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Subject: The Brothers Next Door – 4 (gay, M/tt, inc, oral, anal) THE BROTHERS NEXT DOOR: by Mobius Necessary Disclaimers: * This story is fiction; none of characters represent any persons in real life and none of the events described actually happened, at least to my direct knowledge. * This fictional story depicts sexual activity between adults and youths under the age of 18, including themes of incest. Do not read if this matter offends you, or because of your age or region of residence, it is illegal for you to do so. * “The Library is Open!”. Help keep the Nifty library open by donating at http://donate./donate.html * (c) 2021 Mobius Loop w/ permission for Nifty Archive Alliance. Chapter Four: I went to bed Tuesday night feeling tired, sore, and more than a little hopeful. Last week, my love affair with 16-year-old neighbor boy Ethan had exploded when his younger 13-year-old brother Danny found out. I had learned from the boys’ mother, Carol, that Danny had harbored a lot of anger and resentment towards Ethan for years — without any discernable reason — and now the younger bully of a boy had used his illicit discovery to blackmail us and was now repeatedly using us for his own sexual gratification. The key to his power play was to separate us and not allowing us to have any private time together. For his age, Danny had become a masterful manipulator, even getting himself a key to my house so he could enter at all hours of the night to use me at his discretion. But underneath all of this alpha-male dominance, I could feel there was something more going on. I don’t think Danny was a born sociopath. I think there was a depth to his story that I was just scratching the surface on, and with time I might be able to get him to let go of his anger and willingly release his hold on me and Ethan. I had already pondered on what it could be. Ethan and Danny’s father, Jack, had left them when both boys were pretty young. Was his vengeance against me a psychological transference, a displaced attack on his father — another adult male figure who ultimately broke his families’ heart? If Danny wanted, all he needed to do was go to the police and show them the photos he took — I would have been dead to rights. But no, he seemed to want to punish me directly with his sexual antics and mind games. At least now… as long as he held those pictures, both Ethan and I were at risk for discovery. That night, I got a call from his mother, Carol. “Todd… what did you do?” she demanded. I gulped silently — was the gig up? Did Danny come clean? “What do you mean? What did I do?” “You bought Danny a weight set at your house?” she asked, incredulous. She didn’t sound angry, just confused. She had told me it had been her intention to buy him the weight set so he could train at home for this ongoing success with the Middle School wrestling team. But I had decided to make it part of my plan to build an honest relationship with Danny, to hopefully win him over. “Yes, dear,” I said, relieved she was only calling for that. “Listen, after we talked the other night, I knew I had to do something to help your family.” “I can afford a fucking weight set,” she sighed. “Yes, I know you can, but that wasn’t the point,” I continued. “First of all, in all seriousness I had been thinking for some time of working on my own fitness; between the divorce and the move, I’ve gotten quite out of shape over the last several years. So that free weight equipment is just as much for me. But, yes, secondly, I wanted it to give me and Danny something to connect with. He’s carrying around a lot of anger that he won’t talk about. I’m hoping, if this helps us bond a bit, maybe he’ll tell another man what it is. It won’t happen overnight, but we have to try something — he’s growing up fast and he needs to work this out before he gets into real trouble out in the world.” Carol was silent for a moment. “Yeah,” she said, “there’s a lot of truth in what you say. Its very generous, and a very loving thing you are trying to do for him. But at least let me give you some money to help cover the costs.” “Nah, girl, the point isn’t about the weights. Its about Danny. I chose to do this so I could take a crack at getting him to open up. It’s my experiment — maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.” “Well, fine,” I heard her relent. “But I’m not sure I like the idea of him having a key to your house.” I was surprised to hear that he had divulged that to his mother so readily. But knowing Danny, it was probably less about establishing a cover story with his mother for his planned visits to my house, and more about rubbing Ethan’s face in it. During the months of our sexual affair, I had never given the older brother a key to my house. “I get it, but I believe that despite his attitude, part of his turn-around is going to be getting him to feel we trust him,” I replied. “He’s a teenager and he has to get ready for the adult world, and part of that means trusting him like we would an adult. I’m not too concerned about it. We’ll try and it and who knows… maybe he will surprise