The Banquet, the panties,the Agent, the wife

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The Banquet, the panties,the Agent, the wifeMy wife just seemed so distracted that Friday when she came home from work. To be honest… she had seemed increasingly distracted for the past few months… but that Friday…. wow it was obvious.Friday nights are usually our date nights. Pizza and beer are the standard go-to’s and off we went to our favorite place. I asked her several times that night if everything was OK and she always responded yes. …but I knew something was on her mind.Trying to spark some kind of conversation I asked if it wasn’t getting close to that time of year for the “Agents Reception” My wife works in a highly specialized area of insurance as an agent rep. She makes sure all of their commissions are accurate and on time. She works with 46 major agencies and spends most her time on the phone with each of them just to keep all her bases covered. She is a huge people person and has helped keep heads straight when things go wrong.The Agents Reception is a yearly event put on by the parent company just to say thank you and recognize some of the successes in the field. It starts with a family picnic then a golf tourney and ends with a high end awards banquet. Even though the spouses of the agents are invited I am not.Since I’ve been hanging with my wife I normally order up a pizza and watch a movie that night. The banquet seldom runs longer than three hours and she is home by 9:30 – 10 PM.What I asked did grab her attention and caused her to stumble with her words. “Yes…it’s about a month away” she answered with a thin voice. I had to ask… “are you OK? I mean really… is everything good?” “Yes…I’m fine, just a bit distracted?” Yeah… she got that right.We headed home and she headed to bed almost right away. Now THAT is sign of something that is eating away at her head. I tried the next day to see if I could pull out of her what was bothering her but she insisted that it was all good.The next few weeks things got even worse. Normally during the work day she and I email back and forth a dozen times or more but even those narrowed down to maybe three. I figured that she would ultimately snap out of it. Every time I talked to her about it she clammed up. The strangest part? It was now weeks since we had made love. The Friday of the banquet came and she stayed home from work. That was very odd. With at least 20 of her agents in town she traditionally spent that whole day with meetings and discussions. But that day she was home… she went for a run… did some yard work…and avoided me. Finally she came to the point in the day to get ready for the evening. She laid out her dress for the night on the bed…put out some shoes…a lacy satin bra and panties?….. hmm-mm I didn’t see any panties. I walked around the bottom of the bed and noticed that sticking out under the dress was a pair of Secrets in Lace, full cut satin panties. The ones I had gotten for her. Here’s my take on those panties.. they’re made for three things: Showing, touching, removing. As far as I know they had never been worn outside of our house. Now they were headed to a banquet. I also saw that her fancy little black purse was next to her ensemble but it looked as though it was stuffed to the point that the purse would barely close. My wife was still in the shower so I lost no time checking it out.I can still feel the lump that jumped into my throat when I opened her purse. Folded as small as they could go was another pair of kağıthane escort identical panties…. “WHAT THE HELL!!!???” I said under my breath. The shower shut off… she was toweling off… I left the bedroom. When I heard the door open I waited for another 15 minutes to give her time to dress and then I wandered in. “Are you looking forward to the banquet? “Uhhh… what?” she said. “I asked if you were looking forward to the evening?” She looked at me as if I had asked her if she was going to rob a bank. She snapped “NO! I hate these things! What’s your problem? I’ve told you that!!” Geeeeeezzzzzz….. that is a woman on edge! “Hey, wait.. did I deserve that?” I asked… She sat on the edge of the bed and looked as though she was going to cry. “I just want this thing over with” she stammered. “Could you just leave me alone now..please?” “Of course… I just want to know what is going on with you….I feel like I lost you a month ago and started losing you a few months back. I’m just worried” She looked at me and I could see moisture hanging on the lower lids. “I need this night to be done” she mumbled.I walked her to the car.. I tried to kiss her good-bye but she pushed me away. “My make-up” she said….Now… have always wondered when the day was going to come that someone at her job would come on to her. She spends all day talking to men from all over the country and has admitted that she flirts with a few of them. She’s always said that you have to use honey to draw bees so with agents she flirts a bit to keep them in line. I’ve trusted that she has kept it well measured. Her boss has been a bit of concern to me as well. He is well known for his way with women and on the few of the occasions that he and I have met he hasn’t kept his admiration for my wife to himself.I watched her car go down the driveway.. down the street.. turn the corner and disappear. I walked into the house with a deep ache in my chest and a pounding heart. My pizza arrived… I tuned on a movie… and for the next hours I worried. I was pretty sure that when my wife came home.. if she came home that night there was a better than even chance that she would have been with another man.About 9 I cleaned up my mess and got into bed to watch some TV. At times like this there is nothing that a man, a husband can do to keep his mind off his assumptions. There is no way to sleep.. no program exciting enough…nothing and I mean nothing that can stop the brain from running away.Surprisingly I heard the garage door open and close well before I had anticipated. I shut off the TV… slid deep into the covers and acted as though I had fallen asleep. I heard my wife call my name as soon as she walked through the door…I heard her call it again as she came up the stairs. She slowly opened our door and saw me there. “damn…. damn, damn, damn” she whispered. She then headed back down the stairs and I heard the garage door open, close and she was gone. 10 PM.. still gone… 11 PM still gone… Midnight…gone. Now I’m angry. I picked up my cellphone and called her. I didn’t except that she would answer on the first ring but she did. “Where the hell are you?” I asked. “I’m at Carol’s house… I want to stay here tonight” Wait… what? I asked. “I need to think.. I need to clear my head… and besides.. once you hear about what I’ve done I sure you’re not going to want me to come home again”. “Let me bakırköy escort talk to Carol” I said. I figured if she was lying about being there she would make some lame-ass excuse about how Carol couldn’t come to the phone. Nope… she handed the phone to Carol. “Carol… what the hell is happening here?” Carol told me that about 9:45 my wife had shown up at her door and was sobbing so hard that she could barely breathe. “She’s been on my couch.. has thrown up a dozen times and needs some rest.” came from Carol. I jumped in my car and drove like crazy to Carol’s house. There sat my wife… makeup running down her cheeks…. and not looking at me.