The 70 Cuda

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The 70 CudaIt was a sunny day as I pulled the big truck and trailer into the outskirts of the city. I had researched on line and I was following the GPS system to the hotel that I had picked out. ~It was pretty easy to locate and it was right on the highway. The hotel had everything that I was looking for it was easy to find it was 4 stars, good restaurant, Gym facilities and it looked like it was pretty nice from the pictures and reviews that I had found on line. I maneuvered the big F 350 dually into the rear parking area. I was dragging a car carrier trailer and was in town to pick up one of my dream cars that I had purchased on line. Once I had the rig all parked up I walked around to the front of the hotel and entered into the lobby. Nice was the first thing that came to mind as I approached the reception desk. The young girls working behind the desk were both very cute and even though they were wearing the company assigned uniform pantsuit I could still see that both of them had smoking bodies. The blonde asked if sh could help me and I explained my reservation details to her. In no time she had me all booked in and was pointing me in the direction of the elevator to take me to my room. I enter the lift and hit the 11 floor button that also happened to be top of the hotel. Cool I thought as I ascended to the highest level. Once the doors opened I was greeted by a modern decorated hall way and well lite. I could see in the hallway there was the housekeeping trolleys about part way down. One thing that did pique my interest was that there was very few rooms on this floor. I walked down until I found 1106 and passed the key card over the reader and watched as the light on the door lock turned green. I pushed open the door and wheeled my suitcase through the door. Once inside I let the door close and I turned to be greeted by a full on suite. It was very nice. I dropped my back pack on the luggage bench and entered into the unit. On the right was a door that I assumed was the bathroom and I pushed it open. It was nice like most other hotels, Toilet vanity and shower nothing special. I ended the main living room of the suite and there was a large leather couch wraparound with a lounge style chair as the unit piece of the unit. In front of it was a large coffee table with a nice fruit basket and flowers on it. Just past the couch was the dining table with 4 chairs around it. Behind the couch was a stand up bar with two bar stools pushed up to it. Behind the bar was fully equipped bar with fridge and all the tools needed to make cocktails. There was two more over stuffed leather chairs situated in such a way that all the seating faced towards the large screen wall mounted TV with the complete entertainment package under it, cable box, movie box a gaming console and a stereo system. Beyond the dinning table was a large glass sliding doors with curtains that opened up on the Well balcony. I quickly glanced out the balcony and I had a dam nice view of the city below and the mountains in the distance. Just to the left of the TV was a door and I turned the knob and pushed that door open. Well, this was a pleasant surprise. There was the bedroom complete with a kingsize four poster bed in the center of the room. The large floor to ceiling windows were just an extension of the windows from the living room. They were on the left also containing sliding glass doors to the balcony. Against the wall that had the door on it was a low top dresser and above that another large, maybe even larger that the one in the living room, wall mounted TV. Against the wall on the right was a floor to ceiling mirrored sliding doors that I guess housed the closet. To the left of that twas the surprise there was an open door leading into another bathroom complete with a see-through glass soaker tub and large two headed shower area and a double sink vanity. This bathroom was completed equipped with all the modern facilities and was very elegant. The folded bath robes on the bed look thick and comfortable. The towels were all thick and clean white and the whole place just looked right. I walked back into the bedroom and pulled open the curtains to receive the second surprise.There on the balcony was a 4 person hot tub tucked in against the wall of the balcony partially obscuring it from view from any neighboring balconies. I nodded my approval to the room and was very happy with my selection. I walked back into the living room grabbed my suitcase and rolled it into the bedroom and in no time I had it emptied and all put away in appropriate placed drawers and bathroom. I grabbed the back pack and pulled out my laptop and fired it up to check the address again. I made sure the address was correct and entered it into my phone and I left the room. I was excited to see the car that I had bought. It was a cool ’70’s ‘Cuda. I always wanted a Mopar muscle car and this one was exactly what I was looking for. I made my way to the lobby and out the rear of the hotel to the parked truck. Entered the coordinates in the GPS and headed off to pick up my prize. I found the address pretty easy and I had little trouble maneuvering the big long truck and trailer unit through town. I could see as I neared the address that I was