us.” Our call ended amiably enough, and Carol had to go to get the boys ready for bed — it was a school night after all. I now lay in bed myself, eager for tomorrow. Danny had said when he left this afternoon that he would bring Ethan tomorrow, and it would be our first time together since the previous week’s discovery. I just couldn’t wait to hold my boy and make love to him again. But a part of me also wanted to see Danny again. He had showed himself to be sexually bold and uninhibited, despite his condemning me and his brother as faggots, and me especially as a pedo. It certainly hadn’t stopped him from offering his ass to me earlier in the day as we had our first session with the free weights, and I devoured his asshole for twenty minutes. He bolted out of there before it escalated any further — leaving me with a hard on and an underwear soaked in precum — but I was convinced he only ran because he was suddenly afraid that he was losing control of our dynamic: him, the alpha male in charge; and me, the lowly pedo-faggot he could abuse. It gave me hope that next time, I could get him to surrender to me completely and I knew my work with him was going to save us all. Wednesday was just another work day for me in my home office — up early to begin my debugging the code I was contracted to clean. While it felt very productive for me, I was also distracted thinking about the boys coming over after school. I anticipated that Danny would sequester himself with the free weights for a proper workout and that would give me at least 30 minutes with Ethan. I only prayed that Danny wouldn’t decide to change his mind, figuring out a new game he would force us to play. Gratefully, by the time 3:15 rolled around and I was in my kitchen finishing up some dishes, I heard the noise of the back door open into the garage and two pairs of feet come scrambling inside. A moment later, as I dried my hands on the kitchen towel, the kitchen door was opened and there stood Ethan, a look of relief and happiness on his face. Behind him stood Danny, wearing his patented smirk. “Okay, you two fags have whatever fun you want,” Danny said from the garage. “I’m going to enjoy these weights for a while. Once I’m done, Ethan, we’re going home.” I nodded in acknowledgement to Danny, who gazed at me with a mixture of what felt like amused disgust and also … curiosity? It elicited a caring impulse and I wanted to reach out to him again. “Danny, will you be okay lifting without a spotter?” I asked. He rolled his eyes at me. “This isn’t my first, rodeo, you old perv,” he said. “You just go play your little pedo games with my pussy brother while you can. For all I know, this is the last time I ever bring him over.” With that, as the kitchen door closed to the garage, Ethan dropped his book bag and jacket at my kitchen table, kicked off his sneakers quickly, then seemed to leap into my arm. His lips melted against mine with long wet kisses, and I could feel the wetness of tears of relief on his face he pressed himself against me. Ethan by far was the most passionate man I had ever met, of any age. “Come on, baby, we don’t have much time,” I said. He nodded, and taking his hand, I led him up the stairs to the master bedroom. Once inside, he grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed. Power-bottom Ethan was in full bloom, his hands scrambling to alternately strip me and then himself while trying to swallow my tongue. My hands clutched at his body as we gasped into each other’s mouths while breathlessly trying to devour one another. With a few moments, both of us had been roughly and awkwardly stripped and we were in full contact once again. It made the nightmare of the last week melt away. Maybe there was something about forced distance — it made this moment singularly delicious. I gave him one last lingering kiss before I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me, his face next to my ear. “You are so beautiful, baby boy,” I sighed into his ear. “I’ve missed you so much.” “Oh, Todd, I never want to be apart from you again. This week has been so hard.” He sniffled into my neck. I didn’t want him to start crying again, so I decided to surprise him by turning him hard in my arms and rolling him onto his back on the center of my bed. I was now astride him, our cocks rubbing together, both drooling precum as if they were leaky faucets. “What is it going to be, Ethan? How can I make you happy in the time we have together?” I asked him, moving my hands up and down his lean chest and stomach, until I could wrap my fingers around his cock. “I want to feel you inside me,” he said, “but Danny has been fucking me constantly, sometimes twice a day. I’m so sore, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy you.” “Let’s see what the little twerp has done to you,” I said in tone of sympathy. I grabbed his legs and rolled him up, bringing his hips and ass into my view. I could see the redness and puffiness of his hole, and some areas of bruising around it. Given his attitude, I knew that Danny delighted in being a rough fuck, and wasn’t going to waste time with conveniences like lube