Surprise Ch. 01

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Doug stepped quietly through the dark house without turning on any lights. It looked like his wife was asleep on the couch. He could just make out a lump of blanket topped with long dark hair. Maybe he could see a slender leg peeking out from under a blanket or quilt as well. As he moved closer he thought he may be able to make out a couple of wine bottles on the table in front of the couch. She was a deep sleeper naturally but with a couple of glasses of wine she would be almost comatose. Julie was like an alley cat if not awakened carefully. Doug’s usual strategy was to suck on her nipples gently and slowly lightly stroke her pussy. If done right not only would she be in a better mood but he would be rewarded with some hot sex as well! After a few days away he had gotten tired of his hand and lusted after a bit of her marvellous lovemaking. It would probably take a bit more to wake her tonight but with a few drinks in her she also got quite dirty, it looked like it was his night!

It was too dark to make out any of her features but he could see the mop of luxurious dark hair and she often fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to return. Strange that she was out here tonight but maybe she had called the office and found out he was returning early. He moved closer and gently started lifting the blanket away from her legs. It was the middle of summer; the house was warm and her clothing brief. He quietly revelled in her legs as they were unveiled. They glowed dimly in the darkness making his breath come faster and his groin bestir itself, toiling up the hill for the beginning of the carnival ride. Doug quickly divested himself of his shorts and shirt giving his cock a few savoury strokes. Gently so as not to wake her he lifted Julies t-shirt higher than it had already travelled by itself during the night.

Carefully he found a nipple with his tongue and drew it into his mouth. Doug lightly pulsed the suction and rasped the nipple with his tongue the way she liked. Her legs moved slowly and her hands twitched as he continued. He moved to the other nipple and did the same. Julie was definitely getting aroused, Doug could tell watching her thighs grind together. His cock strained so hard it felt like it was leashed. Slipping a hand gently under the waistband of her panties Doug tickled his way through the sparse hair on her mons. Her legs widened in anticipation but Doug knew she wasn’t awake yet. illegal bahis If he stopped now she would never know. He knew this from questioning Julie about it in the past. As Doug’s fingers slipped lower he lightly moved over her folds towards her centre. There he encountered the first moisture of her blossoming arousal. He gently coated her pussy with her own juices. He changed nipples again as he lightly caressed her pussy, her juices now flowing more freely. He kept away from her clitoris, exploring and rubbing lightly Doug could feel her lips getting puffier. Her breathing had changed, faster and heavier, he caught the intoxicating scent of her arousal and the tang of wine in the air.

Doug moved around and brought his head to her waist as he moved up on the end of the couch. He slowly pulled her panties off. Usually this was where she would awake but tonight it seemed he would get even further. It had happened once or twice before that Julie had not awoken fully until her first orgasm was upon her. He moved between her thighs and inhaled her fragrance avidly. Doug loved nothing more than making his wife come, a lot. Only very occasionally did he succumb to the ease of a quickie, he liked to make every love making session count and push their limits for pleasure.

He drew his tongue slowly through her pussy, savouring the taste and eliciting a shudder from her as he moved inexorably to her clitoris. Just before reaching it he went back feeling the tension fade and then rise again as he reversed direction yet again. Julie was like a fine musical instrument and he played her to the best of his ability. Her breathing was deep and fast but she was still asleep. He had increased the pace of his tongue slightly but a naughty thought was growing in his head. Could he? Julie was definitely wet enough, his face was now damp from her juices. She might be upset if she thought she had missed out on some good head but a deep orgasm or two would definitely appease her. Doug moved again and brought his cock to her pussy lips and gently caressed them with it mixing her juices and his copiously flowing pre-cum. He thought she was close to waking but was surprised that so far he had only heard half moans. When she was awake she was much more vocal.