getting in quite an affluent area. The houses were a big and they were set back from the street. The driveways were all long and most of the places had walls and security gates at the entries. I seemed to be on the side of the mountain as I was on a steady incline. Finally nearing the top of the mountain I found the street and as I turned onto the street again I was climbing actually reaching right to the summit before I found the address I was looking for. I pulled into the approach-way and I pushed the button on the intercom system. I woman’s voice answered and I asked if this was the Johnson house. The voice confirmed it and then I asked if this was Robert Johnson’s house. Again the voice confirmed it and asked what she can do for me. I informed her of my name and that I was here to pick up the car. The voice on the intercom seemed to be confused but she never-the-less pushed her button to open the large metal gate and I pulled the truck and trailer unit into the drive. I drove slowly admiring the yard and noticing that there were a few gardeners that were working on the landscape. I finally reached the house and I pulled the truck and trailer off as far as I could to the side. The drive made a loop infant of the house and parked right in front of the house was a very nice Mercedes. I approached the door and rang the door bell. A woman obviously a maid as she opened the door and she was in a uniform. I thought to my self my this was a money house for sure. I stepped inside and the maid closed the door and informed me that the lady of the house would be with min in a minute. Now I am from a very nice area in my city also but it was not this kind of nice. I noticed the art on the walls and the cleanliness of the place was quite impressive. Well, I thought I was impressed with the house until Mrs. Johnson came down the large staircase in all her hotness. This woman just oozed sex. She had long blonde hair that was up in a pile on top of her head. Her blue eyes were so pale that her eyes actually almost looked white. Her makeup was perfect highlighting her eyes and full cock sucker lips. She was wearing a short work out top that was low cut and showed off her more than ample cleavage. Her large tits were so firm they were holding the bottom of this top away from her skin. Her bare midriff was, well, the only thing to say there is she was ripped. She had a very obvious six pack and I could see her internal oblique muscles were well defined leading down to her pelvic area. The low hip hugging booty shorts she was wearing were so low that if she had any pubic hair I would have been exposed. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she turned to get something off the low table and when she bent at the waist her shorts were jammed right up her ass crack exposing her ass cheeks and confirming to me that she was not wearing any panties. She popped up and turned towards me catching me checking out her ass. I quickly looked back at her face seeing her smiling and she full well knew that she was teasing me. She was not a tall girl in fact I would actually call her short which made her physique all the more. She had on a pair of white training runners and all of her skin that was exposed was tanned to a perfect bronze. Now I am no slouch either I hit the gym 5 days a week and I am basically ripped for a man my age of early 50’s. I was wearing a tight t shirt that showed off my bulging biceps and my for arms were that of a man half my age. I was packing a decent size chest and also was covering a six pack that I was pretty proud of. My waist was narrowed and I had substantial set of quads and calves. I never skipped leg day. I was packing a nice round ass and with my styled short gray hair I was actually pretty proud of my appearance. As she approached me she was checking out my physique also. She reached out her hand and introduced herself as Barbara but every one calls her Pixie. I thought to myself must be for her ass cause her tits are definitely melons. I smiled to myself over my little joke. So what are you talking about and I explained to her that I had been dealing with her husband Robert over the last few weeks about the purchase of a 70’s Cuda. As soon as I said that I saw her face change first into shock then quickly changing to anger. She flat out told me that the car was not for sale as it was her car. I explained that I had already paid the lions share of the asking price and that just upon final inspection I had the rest with me. I also explained that I had just driven 30 plus hours to get here and I was here to get the car. Peaches apologized for my drive and my inconvenience but at this time she would have to talk to her husband before she would do anything. Obviously she was pissed and I understood. I asked if I could see the car just to confirm that I had not made the trip in vain and that the car was in the conditions that the pictures Robert had sent me were legit. Pixie agreed and invited me into the house. I followed her great rock solid ass through the house and to tell you the truth I did not notice anything else about the house because of this. Pixie lead me to a door and opened the door and we stepped outside . From this vantage point I could see all down the valley and over the city below. This was without a doubt