or foreplay. “That’s okay, baby boy,” I said to him gently. “Maybe today şişli travesti I should make you feel good for a change?” A tear trickled from his eye, “Would you? I haven’t cum since last Wednesday.” And I could tell he wasn’t exaggerating — he cock had been pouring out precum since we had been fully stripped, and it soaked his cock, balls, and was creating growing wet patch on the sheet beneath him. I let go of his cock and quickly leaned over him, kissing him deeply again. This time, I slowly moved my kisses from his mouth down his chin and then across his neck. I moved my tongue across his chest, teasing each nipple in turn as he gasped and moaned at my touch. My lips moved further down, kissing my way down his abs and feeling the quivering of his stomach muscles against my touch. I slipped down into his public hair and inhaled his scent. Ethan had his own musk, maybe not as spicy as his younger brothers, but it was sweet and burning in my nostrils, making my own taint twitch with every breath I took. Finally, I allowed my tongue to slip its way up along his hard throbbing shaft until I could sweep the head of his cock within my mouth. His swollen glans was stretching at his foreskin, and as I had done in previous sessions, I used my tongue to ease back his skin. He released a loud sigh as his hands gripped the bedsheet beneath him. I could tell he had not known any release in a long time (well, a long time for a horny 16-year-old) and might not last long. It made me anticipate if we made it to a second round, he might last long enough for a very special treat. I suckled at the precum flowing from his smooth throbbing erection, my mouth sinking down until he was fully embedded at the entrance to my throat. It was milk and honey to me, the sweetest thing I could imagine in my mouth. I moved my sucking mouth up and down his urgent shaft and I felt one of his hands come to the back of my head, holding me against him. His eager lust kicked into high gear as he started holding me firmly, his hips swiveling and pushing into me. It had me on the verge of choking, his cock urging itself deep into me. But I didn’t care — it was Ethan. I was with my Ethan again, and if I died being impaled on his cock, I would die blissfully happy. But while Ethan was urgent, he wasn’t rough or reckless. He was much more sensitive and considerate than that. He fucked his cock into my eagerly swallowing mouth, in and out, gradually increasing his speed. My saliva was being churned into a froth, and I didn’t care about the noisy, sloppy noises that we were making. But all too soon, his movements became rocky and he started seizing up. Hollering out, Ethan froze and my throat was suddenly flooded with his cum… a gush of heavy ambrosial cream pulsing into my stomach. I tried swallowing quickly, but the volume was making me choke. Its taste ran along my tongue as dribbles started to eek out from the corners of my mouth. He seemed to lock up for a minute, but then gradually melted into the bed. His hand relaxed on my head, and I was able to pull back a bit and suck out the remaining drops of his massive load. We started falling silent as Ethan regained his breath and I lapped at his cock. My mouth was soaked with a combination of his cum and my saliva, and the sheets beneath him were even wetter. I crawled up beside him and wrapped by arm across his chest. He pulled me against him even tighter. “You are fucking amazing, Todd,” he sighed. “That was the most perfect orgasm I’ve ever had. Maybe I haven’t been with a lot of people, but I don’t think anyone could make me feel any better.” Even though my own cock was as hard as stone, rubbing against his side, I didn’t make any play for reciprocation. He had been through a lot, and I wanted today to be about his pleasure. “How many people have you been sexual with, Ethan?” I asked him casually. He glanced at me with a smile, and small blush of embarrassment. “Hmmmm,” he said in a false expression of deep thought, “there was a boy in my class when I was in middle school. In a lot of ways, he was the first person I ever had an orgasm with. But he ended up moving away before we got to Freshman year in high school.” “In a lot of ways? Okay…” I chuckled quietly and he blushed again. “Then about a year and half ago, there was a college graduate and we played together a few times. He was fun, and a bit kinky. He taught me so much about how to handle taking dick. But he never wanted to kiss or take my dick. He was actually the assistant Scoutmaster of the Boy Scout troop.” Wait. What? “He was the assistant Scoutmaster of the Boy Scout troop?? But your mom told me Danny was in Boy Scouts. Were you as well?” “Oh, no,” he giggled. “I never got into Boy Scouts. I preferred focusing on my track and field activities. But there had been a jamboree, and Danny was allowed to invite me along for the weekend. It was at a time when we were getting along, so I camped with him and the hundreds of other Boy Scouts that had come to the games. It was during the jamboree that Craig — that’s his name — well we were in the group bathroom at the campground and he flashed