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tammytammy by marvin coxTammy was delirious with climaxing release. Her voice was now a series of hoarse grunts as the spasms began to swell together in a final, exhausting explosion of pleasure. Her cunt was now overflowing with hot, frothy sperm, squirting out of her pussy lips with each of his thrusts. She felt the sticky fluid ooze down, warming up her asshole and thighs. When he gave a last, grinding pump, she felt her guts press into her lungs, causing her to lose her breath.After a few moments, he pulled away from her and lay on his back. His muscular chest was glistening with sweat, causing the wild growth of hair to form patterns. Tammy reached over and stroked him, pulling the wiry hair between her fingertips. She inched her hand down to his trim waist and felt the sticky tip of his cock press against the inside of her palm.“That was wonderful,” she whispered, feeling totally relaxed. “I love your cock.”“If you love it so much, why don’t you kiss it?” he asked with a smile.She turned sideways and lowered her face to his stomach, looking at his glistening, cum-smeared prick. She flickered out her tongue, pressing the tip of it against a small drop of sperm that clung against the slit of his cockhead.“If you like the taste of it, I’ll let you suck a lot of it,” he whispered.“Ummmmmm!” Tammy gave as an answer, taking the wad of cum into her mouth, enjoying the creamy texture as it slipped over her teeth.She cupped his balls with her left hand and gave them a gentle squeeze, pushing her palm upwards. She grasped the base of his dick firmly and then pulled upwards, forcing out the last globs of jism that remained in his cock. As her hand neared the end of his prick, a thick, slippery mass of white cum squirted out, hanging by a silvery web of cream.“Drink kaçak iddaa it,” Mark said, pushing his hips upward. “Drink it and gargle it.”Tammy opened her mouth wide and placed the end of his cock between her lips, sucking in with her throat, causing the wad of cum to slip over her teeth. She ran her tongue around the thick pole of meat, washing the shaft with the mixture of her spit and his sperm. She pursed her lips and then sucked the fluid into the back of her throat, allowing it to ooze slowly into her stomach.Mark pulled her over between his legs and pushed her head down, forcing more of his dick into her mouth. He groaned with pleasure as Tammy began sucking the thickness of his shaft into the back of her mouth, her breath hot against his hairy crotch.She worked her mouth up and down his hard shaft, moaning as the enormous cockhead slipped across the roof of her mouth and rested against her tonsils.“That’s right, you little cocksucker, suck it good!” Mark grunted, pushing harder on her head. “Suck out my cum and drink it!”Tammy felt his balls vibrate against her chin as she sucked on the base of his prick. She grasped them with both hands and squeezed them with milking motions, and then pulled them upwards, rolling them around on her cheeks. The wiry texture scratched her skin, but the warmth and pulsating pressure caused her to suck even harder.Mark wrapped his legs around her neck and pulled her over on her side, burying her face in his crotch. He began pumping his hips back and forth, ramming his cock deeply into her throat, while pushing on the back of her head to meet his thrusts.Tammy’s eyes grew wide with pleasure as his prick slipped in and out of her mouth. She ground her face into his crotch as her own passion began to mount, feeling his canlı casino siteleri cock hair tickle her nose. His crotch smelled of musk and cum, making Tammy’s mouth ache with desire.“Goddamn, that little mouth is as tight as your pussy!” Mark said, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. “Suck it good!”Tammy squeezed her hands between his legs and began massaging his hairy asscheeks, slipping her fingertips up and down against his shitter. As she touched his asshole, her own began to burn and throb with desire. She wanted a hard, stabbing cock plowing into her shitter, but she couldn’t tear her mouth away, and couldn’t have if she wanted to.Mark rolled her over on her back and straddled her shoulders. Holding the back of her head, he began a furious pumping motion with his hips, digging into her throat with his thick shaft, fucking her mouth furiously.Her eyes were glazed with pleasure as she watched his muscular, hairy stomach bounce back and forth against her face, each thrust sending more and more of his hot prick into the back of her throat. She gasped for air and gurgled on her own spit as his cockhead speared into her lungs, stretching out her throat.“Suck it, you little cocksucking bitch!” Mark grunted, his fucking motions becoming wilder and more demanding. “Suck my dick, cocksucker!”Tammy began to bob her head back and forth, working on his cock like a piston machine. As his huge, cum-filled shaft slipped between her lips, she began to feel her cunt boil over with agonized pleasure. It seemed on fire with aching desire, as her pussy juices dripped out, against her thigh.Mark gave a hard lunge, plowing the full length of his dick into her throat and grunted.“Drink it, you cum sucking bitch!” he moaned, emptying the first of his enormous casino şirketleri load into her mouth.“Ummmppphhh!” Tammy gurgled with a half-moan as the slick wad of cum splattered into her throat, cutting off her air.“Drink it down; all of it!” Mark said, humping her face with quick, pumping motions. “Suck it all!”As he climaxed into her mouth, Tammy felt a jolt of pleasure rip into her pussy, her cunt walls throbbing with release. She quickly lowered her hand to her slit and touched her exploding clit with her fingertips, causing her to experience another delicious spasm of pleasure.He crushed his body against her face, grinding his full weight against her sucking mouth. When he did this he felt the warmth of his sperm ooze against his stomach, as wads of hot cum squirted out of Tammy’s nose.Tammy had lost complete control, and allowed him to fuck her face with all his might. She relaxed the pressure of her lips and merely lay there he squirted cum in her mouth, shivering with delight as the thick masts of juice pound out the corners of her mouth and oozed down into her ears.He gave her throat a final stab, sending the last glob of cum into her mouth, and then topped aft movement. His breathing was heavy and irregular. His muscles slowly beginning to relax.Tammy began sucking again, pursing her lips around his prick and pulling the last globs of sperm into her mouth and drinking it down. She pushed him back a little, and then forced her head hard against his stomach, her nose rubbing in the sticky mass of sperm on his skin. She sucked in with her nose, pulling a little of the cum into her nostrils and then blew it out again.Mark pulled away slightly, his cock flopping out of her mouth. He knelt there while she licked him clean, taking every salty, creamy drop into her throat and smacking as it oozed into her stomach.“You sure like dick, don’t you!” he said.“Urn huh!” Tammy answered, licking the underside of his shaft.“In that case, you’re really going to like what I’ve got in mind!” he said.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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