a very pristine bahis şirketleri property and must have demanded a very healthy price tag. We walked across a short walkway and finally entered an outer building and there in front of me was the absolute perfect red and black Cuda that I was looking for. I let out a low whistle and I was very impressed with the car. I slowly walked around it and Pixie was obviously very proud of the vehicle and she was gently stroking the paint and was walking admiring the car the opposite way that I was walking. I never lifted my eyes off the car as I guess she didn’t neither as on the opposite site of the car that we started on we literally walked into one another. I stumbled and raised my hands to quickly support myself and in doing so I placed my hands on her tits and immediately I could feel her hard nipples and the firmness of her tits. She also raised her hands and due to her short stature she placed her hands on my abs and one hand pressed against my cock. It took both of us a few seconds to realize our positions on each others bodies and to respond by withdrawing our hands. Both of us apologized and both of us had sly smiles on our faces. I was happy with the condition of the car and I told Pixie that I was really excited to finalize the deal. Pixie flashed the angry look again and explained that she would have to wait for her husband to come home this evening and discuss what was actually going on. I acknowledged her position and started to make my way back outside and to my truck. Pixie called after me to give her my number and where I was staying. I explained that Robert had all my contacts and I told her the hotel I was in. She ran up to me and with a sly smile she asked for my number so that she had it also. I kind of felt like she was flirting with me a little and I gave her my number. I pulled my big truck back onto the drive and Pixie was standing there and gave me a wave as I pulled away. Soon I was back in the hotel parking and to say the least a little bit pissed off about the whole situation. I checked the time and it was time for some food and some beer I thought. I noticed that the hotel I was in had a show bar and I thought what a great way to take my mind off the issues but also to let me still think about that fucking body on Pixie. I found a seat on a raised area of the bar not front row but a clear view of the stage and there would be no obstruction of my view as the seats in front of me were much lower. The waitress almost skipped over to me and took my drink order and I requested a food menu. This little hottie easily had a hot enough body that she could be up on stage. The DJ made a loud announcement and introduced the next dancer. I typical tall girl made her way to the stage as she climbed up the steps to the stage I was quite impressed with her body and outfit. There was only one other person in the bar and I was surprised that there was even any shows going on with so few customers. Even though the stripper was giving a honest attempt to get the energy levels up and she was putting on a pretty good show. As the song ended she had removed her outer consume leaving her in a tiny bra and tinier pair of panties. She was still wearing the typical mile high stripper shoes and I loved those. My Beer showed up with the food menu and I flirted a little with the waitress. When I looked back on the stage the girl was mostly dancing at my side of the stage as the other guy must have been a regular and it looked like he was pissed already. She caught my eye and smiled and winked at her and I passed a 5iver to the waitress to give to her as I could not reach the stage from my position. I leaned back in my chair and turned now my full attention to the stripper on the stage and as her second song ended she was now just wearing those tiny panties and her awesome set of tits were on full display. Now I am not a player but I am no slouch either and I have partied with my share of babes over the years. As the third song started she laid her blanket out on the stage and she moved around the stage like a cat on the hunt finally lower her self to the blanket and removing her panties. She slid her body and blanket over to my side of the stage and was into her song and I was watching as she teased me with her tits and pussy now fully exposed. She put on an impressive floor show and she even diddled her pussy right in front of me and showed me that she was actually wet. This chick liked her job. After the song ended and she was picking up her costume she looked in my direction one more time and I caught her eye. I raised my fingers to my lips as if to smoke a joint and I also tapped my nose. She looked at me and nodded and walked off the stage. The waitress returned and I ordered my burger and fries. Usually the food is not bad in a strip bar if it is a higher end and with this bar and hotel I expected this to be higher end, The talent was for sure higher end so far. After a few minutes the stripper that was just on stage re-entered the bar and came to my table. I invited her to sit and I signaled for the waitress to bring her a drink. Without having to come to the table the waitress knew what to get for a drink and I introduced myself to the stripper. Her name was Brandi and I smiled as obviously this was her stage name but that is ok I like calling