard’ wasn’t the word…and `rigid’ was better but still not close. It was rock solid, bouncing in the air with his heart beat, looking like it might be harder than Nick Jonas had ever been in his life. Precum pulsed from the end, pooling on his belly. The word `turgid’ came to mind – Roshon would usually stroke a guy while fucking him…but he was hesitant to touch Nick’s rod at all – it looked like it might go off if a breeze came through the room. Nick looked down, staring at his own manhood, as if seeing it for the first time. Hell, he probably *hadn’t* seen it like this before. And then the room went dark as he closed his eyes, head rolling back, mouth opening with a loud moan as Roshon moved in, deeper…and kept going. The only other time he’d popped a guy’s cherry, he’d gone slowly, rocking in and out, making what seemed like millimeters of progress with each stroke, as the other guy got used to a dick inside of him for the first time. But now? Nick’s ring twitched around his shaft, reflexively squeezing him, as if his body was calling for more since he wasn’t using his words. Licking his lips, Fegan slowly sank another half inch inside, watching as Nick’s head rocked back, another moan coming out. `Hungry’ was the new word that came to Roshon’s mind. And if Nick’s hole wanted to be fed, he’d gladly help. He kept going, until half of his cock was inside, feeling Nick’s guts pulsing around his shaft. He pulled back, getting a different type of moan from his friend as he felt a different motion inside for the first time, getting used to the not-stuffed feeling now that Roshon’s cock was retreating from his guts. Another moan as Fegan pushed back in, deeper this time, and kept going…and going…and going…until he felt skin pressing up against his groin. Nick looked down to find Roshon’s crotch pushed up against his body, realizing that there wasn’t a gap between them at all. Grinning, Fegan flexed his cock, making it jerk inside Nick’s body. “How’s that feel?” The loud moan from his friend gave him the answer before Nick spoke. “Amazing.” “Ohhh…not just `good’ this time?” Nick opened his mouth but was cut off. “You don’t have to apologize.” He pulled back a couple of inches and then drove back in, hearing Nick’s shuddering intake of breath. “This obviously feels better. Nick Jonas…bottom boy. Who would have thought?” He patted Nick’s thigh as he slid in and out, about two-thirds of the way this time. “What’s a…’bottom boy’? Is that…not good?” “Huh? Naw, it’s good. Nick, everything’s good. And damn, your hole is…” He pulled out until the ridge of his cockhead bumped Nick’s ring, then slid all the way back in. He grinned as he used Nick’s own verbiage. “…amazing.” “Yeah?” “Oh yeah. Fuck, your hole feels good. Wait – do you not know what a bottom is?” Nick shook his head. Roshon opened his mouth, tempted to just say the word `you’…but the urge to tease his friend could wait. “A bottom is a guy who is on the receiving end. See how you’re on your back, on the bottom? And I’m…” Roshon lifted Nick’s legs, wrapping them around his waist as he leaned forward and down, bringing their faces closer. “…I’m on top.” “The guy giving it.” He tapped Nick on the nose. “Quick learner.” “So…” Those eyebrows scrunched up again. Roshon resisted the urge to giggle – only Nick Jonas would be analyzing the situation while taking a dick. “…when you’re…when you had my…in your mouth. Is that bottoming too?” It was Roshon’s turn to crinkle his eyebrows, thinking. Nick’s thinking was on the right track. He wondered why the words only applied to butt sex. Shaking his head, he shrugged off the train of thought, having better things to tend to at the moment. “No. Just for this.” He reached down and patted Nick’s rear, driving in and out again to help make his point. He brought his hand up, tracing an outline around Nick’s mouth. “Not this.” “But you do both?” “Mmhmm.” Another sawing in and out with his hips, slowly. He wasn’t used to having a normal conversation during sex – if there was talking, it was usually louder, faster, and raunchier. This was an…interesting…change of pace. He hadn’t been with a guy who was so new to anything to do with sex – most guys had done plenty of homework through watching or reading porn. “That’s called versatile.” “Versa…ohh. That makes sense.” Nick grinned. “Versatile.” “Or bursa escort just `vers’ for short.” “You don’t feel short.” Nick’s hole tightened, on purpose this time, causing Roshon to let out a laugh. `Quick learner,’ he thought. “Oh no?” “Nope. You feel nice and…long.” “Mmmm. Someone knows the right words to get a guy going.” “Rosh-long.” Nick grinned, making a pun out of his friend’s name. “Nick.” “Yeah?” “Quit talking.” Pulling all the way back, Fegan drove all the way