“Someone tell me what’s going on here!” I demanded. Carol asked me to sit and my wife started to talk. She told me about four months one of her agents.. one she has worked with well before I knew her.. told her that he was going to retire. They had a great working relationship and she told him that she was going to miss working with him. Their conversation changed in the days and weeks ahead. They talked less about business and more about his future plans. Somehow.. given my wife’s propensity to flirting… the conversations got more and more decidedly sexual. He started asking questions about her sex life… her favorite positions…. her cunt… her panties. She let it grow… “It made me excited and wet” she said to me. “There were times I would go into the Ladies room and masturbate right after we talked.” Then came the pictures…. he started to dare her to take a shot up her skirt… down her blouse… She did. He sent her pictures of his dick… him masturbating… ejaculation. “It was so wrong but so exciting” she wept. “I didn’t so much want him.. it wanted ‘IT’” “Then he told me he was coming to the Agents Reception. He had never been to one before and had decided that since he was retiring he would come to this one. I always thought I was safe because he was retiring and I had never met him in person “ It was then she looked me in the eye.. “I wasn’t going to fuck him and I didn’t…but he did want a set of panties that I wore to the banquet. He wanted full satin ones so I took a selfie of the ones you gave me. He ordered another pair and sent them to me. I wore the pair he sent me and I took the other pair to wear home. After the meal and during the dance we went outside and gave him 10 minutes to feel the panties and rub me. I told him weeks ago it could never go beyond that. But he was so insistent. I could see that he was turned on and so was I. He asked that if I wouldn’t fuck him if I could give him a hand job while he touched me. He asked if I would take his cock from his pants and I really couldn’t see the harm. I started to stroke him but I was so wound up I dropped to my knees and sucked him until he came in my mouth. Then he pulled my panties aside and licked me until I came. I tool off the panties and gave them to him. I put on the clean ones and left to come home. It wasn’t supposed to get to the blow job.. it was only supposed to be him touching me. I didn’t kiss him.. I didn’t fuck him… please forgive me. It got way out of hand.”Then she went quiet…..really quiet.“Let me get this straight…” I said “you started a sexual relationship with this man to the point that you actually gave him a BJ and he gave you oral.” she nodded. “Plus.. during that time you pulled away from me… your husband şişli escort out what? Loyalty to him?” She answered “I didn’t know what to do. I loved the attention from him. I loved that it was naughty and we were doing it without anyone knowing. His wife was at home.. you were at home and we were standing in a dark place sucking on each other. I am so sorry.. how can I make it up to you?”A word about Carol… She my wife’s youngest sister. If you were to say that my wife is pretty you would say that Carol is drop dead gorgeous… and she is! If you were to say that my wife is a bit of flirt you would say her sister is a “game on” beauty. It’s true.. she had come on to me several times and there isn’t any question that my wife was intimidated by her sister. If we were headed to a family event there was a good chance that I would get a lecture by my wife to steer clear of Carol. Back to the story.. I cleared my throat and looked at my wife… “if you want to make this up to me… I want to fuck Carol.” Her jaw dropped. Let me admit right here to say that the thought of my wife doing what she did that night gave me a solid hard-on. I was angry and excited at the same time.“But.. I didn’t fuck the guy!!” said my wife. “Yes.. that’s what you have said is true.. but you carried on with him behind my back for months and tonight gave him yourself. You have a belly of his sperm.. he has the taste of your cunt still in his mouth… along with your panties. You have not been with me for well over a month and I’m pretty sure that when you were you were thinking of him. I want to fuck Carol… and not just somewhere down the road.. I want to fuck her right here in front of you.”Like it was written in a script we both looked at Carol…she was standing.. with her zipper halfway down and blue nylon panties peeking out. My wife asked….”Carol…. do you want to have sex with him?” She said nothing.. but she let her jeans drop to the floor. I spoke up..”Carol would you please take the panties off your sister.. put them on and let me touch your pussy through them?” She reached up her sisters dress and off they came. She slipped them on and buried her cunt in my face. My wife watched in horror. I did everything that she had said her agent had done to her. I licked her slash… I let her pull my dick into her mouth… but then… Carol lowered herself on me. We rocked and rolled on that couch until we were both exhausted. I then made my wife use those panties to wipe the sperm out of her sister. I took the panties.. put them in a pocket of my pants on the floor and then told my wife to lick off my dick. She did,I followed my wife home that night. She went straight up to take a shower.. I used the downstairs bathroom. I laid down on the couch in the living room.. she took our bed.It was almost noon before we both woke up. My wife walked into the living room in her satin robe and sat on the edge of the couch. “How do we go on from here” she asked. I took her by the hand and said..”listen… I know what happened here… we’ve talked about fantasies for years while we are making love. You found one that was real and lived it out to the end. But… if you had just let me know from the beginning… from his very first mention of our sex life… I think I would have urged you on. You didn’t let me have the same buzz you were getting. Who knows…. I may have told you to go all the way with him so I could have fucked you in his juices when you got home. Instead of worrying about you I would been fantasizing myself. “At that point I stood up… retrieved the panties from my pants pocket and brought them back to her…”Here…put your dress and these back on… and then step by step tell me every detail of what you did with him…..” That was a fuck that day I will never forget!

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