The Casting Couch Ch. 3

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The Casting Couch Ch. 3″Honey, I’m sorry we can’t go away like we’d planned.”Allison blinked at her husband and nodded, pretending to understand that his work was more important than their vacation. She’d been looking forward to escaping her life here in LA, which had become something of a nightmare ever since she’d first let Jeff touch her. Repeatedly for the past week and a half, he’d continued to seduce her, day after day, until afternoon fucks with the black man had become something of a routine. The first time he’d showed up at her work during lunch, he’d expected her to simply agree to leave with him, but she’d refused. He’d made sure to teach her not to say no again. Thinking he’d left her alone, she hadn’t noticed he was watching from a hiding place nearby. When she’d gotten up to go to the restroom, he’d followed and taken her right there against a wall in the thankfully empty restroom. After that, when he showed up at lunch, she’d let him take her to a motel or his apartment, fill her up with his cum in whichever hole he pleased, and then drop her back off at work.She’d also been making love to her husband at night, but Allison had to admit it wasn’t the same. She loved Michael with all of her heart, but he just couldn’t fill her the way Jeff could, and if her husband had noticed that she was no longer as tight as she’d once been, he never said anything. The truth was, they didn’t make love as often as they used to. He was too busy with his new job and hardly seemed to notice her anymore.The guilt was tearing her apart and wrecking her marriage. Mostly it was guilt because as much as she loved her husband, she was also growing to love having a big, black cock ramming her pussy every day. Before she truly became addicted, she knew she had to find a way to stop Jeff’s blackmail but didn’t have a clue what to do to prevent it.”I think I’ll just take a day or two off anyway,” she told her husband, watching as he packed for a business trip overseas. “There’s some errands I need to run, and some things to do around the house.” Not to mention, she might be able to avoid Jeff while thinking of a plan to get out of his blackmail.Pausing his actions, Michael looked at his wife and saw that she was upset that he had to cancel their trip. With a gentle smile, he walked over and took her in his arms. “Honey, we’ll take another trip. I just can’t pass up this opportunity. I know I’ll be gone a couple of weeks, but when I get back, we’ll go away, just like we planned, OK?””OK,” she told him, and smiled bravely. “Why don’t you start going back to acting class with Lisa,” he told her. “I know you said you just weren’t any good at it, but for a while there, you were really happy doing it. If it brought you that much joy, why not give it another shot?” Allison was horrified that he’d suggest such a thing. Going back to classes with Lisa would make it easy for Jeff to keep fucking her. Trying her best to avoid an answer, Allison helped her husband pack for his trip and drove him to the airport. When she got back home, there was a message on her answering machine from the last person she wanted to hear from.”Hi, Allison, this is Jeff. I talked to Lisa last night after class and she told me your husband couldn’t go on vacation and you’re home alone. Give me a call when you get in and I’ll come over. My cock’s hard just thinking about you, baby.”Damn him. How dare he think he could manipulate her like this. Allison erased the message and decided not to return the call. Later that night, she heard someone knocking on the door and when she looked out the window and saw Jeff’s car, she refused to answer him. “Listen up, bitch! I know you’re in there, so come to the fucking door before I kick it in!” he yelled.Allison almost refused to answer him at all, but she was afraid his yelling would disturb the neighbors, so she reluctantly unchained and opened the door. “Damn straight, bitch. I own you, remember? Try that again, and your husband will get a nasty surprise when he gets back to work.”Allison paled, remembering the video Jeff said he had of them fucking. But she refused to give in so easily again. She would fight Jeff tooth and nail if she had to. She would not let him take her in her marriage bed again.When he started stripping off his clothes, Allison panicked and lied, “I can’t! It’s the wrong time of the month for me. Sorry, but you’re not getting any tonight.”Jeff stilled his movements, surprised she had gotten her period when he was positive he’d pumped enough sperm in her belly to knock her up good. Not that it mattered. If she wasn’t pregnant with his black baby now, she would be by this time next month.He continued to remove his clothes as he gazed at her sexy body. She was wearing only jeans and a tight tee shirt that showed her bare midriff. “You’ve