Slowly he pushed the head of his steel hard cock into her pussy and then out, up and down her pussy again making her hips rock and then back into her entrance again. illegal bahis siteleri He did this a couple of times increasing his depth. Then he began fucking her slowly but deeply, her hips rocked and her moans became louder, she was just about to wake! Doug was having a ball, she had started kneading one breast as his breath deepened and his pace quickened. He heard her gasp and felt her pussy convulse around his cock, the extra pressure started the singing deep in his balls. Damn! This was too quick but he increased his pace anyway bowing to the inevitable. Julie was moaning in earnest now fully wake. Her pussy was clenching at him again and his own muscles began pulsing in preparation for the flood, the last stroke he buried as far as his cock would go an instinctive need to feel every inch mashed against her pelvis. Doug’s cock was blasting spurt after spurt of hot come inside her as she gasped.

“Oh my god!”

Doug froze, the only movement the last twitches of his cock and spasms of her pussy. Doug suddenly disengaged as quickly as possible, his cock plopping from her pussy causing her to shudder and gasp.

“Oh no, shit, Anne?” Doug cried as he backed away quickly.

“Doug? What the fuck is going on” his sister in-law Anne gasped.

“Oh my god I am so sorry I though you were Julie! Shit, fucking hell, I am so screwed! I am so sorry Anne, believe me I had no idea!”

“Fucking Hell, what the fuck did you think you were doing?” Anne was getting angry now.

“Anne I am really sorry, I truly did think you were Julie, what are you doing here? Oh my god, this is so fucked.” Doug was starting to sweat about the possible consequences to himself as well as be sorry about what he had done to his sister in-law Anne. He was also confused by the tornado of feelings aroused by the recent fucking. Her juices were damp and cooling on his cock and she sat up in front of him her breasts swinging nicely. Shit! He started looking for his clothes to drag his eyes away. Anne noticed, she was also swept with the aftermath of her orgasms, and even though she was aghast and angry at the violation that had occurred the glowing powerful body and long cock of her sisters husband was right in front of her. She took a breath and pulled down her t-shirt and said.

“I left Jeff finally yesterday. Julie said I could stay until I get myself sorted out, we had a few drinks and the next thing canlı bahis siteleri I know you are raping me!”

“I didn’t rape you! Please you have to believe me, I can’t see shit in the dark, how could I know it was you and not Julie, your fucking sisters and look almost the same.” Doug was frantic; his life was collapsing in front of him.

“I guess it’s possible you didn’t know, but why were you having sex with me, why didn’t you wake me?” Anne interrogated him.

“Julie is a polecat if you wake her up, I found that if I wake her with foreplay she is a lot nicer” Doug explained earnestly trying to convince Anne of his sincerity. “You can ask her, I do it all the time.”

“Actually I can see that, I am the same, I will kill rather than ask questions in the morning, and I was having the most delicious dream right up until I found out it was you. OK I believe you, what do you want to do about it?” Anne had calmed down as she watched Doug search for his clothes, a not unpleasant view. Shit, what was she thinking; this was her sister’s husband! She had to get over this post orgasmic funk. She had just fucked her brother in-law and she couldn’t deny she had enjoyed the act; the evidence still warmed her blood and was dripping from her pussy! The shit had definitely hit the fan through an innocuous mistake. Not only was Julie and Doug’s relationship in danger, but her and Julies too. Anne couldn’t imagine Julie taking this well.

“Julie will not take this well, she won’t believe me” Doug echoed her thoughts, he had his boxers on and he sat back down on the bed and put his head in his hands. He quickly removed them when he smelt her essence strongly from his fingers. He had to put her out of his mind, or his body would betray him at the worst possible time. Images of the past 20 minutes were assailing him. His cock had never fully gone down and he was afraid it was perking up again. If he stayed seated for a while maybe it would be alright.

“We can’t tell her.” Anne decided. “It was a mistake and no one was hurt. We didn’t cheat as there was no intent.”

“Are you sure? I never wanted to keep a secret from her.” Doug was miserable and turned on at the same time, he was so confused. “These sorts of things always have a way of coming out. Then it will be worse because we didn’t tell her the truth when we had the chance.”

Anne moved around and put her arms around his shoulders supportively. Unfortunately this had the effect of pressing her erect nipple against his arm. They both stiffened, in different places, and hastily moved away from the searing contact.

“This is going to be difficult” Anne murmured.

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