hot chicks by stripper names it makes the whole situation just a little more enticing. Her drink showed up and I asked her if she wanted to go out side and puff a “J” with me. We explained we were just stepping out to have a smoke. I assisted Brandi out of her chair and she commented on oh a real gentleman. I followed her perfect ass out a door and I realized she was just wearing this “T” shirt style mini dress and that was all. It was so short that I was able to see the bottom curve of her ass cheeks and I had to reach out and slid my hand over her as she looked back over her shoulder and giggled and we exited the bar. She lead me around a corner and into a slight little alcove partially out of sight. Now dope is now legal in Canada so there was no problem it is just kind of in a public place so just to be safe it is a good idea to stay a little out of site. I pulled the joint out of my pocket and I told Brandi that it was also mixed with a little bit of coke also. Brandi just grinned and said well this is going to be a fun night. We passed the joint back and forth between us until it was just a roach and I butted it out and placed the roach in a small container that I had with me. I caught a pretty good buzz off the ”J” and Brandi commented that it was some really good smoke. Well, the coke for sure helped out also. We returned to out seats and both of us were giggling and laughing like a couple of k**s and we started having a fun conversation. Brandi sat with me for a while until the smoke had really taken hold, then she asked me if I wanted a private dance. Sure why not, Brandi stood and I was really feeling the weed and coke now and I was pretty fucking horny. Brandi lead me to the private VIP lounge area and she told the DJ and the Security that I was cool and that she would be awhile. She lead me up a few steps into a private room. I entered and sat down on a love seat style couch . Brandi closed the door and soon her music started to play in the room. Brandi started to move around seductively and she was getting close and then far from me really giving the true experience. She pushed me back into the couch and she pulled up her knees to expose her bare pussy and she ground her pussy into my cock. Fuck my cock was getting real hard. She pulled the dress up over her head and through it on the floor. She bent forward and rubbed her tits against me and she got real close to my ear and asked if I wanted the full show. Why not I thought and she laughed. She slid her hand down between us and rubbed my cock through my jeans. My cock now was at full hardness and she opened her eyes and smiled at me as she felt the size. I asked her if I could touch her and she said yes no problem she felt I was safe. I Placed my hands around her and grabbed her ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart and I raised my pelvic area and dry humped my cock against her fully exposed pussy. She was grinding on me making me harder that I think I had been in a very long time. Brandi slid down my leg and when she got even with my crotch she started to unfasten my belt and jeans. She lifted her weight off of me and started to pull my jeans down off my hips I lifted my ass up to assist and in no time I was naked to my ankles. I quickly kicked off my shoes and I worked my feet out of my jeans to be able to spread my legs fully. Brandi gently grabbed my hard cock and she looked at me and smiled she said well hey big boy this is going to be fun. I agreed. Brandi lowered her head and kissed the head of my cock and slipped her tongue around the head. Then she turned her head and kissed my cock shaft all the way down to the base. She was sucking on my cock like it was a cob of corn. She cupped my balls and gentle massaged them as she was working over my cock shaft. I just leaned back and let her do her thing. Brandi worked her way back up the head of my cock and this time she took just the head into her warm mouth and I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock. By now the smoke and coke was kicking in big time and I could feel all the sensations of her minstrel type movements on my cock. I was watching the top of Brandi’s head going up and down, she pulled back her head and took a huge gasp of air. Brandi then pulled her dress up over her head and she was now naked. Her eyes never left mine as she slithered up my legs and the placing her knees on both sided of my hips she reached behind her and grabbed my cock. I felt her rub the head of my dick against her clit and wet gash. She lined up my cock and slowly slid down engulfing my hardness into her very wet and hot canal. She kept moving slowly up and down until finally she had my entire size embedded in her pussy. She leaned over putting her lips close to my ear and told me she was about to fuck the life out of me. I am certain that Brandi was surprised when I pulled her close and I whispered in her ear no I was going to fuck her senseless. With that I wrapped my hands around her holding her tight and I stood up caring her and I turned her around and now placed her on the couch. I pushed her legs up so her knees were even with her ears and I pulled my cock out and slammed it back into her as hard as I could. Brandi bahis firmaları let out a huge groan and moan and I started to repeat the action