still got a mouth, don’t you?” When she realized what he meant, she started to sink to her knees, but he told her, “Uh-uh. Take off the clothes first. I want to feel your tits while you suck me.”Allison slowly removed her clothes, praying he wouldn’t be able to tell she’d lied to him about getting her period. She made a point of not removing her panties and quickly got to her knees and reached for the proud, black shaft that hung half-erect between his thighs. She took the huge pole and slowly worked it into her mouth. Jeff slid his black hands down over her white shoulders and slid his fingers into her hair, pulling her head closer to his body, so that she was forced to take his cock down her throat.After a few minutes, he pulled her away and walked over to the sofa, then nodded for her to follow. She knee-walked over to him and picked up where she left off, sliding her hands along his black thighs and pushing them apart as she lowered her head and took his cock between her lips again.Jeff groaned and reached down to fondle her ripe tits. Her head began a bobbing motion and he felt his sperm churning inside his balls. Too bad he wouldn’t be shooting any into her eager pussy tonight. He loved the way she always spasmed and cried out when his hot cum splashed against the walls of her womb. He smiled thinking about his plan to use her to get into her friend Lisa’s panties too. Aside from which, he’d lost some gambling bets he needed to pay off, and if killing two birds with one stone meant sharing Allison with a few of his friends, it would be well worth it.”I’ve got some news for you,” he panted as she came close to bringing him off. “I got a part in a movie…unggh….gotta leave town for a week….oh, yeah, baby, just like that…unggghh,” he grunted beneath her.He bucked his hips and held her head on him as he shot wad after wad into her belly. When he was finished, he pulled her up and mashed his thick lips against hers, sliding his tongue inside in a hot, sexy eating sort of kiss.”Damn, baby, but I wish I could slide inside your hot pussy tonight.””You can’t,” she told him in a heated daze.”I know,” he agreed. “But by the time I get back, you’ll be nice and ready for me.”Allison finally realized what he’d been telling her earlier. He had to leave town. Thank god, he was leaving her alone for a few days.”But if you’re a good girl while I’m away, I might have a surprise for you and your friend Lisa when I get back,” he told her, dragging her across his naked lap and fondling her heavy tits again. “What?”Jeff smiled. He’d been working up to this part of his plan all week. “This movie I’ve got a part in…I’ve worked with the producer before,” he said, leaning down to kiss her trembling lips. “And he’s getting ready to start another movie in a few months, and he needs a few unknown actresses to star in it. I might be able to get you both an audition. Would you like that?”Allison nodded, feeling feverish as his hand tweaked at her nipples. But it took Allison a few seconds to realize what he’d said. His hands were dangerously close to bringing her off, just by playing with her tits. “W-w-what? I don’t want any part–“”Sure you do, baby,” he said. “And so will Lisa.”Allison blinked, trying to push him away. She’d love to act in a movie, but she was quickly learning, if Jeff was involved, there had to be strings attached. She didn’t want to owe him any favors. And what kind of movie was he talking about? Surely not a porno?She asked him so and he denied it, “What kind of jerk do you think I am? It’s a horror movie, but it’s got some A-list names attached. Besides, it’s a start, and it’ll get you some attention.”Allison still wanted to say no, but what güvenilir bahis about Lisa? The other woman had been a good friend to Allison, and she was a talented actress just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. How could she deny her the chance?”Just think about it,” Jeff told her as he got dressed. “I’ll let you know as soon as I’m back in town.”***The next week came and went, and when Jeff called to tell her she and Lisa were invited to a special party he was throwing for his producer friend, she felt she really had no choice but agree to go. Lisa was overjoyed at the opportunity to meet some influential people in the business. She talked about how happy she was to be invited nonstop all the way to the house where the party was being held, and Allison felt terrible about almost hiding the opportunity from her.”Ladies,” Jeff greeted them at the door. “You both look terrific!””Thanks,” Allison said, eyeing the people in the large living room. How come there were only men? And was it a coincidence most of them were black?Laying his arms across their shoulders, he whispered good-naturedly, “See, I did you a favor. I didn’t invite any other actresses to the party. Here’s your chance to make a lasting impression. Shall I introduce