his cock at me, and I flashed back, and things happened. That weekend we had our first time together, and then I met him at his house a few times after that it. I loved it.” “But,” he said turning to me quickly, a little panic in his face, “it was only fun; its not like what we have. Do you hate me? Because I think I love you, and if you thought I was a slut or something…” “Baby boy, no!” I assured him. “Having played with a couple of guys before we met does not make you a slut. If it did, God knows what that would make me.” “Have you played with boys before?” he asked me earnestly. I laid on my back beside him, looking at my bedroom ceiling. “Yeah, when I was a boy,” I admitted. “In high school, there was this secret society of a couple of boys, and we would do everything together. With them I learned how to suck cock and how to get fucked. They also taught me how to fuck. God, we must have shared gallons of cum together while I was at the high school. Since then, maybe a couple or men and women at college, and then it was just my wife for years and years. Until you.” “She made you really unhappy, didn’t she?” “In the end, yeah. We were in love in the beginning, but as time went on, I began to see the kind of person she really was. Selfish and self-involved. She wanted someone who was pussy-whipped and wrapped around her finger so she could control everything. That’s not me. I believe that any marriage needs to be a union of two equal partners. She wanted to be boss, and didn’t want a husband but a slave.” “Sounds like Danny,” Ethan sighed. Yeah, I thought, every relationship has its own balance of power, even this strange triangle between Ethan, Danny, and me. “Let’s not talk about her,” I smiled as I rolled over to face him again, his body tight against me. “We still have some time left; we should make the most of it.” I brought my lips to his and we started kissing — gently and first and then more and more passionately. Ethan could kiss better than anyone I had ever known, and my heart raced when I could taste him. Now, his urgent mouth was seeking out the taste of his own cum which he had filled me with earlier. I ran my hand down his stomach to his cock, which seemed once again hard as steel. Time for round two. I pulled away from our kiss, and Ethan made a boyish pouty face in protest. I climbed up over him and stood next to the bed, holding out my hand out in invitation. Curious but eager, he stood up from the bed and came beside me. The warmth of his skin against me was luxurious. I turned slightly to the bedside table and opened the drawer, retrieving a bottle of lubricant. I offered it to Danny as I looked him straight in the eye. “Since I can’t enjoy your ass today, do you think you have what it takes to fuck this old man’s ass into submission?” His eyes exploded in delight as he grabbed onto the lubricant. “You may be a daddy, but you aren’t an old man, Todd,” he said, pressing close and kissing me sweetly. Separating, we moved to our respective positions: me leaning over the edge of the mattress, and him coming up behind me. I grabbed a few pillows for support and braced my chest against the bed as I felt Ethan’s slippery fingers massaging along my hole. I heaved a sigh of relief as I melted into his touch: loving, urgent, gentle. First one finger slipped its slimy warmth inside me, and after a few seconds, a second. He added plenty of lubricant, perhaps inspired from his own recent experiences with the pain of a dry entry. But his slick fingers danced within me, sending shivers up my spine. I had prepared for this moment, so he wouldn’t have to worry about anything unpleasant. As I sank into the bed, I felt Ethan remove his fingers and after a brief pause and the sound of squishing wetness, I could feel the heat of his uncut cock pressing against me. It was hard and burned against my hungry hole. With a smooth, easy motion, the pressure of his hips pushed at my hole and the head of his cock popped within me. The feel of his hard erection within me made me quake with satisfaction. My own dick was hard, drooling precum which collected on the floor beneath me. With a slow, confident movement, Ethan continued to spear himself inside of me, sliding his six-plus inches until he was fully seated in my ass. I heard him gasp from behind me, relishing the feeling my grasping anus milking on his cock. I felt the discomfort I had being filled by him — his heat and his hardness pressing into me. I’m sure it would have been outright painful if he had been a larger boy, but I didn’t care about his size. He was everything I wanted, and I wasn’t a size queen. Considering I was an anal-newbie, I actually enjoyed have a more average-size cock thrusting its way into me. I sighed in contentment. After a moment, Ethan began his fucking, both hands on my hips, as he thrust eagerly into me and then slowly pulling himself away. Thrust and pull, thrust and pull. He found his groove as my discomfort melted away. All I could feel was his urgent hardness and the bursts of pleasure as he hammered against my beylikdüzü travesti prostate. God bless teenage boys; their sexual hunger