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Cock Rub

Subject: The Chronicles of the Iron Grizzly Series – Utah, Day 2 Day 2 Me: Dude… you around? Davy: Ya, whats going on? You suck his dick again? Me: HAHA, no. But I ran into him again at the toilet this morning. He was with his younger brother. While waiting on the toilet stall so I could go take a dump I chatted with guys brother, who was waiting on him to get done (taking a dump) so they could leave. Thinking he looked a lot younger than the guy I sucked, I asked him how old he was. Boy say’s “just turned 15 a couple of weeks ago, goin’ into the 10th grade this year”. We chit-chat for a bit when he nods to the toilet stall and says “My brother Max was talking about you this morning like he knew ya, did you guys meet somewhere before”? Davy: really? Weird he was talking about you to his family. That’s odd! And now you know his name! Me: Not half as odd as this… His brother (the guy I sucked last night) came out of the stall and walked right out the door with barely a glance in my direction (I’m sure he could hear our conversation), but did cut his brother off by saying “Come on, let’s go, don’t talk to that fag”. As little brother was leaving he said to me “looks like I gotta go, We’ll have to chat more about it later.” as he winks at me while the door closes. Davy: What? Do you think he knows something? Me: I couldn’t tell. He had a charm about him that might suggest otherwise. Anyway, I’m heading to lunch with the family. Talk with ya later! Davy: Ok, CIAO! —–Later that night—– Me: OMFG dude, you around? Davy: Yes, what’s up man? One second, let me switch to my laptop. Me: you’ll never believe what happened to me tonight. Davy: Ok, all set. What? You run into that guy again? Did he finally suck you this time? What is so urgent? Me: Ok, I go up to take a shower about an hour ago and as I approach the door to the shower house I notice that guys little brother, the one I chatted with this morning. We get to the entrance at the same time and I hold the door open for him and greet him “Hey there Max’s brother” since I didn’t know his name. He nods and says “Hi” as he walks past me with a grin. As I let the door close behind me he turns and says the most peculiar thing “I know what you and my brother did in the shower last night” Davy: WTF? How would he know? Me: Right? I was shocked a little as he continued with “and tonight you’re going to suck me” Davy: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? What do ya say to that? Me: I looked around to see the place was completely empty, and then said “Well, as much fun as that sounds, you already told me this morning that you are 15 and I can’t do that. Sorry bud” Davy: And how did he take that? Me: He sort of chuckled and said “Well, it’s your choice. You can choose to suck me or I can choose to go back to camp and tell my dad you barged into my shower stall and tried to molest me” Davy: NO HE FUCKING DIDN’T! No Fucking way! Me: As honest as a day in church dude, I was floored. I didn’t know what to say or do! As I stuttered and stumbled over my words, he had moved around to the exit door and had his hand on the door handle. “What it’s going to be dude? You go into the shower stall çankaya escort and strip or do I go get my dad?” he asks. Davy: Holy shit man. Me: I know dude, what would you do? Davy: I’d tell him to go suck himself and to fuck off, but that’s just me I suppose. Me: So he could sense my hesitancy and he let go of the door handle and began ushering me into a shower stall. Before I had my wits about me, he had me backed into one of the showers and pushed the door closed. I said “I don’t want to do this man, you’re too young”. He was having none of it and put his hand on my right shoulder and latched the door with the other. He was pushing my shoulder down like he wanted me to get on my knees as he said “Good, That’s fine. It’s more fun if you don’t want to do it”. Davy: This kid sounds wicked, and sort of mean. Can’t you just barge out and get out of there? Me: I suppose I could, I wasn’t sure what to do. I said “Man, you are under age. I won’t do this”. Like a boss he put his other hand on my left shoulder and began really pushing me to the floor as he said “it’s this or jail dude and I already know you like to suck dick”. Davy: What a little asshole! “This or jail”, you could go to jail if you do it anyway! Me: I know man; I didn’t know what to do. He was moving so fast I didn’t have time to think about it (I had smoked a joint on the way to the shower). As I succumbed to the situation and fell to my knees, I could see his hard-on tenting his shorts as his boner was stretching them out. He actually patted me on the head and said “That’s a good boy, good choice”. He quickly shed his shorts and turned to face me showing off his huge fucking cock! It had to run in the family man, his dick was easily 7 inches. Not as big as his brothers, but damn near. Davy: So you did suck him… Me: I don’t feel I had a choice. As he turns to face me and show me his dick, he reaches out and grabs the back of my head and starts pulling me toward him. His cock hits my lips as they part to accept the fate that was dealt to me. He was so horny he didn’t take long. I don’t think it was even a minute. He was rough like his brother, long-dicking my throat with his massive cock. Good thing he wasn’t super thick. Davy: I can’t believe this all happened in a public shower house and nobody saw or heard you. Me: Someone did come in… more on that in a minute. The stalls are private and have locking partition doors. It’s also late so many people are at their campsites or in bed. Davy: Someone came in? Classic! Me: So he deep throats my face and dumps his loads down me. As he regains his balance and composure he begins to lighten up a little. I stood up wiping my face off and asked him “how’d I do?” and began gathering my things to leave. I didn’t want to get caught here with a 15 year old. He was like “You did great dude, really great”. Davy: “You did great”, like you even had a choice. Me: So kid continues with “and now I wanna see your dick”. I wanted to get going, and had on gym shorts, so I flashed the kid my dick (I was hard as hell). I really only wanted to get out of that stall without getting seen. He said “HAHA, çankırı escort all boned up with nowhere to go. Strip your clothes off so we can shower dude”. I said “Together?” and he said “Ya, I’m