you to my friend producing the movie?””Oh, yes!” Lisa said happily. “Which one is he?’Jeff smiled to himself as he guided the two hot white women to his friend Barry. Barry was actually a poor white guy with great looks and some talent at acting. He was a great poker player though, and Jeff expected to pay off his debt to him tonight with Allison and Lisa’s help. To top things off, Jeff was feeling pretty good about himself. He actually had finished a small part in a film, and a few days ago, he’d asked his girl to marry him. Her father was a record producer, and she herself was well on her way to becoming the next Janet Jackson. Jeff knew he’d better snatch her up to help his own career, and he did love her. But tonight, it was time to celebrate his good fortune by digging into some fresh white pussy!”Ladies, this is Barry Simmons,” Jeff introduced them. “You might know his name from such movies as ‘Scream’ and the ‘Planet of the Apes’ remake,” he lied. Dumb bitches wouldn’t even know who produced the movies anyway.”Really?” Lisa purred. “They were both great movies.” “Thank you. And you’re Lisa?” he asked politely. “And you must be Allison. Jeff tells me you both have a great deal of talent. Perhaps we could arrange an audition sometime. I’m getting ready to start a new movie, very similar to ‘Scream,’ in fact.” Barry delivered the rehearsed lie with ease, Jeff noticed and smiled at his friend.The two women spent a good hour listening with rapt attention to Barry’s every word. Jeff noticed that his other friends, most of whom he owed money, watched patiently, knowing before the night was over, they’d be enjoying some of this sweet pussy. Jeff noticed that Allison, who’d been tense ever since she came in the door, was beginning to relax, and decided it was time to step up to phase two of the plan. Nodding at his friend Ken from across the room, he watched as one of his friends slipped some pills into two drinks, though he was getting definite vibes that said the chemicals wouldn’t be necessary for Lisa. The sexy white bitch obviously knew the Hollywood game and was willing to play it to get this part.”Care for a drink?” Ken asked, presenting a tray of wine glasses for the group. On cue, Jeff lifted one glass he knew wasn’t spiked and began to drink it. Then Lisa, and finally Allison, accepted the only two drinks left on the tray.Allison was starting to think she’d worried for no reason. Barry Simmons obviously knew the movie business very well, and he seemed very impressed with she and Lisa. If he could arrange an audition, she felt sure they might actually get some parts in the movie.After a few minutes, she began to lose focus on what Barry was saying. Try as hard as she could, she couldn’t concentrate, and was relieved when one of the men in the room came over and asked her to dance. Nodding, she allowed the man to lead her to the center of the room. Loud techno music was playing, and he started grinding against her. If Allison didn’t know better, she’d swear she was drunk, but since she’d only had a few glasses of wine, she knew it was impossible. Her body felt very relaxed, and she didn’t protest when another man came over and started grinding against her from behind.The wine and the fatigue from weeks without much sleep must have been having their affect on her judgment. She let herself be tugged and pulled this way and that by the two men as each one brushed her breasts with his elbow and hands as he caught her on spins and twirls. A slow dance started and the bigger of the two men pulled her into his arms with his hands resting lightly on her upper buttocks. She could feel his “package” against her thighs through the thin material of his pants as he moved her around the floor. Her legs were turning to jelly, and she felt the room begin to spin around her.”I feel sick,” Allison murmured in a daze, grabbing his biceps for support. The big black man leaned over and said, “Why don’t we go sit down, baby.”She nodded and tried to look around for Lisa, but could barely lift her head, let alone move her feet to walk. She had to rely on the big, black man’s support and didn’t even realize he’d taken her to one of the bedrooms until she felt herself being lowered to a bed.”Still feel sick?” the man asked as he reached down and pulled off her high heels, and Allison nodded. She didn’t know why the room was still spinning when she was sitting down. She felt herself being turned over onto her side so that she was facing the side of the bed. Then a waste bucket was placed there so that she could be sick in it if she had to.The big, black man turned to the doorway and nodded at Jeff, who was watching to make sure everything was set. With a smile, Jeff said softly, “Have fun,” and pulled the door shut behind him, leaving the sexy white woman alone with Toby, a former football linebacker he’d become good friends with and who he owed