Sweater in the Heat

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Early afternoon rays reflect playfully off of the soft ocean waves. Temperature, at least 95 degrees. The air, humid and heavy with each breath. Sun scorches the coarse white sand, heat emanates onto every step. I walk slowly towards you, admiring the gorgeous view. Your body glistens and I can see tiny sweat drops forming across your brow. Your white shorts are sticking slightly to your damp body, emphasizing your tan, muscular legs and waistline. You watch my every move. I pretend not to notice. Hips swaying, legs tensing, breasts gently bouncing; my string bikini fails to hide much. As I approach, I tell you that I’ve missed you, and you assure me that you did as well.

A tight embrace ensues. The heat between us cannot be accounted for by the temperature alone. You wrap your arms around my thighs, lifting me high, well above your head. You spin with me, causing me to become even more lightheaded in the heat. As you lower me down gently, my sweaty body rubs all along your rock hard chest. My lips briefly meet yours. So soft, so smooth, so right. A fire is ignited.

We walk nonchalantly to my car in the adjacent lot, pretending to be long time friends. Who are we kidding? Anybody who even remotely glances in our direction can see that we are burning hot for each other. I unlock the car door. You command me to get in the back. I obey. The car is sweltering. A wave of heat encompasses me as I climb into the backseat. I start to shift over to let you sit, but you grab my legs and hold me there, climbing in on top of me. I lay back under your weight, spreading my legs to allow you to lie down in between them. Your hips center in between my thighs, you rock towards me, allowing me to fully feel your presence. You lips find mine. Kissing me hard, getting me hotter. I feel your hunger for me through your tongue, reaching deep, searching for more. I search back, trying to fulfill my needs. I gently suck on your lower lip, teasing you, letting you feel how much I want you. Sweat bahçeşehir escort is pouring across our bodies, dripping wet, mixing together.

You hold yourself up with one hand, grabbing my breast with the other. Oh my God. I feel a surge of pleasure rock through my body. You massage it in a frenzy through the thin fabric of my string bikini, being rough with it, knowing just how I like it. You quickly push the material aside, exposing my hard nipple with is aching for your lips. You must have read my mind. You tongue finds its way within second, flicking it back and forth. “Oooh,” I moan in pleasure. Damn, it feels so fucking good.

I reach between us and grab your hard dick through your shorts, rubbing it teasingly between my fingers. The delicate fabric of your shorts allows me to fully wrap my hand around it, squeezing tight as I slowly rub up and down. You put your hand on my bikini bottoms, finding the outline of my clit immediately. You apply pressure, sending jolts of electricity through me. I arch my back, tilting my head back, taking in the amazing sensations. There are drops of sweat pouring down between my tits, down my solid abs. You lick it all the way up. Your tongue sends shivers through my body.

I dig my nails across your back, causing a startled moan to escape your lips. You rub me faster. I cannot take it for much longer, my body is on fire. I need to feel you inside of me. The desire overwhelms me. I look deep into your gorgeous baby blue eyes and tell you with mine that I want you. You slide your shorts down, exposing your large, hard cock to me. I lick my lips in anticipation.

I slide my body further underneath yours, giving myself full access to what I need. You grab around the base of your dick, and guide it to my eager lips. You rub it along the outline of my open mouth as I tease it with my tongue. Licking the tip, kissing around the circumference of the head, I build up your bakırköy escort desire as you built up mine. I grasp the shaft with my hand, and take the head into my mouth, forming a tight seal around your throbbing member. I look up at you, giving you a full view of my mouth around your cock in line with my exposed soaking wet tits. I stare at you as I tilt my head back and take your full length into my extended throat. I reach up and cup your balls, pulling on them gently. Sweat from your body runs down my neck.

I suck hard, applying increasing contractions of pressure from the tip to the base. My eyes never leaving yours for a second. You give me a little taste of what’s in store, and I eagerly rub it all around with my tongue. You taste so good. I move my head up and down, letting your cock experience the sensations of hot air and then the still stronger heat of my mouth. I take you all the way in. Your throbbing cock hits the back of my throat causing me to moan, sending vibrations all the way up your shaft. I can feel your balls start to tighten, your hips move in perfect rhythm with my head as you fuck my mouth. “Ahhh, yeeessss,” you moan as you pull your cock out of my mouth, breaking the suction.

You grab my waist and pull me up, resting your dick against my inner thigh. You spread my legs wider, move my bikini bottoms over, and rub your hard cock up and down my dripping wet slit. Gently at first, driving me wild. Then rougher, hitting my clit on your way up and rubbing it on the way down. I am so hot for you. I need you so badly. I beg. “Please, I need to feel you inside of me.” You hold your dick right at the entrance, teasing me one last time before thrusting it all the way in. I scream with pain and pleasure. Soaking wet, but still as tight as the first time. You spread me open, almost tearing me apart with an animal desire that I’ve seen before in your eyes.

I am completely filled. You move başakşehir escort your hips, thrusting in and out of me harder and faster. My body moves with yours, taking you in deeper and deeper with every movement. You reach down and start to rub your thumb against my clit. I spread my legs wider. Your fingers vibrate on my clit with such intensity that I cannot control myself any longer. My heart starts racing, my body tenses up, a chill runs across my hot, sweating skin. “Oooooh, fuuuckk” I cry as wave after wave of pleasure runs through my body. Sending rhythmic contractions through my tight cunt, pulling you in deeper and deeper. You don’t stop, you just fuck me harder.

I hold on tight as your hips smack hard against me, rubbing my back against the car seat. You grab my ass and pull me even deeper against you, spreading my legs to the max, allowing me to take all of you in. I scream your name. I can barely catch my breath. I beg for you to slow down, the pleasure is almost too much for me, but that only encourages you to fuck me harder and faster.

You grab my hand and place it in between us. “You do it then,” you order me as you guide my fingers to my swollen, throbbing clit. Sweating, heart racing, still riding out the climax, I can’t resist. I rub my clit between two fingers, teasing it, sending my body into a whole new level of pleasure. Fuck. You take advantage of my new distraction, riding me hard, fucking me like I was meant to be fucked.

You see by the expression on my face that I am close, you thrust into me faster than I thought was possible, shaking my body back and forth as your leverage yourself on my tits. The pleasure builds deep within you, you feel the tension rising, the warm tingling sensation radiating from your balls. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” you scream. That puts me over the edge, a rush of ecstasy shakes me to the core. Bodies, hot and thrusting, explode together in indescribable pleasure. You cum hard, deep into the very bottom of my convulsing pussy.

We lay for a moment, regaining our composure. We kiss deeply then adjust what little clothing we’re still wearing. Stepping out of that inferno, the 95 degree air now feels freezing. “Got a sweater I could borrow?” I ask. You smile at me and walk away, paying no attention to the few people that stopped nearby to watch the incredible show.

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