building up speed and force. I banging her so hard her head was bouncing off the back of the couch with every thrust. Brandi was moaning and groaning and her eyes opened wide as she arched her back and her mouth froze in an open position. I felt her pussy start to spasm around my cock as she had her first orgasm. Her arms went rigid squeezing in on her tits making them look even larger than they are. I continued to pump her and with a grunt she collapsed back down onto the couch . I pulled out and flipped her over onto her knees her head was resting on her forearms on the back of the couch and I grabbed my cock and lined up again with her gaping pussy. One hand on her hip and one on my shaft I slid back into her hole and gripped her hips now with both hands. I pulled out and slammed in feeling my balls slap agains her thighs. She spread her legs a little and I again pounded her pussy. She was rolling her head from side to side on her arms, her sounds were struggling to be audible and I continued to slam into her. Brandi lifted her head and gripped the back of the couch and I felt her pussy spasm again and I could feel her juices squirt past my shaft and feel the liquid running down my legs. I was holding her hips so hard now I was sure I was going to leave marks on her ass. Brandi again dropped her head and I maintained the pumping action. I finally felt my balls start to tingle and the familiar feelings were starting to climb up my spine and I knew I was close. I kept pumping into her until the first huge shot exploded from the head of my cock. Brandi let out a groan and she started to cum again. I gripped her hips and pushed my cock as far into her as I could and I continued to spurt shot after shot of my sperm deep into her womb. Brandi let out a groan and I felt her pussy spasm weakly and she quivered as she had another orgasm. I pulled my cock out and I shot the finally couple of spurts onto her ass and I collapsed on the couch beside her. I was covered in sweat as was she. After a short time Brandi lifted her head and looked at me with a look of awe, I smiled and asked her if I fucked her senseless. She laughed and stood up. She took me by the hand and led me to a shower that was in the rear of the lounge and the two of us had a shower and dressed. As we left the lounge area the security had a huge smile on his face and I could see that Brandi was still a little shaky on her legs. I was quite satisfied that I had fucked her truly hard. I returned to my table ordered another beer and sat back to enjoy the few shows of the other strippers. Brandi came on stage after a while and this time there was several more customers in the bar so she utilized the whole stage to entertain everyone. I noticed that her pussy looked a little red and swollen when she was doing her floor show and I smiled as I knew that I had caused that. I scanned the bar and it was filling up and I was on my forth or fifth beer I noticed that there was a lot more woman in this club that I had seen in most strip bars and that these woman were not dancers or hookers but actually with husbands and boyfriends and some were also in a group of woman by themselves. I was sitting blending in enjoying my beer when in walked Pixie in all her glory. I quickly looked around and there was empty table behind me right up against the wall and I grabbed my beer and moved there just so I was a little bit more out of sight. Pixie seemed to know the bar staff quite well as she was hugging the girls and talking with the bar tender and the DJ. She was wearing a very short style jean jacket that just barely came below her tits, she had on a tight t shirt that again it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, even from where I was sitting I could see her nipples. She was wearing a very short skirt that did not reach the bottom of her t-shirt so her mid drift was completely exposed. Then skirt again barely covered the bottom of her ass and she was wearing a pretty serious pair of high heeled shoes almost to the degree of stripper shoes. It was very obvious that she was very comfortable in her out fit and in the bar as she floated around greeting many people. The steady stream of stripper on the stage did not disappoint and the talent level was quite high for sure. I slowed down on the beet and had a few water and just some drinks to be able to stay in the place but to watch the goings on to see how the night was going to go. My cock was definitely ready for another performance. There seem to be a group now of woman from the audience gathering at the DJ’s booth Pixie was in the group. Then this group of girls went through a door and disappeared. The waitress rolled past and I asked as to what was going on and she informed me I was in for a treat tonight as it was bare as you dare contest. I ordered a beer and told her I would be back and I went outside and smoked a little more a “J” to get myself ready for the contest. When I returned and settled back into my table the DJ announced the contest and the first contestant made her way to the stage. She was a young cute girl that had a very nice body also and she was dancing on the stage to try and get the attention of the crowd as the winner was going to be decided by applause. This girl did a decent job she flashed her tits and flashed