almost a grand to. Besides which, this was Toby’s house, and he’d demanded to be the first to fuck some sweet pussy.Once the door was closed, Toby glanced at the sexy woman on the bed and began peeling off his clothes until he had nothing on, his long 13-inch love muscle dangling between his legs. Licking his lips, he drew closer to the bed, watching her carefully. Jeff had said she might put up a fight, but the ecstasy they’d put in her drink would make her nice and easy for him and his friends to enjoy. This sexy white bitch was gonna get a lot of cock tonight. whether she liked it or not.As he climbed onto the bed behind her, he heard her gasp in surprise, but she was so out of it, she was practically asleep and probably thought she was dreaming. He moved closer behind her, pressing his hard muscled body against her soft backside, his soft cock nestling comfortably against her round ass. He slid one arm around her middle, pulling her close to him as he said, “Here, baby, big Toby will help you feel better.”Allison felt like she was dreaming. She felt the man lay down behind her and pull her close against him. She also felt his naked thighs pressing against the back of her bare knees beneath the short dress she’d worn tonight. When his hands slid up her stomach to fondle her breasts, she moaned, feeling incredibly hot and excited, though she didn’t know why. She certainly didn’t want this stranger touching her like that.”You like that, huh?” Carefully, he slid the straps of her dress down until her braless breasts popped free, then he helped work the straps down over her arms so that the material was bunched beneath her tits. “Here, feel better? Now we got you all nice and loose. Perfect,” he praised as he slid one arm underneath her and his big black hands swallowed her heavy breasts and started playing with them.Allison squirmed and felt something beginning to poke her in the butt. One of his hands moved down to the hem of her dress and began sliding the material up as his hand homed in on her pussy. When he encountered the material of her thong panties, he said, “Why don’t we make you more comfortable? Let’s take these off, baby,” and began to wiggle the panties over her hips and down her legs until they were completely free from her body.Shifting behind her, the man once again settled against her backside, his obviously hard türkçe bahis cock poking her in the back now. He bunched her green dress around her waist, then shifted her so that she was laying on her back. Allison watched him move over her, and even though she knew what was happening, she was powerless to resist. Her muscles had turned to jelly, and her body seemed ravaged by a fever. She was so hot and wet, she literally ached for release.”Oh yeah, baby, you look hot,” he growled and lowered himself between her thighs, his lips sliding down on hers as his hands molded her firm tits with his strong black fingers. His tongue dove into the moist heat of her mouth for a long, deep kiss before lifting and moving down to one of her nipples. “I love the taste of a white bitch in heat,” he said, licking his way down her body, tugging at her dress until it was bunched around her knees. Lifting her legs, he pulled the thing completely off her, leaving her bare-assed naked in front of him. He ran his tongue around his thick lips as he saw the patch of neatly trimmed light hair covering her mound. He loved the taste of white pussy, but he liked it even better when that pussy was shaven. Still, he wasn’t about to complain as he lifted her hips and pulled her ass to the end of the bed. He moved to the floor for better access of her sweet cunt. Allison felt herself being dragged along the bed and groaned. She should really be going, she thought somewhat frantically, and wondered why Lisa hadn’t come to find her yet. Then she felt something hard and wet run against her pussy lips and realized the black man was licking her cunt. She bucked and moaned in pleasure when he buried his face in her muff and began eating her out like a pro. His tongue pushed all the way inside her and was almost the same size as her husband’s penis. Oh, god, she didn’t want to feel this way…she gasped and moaned as he slurped at her juicy cunt for several minutes. Allison felt several orgasms rip through her drained body, one right after the other. After one particularly deep climax, he continued eating her out, bringing her close yet again. But just as she was about to let loose, she felt him pull his face away and stand up between her legs. “You know, I’ve got some contacts in the movie business too,” he was saying, sliding his hands up and down her thighs as he stared at her sopping wet pussy lips. “A good looking woman like you could get a lot of parts.” She felt his large cock rub against her labia and start to press inside her. She shook her head. No! her mind was screaming, but her body