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THE BLINDFOLDED MOMKaren adjusted her thin bra while speaking with her husband John. Her large nipples clearly visible and poking through the thin fabric, just the way her husband John liked them. She continued talking to John. I just don’t know what it is with her John, she answered our ad looking for another woman for the two of us. She keeps telling me that she is open to the idea of taking a cock again after all the past years of being unwillingly celibate but when I bring up the idea of my husband joining in I am getting a obvious cold shoulder. I don’t get the idea that she is just looking for a gay experience either. She certainly has no problem going down on me or letting me enjoy myself with her. “Whats her pussy like?” John asked again.“Pooo, you are just horny as hell aren’t you?” Just like I told you before. She has a “mom” style, not quite a full bush but trimmed short. She certainly has some lips on her though that is for sure. Once you get to working her little slit she opens up in the most deliciously obscene way. Small breasted with little nipples that stick out rock hard when she is turned on. But anyway, today I plan on tying her naked to the bed and blindfolding her. We’re going to play 20 questions and they are all going to be dirty. If I don’t get the answers that I’m looking for I swear I will leave her naked and on display for her son to find when he comes home from school. Now it was Johns turn to stop and stare, “oh my god that is so fucking hot, are you serious? You’ll really do that?” Karen looked at her husband with a blatantly lustful smile and just licked her lips, oh yes, he was certain that she meant it! Now wait a minute here he said, you said he is in High school. That could mean that he’s 18 or that he’s really, Ah Ah Ah, Karen cut in, certain questions I really think we should just not ask.. I’ve given this some thought and… Well, is there a proper age for a teenage boy to walk in on his mom? If he’s in High School then that means that he is certainly old enough to remember it if he does. That’s all we’re talking about now isn’t it? His wife did have a way with reason, he had to admit that for certain.A short while later Karen met up with Jan, her teenage son safely away at the local high school.Perhaps it was Karens formation of a plan that gave her just a little more confident look. Jan certainly noticed it, she was anxious as usual whenever they had their “meetings” God knows how desperately horny Jan was, devoting all her time to raising a good son. No husband in the picture for some time now, between work and home and raising a son, there really had been no time for meeting anyone. Now that her son was finally in high school Jan decided that she just had to try to make time for herself so she looked at the adult ads and came across one with a couple. That appeared safe enough at least, less likely at least to pick up a stalker if they are already a couple. But here she was, looking sultry and confident, Jan was certainly ready for something, anything. Karen put her arms around Jan and gave her a sexy slow kiss, breaking it only to trace her tongue around the outside of Jans lips before softly whispering “I’ve got something planned for you today” Jan couldn’t help it she shivered before pulling Karen towards the bedroom. What is it? She couldn’t help her self, she looked forward to sex with Karen, not a man but she was certainly open to being taken by a woman as well. The assertiveness that Karen was showing was new and certainly welcome. Jan was certainly not the dominate type.Only now in the bedroom did Jan finally notice that Karen had come in holding a small bag, my god she thought to her self, can I really be that horny that I miss things like that? But now Karen was smiling and kissing her again on the lips while gently pushing her towards the bed. Oh god yes Jan thought Chris is still at school but only another 2 hours of safety before he comes home. So she let Karen direct her to the bed, she still had that illicit thrill of exposing her breasts to a “stranger” While Karen couldn’t really count as that, at the same time she really didn’t know as much about her as she probably should but here now it was too late for that concern wasn’t it. Jans breasts were now exposed and she was working her way backwards on the bed while Karen took off her slacks. My god how slutty this made her feel, stripping naked in front of an almost total stranger, just for sex. To be taken by a woman no less. Karen seemed so much more in command today, she certainly did have something in mind today. Now naked Jan started to get that last second feel of shame, here she was totally on display, her brown pubic mound clearly on display with her small breasts wobbling back and forth as she propped her self up on her elbows to see what her lover had