‘Swingers & Roundabouts’

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‘Swingers & Roundabouts’HiyaI have never really considered myself as one of those people that is happy enough to lay back and ‘think of england’ during coital relations. On the contrary, I also try not to put the blame of an ‘average sexual encounter’ on just one side. It is an experience to be shared on both sides, each person should do what they can to both enhance the others pleasure and also to make it obvious that they themselves are actually ‘enjoying’ something. It shouldn’t be a guessing game, with all the pressure placed onto just one partners shoulders.I am also a firm believer the the old addage that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that just your run of the mill or ‘vanilla’ sexual habits aren’t going to keep many people satified for a prolonged period of time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to be swinging from the lightshade in full bondage gear with an apple up their arse (unless of course that’s your kinda thing), merely that we dont close our minds to new experiences… even if its something subtle like the place or position….. ‘nobody wants the same food at every meal do they!!!’That said even I was surprised when a boyfriend sugessted swinging!.. What made it especially surprising for me was the fact that this particular could at times be the jealous type.. you know the sort! So ’sharing had never even entered my head as something we would try. I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive to begin with, especially after we’d established that he wanted to watch me with other men to begin with… still, each to their own I suppose! My concern wasnt with the actual act (I wasn’t a novice at fucking), it was more with me having no idea how my boyfriend (let’s call him ‘eeyore’) would react to the sight of me, the girl he had been so guarded with, fucking another person right in front of him!There was also the question of ‘how’ to find said experimental fuck buddy!… Obviously we didn’t want to pick someone who lived to close by that knew us… ‘you don’t shit on your own doorstep!’ In view of the fact that discretion was required we reverted back to our good old friend ‘the freeads’ (I may well go into why we had previously used those in a blog about encounters with the fairer sex ;-P) That in itself showed how closed my mind had been up until that point… I thought that there would be very few men up for the task of ‘performing’ but no… there were loads of replies…. hundreds! After a fair few edits and even more unimpressive phone calls, we eventually found a few ‘potential’ guinea pigs!The first we ‘tried out’ was a short stumpy chap, not unattractive… but reassuringly average (it’s always a intimidating if one has to breathe in the entire time!) and apart from his little slogan that he used to repeat wasn’t alltogether bad (we’ll call him ‘great days’)…. He was very attentive, fairly confident, clean (that’s a massive bonus lol), quite easy going and thankfully not in the least bit clingy (something which I find hugely bahis siteleri unsexy and in the past a real problem!) He liked to spend a short while relaxing into the enviroment, chatting and generally having a laugh, and then when ‘eeyore’ left the room to have a cigerette etc ’great days’ would lean over and kiss me, briefly at first but by the second or third time eeyore returned we were invariably getting a bit more into the swing of it (no pun intended) Like I mentioned before he was very attentive and enjoyed letting his hands wander while we kissed. Part of the thrill for ‘eeyore’, as well as the ‘live porn’ and getting to fuck the actress afterwards, was walking back into the room to find us all over each other. Don’t get me wrong ‘eeyore’ didn’t sit in the corner like some deranged sex addict ‘whacking one out’ whilst watching intently, instead he would just be relaxing in nearby either watching TV or whatever (I didnt pay that much attention lol) and glance over from time to time enjoying the ‘performance’!Now I feel I should mention that ‘eeyore’ is 100% straight, never has there ever been the slightest suspicion that he likes ‘men’, which is part of the reason that we had to ‘filter’ out many of the applicants… the merest hint that they were bi and it was a definate ‘no go’.The actual sex itself with ‘great days’ wasnt amazingly mind blowing, but he was easy to please (which in itself boosts both ones libido and ego) and the scenerio did add to the overall excitement. Another thing we liked about him was the fact that he didnt linger for too long afterwards for the awkward post sex conversation lol. After he had visited us a couple of times, we all felt comfortable to take things further, and I got to experience my first ’spitroast’….. well what can I say… ladies if yiu ever have the chance and your not a complete prood I can recommend it!!! (Oh I should just add that may be because I enjoy felatio anyway…. could be an issue having a spitroast if you don’t like sucking cock!) The whole sensation of being grasped firmly by your hips and being pulled back at the same time a man thrusts himself into you is fab on its own (especially with the occasional bout of hair pulling) but if his ‘thrusting’ in turn pushes your mouth further onto another mans cock at the same time, making you gag ,is emense! As with all good things, after a while we decided to move on to another ‘victim’ and we went our seperate way with no hard feelings (again with the puns!)The second chap was very different, both physically and personality wise… again he wasnt drop dead gorgeous by any means…. none of us are…. but he did have a more confident air about him, bordering on arrogance! He was great for the most part though, because he was more confident he would turn up.. fuck me.. and piss off, perfect! No time wasted.. did what we needed.. then he was gone in plenty of time for me and ‘eeyore’ to get a good session in! We only saw him a couple of times however, because shortly before canlı bahis he was due round one evening I received a text asking me if I could avoid wearing perfume!?!?!