wouldn’t cooperate. She’d gotten a glimpse of the man’s cock as he moved over her, and he was even larger than Derrek had been. No way could she handle that monster in her pussy. No way! He tried working himself inside her with obvious difficulty, while Allison tried to summon the willpower to push him away. After a few seconds, she managed to move her arms, and then pushed and pulled herself up and away from that massive intruder. She didn’t get far, but the man must have realized she wasn’t willing because just as he was about to slip further inside her, she felt him stop, then pull out completely.”Good idea, baby,” he said. “The position we were in before was easier for you to take my big meat.”Then he got on the bed beside her and dragged her up a little before turning her limp body onto her side again. She felt his huge cock pressing against her ass and feared that he might try to take her asshole. God, he’d kill her if he did. She tried telling him so, but the words came out jumbled and sounded like a moan. “Shh, baby, I know,” he said and slid his hand between her thighs, his fingers finding her juicy cunt. After finger-fucking her for several seconds to make sure she was still lubricated, Toby reached down and lifted her leg back and over his so that his big cockhead was lined up perfectly with the hole in her pussy. “Tony Jr.’s gonna take care of that ache for you, baby,” he whispered, licking her earlobe just as he pushed his hips against her ass and slid his meat into her wet canal. He went in a lot easier from this angle and managed to get about half his cock inside her on the first thrust. Allison squealed and wiggled her hips, trying to push him out. God, she’d never felt so full! It was soooo big! “Ahh, fuck!” she gasped as he pushed inside another inch.Toby wrapped one hand around her thigh to keep her leg up and over his as he slowly began pumping his hips in and out. On the third stroke he pushed deeper and kept pushing until he felt his cock flip against the top of her cervix and his balls rest on her ass. Damn, Jeff was right. This bitch was built to take black cock. No woman’s cunt had ever swallowed his meat whole like this. “Damn, baby.”He held still, savoring the feeling of this tight cunt wet and warm around him, and slid his hand until it was resting on her stomach. He’d wondered if he could feel the impression of himself pushed up in her through her skin and was certain he did. With a smile, he slid his hand back to her thigh, lifted it a little higher and began pumping his hips like a madman, sawing his penis in and out of that sweet pussy like this was the last fuck he’d ever experience. The white bitch loved it. Every time his cock head touched her cervix, she squealed and spasmed around him.Allison lost count of the number of orgasms that washed over her as the black man hammered away at her pussy from behind. She was beginning to get some energy back and one hand clawed at the bedspread beneath her while the other lifted and tried to push back at the black hip pounding into her. But she felt a major orgasm rush up from her loins and couldn’t stop his humping her even if she’d had her strength. She hadn’t even recovered from that orgasm yet when the man suddenly released her leg and pulled out of her.Toby rolled the woman over onto her knees and lifted her up by her tummy. Spreading her thighs wide, he wanted to fuck this bitch doggie style when he busted his nut inside her. Allison was panting and gasping when she lifted her head and glanced over her shoulder. He positioned his large head against her pussy again and pushed inside with one long, slow, deep thrust that rang a soft scream from her throat. The mixture of pain and pleasure was incredible, and she felt herself tense then flood with orgasm for about the fifth time since he’d entered her. She felt his cock spread through her pussy so that the head popped into her cervix and lodged itself inside her womb. She threw her head back and screamed like she’d never screamed before. She felt his cock begin to swell, making it even bigger as it pressed against her insides. She squealed. She’d never felt so good! Oh, god, she’d never! Her body erupted in the biggest orgasm she’d ever had, and the sensation was too much. She passed out, still feeling his cock slide in and out of her pleasure hole.Toby was grunting as he heaved himself in and out of her sweet cunt. Damn, this bitch was good. Her pussy muscles were clamping tight to his big meat. “Fuck,” he breathed again and again. He couldn’t believe she was taking all of him. Toby gave a loud roar and buried his cock deep inside her. His body tensed as he grabbed hold of her sexy hips and held her ass tight against his stomach. Allison was just coming to when she felt gallons of hot cum shooting into her womb, splashing against her inner walls and sending her into her final orgasm. Even after