The Bronze Man

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I knew they were out there watching. It wasn’t just a feeling, but a certainty. Best of all, they had no idea I knew. The whole thing had started a year ago, right after I’d signed the lease agreement and moved in. It was perfect, this little cottage quietly tucked away at the end of the cul-de-sac. After too many wears in a cramped apartment overlooking a bustling downtown thoroughfare, all I wanted was some peace and quiet with a little privacy thrown in for good measure, something I’d taken advantage of almost immediately. It hadn’t been the house that I’d fallen in love with, but the backyard. A tall redwood fence boxed it in, certain to frustrate all but the most determined prying eyes, allowing me to sunbathe in the nude on the small deck that overlooked the small garden. That was the true prize. Carefully tended hedges and flower beds flanking a flagstone path the circled the spacious yard, culminating at an elegant pool that seemed to have been lost in time. A pair a stone benches sat before it, seducing the onlooker to relax and repose, perhaps read a book, enjoying the soft sound of water as it trickling from a fake waterfall while a god, cast in bronze, stood watch upon an island pedestal. What had drawn my eye, from the first, and had been the center of many bedtime fantasies, had been the heroic erection that the figure sported at an angle almost perfect for mounting. What red-blooded woman wouldn’t consider such a thing after her first glimpse? I’d savored the thought through out the lengthy bidding process, filing in the back of my mind, only withdrawing it late at night when my cunt ached with lust. Only then would I allow my fingers to slowly stalk my swollen clit until finally my moans filled the small bedroom that I had inhabited for years, followed by louder cries, signifying the ultimate pleasure. Soon, my daytime fantasies had turned to nighttime dream, waking me in the early morning, the scent of arousal already upon my fingertips as I frantically worked them in and out of my sopping wet cunt, grinding my ass against the mattress as I satisfied my carnal lusts. It became an obsession, after a while, but I like to think of it as a healthy one. It wasn’t something that filled my every waking thought, but certainly, it had become the object of lust in my twilight hours, replacing the small parade of celebrities I’d normally employed. No living man could hold a candle to my bronze suitor, so it was with a great sense of anticipation that I signed my name to the lease. o-O-o They’d watched her at first through the blinds, curious about the new neighbor, speculations based solely on her appearance, making a game out of it. Newly graduated from a modest university, he mused, her degree in business or law, while she thought she had the look of a writer. Finally, they settled on design, either web or graphic. One thing the both agreed on was her looks. “Stunning.” She whispered breathlessly, unaware of her hand upon her breast, massaging her stiffening nipple through the light fabric. “She looks like a Greek goddess, stepping out of time.” He merely groaned, easily guessing his wife’s thoughts, taking a moment to adjust the erection that had sprung up in his jeans, easing it until it was comfortably tenting the denim, silently watching as she unlocked the front door and disappeared from view before voicing his opinion. “What I wouldn’t do to bend her over and fuck her up the ass until she screamed.” He chuckled, moving out of range of the sharp retort of her elbow, smiling at her mock frown. “Like you’re not thinking the same thing, Tina. I know how your mind works. Bet you’re picturing her sprawled on our bed, your face buried between her thighs, your tongue in her tight little pussy. Don’t even lie to me.” Shrugging, she graced with a fond smile, unwilling to admit how close he almanbahis was to the image in her head. “I think we should let her get settled, maybe drop by later and pay her a visit, welcome her to the neighborhood.” o-O-o At first, I was blissfully unaware of their surveillance, if it could be called that. Christina and George had been the ideal neighbors, helping me to settle into the pristine little community that I had become a part of, introducing me around, giving me a hand with some heavy boxes, doing their best to be friendly without seeming overbearing. I began to relax my guard a little, something developed growing up in an urban metropolis. In time I not only became comfortable with them dropping by uninvited, but grew to look forward to their visits, often inviting them out on the back porch for a glass of wine or a meal. And it wasn’t one sided, by any means. Just as often Tina would wave to me from her front door, telling me that dinner was at 6 if I was interested. I always was. I wasn’t completely naïve, for course. At least not about George’s somewhat obvious attention to my physical charms. I am an attractive woman, one used to turning heads, a natural blonde with a well toned, tan body, who wasn’t adverse to showing it off a little, rather then hiding it behind frumpy sweaters and sweat pants. Nor was I shy