brought. Karen finally spoke, Jan, you know how you really haven’t been totally truthful with me, as she brought out some ropes. So what I have planned for us today is a game of 20 questions. I tie you up naked and ask you questions, if you give me good answers I’ll make you come for me. If you give me bad answers, well, you’ll make me come for me, giving Jan a beautiful wicked smile.What do you mean “truthful?” she just had to ask. Karen gave Jan a hard look while slipping a loop over an ankle. I want to know what things make you come, and come hard. Jan shivvered. Karen continued as she tied the first rope to the bed leg. You know I have made you come in my mouth, on my hands, even while humping yourself silly on my leg but all of that is physical. I want to know what turns you on mentally. Now Karen was working on the other ankle. This is getting past any point of return and rapidly. Jan is now laying with her legs spread obscenely displaying her slit for Jan to see. And Karen was obviously looking. Karen did look, and smile seeing the obvious excitement that Jan was showing, Her slit was flowering open, starting already to show the thick full lips that so prominently displayed her womanhood.. Karen had to comment. I can see from the way you are starting to show that you like being dominated. This was not a question and Jan had to blush, oh god was it that obvious? Too late. Karen was finished with her legs and now taking a wrist. I, I, Jan began to stammer. Nothing to say really, just embarrassment over being so obviously turned on from being tied up naked by a fully dressed woman. Jan surrendered just laying back and looking over at the other side of the bed away from Karen. She relaxed her legs acknowledging that she was naked and on display. Her most private area now wet, open and unavoidably on display. So embarrassed was Jan that she still did not look when she heard the rustling of clothing next to the bed. She couldn’t look when she felt the weight of Karen climbing on the bed. She had to look when Karens exposed slit came into view over her face as Karen began slipping the final rope around Jans wrist. Thinking that this was a command Jan lifted her head to try to lick at Karens slit, her position wasn’t good and all she could do was pathetically try to lick and fall back to the bed looking helpless and servile. Oh God, Karen smiled at this. Jan shivered, what was she in for today?Karen slid off the bed taking the final rope to the floor to tie off Jans last wrist. Being totally obscene, Karen bent at the waist with her legs spread showing off her slit from behind to Jan as she tied off the last rope.Finally finished Karen again spoke to Jan, Are you so certain that you’re not going to answer my questions that you decided that you’d just try to get me off right from the start?Jan was on the verge of babbling, she responded with I just, I was, Oh god… Karen was thrilled, my god Jan, you really do like this don’t you? Again Jan had to look away. Just look at yourself. Your gorgeous little breasts just open and on display, and your slit. Oh My. Just look at you. You are open and shiny wet already and I have yet to touch you even! Well Jan, you know you really do need to start telling me what some of your sexual fantasies are. No response? Well Jan, can you imagine sucking on a cock as easily as you suck on my slit? Can you answer that? Very softly Jan answers yes. Oh my, you said that so quietly, how can this be a difficult answer? Can you imagine sucking on my husbands cock as easily as you suckle on my slit? Oh god no, was Jans immediate response before she could even stop to think. Mmmm? What is this now Karen had to ask. sekabet yeni giriş If you are willing to suckle on a cock but not my husbands then this must mean that you have a certain cock in mind that you’d like to suck?Oh god no, was the immediate answer that Jan spit out without time to think.Oh god no? Hmmm how can you answer like that? Obviously there is a cock that you would think of sucking. And it seems to me that the reality of whos cock that is seems to frighten you.Oh god was Jans reply where she involuntarily humped her hips a little. Not that she had noticed that she had done it but with the view point that Karen had it was obvious. Karen was on to something with her first question.Thinking out loud Karen continued. Well Jan it seems to me that there certainly is a cock that you fancy, and that for some reason this cock is one that you fear me figuring out. Jan turned her head towards Karen with a pleading look. But found no relief. Karen was fascinated with the illicit. Ok Jan, I think this might qualify as question #2, while I have certainly learned something from your answers, I have only learned what you are not telling me is certainly more interesting than what you are telling me.This cock that you desire, it is your bosses cock? NO Jan