not done with you yet” Davy: Oh, did he blow you? Me: No, but I just wanted out of there. I tried to slip past him, but he caught me and pushed me back into the shower area. “Strip off those clothes so we can shower, or do I go get my dad?” he demanded. I gave in and stripped. He took off his shirt and turned on the water. I joined him and began to shower. He’s mumbling about how good I suck dick and how he had been waiting all day to catch me tonight. He had me soap him up and wash his back. I ended up washing all of him and his parts, which got him all hard again. He spun me around by my hips and slid his cock between my soapy cheeks. As he began a fucking motion with my ass he says “this feels really great”. We’re sloshing our soapy bodies all around as he’s pretending to fuck me, I’m letting him. He’s getting really hard and serious and say’s “You know, I’ve always wanted to fuck someone in the ass”. That’s when his dick hit my pucker, made me jump a little. Davy: Did he fuck you in the shower? Me: Yup. When he hit my fuck tunnel and made me jump he said “Ya, let’s fuck”. He pushed my back down so I would bend over, said “hold onto that hand rail man, and brace yourself”, and grabbed me firmly by the hips as he pushed his anaconda cock at my hole. When he was poking at my poop chute and began to enter me he squealed with delight, his dick head making entry and his shaft starting to slide in. He slowly pushed himself into me inch-by-inch until his entire 7″ cock was buried. He relaxed a little and got a new stance, stood a little taller and pulled out to his tip. The second stroke was long and smooth and didn’t stop until he was rooted deep in me. He gasped and said “This is fucking epic” as he setup a rhythm and began actually fucking me. My grip was tight to the rail and his was tight to my hips as he sped up and long-dick’d my prostate over and over. It was fucking incredible dude! His dick fit my ass perfectly and I didn’t want him to stop. He was gaining a nice pace and I was enjoying the fuck when we both heard the door open at the same time and stopped dead in our tracks. “JORDON, are you in here” came a young voice. The kid with his dick in my ass said “Yes, I’m almost done. I’ll be out in a bit” as he slowly restarted his love dance with my ass again. I was trying not to make any noise as I hissed out “who is that”. In paced breath he whispered in my ear “my younger brother Josh. He’s not going to bother us”. Davy: You have got to be kidding. He didn’t stop fucking you at this point? Me: Nope, his brother yelled out “ok, mom insists I take a shower tonight” and we can hear one of the other showers come on and the door latching as he locks his shower stall and turns on the water. The kid I now know as Jordan is fucking me again and I’m feeling fucking amazing. We are all soapy and wet and his nuts are slapping mine as we fuck. We aren’t making any sounds, but you can hear clearly what we are doing as we çayyolu escort collide on each thrust. He is stroking my prostate in all the right places and my dick is fucking rock hard and leaking. “I can hear you jacking off dude” his brother yells over to us and Jordan pants “well, mind your own business. I’ve caught you plenty of times. Sounds like you want to come over here and take my load” as he chuckles. “No way dude, in your dreams” he hollers. I’m barely aware of what they are bantering about as this boy is about to make me cum. His strokes are getting faster and his cock is beginning to swell letting me know he’s about to blow, when I begin spontaneously shooting cum out of my dick. I cum so hard I see stars and I clamp down on Jordan’s dick with my asshole, gripping his slick dick with all I have. I’m holding onto that hand rail with all my might to keep from falling over as he grunts out “Oh shit, here I cum” softly in my ear. He then slams his cock up my ass as far and as hard as he can and explodes. It’s 12 or more hard pounds with squirt after squirt of his seed getting deposited. It’s fucking hot as hell Davy; I don’t think I’ve ever cum without touching my dick before dude. I’ve been fucked before, but nothing like this kid did to me. He stayed in me for a few minutes to come down before he finally pulled out with a slosh. We rinsed off and did a little more washing. As we were about done, we heard the little brothers shower turn off and he exited after a short time. “When you get done spanking your monkey, get back to the camper pervert” Josh said as he left the shower house. As the door clanked closed, we finished toweling off and getting dressed. Davy: Holy shit man; you almost got caught fucking with that kid! Me: I know man; it was scary and hot as hell at the same time. We both got our stuff together and started to walk out the door. Jordan stops and say’s “Ya did good old man. I’ll never forget this, you’re a good fuck”. Davy: What a prick! Sounds like he gets off on the power trip. Me: Ya, I think so too. Honestly, I really liked being subservient to the kid; it really got me off good. He may have shown me something new I really will enjoy. So we are leaving the shower house and sitting on the wall outside the door was his little brother Josh. Josh saw me and said “where did you come from?” I mumbled something about being in the shower in the corner, I felt sort of trapped and wanting to get out of there again. He had a weird look on his face like he didn’t believe me, but I kept walking as Jordan and Josh pair off to go in the direction of their campsite and disappeared into the night. Davy: Oh My God dude, now you’re gonna end up sucking his little brother I bet. Maybe the whole family is perverted. You said little brother, how old do you think he is? Me: I’m not sure dude, but not much younger. Prolly 13 or 14. I’m not sucking that boy off, he is too young. Davy: But what if he makes you like his brother did? Me: I’m going to avoid being alone with them from now on. I’m taking my showers in the morning or with other people around. Well, that’s about the end of it; I got back about 15 minutes ago. I’m going to get ready for bed, I’m beat up and worn out. Davy: Dude, I’m not gonna lie. That’s a fucked up night. Me: I know man; I’m still reeling from it. Catch ya later! Davy: Sounds good man. Good Night. To be continued… Comments welcome, please donate to the site.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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