knows no bounds. “Fuck, yes, daddy,” he groaned fucking into me powerfully. “Your ass feels so good.” “Don’t hold back, baby boy,” I sighed. “Give me as much as you want. I can take it.” With that, Ethan seemed to shift into a higher gear. While he wasn’t an experienced top by any means, he started to alternate between slow, powerful thrusts and fast, energetic fucking. I could hear him moan, and I imagined him pouring all of his frustrations and fears into me. I wanted him to let go of all his worries about Danny and just be with me. Inside me, it felt as if the lubrication had gotten wetter, which made me think he was once again pouring out precum like a river. I was getting lost in the power and bliss of Ethan’s fucking, hoping against hope this would go on forever. But behind the clapping sounds of Ethan’s hips slapping against my ass, I could hear another clapping sound. “Way to go, pussy-boy!” It was Danny, cheering from the bedroom door. The shock of hearing his voice seemed to slam Ethan down to earth, and suddenly uncertain, started losing his rhythm. He slowed down as if to stop. “Nah, don’t stop, Eeth!” Danny said. “I want you keep fucking this old pervy pedo. I want you to be a man and get used to the feel of fucking a raw pussy underneath you. I want you to feel how addictive it is, so you know just why I can’t stop fucking your ass at home.” I was still bent over the edge of the bed, facing away from them, so I couldn’t see what was going on. But I could feel Ethan losing some of his hardness. I wasn’t willing to let go of my time with him, and so concentrated on clenching my ass on his cock for each of his outstrokes, hoping the extra pressure would milk him back into full hardness. I heard him gasp and sigh and suddenly his cock was back at full strength, and he had found his rhythm again. But as I had focused on Ethan behind me, I hadn’t noticed Danny until suddenly there was ruckus of sound right in front of me. Danny had flung himself onto the mattress, and I saw that he was fully naked and sweaty. Of course, after his workout, he would be shimmering in perspiration. Now here he was right at my head, wiping himself on my sheets as he got in position. I looked up at him, and he knocked the pillows out from under my chest. Opening his legs, the scent of him hit me, ramping up my own hardness again. He inched himself until his rigid alabaster cock was right under my face. Finally, so close, I could see his own glans bursting out from his foreskin, his head glistening with precum and sweat. “Go ahead, you fag,” Danny gloated above me. “Take me in. You can brag to all your pedo friends how you got two teenage brothers to spit-roast you.” As much as I know Danny was trying to turn this moment into a humiliation, I was more than eager. Since I first saw his cock slamming into his own brother’s ass last week, I had been burningly curious to know how it felt and tasted. Finally, he was giving me permission. I quickly opened my mouth and took his rigid dick into my mouth and started slurping my way to the base. Once when I was a really stupid kid in college, I had taken a hit of meth. I remember how it hit me like a runaway freight train, racing through my bloodstream and turning the volume up on every nerve ending in my body. Fully tasting Danny in that moment had the same reaction… his smooth sweaty cock churning itself into my mouth, his gradual thickening stretching my mouth and jaw as I reached his base. I moved up and down on his urgent 13-year-old erection, fully slurping up his rough, acrid flavor. His skin was potent with layers of sweat … older sweat from his day at school, and then fresh sweat from his just-completed workout. His cock was tangy with the day’s efforts, and his precum was salty and running down my tongue. Beneath that, a musky bitter flavor which seemed so familiar but I couldn’t place it. Danny sighed in an animalistic grunt as I swallowed him whole again. Behind me, Ethan kept up his urgent thrusting. My ass had completely melted to his touch, as his amazing cock had me on fire. The repeated jabs against my prostate deep within was bringing me closer and closer to the edge. At my mouth, Danny started pumping his hips slightly as he encouraged me, “Fuck, yeah, Todd, that’s one hot pervy mouth you have. Must be from all your experience sucking boy cocks. Oh fuck, yeah, drink all my precum, you pedo. Gotta give it to you, or you’ll start raping all my friends on the street.” His disgustingly graphic talk aside, Danny was getting breathy and was obviously excited by my ministrations. Suddenly behind me I felt Ethan gasp and scream, clenching onto my hips, digging his fingernails into my skin. I focused inside and felt the burning spurts of heat spreading from his buried cock. The force of him started to relax and I imagined the teenage load he was burying within me. My Ethan. If men could get pregnant, I would eagerly want him to breed me. Ethan slowly bent forward, resting his head on my back as his spasming cock slowly stopped. Ethan may have cum, but it only seemed to spur Danny on even more, rutting his cock deep into my throat