Taken for a weekend…1

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Taken for a weekend…1This is a true story, the names of some participants have been changed to keep me from getting sued. If any of my friends or associates think that they see their selves or others do understand that it is all in your mind. I remember as if it was yesterday or last week or last year but I do remember.I was in Bruce cousin’s government apartment on their bed my hands were tied to the legs of the bed frame by my wrist. Bruce cousin was in his twenties Bruce and I were in our teens, Oh yeah, Bruce, Charlie and Daniel were family members that had been in Juvenal Detention and while in there had committed a number of sexual offensive towards other teen inmates and had assaulted me a number of times so often that I was their got to sex toy. It was a lot easier to allow them to use me sexual then to try and fight and still have them use me sexually. Anyway, I was strapped down to the bed wrist tied to the bed frame, Bruce’s cousin was on top of me slamming his huge phallus in and out of my prostrate body. All I could do was to whimper and whine under him as he did as he pleased. Bruce would come and sit at the head of the bed with his legs spread and feed my his teenage cock reminding me that if I ‘…bite me and I’ll bust your teeth out and still make you suck my dick…’Bruce’s cousin was b**st he had caught Bruce and I in his place one day. Bruce had tricked me into believing that he was gonna show me some moves to help me fight his cousins Charlie and Daniel. The three of them had taken me against my will a couple of years before and I did not report them so they took it that I wanted it. The three of them took my innocence and turned me into their fuckboi. Bruce’s cousin had caught Bruce and me in his living room, it was not meant to be by me but it was planned by Bruce.Bruce was showing me a move and tricked me into locking my legs round his waist and he took advantage of my position and entered my bung hole before I could react. Bruce’s cousin was in a drunken stupor in this same bed a year and half ago. He stumbled out and saw us and got hold of my ankle before I could run and snatched me up into the air. Once he had me he told Bruce ‘…watch how I fuck this bitch…’ Yeah it was my first time with a grown man and Bruce’s cousin used my like a rag doll.I could smell Bruce’s cousin alcoholic breath as he administered a brutal fucking to my ravaged bung hole. I had told my folks that I was gonna spend the week end with friends, I lied as I did not want them to find out that their son was a sex toy for other guys. Bruce and his cousin set it up a few days before once they found out Bruce’s cousin wife or living in girl was gonna be out of town for a week.Once Bruce had asked (sic) me I could not refuse and showed up with my bag as if I was gonna be at some friends home. Once I arrived Bruce and his cousin had me strip down and start to service them orally till they were ready for the real action. When it was mused to me that they wanted tie me down I tried to protest and balked for the door. Bruce quickly tackled me and his cousin slapped me very hard cross my lips a couple of times. Now I lay strapped to the bed with tuzla escort Bruce’ dick in my lips and his cousin trying to bust my butt apart.My face stained with dried tears and mucus my thighs and legs trembling and convulsing uncontrollably as he rammed his huge grown ass dick into my anal channel. At first I cried and begged only to hear them tell me how sexy I sounded. I had tried to pull my wrist free but the nylons that was used to tie my wrist would only stretch and not tear or rip. It was just before dark Friday night when I arrived and now it was just beginning to dawn Saturday morning and the two of them had used me unmercifully all night long.The two of them used me in shifts, one would rest while the other assaulted me filling my bung or lips with their seed and both of them drinking beer and whiskey. If I asked for refreshments or water I was rewarded with a flaccid male member to suck on till it either erupted or was firm enough to enter my very tender bung hole. If I did manage to drift off while they rested I was awaken by one or both wanting to be serviced.It was after the sun had rose over the trees that they took a break and left me alone. I heard the shower going but could not see. My lower body was quivering from the continuous assaults and copious amounts of trapped air would escape from my ravaged bung hole with each movement I made. My mouth was dry with the taste of dried semen, my jaws ached and chin caked with dried sperm. My face was in a very moist spot of mucus and sperm and I could feel the slimy substance as it leaked from my anus down over my testicles and under my midsection. The room permeate with the scent of sex and male sweat.Bruce and his cousin came back into the room and stood by the bed asking ‘…you enjoyed your self so far, wanna take a break and get cleaned up so we can get some breakfast and then start over again…’ Bruce answered for me ‘…yeah we’ll let our pussy get cleaned up and feed it some real food. Unless you wanna swallow some more cum and be happy…’ they both laughed as I tried to turn my face away.Bruce reached over and lifted my face and reminded me ‘…I did ask you if you wanted to come and have some fun, you told me you would be here so now we are having fun smile and tell mu cousin how much you enjoy him…tell him…’ I looked up at his cousin and weakly replied ‘…I’m happy and want to make sure you are happy also…’ They undid my wrist and helped me to the bath. Bruce was still naked and got in the shower with me as I was to weak to stand alone.Bruce made sure he washed me and then let me slide down the shower wall till I was on the shower floor where he presented his flaccid teenage cock and demanded ‘…here suck this dick now show me how happy you are…’ I looked up and Bruce was smiling wickedly at me as I reluctantly parted my lips and extended my tongue and gently sucked his spongy dick head into my lips.A little while later Bruce’s cousin opened the bath room door and laughed as he saw me sucking Bruc’s dick and said ‘…damn that bitch just don’t know how to take a break…’ I was dried off and led to the kitchen and found a bowl of cereal and some milk. I was tuzla escort bayan so hungry I got it down quickly and wanted