…… Call me stupid but unless he had an allergic reaction to it I found the whole request suspicious! I replied asking him ‘why?’…. and when he said it was because his girlfriend would smell it on him I was livid!!! I know it must sound rather distorted that I should have such an issue with adultery per say but I do!….. Our add specifically said SINGLE ONLY… and I had thought I’d done all I could to vet everyone. Cheeky fucking bastard… of course it’s up to him how he chooses to conduct his business, but after I had repeatedly checked a bit of honesty and integrity would have been appreciated. What ‘eeyore’ and I choose to do is our own business, and as consenting adults we weren’t hurting anybody, but I was buggered if I was going to helo somebody else cheat on his girlfriend… plus can you inagine the aftermath had she found out!!! It’s never the blokes fault…. oh no it’s always down to some slutty little slag leading the poor little man astray….. Anyway rant over (apologies for that folks) let’s just say we didnt carry on down that road!The third… was female… but I’ll go into that more seperately another time The fourth (please bear in mind that the running order may be slightly muddled… it was a while ago) was a slightly different arrangement whereon I met with this chap (lets call him ‘leather’) alone….. just once…. memorable for all the wrong reasons, lets just say he was into some unusual stuff …. and I was hugely embarrassed…. odd really because as time has gone on I’ve dabbled alot more and it wouldnt bother me now!?!?! Anywho, he was tall, slim and a bit of a charmer….. he really fancied himself and had that kind of chauvinistic arrogance that comes with men of a certain age, right at that point where experience meets dellusional! He definately knew what he was doing, and right from the moment he walked in the door he was all over me. It was a passionate, lusty affair, and I was loving how responsive he was to the slightest bit of attention… it didnt take long after I’d taken his cock into my mouth that he’d cum… what was a surprise however was the fact that he was ready again almost instantly.. the stamina of an 18 year old in the body of a nearly 50 something is a dangerous combination! Everything was normal for the most part… well good hot hard fucking but still your run of the mill stuff nothing outlandishly kinky… that was until (and I still have no idea to this day how he manged it) he made me pee!… Yep that’s right, I actually pee’d… I was mortified, and no before I you ask I hadn’t ’squirted’, (I know the difference from personal experience…. but that’s to come later lol) What’s worse is he loved it! Now don’t get me wrong… whatever floats your boat… but some warning would have been nice, so I could at least get used to the idea!!!…. Needless to say he was a one-off! Of course I canlı bahis siteleri had to explain in great detail the evenings events to ‘eeyore’ as was part of the arrangement, which amused him emmensley….. but then he’s a kinky git too lol.Next, was the pilot! Or so he said, who knows for sure?… I mean it wasn’t like he flew a plane to my house and to be honest I did’t give a monkeys! All I knew was he was single, pretty fit and horny… job done! The sex wasn’t bad either… ‘eeyore’ didn’t join us but enjoyed fucking me to all the gory details afterwards!The next exploit in our ’swinging’ experimentations was ‘hands’ (again only a nickname to protect his identity)… now if he were to read this he would know exactly why I’ve called him that! Again he was a bit older than some of the people I’d fucked, but there is alot to be said for experience. He was very tall, which I like.. but also had a similar air of self confidence that ‘leather’ had, that could almost be mistaken for arrogance. Now what an enjoyable eye-opener he was! The sex was good, but nothing major to report… his skills however laid in what he could do with his hands.Maybe I should explain that up until this point I had only ever had clitoral orgasms, bloody great orgasms that they are, I had never experienced a g-spot orgasm during intercourse (or at any other time for that matter). ‘Hands’ knew this but said he liked a challenge, and boy did he rise to it… literally! Within minutes of his hands being at work in a kind of ‘come hither’ movement on the front wall of my vagina I was gushing juices everywhere (see, told you I knew the difference)… again and again and again! It was intense to say the least, and I was making sure that ‘eeyore’ paid particular attention as I know this would be a fun thing to try and re-create on our own. Despite this, and for reasons that are too boring to go into, ‘Hands’ only visited us once… but he definately made an impression of our sex life!The mentally unstable one that ‘vomitted’…… is one of those better left forgotten! Eww…nuff said!Another that joined us, bless him… let’s call him ‘Proff’, was ever so nervous… he was actually shaking. The sweat was pouring off of his head, and he ;looked terrified. Which is why it is even more admireable that he actually still managed to ‘get a stiffy’..lol… hey maybe fear is what did it for him, who knows. Al I do know is that what he lacked in ability he made up for in effort. Very rarely (not never lol) during sex have I had to resist the urge to laugh. I could almost hear him counting in his head, and the perfectly co-ordinated, well practised and unspontanuous performance was at best passable, but like I said I couldn’t help but admire his moxy!… Again… only the once for him!There were probably others, albeit less memorable… and of course there were many more that wouldnt come under the category of ’swinging’ lol but the most memorable, and probably most recent was ‘Butler’. Now ‘Butler’ was alltogether different again from anything I had ever tried before, and he himself needs his own blog entry! All I will say for now is that ‘this obediant submissive nymphomanic’ would never fuck the same again…. But I’ll save that for another day!Love Lou xxxx

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