until I made choking noises on each thrust. He was slightly bigger than Ethan, so Danny could literally choke me out if he chose to. His thrusting was causing a foam of spittle and precum to froth in the corners of my mouth. “Fuck, Todd, did you like that? Did you like my brother cumming up in your ass? I bet you did — horny old perverts love being bred by young boys. But what about my dick, huh? Do you like it?” “Uh-huh” I managed to grunt out with a mouthful of his raging teenage hardon, not just because it was what he wanted to hear, but because the animalistic urgency of Danny’s thrusting dick had gotten me boiling over. Behind me, I felt Ethan’s softening cock slip out of my anus, and the trickles of his load started to run from my hole and down my ballsack. “Yeah,” Danny grunted. “Your mouth is so fucking hot. I spent all day making sure my dick was all funky with sweat and piss before coming over here today. I even fucked Ethan in his bedroom before we came over. Yeah, that’s right — you’re tasting Ethan’s ass right now on my dick, and you are cleaning me up perfectly.” Oh God, the hint of bitter I had tasted on Danny’s dick… it was Ethan’s ass. My Ethan. As I realized the flavors I had been slobbering up from Danny’s cock and the feeling of Ethan’s own load slipping its way out of my ass, my brain short-circuited and I lost it. My own cock finally exploded, blasting out pulses of cum into a puddle beneath me and splattering the side of the bed. “Oh fuck, you ol’ perv, eat my cum! Eat my filthy spunk!” Danny cried out, hoarsely. From there, he gave a final thrust into my throat and started to cum. I choked and fought back the urge to vomit, my eyes bulging and puffy with redness as I struggled against his force. Would I die? Would I pass out? Overwhelmed and in a panic, my cock seemed to go off again, sending a fresh volley of cum to the floor. After a deep grunt, Danny suddenly pushed me off his cock. This thick teen meat was frothy with spit, mucous, and a generous spattering of his own semen. I tumbled to my knees – gasping, coughing and sputtering – desperately controlling my urge to puke. After the depravity of what just happened, I still wanted to keep his cum in my belly. My fall caused Ethan to come to the floor as well, and he tumbled down next to me — still breathing heavily. I saw his cock was now fully soft, but was still wet and puffy. Before me on the bed, Danny had propped himself up, his cock gradually shrinking and exhausted from its efforts. His auburn hair was wild, and once again, his pale skin was flushed red from his exertions. Gasping a few times, he grinned in triumph. “Pretty good, Todd, but not as good as Ethan’s ass, wouldn’t you say?” he laughed, standing up on shaky legs. “But still pretty good. Just like I decided that I own Ethan’s ass now, I may decide to make your mouth exclusively mine. Wouldn’t you like that? Although, I still have to take a ride on your ass.” My own hole twitched at the thought, even while still drenched in lube and Ethan’s massive load. “Let’s go, Ethan… it’s getting late,” Danny commanded, although a hint of tiredness crept out in his voice. His antics over the last week must be taking its toll, but his youth gave him an edge on me. I remained on the floor, as the boys gathered their respective clothes and redressed. Danny was the first to leave the bedroom, descending the stairs in a ruckus. I stood and in one final moment took Ethan into my arms and held him tightly. “Can’t we just run away?” he asked desperately. I knew the feeling, but we both knew it was impossible and selfish. “I know it’s been a rough week, baby,” I sighed in his ear. “But it will get better. I have a feeling I can get this better for us both. You just have to trust me, okay?” I kissed him again, sweetly and gently, but before we started getting too urgent for another fuck, I turned and shooed him out the door. He stopped a moment, and facing me made a sign of a heart with his two hands. “ETHAN! GET YOUR PUSSY DOWN HERE!!” He slipped from the bedroom door and followed his brother downstairs. Once again, I heard them collect their sundry gear from the kitchen before leaving out through the garage and back door. And in a moment, the house was silent again. What a week it had been since the moment Danny had discovered us together. Now, my bedroom was rank with the smell of semen, sweat, and ass from the two brothers spit-roasting me. My arms and chest were still a little achy from yesterday’s weight training, my knees and hips were sore from having been bent over all that time, and there was a dull burning ache in my asshole. My throat felt like it was on fire from the abuse I had just taken. I trudged myself into the bathroom for a long hot shower, although I wished I could keep the smell of the boys on my skin forever. As I showered, I considered something that Ethan had shared with me. He mentioned that his first adult sexual istanbul travesti partner was someone he had met at Danny’s Boy Scout Jamboree. It was Danny’s own assistant Scoutmaster, a young recent college graduate named Craig. While I wasn’t bothered by Ethan’s