in, until his balls slapped Nick’s rear. And then did it again. And again, making sure that Jonas was incapable of making coherent words. The only sound coming out of his friend’s mouth was a series of moans, one louder than the other, as Roshon picked up the pace, until he was drilling Nick’s ass. Nick’s hands clasped at the pillow under his head, feeling the need to hold onto something as waves of pleasure racked his body. He’d felt excitement at concerts, and during his first acting role, and his first kiss…but nothing like this. Nothing remotely close to this. It felt like fireworks were going off in his mind, again and again, every time that Roshon pushed in. He felt…full and stretched and amazing and… `Fuck, I wish this could last forever,’ he thought. He felt a hand take hold of his, removing it from the pillow and planting it on Roshon’s upper arm. He moved his other hand on his own, grasping at his friend’s slim biceps…and when the pounding got harder, his fingers began digging down the tanned flesh, raking the skin before moving back up, grabbing onto Fegan’s shoulders. His mouth was wide open, a series of moans rolling out, each louder than the other, being driven wild by Roshon’s thrusts. Out of nowhere, the taste of cotton filled his mouth. Opening his eyes, he saw the purple and yellow color of his underwear sticking up, out of his mouth. Roshon’s hand clapped over his lips, pinning the briefs in place. “You’re…making…too…loud…” A loud groan rolling out of Nick’s throat emphasized Roshon’s concern. “Whole…hallway…gonna…hear.” Roshon sank his weight down onto his elbow, keeping his hand over Nick’s underwear-stuffed mouth, allowing Nick to let out the loudest moans of his life. The sound fired up Fegan’s loins, driving him to thrust harder and faster. He was impressed – he knew guys who had been fucking for years who didn’t want dick *this* badly. It was like Nick’s entire body was focused on receiving his cock, and he was eager to deliver. The pair were soon drenched in sweat, Roshon pressing his lips together and grunting, afraid that he’d start crying out too if he let his lips part. Suddenly, Nick’s entire body went rigid, his eyes rolling back in his head, one long loud guttural groan filling the room. Something crossed the space between their faces – it took a moment and something splattering on the pillow next to Nick’s head for Roshon to realize that Nick was cumming. A rope of jizz flew up, streaking across Nick’s cheek and over his forehead, landing in his hair. Another shot hit his nose, half of that volley winding up in his hair as well, looking like some different kind of gel. More streaks appeared, coating Nick’s neck and chest…and more, covering his stomach, a good amount of it hitting Fegan’s torso as well. It was all too much – they were both covered in Nick’s juices, the Jonas Brother’s insides clenching Roshon’s cock so hard it was almost uncomfortable – he worried that he might pull back just a stub where his dick had been. The room dimmed as his own body quaked, his balls releasing deep into Nick’s guts. This was a new feeling too, being bred…and Nick let out another loud moan, reveling in the sensation. He was almost sad when it ended, the throbbing deep inside his body, the slow less-full feeling as blood left Roshon’s cock, deflating while still inside his friend, until it slipped out. They collapsed against one another, fighting to regain their breath, Nick spitting out the briefs as he sucked in air. The two twinks and the bed were soaked with sweat and cum. The room reeked of sex – breathing in the scent only drove the young mens’ hormones up further, both eager to keep going. “How…” Nick chewed on his lower lip, wondering if he wanted to ask the question but he’d already started it. “How, um, was it?” “Are you fucking serious?” He watched as Nick’s jaw worked, unable to get the question out again. “Nick. Dude.” He leaned down, taking Nick’s mouth with his, plunging his tongue inside, finding Nick’s tongue and wrestling with it. He pulled away just enough to speak, their foreheads pressed together. “Niiiiick. That was fucking amaaaazing.” “Really?!” “Oh yeah. A plus plus PLUS ass! Fuuuuuck.” He let out a long breath. “What about you? How was it?” “It…” Nick blinked. “It…” His jaw clenched, unable to find the right word, the entire English language feeling too lacking at the moment to describe what it’d felt like to have Roshon inside of him. “It…” Fegan grinned, sensing Nick’s verbal frustration. “Would you do it again?” “YES!” Nick cleared his throat. “I mean, yeah. I’d do it again.” Roshon rolled off of Nick, laughing loudly at the sheer enthusiasm of Nick’s initial response. Reaching over, he pulled Nick in to cuddle. “Give me a minute and