Tere, an Older Lady

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Tere, an Older LadyChapter 1: TereWhen I was a teenager simply full of raging hormones, I would always look at more mature women (i.e. 30 and above), with respect rather than lust. When I began working, most, if not all, of the thirty plus year old women I knew were either married or career oriented. But that all changed with Tere.Here’s an experience of mine that I will always treasure. I originally wrote this last year, but there were many details I left out. Here’s the story in all its uncensored and unabridged glory.Some years ago, I was an assistant manager at one of Makati’s financial institutions. I was, what you would call, a horny guy coz I had, aside from my girlfriend, other women in my life, plus the occasional massage parlor trysts. Anyway, one of the VPs in the office was a lady CPA/Lawyer called Miss Tere (short for Teresita). She was intelligent, unmarried and didn’t look that bad (about a “7”), with a still tight ass and about a 33C bra size (I asked her eventually). She was in her early thirties, ten years older than I was, single, and very much driven. A certified workaholic, most of us saw her as one-sided, with as much personality as a dead clam. She was quite strict and professional, and rarely joked. Because most of the people feared her, we would continually talk about her only in hushed tones. Some girls speculated that she was still unmarried because she was too headstrong, obnoxious and too much of a disciplinarian – total turn-off attitudes for most guys. That was too bad because she wasn’t that bad looking, especially when she removed her glasses.She was not my immediate superior, but I would meet with her occasionally because of some new product or problem. But it was always professional relationship between us. I must admit though that whenever she wore a short skirt, the men in the office would crane their necks to look at her legs, which were really quite nice. It was too bad her disposition wasn’t that nice. Of course I always thought about what was between those legs, and not what was between her ears.After about eight months of working in that office, my officemates and I were invited to the birthday bash of one of our female officers. When I arrived there, I was surprised to find that only two males were present at the party. The messenger and me.My male officemates decided at the last minute to go to a disco. So there we were two males and seven women. The seven women were Tere, our sales manager Grace, Jenny the secretary, Colleen the celebrant, Joanne the HR manager, another canlı bahis VP Josie, and our controller Malou.We were all having a great time laughing and mostly drinking tequila. All the women were a bit buzzed due to the tequila they had been imbibing for the past hour or so, and Cindy pulled out a joint of marijuana. Although I smoked marijuana occasionally, I did not find it too pleasant, especially if I was already drunk. As the joint was passed on from person to person, I found that Tere seemed to have loosened up. She was seated next to me, and her black stockings covered her long legs. I rubbed my legs against hers once or twice but she either did not notice this or did not care. She spoke to me in between sips of tequila but never made any improper moves. Just as well, I said because she seemed to be the frigid corporate type who was boring in bed. Tere held the lighted joint and asked me if I wanted some, and I said “never mind”, but Tere, in her inebriated state told me, Sige na, i-shotgun kita. I said Ok, and Tere blew the smoke into my cupped hands. Immediately I felt lighter and seemed to lose all inhibitions. I closed my eyes, and after a while opened them to the loud laughter of the women.The women were very animated and were totally uninhibited in their discussion. Cindy was talking about her husband’s lovemaking and how bad he was at it, another was talking about men’s cocks, big, small, medium whatever. It was getting hotter by the minute and I was loving every minute of it. After another hour, our messenger left, Colleen and Josie left, leaving me in the company of the remaining four women.As the conversation turned more raunchy I noticed Tere was simply laughing and not contributing anything. Grace suddenly stood up and told the group, Isa lang ang lalaki dito. Hubaran natin si Jun! I suddenly felt ashamed, but a bit horny at what she said. Thoughts of stripping in front of women and letting them touch you seemed like a good idea to me. But I remembered all the women were not as wild as Grace, and I would be the laughing stock of the office if I let Grace have her way. Also, what if I was the only naked person in that room. I would have really wanted to see all of them naked, especially Colleen, a 35 year old mother of two, and the most beautiful of them all. I wouldn’t mind screwing Colleen, even if it was in front of these women.Grace then began to pester me more and more and asked the other women if they too wanted to see me naked, and the other women, including Tere also joined in the bahis siteleri chorus to strip me. As if on cue, Grace and two other women held me while