he’d pulled his now soft penis out of her, she was still throbbing in the throes of a massive climax.”Damn, baby, you sucked the life out of Toby Jr.,” Toby said, collapsing back on the bed, breathing hard. After a few minutes, she felt, then heard him get off the bed and start to get dressed. Allison was in that place between sleep and consciousness when she thought she heard more voices in the room.Toby opened the door and smiled as he greeted his friends. “Damn, that bitch is one great fuck. Who’s next?”Jeff and Barry were no where to be seen, and Toby knew they were in another room with the other white bitch. He figured he watch this one get nailed again while he regained his strength, then do her again. Maybe he’d see if the other one could handle his cock too. Eric, one of his former teammates, stepped forward and smiled, as did one of Jeff’s friends from the movie business, a short hispanic guy in his late forties.When Eric looked into the bedroom, he let out a long wolf whistle, seeing the white bitch still laying güvenilir bahis siteleri there with her naked ass in the air, cum running in streams down her creamy white thighs. “Looks like you filled her up good,” he praised and began removing his clothes. Though he had probably the smallest dick of any black man Toby had ever seen, Eric was still a respectable size at five inches. What he lacked in length, he made up in thickness. “Guess that means I’ll have to find another hole to fill up, huh?” he laughed.Allison was half asleep when she felt someone lift and turn her over onto her back. Lifting heavy eyelids, she saw a black man, different from the one before, standing naked over her. She watched as he crawled onto the bed on top of her, his cock hanging soft between his thighs. When he straddled her chest and pushed his hips at her, she felt him slide his hands into her hair and pull her head forward, towards his awaiting cock.”Suck me off, sweetheart,” he told her, and Allison did nothing more than part her lips before she felt him wrap a hand around his length and push his fat cock inside her mouth. Feeling very tired, but growing hot again, she licked her tongue up and down his shaft several times before he commanded, “Suck it, bitch!”She’d just started to suck him off when she felt hands on her thighs, slowly pushing them apart. Then she felt a cock pressing into her again, though this time it felt much thinner than before. She heard a man’s voice, very accented, groan and say, “Just gonna get myself all wet and slick so I can push inside that ass.” Oh, god, she was being fucked by a Mexican and black man at the same time. The man between her legs stroked in and out about five or six times before pulling out of her cunt. She felt him lifting her legs and pressing her thighs toward her chest. With her ass pointing up more, he aimed his cockhead at her puckered anus and began to push inside. He slid in easily, thanks to prior stretching by Jeff and the lubrication from her pussy.She grunted against the cock in her mouth, and the man who had his cock sliding between her lips grew impatient. Grabbing her behind the ears, he began to face fuck her, fast and hard, and it didn’t take long for him to cum in her mouth. Frantically trying to swallow it all so she could breathe, she felt the man between her legs pounding her ass hard and fast until he too came inside her. She had cum running out of three holes and was horrified to hear the man who’d just cum in her mouth laugh and say, “Damn, this bitch can suck. Who’s next?”A black guy from her acting class–she thought his name was Keith–asked someone to get a towel so he could clean her up. Thank god, she thought. He was going to help her.Keith had savored the sight of this sexy blonde, with her tight green dress hugging some delicious curves, a hot, plump ass and some generous tits as soon as she’d walked in tonight. Actually, he’d been in lust with her sexy body since the first day she’d walked into the acting class. She’d ignored him totally, but tonight, she was gonna feel his cock pound her white pussy until she begged for more. He took the towel someone handed him and began wiping away the abundance of cum running out of her. Geez. She was pumped full of semen. The towel made a squishing sound as he wrapped it around a finger and tried to dig the fluid out of her pussy. The bitch moaned at the sensation, and he decided she was clean enough for him.Allison trembled, needing release and yet confused by her feelings. Keith slid his large, black hands up her arms and onto her breasts, which were still heavy with desire. “Come on, Allison,” he said and helped her raise herself to her feet. When her helpless body fell against him, seeking support, he slid an arm under her own and helped her take a few steps. The other men were looking at him like he was crazy until he smiled, leaned down and ate at her mouth, keeping