we can do it again.” He giggled again – he swore he could *feel* Nick’s entire body perk up at the idea. “Do you want to shower?” Fegan looked down, taking in the sticky mess that they’d made of themselves and the bed. “We could. Although we’re just going to get dirty again real quick.” “Mmm, good point.” Nick looked up, eyes twinkling. “How dirty?” Grinning, Roshon leaned down, whispering into Nick’s ear, describing the next position they could try. Jonas’ cock began filling out, jutting into his thigh. “Yeah?” Nick nodded. As his own manhood began to re-inflate, Roshon guided Nick onto his hands and knees, grinding his crotch against his friend’s rear. Glancing over, he made sure that the briefs were nearby, purple with yellow stars, ready to muffle Nick’s cries of ecstasy if needed. “Ready?” Nick’s quick nodding brought a grin to his face as he thrust forward. ~ ~ DOWN THE HALL ~ ~ Daniel Fathers strolled down the hallway, both satiated and full of anticipation. Another rainy day, stuck indoors…finding things to pass the time since it was hard to go outside. After Roshon and Nick had scampered off, Joe Jonas hadn’t looked as forlorn. This time, he’d given Daniel a mischievous look and they’d headed off. Let the boys play some video game – they’d find some fun of their own. Within a minute of entering Daniel’s room, they’d quickly shed their clothes, tumbling onto the large bed. Joe had begun sucking on the thick rod between Daniel’s legs, sticking his lower lip out when his `toy’ had been taken away…and then howling when a tongue rasped across his hole. It wasn’t much longer before he’d spread his legs, moaning as the older man penetrated his rear, eager to get fucked. The English actor had been happy to see that Joe had remembered the highlights of their time spent filming – arching his back, talking dirty and begging to be pounded…and that delightful way he moved his hips back, working Daniel’s cock as he got plowed. His favorite was when he’d stopped, resting his palms on Joe’s ass, watching the hot twink rock back and forth on his hands and knees, fucking himself on the girthy member, moaning about how good it felt stretching him open. Joe had pouted when he’d learned that Daniel had no intention of shooting down his throat, denying him the taste of his nut nectar. Feigned disappointment had turned into lustful panting as Daniel grabbed Joe’s shoulders and began railing his hole, telling the younger man how he was going to breed him, how they could switch it up during the trip – down the throat one day, up the ass the next. Joe clenching the sheets and putting on a show, playing the part of eager bottom, although he wasn’t acting. After blasting his seed into Joe’s guts, he’d pulled the little stud upright and wrapped his arm around his slim waist, taking hold of his lengthy cock and flogging it until he was spraying jizz all over the bedspread. A little cuddle session followed, Joe curled up on top of him, playing with his hairy chest, holding Daniel to his promise to let him swallow a load the next time. He grinned as he recalled Joe’s term for it – `daddy Daniel’s nut batter’. Showering, teasing Joe’s hole with his fingers, growling as those pouty lips played at his nipples, and Joe was off to find something to eat, famished from their little fuck session. Having rested and recharged, Daniel was on his way to Roshon’s room. He couldn’t wait to feel those slim legs on either side of him, watching the cutie ride his dick. As he made his way closer, he saw Roshon’s door open, Nick Jonas emerging. `Good, they’re finished with the video game,’ he thought, eager to breed his little buddy. Nick headed his way, towards his own room, waving when he saw Daniel. The older man raised his hand, waving in response…pausing for just a moment as he noticed Nick’s zipper was down, able to see the purple and yellow pattern of his underwear. One eyebrow twitched, full of curiosity. “Hey, Nick. Off to find dinner? I ran into Joe – he was headed down that way.” `Rammed into Joe, is more like it.’ He kept a straight face as the thought crossed his mind, picturing Joe on all fours taking his cock again. Maybe tomorrow he’d try pinning him up against the wall and take him that way. The kid seemed like he might be into some role play or kink. “Oh. Um, yeah, man…food sounds good.” Nick’s hand rested on his stomach, realizing the appetite he’d worked up. “Well, before you head down there…” Daniel cocked his head, raising one eyebrow as he looked down and back up. He watched as Nick followed his glance, confused. “Might want to zip up. Not sure what kind of show you guys put on, but you seem like the PG kind of crowd.” He couldn’t help but grin as Nick’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment, yanking up on his zipper. “Sorry – thanks – sorry. Man. That would have sucked.” While Nick checked the rest of his clothes to make sure he hadn’t missed anything else, Daniel took the moment to take in the rest of Nick’s appearance. His hair looked damp, as if he’d just showered. But he was leaving Roshon’s room, not his own. And he looked a little…tired. But they’d been playing video games, which shouldn’t be exhausting. Daniel thought about the way Joe looked after he’d been freshly fucked, the way his face glowed and his eyes had a happy-but-far-away look…and dammit if Nick wasn’t the spitting image of his brother right now, just a younger and embarrassed version. As he said his good-byes to Nick, Daniel stood there for a moment, eyes crinkling, wondering. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Oh fuck, I love that big daddy dick of yours.” “Yeah? It’s hard to tell.” Roshon doubled his efforts, holding onto Daniel’s shoulders as he rode the older man’s cock like a horse jockey determined to win a race. “Fuck. You already got off today, didn’t you?” He was covered in sweat – again – this time from the exertion of energetic bottoming instead of plowing someone. “What? How can you tell?” “You usually last a good amount of time…but not this long. Not on the first round anyway.” Roshon wore a crooked grin – he knew Daniel really well. He also wore a jockstrap as he rode the British hunk. Again, he knew Daniel really really well. He enjoyed doing a strip tease for the older man every now and then, slowly peeling off his clothes, revealing some tiny bit of underwear – a thong, a jockstrap, briefs that were cut-out in the back. Stuff that he could keep on during sex, enjoying Danie’s reaction. “You’re not my first fuck today.” Daniel watched Roshon’s eyes – they lit up with curiosity instead of jealousy. “Really? Who?” “Mmmm. Good question. Better question – how was Nick in bed?” He chuckled as Roshon slowed down, coming to a stop. “Nick?” “Yep. Jonas. Remember, you were playing a video game with him today. And yesterday.” “Yeah…” “Which game were you two playing, anyway? Sounds like it’s a lot of fun.” “Um…” Roshon took a moment too long to think of the name of a video game. “Fuck.” “Oh – I heard that’s a really fun game.” Daniel laughed as Roshon swatted his chest. “It is.” “And how does little Mr. Nick Jonas play?” “How did you…?” Roshon’s eyes narrowed, wondering. He twisted his torso, looking around the room. “Did you bug my room?” He turned back to Daniel, grinning. “No. He came out of your room with his pants unzipped. And you could tell he’d just showered. Wonder what made him work up a sweat that he needed to clean off before leaving?” A thick finger slid down Roshon’s slim chest, teasing his nipple. “Hmm. Detective Daniel. Has a nice ring to it.” “Oh. Well, `Daddy Daniel’ sounds better.” He pumped his hips, earning a giggle out of Roshon. “It does… Anyway, I showed you mine, now you show me yours.” Daniel waited, watching as the suspense irritated Fegan. The young cutie was usually patient…but when it came to anything related to sex, he had an eager streak. “Joe.” “Jonas? Joe Jonas??” Roshon’s jaw dropped…and then he began laughing, harder and harder, unable to control himself. “What’s so funny about it?” “I…” Roshon wiped the tears from his eyes, still laughing. “I’m over here banging one Jonas Brother, while you’re down the hall screwing the other one?” “Sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon, eh?” “Mmm. It does.” Roshon lifted his hips, the mental image of Daniel and Joe stirring the fire in his loins. “Joe’s pretty frisky in bed. Bet you enjoyed that.” Now it was his turn to watch Daniel blink in surprise – the older man hadn’t guessed his little lover had bagged both Jonas brothers. “I did. How’s Nick?” “Mmmm.” Roshon moaned, both at the feeling of being stretched and the memory of Nick’s hole. “Hungry. Very hungry.” “Hungrier than you? `Cause you can take a dick really, really well.” Daniel stroked Roshon’s thighs, many pleasant memories swirling through his mind. “Actually, yeah. His ass should come with a warning sign – I thought his hole might squeeze this off.” Reaching down, Fegan wagged his cock around. “Yeah though, he’s got a really hot piece of ass.” “Sounds like it.” Roshon went silent for a moment as he continued riding the thick cock, his mind working. Daniel swore he could see horns poked up through the wavy locks of black hair. “You know…I haven’t had much of a chance to hang out with Joe this week…” Roshon stuck the tip of his finger in his mouth, feigning innocence. “Oh really? That’s a shame.” “Mmmhmmm. Maybe I should hang out with him tomorrow.” He withdrew the digit, wet with spit, trailing it through the