another started to undo my belt. Since I put up a bit of a struggle, my belt buckle was destroyed in the process. I protested to them simply because I probably wouldn’t be able to screw anyone there at the moment, being drunk and all. So in between struggling to keep my pants on I dared the sales manager to get naked and we would put on a show for the other girls. She took no heed of this and started to work on my zipper. After she had succeeded in unzipping my pants, I felt a slight quiver as her hands grazed my coke through the fabric of my briefs. It felt good, and it also felt very risky. Grace knew she had touched my coke because she kept quiet for a few seconds – probably realizing what she had just touched. She then let out a laugh and tried to undo my pants. Since the waist area of my pants was a little tight, she had a hard time trying to undo it. I told her, Ipasok mo na lang kamay mo kaya, and in a flash of an eye, she announced to the group that she wanted to feel my coke. The other women egged her on telling her however to be careful. Although I felt both sexually charged and annoyed at the same time, I allowed Grace to cop a feel. Her hand disappeared into my pants, and I could feel my balls tightening up – my sweat and nervousness building up as I felt Grace’s hand on my soft coke. My coke started to rise slowly, but not noticeably, as Grace probed deeper. She let out a tiny shriek of surprise as her hand hit pay dirt. Ay ano ito, hihihi. Tere, gusto mong hawakan? Ang lambot. Then Colleen asked, Dako ba yan, hahahaha. Grace then groped further, saying medyo mas malaki kaysa kay Brian (her boyfriend). Grace then withdrew her hand. She asked the others if they would like a feel too, but no one obliged. They were already in the deepest stage of drunkenness and I doubt if they would remember this incident.In my drunkenness, I leaned over and whispered to Miss Tere, “Alam mo Miss Tere, sa lahat ng babae dito, I would love to make love to you the most.” Tere smiled a bit, and then I then blew heavily into her ear, and licked her lobe. That was something I never thought I would do to an officer of the company. I realized what I did was being far too forward and sat down. Uh oh, I may lose my job over this, I said to myself. Tere smiled at me but nothing came of that. We all continued drinking and having a grand time up until 1:30. Tere said she had to güvenilir bahis go home. The others said they would soon follow. M’am Tere, pwede hong sumabay sa inyo, I asked her. Tere also lived in Quezon City. O sige. Alis na tayo.Inside Tere’s car I was particularly quiet, as I did not want to disturb Tere’s driving for fear we might meet an accident. In my drunken stupor I looked her intently. Her hair, which was normally tied in a bun was now free flowing and it contrasted nicely with her pink skin. Her small eyes were accentuated by very cute cheeks. Tere looked quite attractive without glasses, but she might be just a bit too old for me, I said to myself.Tere then started to talk and we had some small chat about some clients, but later the talk shifted to what had happened at the party. “Ang gulo nila Colleen at Grace, ‘no?” Tere asked me. Oo nga e, muntik na akong mahubaran. Buti nga at di ko nakita yung sa iyo, pero di naman akon ganoong kagarapal. Jun, ah, eh, yung ginawa mo sa akin kanina, dahil ba laseng kaya ginawa mo yun? A eh, Ma’m di ko naman sinasadya. Laseng lang talaga ako noon. Sori ho. Tere kept quiet, but after a few minutes told me, Ok lang yun. Naiintindihan ko na nadala ka lang nila. Pero…. Tere did not finish her sentence. I was half-expecting her to get mad but she did not. Instead she ever so lightly tapped my knee and said. Pero, huwag ganoon ha, Jun. Huwag sa gaanong lugar ka mag-wala. Opo Mam, I told her as I placed my hand on top of hers. Huwag mo na akong i-Ma’m –ma’m pa. Matagal na rin tayong magkakilala. Just call me Tere, ok? Ok.I felt a slight charge of electricity run through my hands and hers, and I decided to go for broke. Ahhh, Tere, what I said to you a while back, you know, I meant some of it. What do you mean? I mean that you were the most beautiful in that group. Maybe it was because you were the most conservative and most demure. Hay naku Jun, di naman ako ganoon ka-demure. Nagka-boyfriend naman ako nung college at sa law firm. I squeezed her hand a bit, and she squeezed mine back. Alam mo ba ang ginagawa mo sa akin, she asked. Oo, I just want to know you better because I like you Tere. I saw her turn more red at what I said. Huwag mo nang isipin pa iyan Jun. Di tayo bagay, you’re just too young for me.We finally arrived at my house. Before getting down I said, thanks Tere, and moved my lips to kiss her cheeks, but I decided otherwise and moved instead towards her pouting lips. I grazed them, and waited for Tere to react violently. She did not, and instead closed her eyes. That made me bolder and I held her face and planted a soft, longing kiss on her lips. She let go of the steering wheel and held my face, pushing her lips against mine and rubbing them left and right.To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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