blurted out before stopping to think. Oh god this could have been so much easier if she had just stopped to think. If she could have mislead Karen just some. Karen, climbed up on the bed, facing away from Jans face she positioned her pussy slit just above Jans face before speaking again. Ok Jan, I am in this position for two reasons, you have not been satisfactorily answering my questions so I am getting ready to shove my slit in your mouth and take some satisfaction from fucking your face like you are some sort of sex toy.Secondly I am in this position because I intend to watch your slit as I ask this question. You see I have already noticed that being tied up like this has caused your slit to bloom open. It is going to be hard for you to show any more signs of being turned on so I want to watch closely as I describe what I am thinking here. You see it is obvious that there is some sort of cock on your mind. And I would bet that you fantasize about more than just sucking it. I have to bet you think about sinking it right up in your slit here. Now this cock has to be one that you are forbidden from playing with. It is not your boss, I have to seriously doubt that it would be one of your neighbors. You would be playing with one of them before answering an ad from a swinging couple if that were the case. So here is what I have to tell you.If you do not tell me what cock you are avoiding talking about, I am going to leave you here, just like this. Tied up, naked and hurting for sex. Your son will come home and find you naked, open and the whole room smelling of pussy if you don’t come clean with me.Jans involuntary stiffening accompanied with a small involuntary thrust of her hips with the purple flush that took over her openly displayed pussy lips gave all the answer that Karen needed.Oh Jan you nasty, naughty dirty little mommy. I have never sucked on the slit of a mommy slut that wanted her sons cock, with that spoken Karen dove mouth first into the wantonly displayed open slit. She took Jans lush full pussy lips and suckled them right into her mouth while trying to thrust her tongue into Jans sloppy wet hole. With about 25 to 30 seconds of effort suckling on Jans slit Karen was rewarded with Jans obvious orgasm. Jan tried to speak, say something, anything to deny what she was feeling. All she could say was Innn’gg Iaaafffkkk before just giving in to an almost full body spasmodic jerking of her legs and torso as she lost control of her trapped modesty and let go with the most intense orgasm of her life into Karens mouth. Jan didn’t remember passing out but she did realize that she was still naked, still tied up and helpless. It did appear that Karen had righted herself and was now kneeling with her knees on either side of her head with her pussy slit right over her mouth. It appeared at least that Karen was fully upright, no memory of her moving after that orgasm. Maybe her breathing had changed, hard to say but Karen now seemed to know that she was aware again. Ok Jan honey. I am really turned on by all that we’ve done dear. And while you did answer my questions I also have to admit you only answered them with your refusal to answer them. I really need you to take care of me now. “WAIT” Jan tried to say, she needed to know that she was not going to be left naked for her son to find but too late. Karens slit was already pressing to her lips.She tried to speak but was only rewarded with Karen rubbing her slit around on her mouth. Oh well, I guess she was entitled her due too. Jan submitted to Karens request and began working at the dominate womens slit. Trying to focus on her clit and apply proper tongue. Eventually she was rewarded with Karens spasmodic thrusting letting her know that she had taken care of her lover. Karen finally slid off the bed, began walking around to the side where she had shed her lower clothing. My god she had never even fully undressed. She still had on her blouse and bra even!Jan felt mollified that she could be that much of a desperate slut that she could have gotten that engrossed with a woman who hadn’t even had time to undress! Jan was worried now and said You have to untie me!Karen only smiled and continued to dress. Jan began to beg and was barely able to hold back some desperate sobs. Karen finally spoke. Jan, dear, please understand. I came here to make love to you and to find out what turns you on the most. I did that. I am afraid that I just wouldn’t be true to myself or to you if I gave you exactly what you ask for. I think that I need to give you what you need.Jan gasped, oh god no, that’s, that’s just a, just a dream, not a, not something that.Karen interrupted. Jan dear. I am pulling out a piece of paper. Which she then did. I am writing my phone number on it, which she also then did. Now I am going to close your bedroom door and place this number on the kitchen table. If you are