her panties but I was sure that you were going to have to do more than that to win the contest. The girls came onto the stage one after the other and each one getting a little more daring that last to get farther and father along. By the time Pixie came on the stage as soon as she stepped up the crowd cheered. Obviously she was a regular contestant and everyone knew her. Pixie did a very hot sexy dance and she went completely topless and also removed her skirt. Her very tiny panties left nothing to the imagination and she still provided ample opportunities to catch glimpses of her bald pussy. Without a doubt sh went the barest and it looked like a shoe in as to who was going to win. The DJ announced the top three and that they would have to dance one more time each to be able to decide a winner. The first of those three came on stage and almost immediately she took off her top. It was now very evident that the alcohol was flowing freely behind the stage and the girls knew what it was going to take to win. This girl removed her jeans and panties and she was completely naked on the stage, Her dancing was very awkward and she really tried. The next girl also went completely naked and she also was trying to get more and more of the attention. When Pixie finally came back on stage he crowd was very loud. She stripped down and she was obviously the hottest of the three. She was moving on the stage like it was her own stage and she moved very confidently. It was a no brainer to me who was going to win. After she was done the other two came on stage still naked and the DJ asked for the vote. Girl #1 thee crowd was loud, Girl #2 the crowd was louder. Pixie stepped forward and the crowd went crazy. She just laughed and started to walk around the stage bowing and thanking every one for the support. When she came close to the end of the stage where I was sitting I moved into the light to cheer her on. Pixie looked at me and smiled gave me a wink and blew me a kiss as she moved along. After the contest the crowd settled back down and the regular strippers took over the stage again. Some of the crowd started too thin out as I guess they were there for the contest only. I was sucking on my beer watching the show and I actually did not see Pixie approaching my table. She was at the table when I turned and saw her. I quickly jumped up and pulled back a chair offering her a seat. She smiled and sat down. She had a drink in her hand and I congratulated her on her win. She laughed and told me that I guess I saw more of her than I had expected after meeting her earlier in the day. I laughed and we started to just have a few jokes and conversation back and forth. Then Pixie leaned a little closer and said the Brandi is a good friend of her and if I had any more of that make there Brandi and I shared earlier. Of course I answered her yes and asked if she would like to join me outside. Both Pixie and I stood and I followed her little body through the crowd and out the door. She lead me to her caddie car and the two of us sat in the front seat. I lit the “J” and we were passing it back and forth. She informed me that her and Robert had a huge fight over the car and that because of everything that I went through that she conceded that I could have the car. She was very upset with Robert over the whole deal and that was why she was out tonight and that she got a little wild. I laughed and told her thanks but that I was sure that she had done this before. Pixie laughed and we finished off the “J”. We sat in the car for a while and just shot the shit for a while before we made our way back into the bar. Pixie again joined me at the table and we finished our drinks. It was getting pretty late by now and I was kind of getting to the point of making a move back to my room when Pixie suggested that she would go and talk to Brandi and maybe the three of us should keep the party going in my room. Without a sec to think about this I agreed to this idea and Pixie was up and off to find her friend Brandi. My cock was already stirring in my jeans as I was pretty sure I was going to rock the two of these hotties together. In about ten minutes Pixie made her way back to the table and she had Brandi in tow. I drained my beer and before they could sit down we all left the bar together. I lead them to my room and once we were inside I called room service for some wine and some food to be delivered. I opened the mini bar and I grabbed some drinks from there. When I turned around Pixie was dragging Brandi into the bathroom and I heard the shower start to run. I opened the drinks and poured them out and then I headed into the bathroom myself to join them in the shower. Thankfully the shower was a huge double headed walk in and lots of room for all of us. I stripped down and joined the girls under the streams of water. Brandi was soaping up Pixie’s tiny body and she was making sure that her tits and pussy were getting a lot of attention. I took the bar of soap and I started to lather up Brandi making sure that her same areas were getting their fare of attention also. Pixie then took the soap and she kaçak bahis siteleri started to lather up my body and she grabbed my rigid cock and she stroked me up and down making sure that I had a great deal of lather. She slipped her hand down