forest of hair on Daniel’s chest. “That’s a good lad. But what about Nick – he won’t have anyone to play video games with.” “Oh.” Roshon tilted his head, as if that thought hadn’t come to mind yet. “Well, maybe Daddy Daniel would be nice enough to keep him company.” “Hmm. I mean, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Wouldn’t want him to be bored.” “Not at all.” Roshon shook his head, eyes wide, still somehow maintaining a look of innocence, as if they were just talking about hanging out with friends tomorrow, with no other intent in mind. “Just gored.” “Just – what? Oh. Ohhh.” Daniel rolled his eyes. “That was bad. Awful, really.” “How bad?” “Hmm. Bad enough for a spanking, I think.” Daniel couldn’t help but laugh as Roshon pulled off of his cock, turning and putting his ass in the air. “Mmmm.” He ran his palm over it appreciatively before lifting it up and bringing it back down, swatting the cute little butt. As he delivered a few more spankings and then mounted Roshon from behind, he looked forward to the next day, wondering what Nick looked like with a hole stuffed full of cock. Growling with lust, he began hammering Roshon’s ass, knowing that he wouldn’t last much longer this round. ~ ~ DOWNSTAIRS ~ ~ Nick plopped into the seat across from Joe…and immediately regretted it, wincing as a slight tinge of pain riding up from his rear. “You okay?” Joe stared across the table, the usual sarcasm he saved for Nick replaced with a look of concern. “Yeah. Just a…a headache. Probably all this rain. Air pressure change, et cetera.” “Nick. You’re the only person I know who actually *says* the word et cetera.” He laughed when Nick stuck out his tongue before shoveling a bite of food in…and then another…and another. “Woah, tiger – hungry?” He was confused when Nick looked up, eyes wide for a moment. Blinking the look was replaced with embarrassment, probably from eating like a pig in public. Nick swallowed – he’d heard Drake’s voice for a moment instead of Joe’s, the term of affection used when Nick was swallowing…something else. He shook off the thought, knowing that he’d start blushing and that it’d be hard to explain *that* away to Joe. “I’m just really hungry. I haven’t eaten all day.” “You ate at lunch. And breakfast. Dude, you haven’t eaten for a couple of hours.” Joe laughed again, loving it when Nick got all flustered. Harassing your little brother was the best job in the world. Thankfully Kevin was above all that, so Joe was spared being on the receiving end. Speaking of receiving…he realized how hungry he was. He stopped talking for a while, working on his plate, amazed at how quickly the food disappeared. The pair sat back in their chairs, quiet for once as they took in the events of the day, feeling stuffed and happy. “So – how was the video game?” “Hmm? Oh – it was a lot of fun.” “Who won?” Nick blinked for a moment, managing to hold back a grin. “Roshon got the top score. Twice.” Joe looked at his younger brother, slightly confused. Nick had that damned look like he was saying something funny, although Joe couldn’t tell what it was. Probably some stupid inside joke. Rolling his eyes, he took a sip of coffee. “Well, I’m glad you had fun. This…” He waved at the window, big fat raindrops splashing against the glass. “…sucks balls.” “Yeah. What’d you do?” “Oh. Just hung out.” “With who?” “Daniel.” “Fathers? Cool. What’d you guys do?” Joe’s eyes went far away for a brief moment, fondly recalling the way Daniel had plowed his ass. “Just chatted.” “That sounds…fun.” Joe rolled his eyes again. “Someday, when you’re older, you’ll realize that there’s more than video games. There’s intellectual conversation and shit like that.” “Older? You’ve only got three years on me and you’re *just* now old enough to buy alcohol. And you were playing a video game last week.” Joe held a hand up in the air, shaking his head and making a shushing noise. “Shhhh. Hush, youngling. You are too young and immature to understand.” Now it was Nick’s turn to roll his eyes. “Joe.” “Yes, youngling?” The older brother suppressed a laugh as Nick rolled his eyes again. “You suck.” Inhaling deeply, Joe thought about wrapping his lips around Daniel’s fat pole again tomorrow. `Sometimes, yeah,’ he thought. Turning his hand, he curled down all of his fingers except one, holding it up in the air, both brothers descending into a fit of giggles. The End…for now 😉 ——————————————————————– Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the story, have feedback or want to share ideas, would love to hear from you. red.cheshire.writer@ You can find all my stories at bly Follow me on Instagram or Twitter: Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic

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