previous sexual contacts with another adult, I thought it was too much of a coincidence that after Ethan started fucking around with Craig, Danny starts having problems in Boy Scouts and gets kicked out. It also sounded like it was the same time their relationship became hostile again. Something was there, and if I could understand it, I could start unravelling the aggressive attitude Danny had toward his brother. The rest of the evening passed quietly, and was mostly spent in thought thinking about how I could help Danny and Ethan. The events of the day had exhausted me, and I went to bed early. I was exhausted, but I also felt strangely satisfied. The sex with the boys had been extraordinary — perhaps the best of my life. Having them share me like that was hotter than anything I had ever done, even from when I was back in high school. I was in the bed by 9pm and drifted into soft embrace of sleep by 10pm. At some point, I was jostled back into consciousness. The room around me dark, but I could feel a presence on my bed, causing the mattress to sink. I was sleeping on my side, and as I slowly regained consciousness, I could feel hands on my naked skin, grabbing my leg. In the dim light of the moon streaming through the partially opened curtains, I could see the shadowy outline of a young man above me, trying to wrestle with my leg. “Huh? Wha?” I muttered. But I got no response for a minute as the young man held my leg up and away from my body, opening the way to my still-recovering anus. “Heh, decided to wake up for this one?” Danny whispered. Although we were alone and it was late, he chose to be quiet. “Yeah,” I said. “Last time, I was knocked out on Ambien and whiskey.” “Don’t care,” he grunted as he moved himself up, straddling my left leg as I could feel him maneuvering into position. Just having him so intimately close to me in the dark was arousing and I quickly became hard. He was hard, too, and I felt the head of his cock rubbing up along my abused opening. I had a quick thought and it made me chuckle. He stopped what he was doing and growled down at me in a low voice, “What the fuck is so funny?” “Nothing, Danny,” I replied. “Its just, after this afternoon I figured you would be spent for the day.” I could feel him chuckle as he pressed himself against me. “No way… most days I can come three times. Four if I’m extra horny.” With that, he wiggled himself trying to push himself into me. I could understand why Ethan had been so sore; forcing a dry penetration was more than uncomfortable. Without even thinking about whether it would be allowed by Danny, I quickly spit generously into my hand, reached back and grasped his throbbing erection. As I rubbed the slick wetness over his erection, he gasped quietly. I couldn’t see in the dark, but I think I surprised him. I gathered more spit from my mouth and returned to coating his dick, which was now making wet squelching sound in my fingers. With my fingers, I gently pulled back his foreskin until I could feel the head of his cock. It felt like it was already wet with precum. God bless teenaged boys. My next move certainly surprised him, and he squealed in pleasure as I grabbed his shaft and started rubbing his glans against my hole. As I felt his own fluids wetting my own entrance, he sighed in relief. As I lined him up to my opening, he gasped in what sounded like amazement. Since I had been opened up early that afternoon, it only took a few slight pushes before the head of his cock popped inside me. Danny gasped again in pleasure. I moved my hand away as Danny knelt there, holding himself inside me for a moment before slowly pushing deeper. He was much thicker than Ethan, and although I was still sore from the energetic fucking I got that afternoon, I was determined to lay there and let Danny fuck me. It was close to painful once he was fully inside me, his crotch pressing against my ass, his ballsack tight and getting tighter. But then he began to pull out again. Before slipping out entirely, he thrust back into me again. Each thrust was a tiny white-hot flame on my raw nerves, but I breathed through it, accepting that finally 13-year-old Danny was fucking my ass. Danny was breathing rhythmically… inhaling on his pull out and exhaling as he thrust back inside. Otherwise, he was deadly quiet. Perhaps all those times he had to fuck his brother in his bedroom hiding from his mother had taught him to be quiet as he fucked. But although we were alone and he could be verbal if he wanted, he chose to stay silent… breathing, with only a few minor grunts and moans as he rocked his hard cock into me. My own ass seemed to have opened again and the discomfort from my earlier activity seemed to be lost in the hum of pleasure he was thrusting into me. “Danny,” I breathed as I felt the start of a new wave of pleasure building inside me. “Let me shift and it will be better.” I don’t know whether his decision was because he was strategically allowing it, or he just didn’t care in the moment, but he pulled himself out of me. I quickly shifted my legs and moved myself into a low doggy position, my ass pointing at him. I could hear