between my thighs and ran her soaped hand up my ass crack from underneath. Brandi also was sliding her fingers in and out of Pixies pussy now and also cleaning her ass crack and the odd finger was slipping into her anus also. Pixie was letting out some moans and so was Brandi as the cleaning was turning more into a masturbations session than a shower. We all just stopped rinsed the soap off and we headed out into the living room of the hotel suite. On the bar I had three drinks and six lines all set up ready to go. The girls took a few sips and each of us did two lines each. As Pixie was doing her line I stood behind and reached around and I was tweaking her nipples with my thumb and forefingers. She let out a moan. She lifter ed her head from the last line and I scooped her up easily in my arms and I tossed her onto the couch. She had even stopped bouncing and Brandi was on her with her head down between pixies thighs. I grabbed my rock hard cock and I was standing behind Brandi running the head of my cock up and down against her pussy, clit and asshole. Pixie had already rolled her head back and she was grabbing Brandi’s hair and pulling her face harder into her cunt. I let a large stream of saliva run from my mouth down Brandi’s ass crack helping to lubricate the head of my cock. I could see by the movement of Brandi’s head and one of her arms that she was devouring Pixies pussy and finger fucking her at the same time. I placed one hand on Brandi’s lower back and gripped the shaft of my cock with the other. I aimed my cock at her pussy opening and I forcefully leaned into her thrusting my hips forward in a jabbing motion. Brandi lifted her head from Pixies pussy and let out a deep groan as I sank at least half of my cock into her wet pussy. I pulled out of her until I could see the head of my cock and then I grabbed both her hips and I slammed back into her pussy with a force that pushed her forward. Brandi gritted her teeth and I heard her sucking in air as if hissing as I plowed into her. I pulled back and I slammed forward again this time bottoming out in her pussy as my hips slapped up against her tight ass. I just stayed like that letting her adjust to my schlong being embedded into her. I watched as she lowered her head again to Pixies pussy this giving me the sign to start to fuck her deep and hard. I slowly with drew my cock from her skin sheath and again when I saw the head of my cock I slammed back into her. Her head bumped into Pixies pussy hard with every thrust. Brandi was moaning into Pixie’s pussy as I continued my onslaught pounding her pussy. Brandi lifted her head and through gritted teeth she exclaimed that she was about to cum. I gripped her hips firmly and piston pumped my cock into her until she was moaning and her juices were squirting out of her pussy and splashing against my hips when I plowed forward. It seemed that Brandi came forever finally collapsing back down onto Pixie. I pulled my raging hard cock out of her and I flipped her to the side. I stepped up onto the couch and I grabbed Pixie’s head and pulled her cock sucker lips onto my shaft. Pixie grabbed the shaft with both hands and the head of my cock was still sticking out of her baseball bat grip on me. She opened her mouth and sucked the head of my cock into her red lipsticked opening and I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock. `My god this little pocket rocket could suck cock. I placed my hands on the back of her head and I forced my cock deeper into her mouth hitting the top of her throat. Pixie pulled her head back and gassed for breath and I pushed my cock back into her face. I looked down at her and made a shhhh sound and told her to just relax her throat. With a steady constant pressure I felt the head of my cock slip past the back of her mouth and down her throat. Pixie recoiled back pulled my cock out of her mouth took a gasp of air and went right back down on me . This time I felt my cock slide down her throat and her nose bumped up against my pubic area. This little sex demon just deep throated the largest cock that she has ever come across before. I felt her breathing through her nose and then her tongue slipped out between my cock and her bottom lip reaching my balls as she licked them. Fuck me what a sensation that was. After a few minutes of this feeling I had to fuck her and fuck her good. I was going to get the price of my car out of this one I thought to myself and smiled about my inside joke. I pulled my cock from her mouth and stepped down off the couch. I grabbed her legs and pulled her down onto her back on the couch and I gripped the shaft of my cock and aimed at her sweet glistening opening. Pixie looked up at me and I grinned as I slide the head past her open lips. She bit her lower lip so sexy and I let her pussy get accustomed to the girth of my unit. I slipped out and then I quickly pushed back into her past her open lips again and this time she moaned as I pressed in a little further. I continued pulling all the way out and then slipping back in until I could see that she was in ecstasy. I smiled down at her and I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders and I moved my hips in a steady motion pushing all the way in to her. Pixie let out a yelp as I pushed my hips right up against her thighs. I