her distracted as he walked her over to the wall. Releasing her mouth and propping her up against the wall, face first, he slid his black fingers down her smooth white back until they rested on her round asscheeks.Keith smiled to himself, taking in her curvy backside and the fall of her hair over her shoulders. Her sweet snow white ass was reddened by the recent fuck from Miguel and was directly in the focus of his eager gaze. He wanted to fuck her right up the ass for the way she refused to admit she wanted his black cock, and decided he just might do that before he left tonight. Figuring he had her right where he wanted her, Keith was ready to slam his black dick into her white pussy, but he wanted to tease her first. He reached out with his right hand and placed it firmly on the wall directly above Allison’s head, flexing his forearm muscles, sending her a message of his power. Bending down and pulling her long honey blonde hair away from the side of her face, he leaned in and whispered coarsely into her ear. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you, bitch?” he asked simply. “I-I don’t know,” she trembled against the wall, confused about what she wanted. Her pussy was on fire and needed to be quenched, but she didn’t want this black man to fuck her.”Don’t lie.” He raked his front teeth along her ear and roughly bit her earlobe, causing the speechless married woman to wince and cry out. He liked seeing her in this lewd display and was ready to progress things.Feeling Keith’s right hand drop away from the wall beside her face, and his left hand leave the curvy shape of her ass, a second later, she felt both of his large powerful palms on the inside of her toned thighs and with a swift push out, he helped open her legs wide. With the side of her face and hands flatly pressed against the wall in front of her and her legs spread wide, she heard the loud rip of his zipper behind her. Less than five seconds after hearing the zipper pulled down, the weight of his cock smacked against her bare white ass. Desperately wanting to turn back and see what he was preparing to unleash upon her, she felt his fingers search for and find the folds of her slick pussy lips, and as he caressed them, she moaned and pressed against the wall instead. Then Keith grabbed her by the back of the head and tilted her face so he could slide his tongue in her mouth as he lined his cock up with her dripping wet pussy. Allison gasped around his tongue in her mouth and winced feeling the incredible stabbing pain of his thick black dick pushing into the folds of her sore, raw cunt without warning. He pulled his mouth back and shoved his cock as deep as it could go, pushing past her cervix. “Ohhhh, fuck,” she cried out loud enough that if anyone was in the next room, they would have thought someone was being taught a painful lesson. Keith knew that after handling Toby’s mammoth cock, he wasn’t hurting Allison by shoving his skinnier 11-incher into her pussy. She was screaming in pleasure, not pain. He slid even more of his girth into her from behind. Then he began powerful, pistonlike fuck motions, savoring the way the willing white woman’s body shook violently under his brutal assault. He loved the sound of his hips slapping skin as he pounded her good and hard. Allison moaned out load. “Oh god, that feels good!” she cried, and began to shake her ass back against the black man working his cock into her from behind.A few seconds later, Keith groaned, feeling his black cock spewing its seed inside the obscenely spread pussy of the married white woman he was fucking. “Ahhhh…Ahhhhh….Ahhhhh,” Allison gasped noisily as his cum pooled in her cunt and slowly started dripping down her inner thighs and onto the carpet below. “Ahhhh!”Keith’s hard body still pinned her to the wall, his half-hard cock still dug up inside her twat as she spasmed around him. Before she was down to earth, he slowly slid out of her and pressed his cockhead against her asshole. Allison quivered in delight. When he pressed inside her tight hole, she winced, feeling a little soreness, but otherwise, no pain, only pleasure.As he worked his hips, pushing in and out of her, her orgasm began to build up again, and he knew it. Circling his hips, he smiled when she reached back to grab hold of his hips. As he released his seed deep in her bowels, Allison screamed in delight. Barely lifting her head, she looked around the room and saw at least five more men shedding their clothes. All but one was black. Oh, god, she thought, as she felt one man lift and carry her to the end of the bed. He turned her over onto her stomach with her knees on the floor. His long cock slid against her raw pussy and she gasped when she felt him begin to slide inside. Allison’s last thought before she flew into another orgasm was, where the hell was Lisa?

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