seriously able to convince your son Chris to not open the door and to just call me on my cell. Well then I will come back and untie you without Chris walking in on you. If Chris does not call me then I will assume that you have found another way to, ahem, take care of your situation. But I could tell that with the way that you came that this is something that simply needs to be done this way…Karen walked out listening to Jan sob and beg. Sadly, an hour later her cell phone did ring. There was a hesitant sounding young man on the other end. Chris he said his name was. His mom wanted her to come back and come into her bedroom. Karen assured him that she could come back, and only told him just a little bit more. That if he wanted to know more, he would have to call the same number tomorrow after he left home for school. So that his mom couldn’t hear.Chris was smart enough to write the ladies phone number down separately while he could remember it. Sure enough his mom took the original paper and blanked out all recent calls from his phone. The next morning found Karen getting bent forward and pounded from behind from her husband as she was getting ready for the day in the bathroom. John had just heard most of yesterdays story and his response was obviously sexual. He bent Karen over and was plunging into her wet and open sex with no effort at holding back. His plan was to spurt his seed inside her as hard and fast as he could before heading off to work. As he was pumping his way towards his finish Karen was trying to tell him the important part. He’s, he’s god slow down, he’s gonna call today. John stopped thrusting leaving his engorged cock buried in his wife’s sopping slit. He’s gonna call? He had to ask. Think about it John. I gave him my phone number, he has to figure that it has to do with sex, and I am willing to tell him what is going on while his mother is obviously not. Johns reply was what, unnhh, are, unnhh, you, unnhh..John, I am going to tell him that if he wants, he can see his mother naked. I am going to offer to let him fuck his own mother with out her knowing that it is him. He’s unnnggg, as John gave a particularly hard thrust. A teenager, a cock with no conscience.John ground his hips into his wife’s bare ass as he emptied his balls into her sopping wet hole. While telling her. It’s a good thing that sekabet giriş you’re on the pill because with the way you are acting I am going to be pumping myself into you every night this week.Karen grunted back to him while he was still emptying his sac, it, is, morning….The timing could not have been more perfect. John had just finished pumping a rather large load of sperm into his wife and her phone rang. Karen ran while his load was still congealed inside her and grabbed the phone. One quick look and she said, “its him” she then stood facing her husband with her legs pressed together, she knew how he loved to watch his sperm cling and slide down her legs after dumping a good load inside. For her part Karen flipped her phone open with one hand and held her slit as open as she could with the other allowing her husband to see his morning deposit slither down her legs glopping and sliding past her knees.Oh hi, yes Chris isn’t it? John could detect the mocking tone in her voice which he hoped the teenager would not pick up on. Yes your mom, and I. There was a obvious pause in there. She was acknowledging that there was something going on with her and his mom. Well no, not gay. You see Chris its just that your mom has really been tied up with her job and raising you and taking care of a house and its been hard for her to get away to meet anyone. I am certain that she would love to hook up, if that is the phrase you use. Hook up with a guy, its just that I am all she’s met so far. Believe it or not Chris, girls get horny too, not just teen age boys. Karen had a worried look on her face, no sound coming back from the other end of the phone. Afraid that she was losing him she followed up with. You know Chris your mom has gotten so horny that I’d bet that I could set it up so that you could see her naked and she wouldn’t even know that you were there. Now there was a response “really?”John surmised his response with her next statement, yes really. Tell you what Chris. I am coming over to your moms today, at least I think I am. Call me back in just a few minutes and I’ll set something up. Just do like I say and I’ll be able to let you see what’s been going on.John ran for the door, “damm you, your day is going to be lots better than mine, give me a call when you get this set up, I can’t be late” Karen smiled and started dialing.Jan answered, a very hesitant hello, she obviously knew who was calling. Hey Jan, I am really sorry for how I pushed you yesterday, I have something today though that will really make up for it. I promise, ok if I come over? Of course Jan had to ask, what is it. With the dreaded and exciting answer of “a surprise of course silly, but a really good one”Jan took the bait, oh god. OK. Alright then Jan dear. Just hang around the house then, I’ll call when I’m on the way, it might take a while for me to get this going but it will be fantastic for you if I can do it. That perked Jan up a bit and she really began looking forward to whatever it was that Karen had planned for her. She had not had sex two days in a row in god knows how many years. A little while later Karens phone rang again, Chris, just about to enter class. Ok Chris here it is, you go to your first few classes, when do you break for lunch? 