was into her to the root. Pixie looked into my eyes and opened her mouth in a sign of pleasure. I started to build my rhythm in and out in and out picking up the tempo until I was fucking her hard. Through clenched teeth I heard her same that I was fucking her so much better that her husband every could. And I grinned and continued to slam into her. Brandi in the mean time was ready for some more action and she straddled Pixies head and lowered her cunt onto Pixies face. I saw Pixie wrap her arms around Brandis thighs and pulls her pussy down onto her face. With ever outward m motion of my cock I could see Pixies lips clinging to my shaft like I was pulling her insides out then I slammed back in over and over again. The cock was really doing a job on me I was still rock hard and not anywhere near shooting my load yet. Pixie pushed Brandi up off her mouth so she could scream I’m cumming. Her juices started to squirt out around the sides of my cock shaft and shew was moaning and rolling her head back and for the. Brandi was rubbing pixies clit so fast with her hand it was blurry to see. Pixie was spasming around my cock and I kept pounding her. Finally she was frantically trying to get Brandi to stop torturing her clit as she was s o sensitive from her orgasm. I pulled my rock hard cock out and I was in a frenzy now as I needed to cum. I turned Brandi around and this time she put one arm on the back of the couch rested her head on her arm and her ass was up facing me. With no care I grabbed my cock and I pushed the head into Brandi’s asshole. Brandi bit down on her forearm and pushed back against me as I slammed my cock deep into her Hershey highway. Brandi was moaning loudly and she was cumming again. `I pulled out and flipped Pixie over onto her knees and I grabbed my cock and I slid into her ass now also. Fuck she was a tight fit. I was banging her ass and she had reached down and was frigging her pussy at the same time. She started to cum her and her juices were spraying all over her thighs and the couch. Finally I felt the feeling and urge start to rise. I pulled out and both Pixie and Brandi turned around on the couch and slid to the floor. I was jerking my cock and I rolled my head back let out a great groan and I sent the first impressive shot of goo across both of their faces. I continued to shot shot after shot of goo onto their faces and open mouths and in their hair. I continued to stroke my cock until the final spurts of cum dribbled out of my cock onto they open mouths and tongues. I staggered back and collapsed into a large chair and I just smiled. The coke was still working as it does with me and I was still pretty hard. The girls crawled over to me and they both using their mouths cleaned off my cock and made sure that they had gotten all of the cum out of my unit. After a few minutes we all stood grabbed out drinks and retired to the bedroom where all three of us collapsed onto the bed. The girls each put a hand on my cock and that is how we all fell asleep. When I finally opened my eyes in the morning I could tell it was late the sun was peaking through some of the openings on the curtains. I looked around and I was alone in the bed. I just lay there reliving the night of debauchery from the night before, When I finally got out of bed I saw a note by the table and it said for me to come back at around 1 pm to collect the car. I showered and got ready finally looking at the time and I headed out the door going to get the car. I buzzed at the gate and Pixie’s voice answered the intercom. The gate swung open and I swung my big rig and trailer around the drive and backed up to the Code that was parked out waiting for me. It did not take me long and I had the car loaded and chained down and I went to the house door. I rang the bell and Pixie answered the door. I explained that I had the car loaded and I reached into my pocket to retrieve the wad of bills I had for the final payment and Pixie stopped me. She looked at me and told me last night was payment enough and that Robert can just go fuck himself for selling her car. I gave Pixie a big hug and she kissed me hard on the mouth and slid her tongue into my mouth where out tongues played with one another. I grabbed her rock hard ass and she gave my hardening cock a rub and finally I pulled back. She laughed at me pulled away blew me a kiss and returned to the house. I pulled the big truck and trailer unit into the hotel parking and made sure that the security was aware of the car and to keep an extra eye on it for the night. I slept well that night and was up early ready for the long trip back home. After checking out of the hotel I walked around the corner and there leaning against my truck was Pixie. I smiled, using the remote I unlocked the truck and when sh heard the click she skipped around the passenger side and hopped up into the truck. I opened the back door placed my suitcase inside and I noticed there was two suitcases in the box of the truck. I grabbed them and placed them in side the cab also. I climbed in behind the wheel started jp the truck and looked at Pixie. She smiled at me and said,“I come with the car.” I rolled my head back and laughed as I wheeled the big unit out onto the highway and headed for home….

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