more only to hear a knock at the door. Startled since I was still naked with not even a towel to hid my nakedness.Bruce’s cousin opened the door and greeted the two guys that entered warmly and brought them into the kitchen. Bruce was leaning against the counter stroking his hardening man hood as his cousin explain what was gonna happen next. ‘..These are my home boys they been out a few weeks and wanted to get some strange, they gotta job to do and wanna be reminded how sweat boi/pussy can be…’I trembled as I looked to Bruce and see him wink at me smiling as the two of them walked over to where I was sitting and looked me over. Bruce told me ‘..get up so the guys can see how pussy look early in the morning…’ They all laughed as one took hold of my wrist and pulled my up and the other pulled the chair back. They turned me round and made me bend over and parted my buttocks. One exclaimed ‘… damn this bitch’s cunt is raw and red bet that some loose stuff now…’ Again laughter form the four of them.Bruce and his cousin lead me back to the bed room again and this time I was tied as I lay on my back. I tried to struggle free only to have the two new comers join in to help tie me down. Once secured again I saw that the two guys had shed their clothes quickly and their prodigious male members were already at full staff throbbing up and down in anticipation.Bruce and his cousin took hold each of my ankles and lifted them up causing me to cry out in anguish as they forc3d my feet up in the air spreading my thighs apart and exposing my genitalia. The two new guys asked ‘…y’all down with this now, I don’t wanna hear any more shit about this once we are done…’ All agreed and it was added that ‘…our bitch is gonna be a good little pussy and just let you enjoy your self. If not we’ll talk with his parents and let them straighten him out…’My body trembled at the thought and I tried to relax as the first guy climbed up on the bed. He was stroking his harden member as he looked at me and then he reached out and grabbed my flaccid penis and started to stroke it. I trembled as he did so and was ashamed as I could feel my penis start to harden. He laughed and asked ‘…be alright if I taste this pussy stick. I like for my bitch to be excited for me when I get in…’ Bruce and his cousin both said ‘…go head what ever makes you happy do it your way…’He lowered his head and started to suck at my semi rigid dick till it sprung to life and stood erect. Bruce told his cousin ‘…look at that shyt it’s just like a spur tongue…’ I could not help but let out a small whimper as his lips left my cock head and he positioned his man hood at my ravaged anal opening. With a steady push his huge member parted my anal sphincter tube opening and slid in using all the sperm that was deposited there over night as lubricant.I whined as his massive dick head entered and strained at my restraints as he worked his huge member back and forth as he licked and sucked my nipples. With my arms stretched out like a ‘T’ I was defenseless against escort tuzla his manipulations. His lips and tongue worked up my chest as he piston his dick in and out my anus causing me whimper as my tender bung was stretched wider and wider.Bruce and his cousin released my ankles and my feet slowly lowered down to the bed on each side of the b**st lodged in my bung hole. He slowly worked his lips and tongue up to my neck and then to my ears I tried to dodge his attempts to kiss my lips. Bruce and his cousin quickly steadied my head so he could kiss and suck at my lips. I tried hard to keep him from doing so but a couple of vicious lunges deep into my rectum made me whimper and cry out giving him access to my tongue.He captured my tongue with his lips and sucked at it as he worked his monstrous fuck tool in and out round and about till his dick erupted and he filled my anal channel with an enormous amount of his baby batter. Panting and covered in sweat he laid on me as his dick throbbed and spurted deep in my anus. He slowly pulled his deflating dick from my anus and smiled at me as he stood up.His partner walked over and I looked in terror at the size of his dick. It was not as long but it was twice the girth of any of the four. His dick head was small compared to his dick shaft which seemed to swell out in the middle and narrow again near his body. It looked like it could have been a butt plug. My anus let out a moist slurp sound of escaping air as he lifted my heels up and pushed them back till my buttocks were up off the bed.I was too terrified as his dick probed my anus and his narrow dick head entered, his dick shaft parted my anal sphincter tube to it’s fullest as he entered. My body trembled and shuddered the anguish as his enormously huge dick shaft entered had me begging and pleading for Bruce or dome one to help me till his pubic crushed against mine and I knew there was no stopping him now.With my feet pushed back to the wall he had complete access to my neither region and begin to slam his prodigious tool merciless into my helpless bung as I cried and whined in anguish. Body covered in sweat from both of them all I could do was tremble as my muscles ached and cramped the b**st kissed my feet as if he was enjoying torturing me till he pushed his member all the way in and I felt it swell and explode as if it had burst.He lay on my up turned butt as his dick throbbed and twitched deep in my anus, sweat from us dripping down my inverted spine along with remnants of their combined splodge. Pooling underneath my back as if there was a reservoir for their substance. Bruce and his cousin lowered my legs as their Friend existed my anus and copious amounts of trapped air escaped making obscene sounds.I laid there looking at the ceiling as Bruce undid my wrist and turned me slowly to my side, climbing behind me Bruce slowly slid his rock hard dick into my well used rectum and started to hunch churning up the deposits of cum in my anus. His cousin returned after letting out his friends and pulled my head to the side of the bed and pressed his stiff dick into my lips and absentmindedly I started to suck at bis dick as if it was a pacifier.I heard Bruce and his cousin talking yet it was like I was elsewhere listening ‘…oh yeah, pussy still tight and gripping at my dick…’ Bruce said as his cousin chimed in ‘…bitch knows how to suck a dick also.

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