11:40? Ok can you get out for lunch? Great, I’ll pick you up and you’ll get what I said. You’ll just have to be quiet, no sound at all. What can you get? Well Chris, you’ll be able to get whatever you want most likely. Oh boy, that k** is not gonna learn a thing today till he’s in my hands, that’s for sure.One more call, this time to hubby John. Oh god John you are not gonna believe this. Here it is. Jan likes to be tied up, she fantasizes about her son. I am going to blindfold her and tell her that I am involved in the foreign exchange student program in our city. Oops, call waiting, John sorry, I gotta go Jan is calling.Hi Jan, oh don’t worry about what to wear, you are going to end up naked and I am going to taste you more than once if that’s what you’re wondering. HA, no I will not tell you, other than you are going to love it.Karen spent the rest of the morning not answering the phone, god it was delicious being this naughty. 11am finally rolled around, being entirely too wet to wear panties without a pad Karen had to go with a skirt sans anything else underneath. Very prim and proper appearance above, just don’t look under the skirt because there’s nothing but skin underneath. Karen made it to the school with ease and found Chris walking out towards the street. She only had to slow just a bit and wave and he hopped right in, didn’t even have to come to a full stop.Once inside she had to talk fast because he lived close. Ok Chris here’s the thing. Your mom likes to be tied up, its really not that uncommon. There’s a blanket in the back, you need to hide under it. Your mom has already given me a garage door clicker so I can just pull in and the neighbors won’t see anything. Once inside I will get your mom ready, this will include a blindfold today. You come in when I come to get you, she will know that you’re there but she won’t know its you. I promise, that no matter what happens today. The best thing for you is to never, never say a thing. After today is all done with we can decide if there will be any more and that way your mom will never know that it was you. You gotta promise me that ok? It will make decisions on your part easier too later on, trust me on that one OK? Chris agreed and with the sight of his home looming on the street he scrambled to the back of the mini van.Inside the garage, once the door was shut. The inner door opened and Jan was walking out wearing a thin negligee. Obviously she was ready for today too! Karen had to hop out to prevent Jan from walking up to the van. “Well, what is it” God Jan was excited. Karen had to take control, her own excitement was palpable as well. Look Jan, you’re almost ready. Get to the bedroom and I’ll bring the things. Jan’s eyes lit up, you’re not going to tie me up again are you. Karen smiled and brought her bag.In short order Jan was naked and spread eagled again, now tied securely to the bed Karen brought out the blindfold. Jan actually turned her head to avoid it. Karen had to calm her, Listen Jan, I am involved in the foreign exchange student program. Jan stopped and said “what?” that was enough time to get the blindfold secured in place. Yes, now listen. I have a boy here, he is from Mexico, he speaks and understands absolutely no English. His parents bribed someone to get him into this program because of all the d**g v******e where they live. He can’t go to school because he understands nothing, we can’t send him home because all the busses in the area are being hijacked. His fate would be sealed. His name is Hesuse, well something like that. It doesn’t matter, you are going to call him Chris. He’s not going to understand a thing you say so if he doesn’t react very quickly its because I will be trying to use some sort of sign language to show him what to do. He is the same age as your son and if he spoke English he’d probably be in your sons class. That’s why I have to blind fold you, you might recognize him somewhere around town. He is shy, but he’s also a teenager, that means a cock without a conscience.Jan had stopped moving, her only reaction was to very softly say, oh my god.Karen now left the room, returning shortly later with two sets of foot prints. One walking, one softly shuffling nervously into the