Teen Titans – Raven in Sladed

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Teen Titans – Raven in SladedThis is a loose text version of the Teen Titans Hentai that can be found on Newsground and other places. WARNING: it gets a little fucked up later on, so be wary.***A brilliant flash of light blinded Raven. The blast launched Cyborg backward, smacking into the ground with a heavy thud. Raven glided down and landed softly beside her friend. She couldn’t tell if he was dead or not. “I just want this day to end…” she spat.“We both know that this day is far from over,” Raven whirled around as Slade landed in front of her. “Hello, birthday girl! Ready for your present?”Raven gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. A cloud of dark energy began to form around it, but Slade gripped her wrist and Raven felt as if she had almost left her body, and then wished to as a seering pain shot through her. She shook violently and let out a tormented groan as Slade released her and she flew to the ground.Suddenly, Slade landed on top of her. “You may be able to stop time, birthday girl. But you can’t stop ME! Did you really think you could just blow out the candles, and wish it all away? It IS going to happen,” Slade reached out, and grabbed Raven’s cloak. “And no matter how hard you try,” he gave an almighty pull. “No matter how hard you squirm…” Slade tugged again and the suit tore loose. “There is nothing…” he ripped the tear open wider. “You can do…” Slade shredded Raven’s entire outfit, leaving it in tatters and shrewn across her body. “To stop it.” Slade’s eyes examined Raven’s naked young form. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her bare, light grey skin. He noted the dark areola of her nipple. He reached out and grabbed her by her wrist, then pinned it down on the cold, hard floor. The witch’s pale young body aroused him, and beneath his mask, his mouth twisted into a smile. A hideous smile of malice. He felt his erection coming on, his fethiye escort long, leathery black shaft stiffening. His sharp, silver tip glinted in the dimly lit room. Without warning, Slade’s body shot forward and downward onto Raven’s body. “NO!” Raven screamed as she felt Slade’s member slither into her and slice through her hymen. Slade relished the feeling of virgin blood splattering over his dick. She moaned and struggled desperately as he rammed his body against, pumping and pumping and pumping. She closed her eyes and tried to cast her mind to somewhere else. Anywhere else. Anywhere but here. She had to control her emotions.The raw force of Slade’s muscular frame thrusting against the girl’s slim build racked her body, her legs shaking violently as he penetrated her. They failed as she struggled to regain control of her own limbs, but Slade’s violent thrusts prevented her from doing so.Reaching out, Slade’s left hand clamped down on Raven’s breast and gave it an almighty squeeze. Raven wailed as she felt her bossom being crushed in her attacker’s massive hand. Once again, she tried to cast her mind away. She couldn’t let her emotions go beyond her control.More sweat drops were forming on her body as Slade merciless ****d her, ploughing in and out of her virgin crotch. Raven desperately tried to remove herself form the moment. Her right breast bounced up and down with each time Slade slammed his form against hers.Raven let out a sigh of relief and Slade suddenly stopped and pulled himself out. Once again, he drank in the image of her naked body. He felt pleased with what he had done to her. Another deadly smile formed on his twisted mouth.“Do I disgust you, Raven?” He asked in a sinisterly playful voice. He focused on her chest, grabbed her tits and squeezed them. “I’ll bet you…that I can do worse.” Removing his hands from her chest, Raven felt escort fethiye almost relieved for a moment as he was no longer m*****ing her teenage body. Slade reached for his mask. Sliding his thumb underneath it, he then reached behind with his remaining hand and pulled it off. Raven looked on in horror and her face contorted into an expression to reflect it. Slade’s face was twisted skull; no flesh remained, his mouth was contorted and he drooled uncontrollably. Only one eye remained, a colourless and dead one that stared down at the terrified young girl. Suddenly, Slade’s malformed mouth twisted into another wicked grin, which send chills down Raven’s spine. Suddenly, he lunged forward again and pulled her legs up into the air. Pulling himself forward, Slade grabbed her butt and spread her cheeks apart. “No….no!” Raven kicked at his head with her right foot, but it didn’t even fase her abuser. Pressing himself against her, Slade’s mouth opened and he slobbered over her. Then, suddenly, his shockingly large member burst into her asshole and it exploded with pain.“NOOO!!!” Raven shrieked as Slade entered her most private hole. He grabbed her ankle and held her leg outwards, his other hand clutching her butt and groping her. He held her veritcally, sliding up and down above her, sinking himself into her ass, pulling back up before plunging down again.Raven shut her eyes and tried desperately to distract herself, but to no avail. His anus was so incredibly tight, the pain was almost unearthly as his cock slammed into her. Slade gurgled as he sodomized his young victim, and then felt a tingle that wuickly multiplied in his dick. He accelerated his speed, which amplified the pain Raven was feeling in her own butthole. Suddenly, Slade exploded inside of Raven’s ass. He ejaculated almost violently, shooting off innumberable hot loads into her. Raven gasp fethiye escort bayan and her eyes bulged in her head. Slade’s semen was almost acidic. As he came, Raven was enveloped by a deadly burning sensation inside of her anus. Her hold body shook and the tears flooded over her cheeks as she finally lost control. Pain, anguish, rage and self-loathing exploded from her in a burst of fury. A massive blast of pure energy surged from deep within the witch, and consumed both Raven and Slade in a flash of raw power. Slade felt an almighty pain, like no other he had ever felt, as the magic burned through his penis, enticing him to howl with anguish.Raven, in a state of total shock, unexpectedly squirted a fountain of her own ejaculate from her battered vagina. A seizure took her and she shook unbelievably on the floor. Another bolt struck Slade and launched him off of the floor, firing him upwards until he smashed through the ceiling and dissappeared into the sky.Raven’s body rattled to a halt as time returned to normal. The overhead catwalk collapsed, bringing Robin down with it. A fully charged bolt of electricity struck b**st Boy with full force, sending him crashing into the floor. The churning gears eploded outwards, smashing into Starfire and dragging her to the floor.Raven’s naked, limp body lay on the floor, motionless amongst the chaos. Her eyes, twisted and crossed, with saliva dripped from her open mouth. blood seeped from her gaping asshole, while the deadly combination of both Slade’s and her own orgasmic fluids sizzled on her cunt. A tear, running from her pussy up to her belly button, formed from where the sheer force of Slade’s cock ripped her open. Her little finger twitched on her right hand, as saliva and blood formed a pool beneath it.Finally, the back of her head lay strewn out across the floor behind her. The loss of her emotional control was far too much for the all powerful witch too handle, resulting in a tremendous blast which blew out the back of her skull and sprayed her brains across the floor.And mere inches from her lifeless feet, lay Slade’s discarded mask.

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