about a little harmless flirtation, once I realized that Tina didn’t feel threatened by it, not that she should. A few years older then me, she was just as attractive, only where my looks were of the traditional California Barbie variety, she was more the sensual Italian beauty, her skin a rich olive, her chocolate brown hair and dark eyes giving her smoldering look. She could have been a starlet, had she decided to pursue it, or so I thought. And then there was George. Charming, if a little rough around the edges, and outwardly a strange match for Christina, but after spending some time with them, they seemed perfectly suited for each other in ways I didn’t begin to suspect until much later. o-O-o It has started out harmlessly enough, not so innocent comments made each time they watched caught a glimpse her entering or living the house next door. His were crude, yet playful, while hers were subtly wicked, the corners of her mouth turning upwards, teasing her lips into a lusty smile, her eyes full of dark thoughts, sometimes voiced, sometimes not. As time passed, they got to know her better, finding that she made an enjoyable companion. She was clever, with a subtly twisted sense of humor that they both enjoyed. Nor was she shy, giving as good as she got when faced with his bawdy comments and her sly flirtations. It wasn’t long before they’d become friends, although that didn’t prevent them from speculations as to what it would be like to invite her into their bedroom or, as George seemed intent upon, to bend her the dining room table and fuck her up the ass. As time went on, the obsession faded until one day, a chance glimmer of light drew Tina to their bedroom window. A dim glow reflected from the canopy of young trees on the other side of the redwood fence. Curious, she walked along it until she found a slight space between planks, putting her eye to it, astounded by the scene before her. When it was over with, she hurried silently into the house, eager to share what she’d seen with her husband. Afterwards, they’d fucked like animals, her passion wildly out of control as she rode his cock, climaxing several times before he finally filled her hot tight cunt with his cum. o-O-o I’d visited him several times before I became aware I was being watched. How long it had been going on, I have no idea. At first I was embarrassed and angry at being found out, my secret so degrading that I didn’t leave the house for several days, holing up in my bedroom, crying, my pillow clutched almanbahis yeni giriş to my chest. Eventually, though, I found enough inner strength to show my face once more. Strangely, nothing had changed outside my four walls. I still visited with Tina and George, and we resumed our playful banter as if nothing had changed between us, even though it had. Now that I knew they’d seem me out in the garden, I began to pick up on little things, sly glances, veiled comments, subtle communications passing between them. They knew my secret and yet, it didn’t seem to matter. Or, rather, it did, only not in the way I had expected it to. Instead of shunning me, they seemed intent upon seducing me. They were good at it, too, and I had to wonder if they’d done this before. Tina drew me into her confidences, confiding in me about her sexual experiences, opening my eyes to a side of her I’d never expected. Sexual trysts with other women were but the tip of the iceberg. Partner swapping, role playing, bondage… the more we talked, the deeper I realized her kinks ran. Of course, I never revealed my darkest secret, but then she already knew. What she didn’t know was that I knew that she knew. I have to admit, I stopped my excursions into the garden for some time, debating on whether or not to resume my practice of sneaking out to the pool at the rear of my property and partaking in my own particular brand of debauchery. Eventually, though, the lure became too much, and I gave in. When it was over, when I had returned to the safety and privacy of my home, I made a startling discovery. The knowledge that I had been watched had heightened my pleasure, rather then diminished it. Not only had I climaxed harder then ever before, but it hadn’t ended with one or even two, orgasms and, for the first time, I hadn’t been able to keep my cries silent. Knowing that Tina and George had heard me cum like the dirty little slut I knew, in my heart I truly was, ignited me to passionate heights I’d never imagined. Not even my wildest dreams could prepare me for the frenzy that swallowed me whole after that night. Twice a month became weekly, and that in turn became every other night. I became a slave to my cunt, unable to resist the lure of what lay at the end of flagstone path that wound through my backyard garden. Then, one day in a fight of madness, an idea wormed itself into my brain, one I knew I would regret. Ignoring the voice of reason, I mulled it over, accompanied by a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, was my plan hatched. o-O-o Tina broke the seal of the envelope with one blood red nail and drew the single sheet of lavender colored stationary from within, unfolding it, her elbows upon the dining room table as she read. Her