room. Karen spoke again, loud and slow as if expecting the “Mexican” to understand better. “She likes you”Jan finally spoke up, Hesuse? Immediately corrected by Karen, it doesn’t matter he can’t understand you. You may as well call him Chris. Jan slid into the roll, oh god Chris baby? Is that you? Mommies naked, mommies naked because Chris honey, well Mommies a slut sometimes. Chris honey would you like to suck on mommies nipples? With that Karen used her own hands and grabbed at her own breasts with Chris watching. He caught on to the game quickly. He can speak no English and his mom….Chris walked up to the bed and started to bend over to suck and caught Karens movement. She was indicating for him to grab his moms tits first, heck why not. He tentatively reached out and took hold of his mother breast squeezing her nipple. Jan gasped and lunged her hips forward immediately saying oh yes Chris baby, do you like that? Do you like mommies breasts? Do you want to suck? With that Karen spoke up again, sekabet güvenilirmi sorry about that Jan love. I was gesturing with my hands, I’m afraid I might need to suck a little on one of your nipples to give him the idea.Jan immediately replied oh god yes, get him to suck my nips, As Karen bent over to take a nipple Jan continued with oh Chris baby suck mommies nipples. Mommy is bad today Chris and needs you to suck. Once Karen took a small suck then Chris bent over and began suckling at his mother breast while taking hold of the other wet nipple that was just in Karens mouth. Now with her son contentedly suckling on her breast Jan began cooing to him saying “yes Chris baby, mommy needs that” Mommy is a slut for you today Chris honey. Karen leaned over and took possession of Jan’s other breast pointing it towards Chris’s mouth. He realized and switched teats now suckling on his mothers other breast. Jan meweled at the attention. Oh god yes Chris, that’s it suck mommies breast. Do you call them breasts Chris? Or are these tits, do you like sucking on mommies tits? Oh Chris honey suck on your slutty moms tits, oh god yes good boy. Suck on mommy. Oh god Chris honey, you’re making mommy wet down there, do you know what that is?Before Chris could react Karen stepped in and ran her hand up Jans tummy to her breast that Chris was groping and pulling on. She grabbed his hand and began sliding it down his mothers stomach. Jan chimed right in, oh yes Chris that’s it. Feel mommies slit, see how wet you’ve made your mommy. Oh Chris honey you’ve made your mommy very wet. With Karens hand on top of Chris’s she guided his fingers, opened his hand up, then guided his middle two fingers to his mothers opening. Using her own two middle fingers she plunged Chris’s two middle fingers into his mother giving her 4 fingers all at once. Jan strained against the ropes trying to spread her legs wider while shoving her slit towards her sons hand. Karen withdrew her fingers leaving Chris’s two the only ones left. Jan groaned in protest asking for more. Chris’s slender hand bunched together giving him 4 fingers to push into his mother. Looking up at Karen he saw her sucking on one of her two fingers that she just had in his mother. She smiled seductively and offered him the other finger. He tentatively accepted it then relishing in taste of his mothers juices sucked at it.Jan was not taking this quietly, she was now twisting her hips and grunting she then started begging Karen to untie her legs so she could spread open more for Chris saying oh god let me get my legs open. Let him pump me with his hand, fist me, oh god more.Then she started talking to Chris. Oh god Chris honey, do you like that? Do you like seeing mommy like this. Mommies pussy open like that. Do you call that a pussy Chris, or is that a Cunt? Oh god does mommy have a cunt Chris honey? Nnngggg gghhh do you want to fuck mommies cunt with your hand Chris?The quick release on the rope to one of Jan’s legs let go easily and Jan immediately drew her knee up putting her foot out. Ohhhh yes Chris baby, mommy is opening up for you, do you like that sweetie? Do you want to see mommies cunt wide open baby?Karen came around going for the other quick release while Chris started crawling onto the bed rolling his thumb into his hand and applying pressure. Her other foot came loose and Jan pulled both knees up rocking her hips up to meet Chris’s pressure with his hand. With Chris’s slender build he wasn’t much larger than a woman yet and his entire hand slid up inside his mothers now gaping slit. Her thick full lips splayed obscenely open.Chris’s eyes were glued on his mothers open exposed pussy with nothing more than his wrist exposed with his entire hand up inside. At this point to show Chris that some women are built differently than others Karen kneed her way up onto the bed and pulled her skirt up with her knees spread showing Chris the differences in the way