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THE ABDUCTIONSsHe sat and watched and waited for the young lady to leave the office and go home. Every time he saw her the anger raged within him. He had been doing this for over a month. Ever since he was released from the federal institution. He had served seven years for numerous criminal offences culminating in armed robbery. He blamed the young lady for all his problems. In high school she refused to go on a date with him. All his troubles were her fault and he was going to get even. He knew where she lived and that she lived with her widowed mother and older brother, Glenn The brother was a jerk.The young lady , Mary was an attractive young lady with a nice figure, She was about five foot eight, nice long legs, perfect ass, her waist was not a model’s waist but not fat. But her tits were outstanding forty double E. She was well liked in the office where she worked. Her mother Gail was almost exactly like her except she was fifty two and had slightly larger tits. Her mother lived comfortably, Her husband had substantial Life insurance. She did work part time canlı bahis Just for some fun money. Glenn did not contribute to the household and he always mooched of both Mary and Gail. He also complained that they should give him more because he deserved it. After release from prison the a*****or frequented local bars until he met Glenn and befriended him. He sympathized with Glennabout how Mary and Gail were so unfair to him. He didn’t tell Glenn what he was planning but Glenn did tell him he wished someone would do something to those two bitches to teach them a lesson. He chuckled to himself and thought “you are going to get your wishHe finally had all his plans in place. Friday after work he would grab Mary. He waited in the parking lot. Mary parked under a tree so there was ample hiding places just feet from her car. As she reaches her car he pounces. One hand over her mouth and he quickly chokes her until she passes out. In less than a minute she is gagged and her hands and feet are bound, and he is on the road in her car. He drives to the farm his family bahis siteleri left him. He parks the car in the work shop and takes Mary out of the trunk. He stands her up and the he takes out a sharp knife and tells her hot to move. He then cuts off her clothes. He makes sure all her clothes are ruined. She stands naked in front of him. He slps her magnificent tits hard a time or two and says we are going to have fun with those. He likes the fact she has a nicely trimmed but hairy cunt. He finally takes off his mask and says Hi Mary remember me?. He removes the gag and Mary stammers “What do you want?” He screams at her You Don”t Know You fucking bitch. I spent seven years in jail because of you and now I’m going to get my money’s worth out of you” He drives his fist into her stomach hard. She whoofs and collapses to the ground. The wind knocked out of her. He grabs he ankles and drags her face down across the gravel drive and into the barn. he unties her then he cuffs her wrist and ties a rope to the cuffs a hoists her so her feet are just above the floor. He bahis şirketleri spreads her leg and ties each leg to rings in the floor He hoists more so she is tight He says lets get started I want to have some fun. He takes a length of leather horse rein and starts to whip her from her knees to her shoulders front and back Mary is howling in agony after twenty minutes of whipping her back. He laughs as he whips harder. She is covered in red welts all over her back. Her ass is almost purple. He stops walks around and stand in front of her and says” now lets teach those tits of yours a lesson they’ll never forget. He whips he tits hard, even harder than her ass. He laughs at how her tits bounce with every stroke. He whips her front for another hour. She has screeched herself to the point that no sound is coming out. He decides it is time to stop It is no fun if you can’t hear the slut scream. He punches her in the stomach again and says “I will see you in the morning cunt and tomorrow I am not going to be so gentle with you. He turns off the lights and locks the door and goes into the house to sleep, Mary sobs in the dark. Her body aches from the beating and the way she is hung. In the house he smiles contentedly and say “Well is successful” He will work on Gail in a day or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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