eyes went wide, and she found herself reading it a second time before the words made sense. “George!” She called, bringing her husband from the back bedroom, eyebrows raised at her summons. Handing him the note without a word, she leaned back in her chair and watched his face, smiling at the way his jaw went slack, meeting his gaze when he’d finished. “So… what are we going to do?” He finally asked, swallowing, his hands trembling as he handed her back the note, the erection in his pants blatantly obvious. “Exactly what she asked, George.” That night, she let him fuck her, just as he’d wanted to do to their beautiful neighbor, bent over the table, his cock buried deep in her ass. Spent, they fell into bed, limbs tangled, the scent of sweat and sex clinging to their flesh, both their thoughts on the pair of simple lines scribed carefully on a lavender background. I know you’ve been watching. If you want to do more then watch, be at the pool tomorrow at exactly 9pm. There are no second chances. Jamie o-O-o I’d spent the better part of the day in preparation, running through the scenario almanbahis giriş in my head over and over until I was sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. This had the not completely undesired effect of leaving me full of unquenched desire and in a state of constant arousal until I thought I might go mad if I didn’t relieve myself soon. Ignoring the feeling, I pushed on, somehow marshalling my thoughts for tonight’s misadventure, never doubting that Christina and George would show up exactly when I instructed them to. They, as well as I, were too deeply entwined for there to be any other outcome. All of my needs were simple and simply met. Three dozen tea candles. Check. A box of matches. Check. My favorite lube. Check. In addition, after much careful thought and several sessions of finger fucking myself into a frenzy, I’d added a blindfold, easily purchased at an adult book store in town. The idea of not being able to see, to anticipate what was to come, had long been an unfulfilled fantasy. Finally, sunset came and went and, my stomach filled with a mixture of wine and nervous butterflies, I journeyed once more into the sanctuary of my backyard, twilight turning the foliage into dark shadow as I carefully navigated the path. It was pleasantly warm, perfectly suited to my dress, or rather lack of. A gentle, cooling breeze kissed my naked flesh, teasing my nipples to attention, not that they needed much coaxing. My body seemed to be humming with desire, my senses heightened so that I could even smell my moist and fragrant cunt over the scent of lilac that still clung to me as I moved through the garden towards my goal. Earlier, on a whim, I had bathed, luxuriating in the warm water, and afterwards, for the first time in my life, I had shaved my mound, divesting it of the light covering of golden fur. I was truly naked. It felt wonderful, the gentle wind reminding me of my wantonness as it caressed my parted folds and my tender and swollen clit, weaving between my silken thighs like an invisible tongue before teasing over my eager entrance, both heating and cooling my sopping wet sex. There was temptation, I must admit, to pause, running my fingers between my legs, standing under the open sky with my legs spread just enough to slide a pair of fingers into my drenched cunt until I was riding the edge of orgasm, keeping myself there… I resisted, not sure if I could control myself once I started, preferring to let my pleasure build slowly, wanting my desire to be fed in more subtle ways, knowing that soon enough, I would be on the brink of a frenzied passion. At least, that was my hope. Soon, I arrived at the pool, smiling at the sight of the tea candles already waiting in a small box upon the surface of the stone lip that surrounded the clear, quiet water. Only the sound of my heart pounding in my chest and the soft trickle of water broke the solitude of the clearing. Before this moment, I had been ready to retreat if my fear proved greater then my lust and the needs of my cunt. No longer. As I set eyes upon my lover, frozen in time in the center or the pool, I knew that I could not resist. God knows I had tried in the past, but always, seeing his godlike physique, his perfect form, as only something formed from a true artist’s imagination could be, stole my breath and called to me in a way no human flesh ever could. I recalled my first glimpse of him, how the sun had kissed his bronzed surface, remembering my amazement that he’d retained the deep golden brown, rather then turned to green. Whomever had cared for him before my arrival, had done so lovingly, a task I in turn took over, polishing him on a weekly basis, until he gleamed when the sun’s rays touched him each day. He was magnificent. Like me, he was naked. He had the body of an athlete, lean and muscular, his corded muscles in perfect relief. He looked indolent, perched upon his grooved plinth, his thighs just parted, his curved erection pointing skyward. I had guessed that its shape would be perfect for stimulating my g-spot, something I had confirmed upon our first encounter.

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