women can look. While she was certainly excited, open and wet. She no where near compared with the thick fleshy lips that his mothers open cunt was displaying.The display of two women openly and wantonly exposing their slits was the final thing for Chrishe involuntarily grunted and began pulsing with his own orgasm while still fully clothed.A very obvious wet spot was forming on the front of his jeans from a rather large load he was pumping into his shorts. This changed his movements inside his mothers vagina, she recognized the sounds and went into her own orgasm with her sons hand buried inside her ragged slit.Chris withdrew from his mother still breathing hard, Jan for her part started putting her legs down saying Chris honey? Did you finish there? Let mommy clean you up ok baby?Karen jumped in saying just a minute, let me set this up. She ran around the bed, unfastened his jeans and drew him over by his mothers face. She opened her mouth and he put his semi hard cock inside his mothers mouth, barely losing any of his erection before placing it inside his mothers mouth. Karen for her part, now went to work at getting Chris’s pants and shorts off.With Chris now naked from the navel down and his cock fully buried in his mothers mouth. She snuck out of the room, found Chris’s bedroom and located another pair of jeans and shorts throwing his near the front of the house where they came in just in case she needed to take them with her. She came back as Chris was shortening his thrusts, a look at his mother was just priceless. The blindfold was starting to slide, there was some drool coming out of her mouth and she was working at his cock for all she was worth. Karen stepped in and pulled Chris back from his mothers mouth. Saying, your blindfold is slipping, do you want him to come in your mouth or does mommies pussy need to be filled with spunk? As Karen straightened the blindfold Jan came back to focus and sneered out, mommy wants her baby where he came from. Chris was involuntarily humping the air, obviously not about to last much longer, even involuntarily making soft grunting sounds. Karen guided him between his mothers splayed open legs. When Jan realized what was happening she spoke right up.That’s it Chris baby, fuck mommy. Fuck mommies cunt, give me your baby juice Chris baby, try to put a baby inside mommy. Chris lost control and gave a verbal grunt before his cock even touched his mothers flesh, well versed now as to where her opening was he lunged forward with his grunt and landed his cock balls deep into his mother. Jan for her part obviously loved it. She immediately said, that’s it Chris baby, grunt while you fuck mommy. Grunt when you squirt your load up in mommies cunt, let me hear you try to put a baby in me baby. C’mon Chris babyWith that Chris quit his thrusting and ground his hips against his mothers mons while jerking and trying to embed his cock deeper while squirting and grunting. While Chris was busy spraying his sperm inside his mothers womb she was showing spasms of her own. Almost like she was trying to climb a ladder her knees were jerking up and down while she grunted along with her son finally saying fuuuccckk meee suuuunnnn. Finally when they were both done, Chris pulled out of his mother, an obvious slop sound , she brought her legs down leaving them obscenely open. Despite the lack of ropes she held them open allowing her son to see the look of a freshly fucked slit with lush full lips hanging open with a steady drool of fresh sperm oozing out of her slit. Jan spoke first saying, my god, I could feel every squirt of his load in me, I swear he would have shot it over my head if he had pulled it out, thank god he left it in so I could feel that again. My god I can’t think of the last time I felt a load spray off inside of me like that. Karen countered, he is young, you might be able to get him ready for another roll yet but we may need to go soon. I’ll have to get him back.Ok, that is good for me, my god I could fuck like that all day if I had a cock that could spray my insides like that, I’m going to get on the pill if I can get access to this all the time. Karen stepped in at this though and said, now hold on here girl, I’m gonna need some attention here and you are not getting untied until I can clean you the way I want so before you go getting any big ideas here give me your legs back. Karen quickly tied Jan back up and said, I am going to need some, ahm, attention first. Then I am going to have to get Hesuse back, and then get back here to clean you up before the real Chris gets home.Jan immediately started whining although everyone could tell that she really didn’t seem to meant it. You’re not really going to leave me tied up again two days in a row are you?No, Karen countered, I promise I will be back before Chris gets home from school

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