him chuckle softly as he quickly reinserted himself, pushing deep. I could feel him rubbing my spot inside, starting an itch. Once again, my dick was hard and hanging down as he started his fucking motion. His movement was steady but forceful. In the dark of the room, I felt his hands on my hips as he bounced himself on my ass. His breathing got faster as waves of pleasure built inside him. With each thrust, he let out a little moan or squeak, his voice going high like he was a little boy again. My ass had now gotten well adjusted to his thickness, so I would occasionally grip on him as he stroked into me. It would always make him gasp in joy. I was in heaven. Danny had started an itch in my ass, and his deep thrusting was both soothing and stimulating at the same time. In the few minutes since he started, his motion became smoother and I could imagine his own flow of precum had lubricated the way for this cock to now punch itself inside me. My own cock was dripping on the sheets beneath me. While it wasn’t the same as making love to Ethan, there was something sexy and raw about how Danny liked to fuck. I could see in my peripheral vision that Danny seemed to be reaching down for something as he fucked me, and in the outline of shadow it looked like flat, rectangular object. It had its own glow — his cell phone. As he went to pick it up, I took the risk of angering him, reached out and held his hand. “You don’t need it tonight, Danny,” I said. “Just be with me. Fuck me.” The world certainly didn’t need any more evidence of me having sex with underaged boys, but I also wanted Danny to just be in the moment, fucking my ass. Somehow my suggestion worked, and he dropped the cell and returned his attention to grasping my hips and fucking his cock inside me. Danny thrust faster and harder, the force of which made my legs shake and suddenly I was collapsing on the mattress. Now I lay on my stomach, my legs splayed wide as he continued to hammer at my used hole. I was able to relax and melt into the bed, just being able to feel him work himself urgently into me. I would never have imagined as an adult having this experience, but here I was, my ass on fire with hot, hard 13-year-old cock plunging inside me. Above me, I could hear Danny’s shaking breathing and felt drops splatter on my back. He was sweating, dripping himself on me. It made my own cock spit out another dollop of precum onto the sheets I was being rubbed against. He squeaked and grunt, his voice going higher and higher. It made my heart race — he was approaching his climax. “Oh, Danny,” I sighed, my voice breaking the silence. I didn’t quite know what else to say, as I didn’t want to say anything that might hurt Ethan if Danny were to retell the story of this rendezvous. So, I lay there, grunting his name in pleasure as he railed me. My back was now wet with our combined sweat. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he squealed out in short pained gasps as I felt his dick, buried deep inside me, start to jerk. “Fuck me, Danny,” I told him. “Cum deep inside me!” He squirmed and wriggled on top of me as I felt the warmth of him spreading through my rectum. His jerking cock pressed against my prostate one too many times, and I quickly unloaded on the sheets under us. Then I felt Danny collapse on top of me. It was probably the most intimate he’d ever allowed himself to be with me. In any of our previous sexual encounters, he never let himself go after orgasm, but always kept himself upright in order to quickly recover. But not tonight. His hard, compact body lay on me like deadweight. His cock still felt like it was twitching inside me. Damn, could he still be spurting — even after the several cums he had had today? But the feeling of him on me was nice, and despite the pressure on my low back, I could easily relax and drift away with him like this. But in a few minutes, he had caught his breath again and carefully lifted himself up, pulling his spent and softening cock from my well-worn ass. I could feel the stickiness between the load he left behind and my own load which was soaking into the bed beneath me. With a grunt of exertion, he pushed himself up and off the bed again. Then in a sudden and unexpected show of intimacy, I felt him place his hand over the globes of my ass. He caressed my skin softly, and one point allowing his finger to drop into the sloppy cum-splattered hole he had just filled. His touch was a comfort and it melted my heart just a little. In the dark of the bedroom, as I came down from my high, I could hear him slip on his own clothes — probably just the t-shirt and shorts he had been sleeping in. As I was almost falling to sleep, I felt him at my side again, lowering himself to the side of my face. “Tomorrow… your next weight-training session… after dinner,” he whispered. With those final words, I seemed to slip back into the oblivion of sleep, having just been built up and burned down by one of the most amazing fucks I had ever ail Other Nifty Stories by Mobius: The Brotherhood fty//gay/highschool/the-brotherhood-redux/

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