The Closet Ch. 02

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Judy looked at her cell phone again, and noticed she still had 10 minutes before Stacy was due home. She was getting more and more aroused, but there wasn’t a thing she could do about it until her nineteen year old daughter got there. Judy had come to terms with the fact that she couldn’t have a real orgasm unless she was watching her daughter get fucked by her big black boyfriend. She’d tried to masturbate on many occasions, but if she wasn’t watching Stacy, she didn’t cum. At first fantasizing about watching Stacy and her black lover would take her over the edge, but that all changed after a few days.

* * * * *

Judy was horny. Again. It had been 12 hours since she’d had her last orgasm, and it wasn’t that big. She’d only have big orgasms when she was watching Stacy. Her small orgasms were from imagining watching Stacy fucking her black guy. It was almost to the point where her imagination wasn’t getting very far without some visual aid. There wasn’t much she could do about it though. Her husband was home in the family room watching TV, and Stacy was out shopping with her friends. Judy picked up the local paper and scanned the entertainment section. There was a new movie in theaters, and even though it wasn’t as popular as the other films currently out, Judy decided to go see it. She’d seen a few of the other movies with her family, and the ones she hadn’t seen, didn’t appeal to her. Grabbing her beige purse and heels that were a perfect match to her rose colored dress, Judy kissed her husband on the cheek as she promised to be back soon. When she arrived at the theater, she noticed it wasn’t as busy as she had thought it would be.

“I guess late Wednesday afternoon isn’t a busy time in the movie business.” she thought to herself.

She bought the needed supplies, popcorn, cola and a box of candy, and headed to theater
. The ads had just started, and Judy was shocked to see only one or two other people in the whole theater. Assuming more would show up sooner or later, Judy sat down in the middle of the front section, and waited for the movie to start.

Halfway through her popcorn, and twenty minutes into the movie, Judy heard a soft moan that wasn’t coming from the movie… it was coming from the back of the theater. She shifted in her seat to shush whomever was being disruptive, only to notice that the people who were there earlier were either asleep, or completely engrossed in the slow-developing plot. That’s when Judy saw where the sounds were coming from. A young woman was sitting in the corner of the top row, and her body was arched in an erotic position. Judy felt herself get wet as she recognized the face of her own daughter, Stacy. Stacy’s boyfriend however, was nowhere in sight. That’s when Judy realized… his head was under Stacy’s long skirt. Stacy was getting oral sex right in the public movie theater!

Judy’s surprise and arousal built each other up as her brain registered what her eyes saw. No longer concerned for what was on the big screen, Judy watched the young couple, enthralled. Stacy’s body movements increased, and so did her moaning. A head popped out from between her legs, and motioned to the scarf around Stacy’s neck. Judy watched keçiören escort at Stacy removed the scarf Judy had bought her last year for Christmas and stuffed part if it in her mouth. Stacy’s lover’s head disappeared between the skirt once more. Judy watched again as her daughter was brought up to full arousal.

Judy’s pussy and clit started begging to be touched. Judy silently scolded herself, both for her body’s apparent desire, and for forgetting her dildo at home. Hiking up her dress a bit, she started rubbing her fingers across her pussy and clit through her panties. Judy’s hands were still covered in buttery, stale popcorn, so she didn’t want to put her fingers inside her pussy, for fear of getting an infection. So, instead she kept rubbing on the outside; rubbing herself in small circles while she watched her daughter in the back row. After a few minutes of teasing herself, Judy could feel her panties getting damp. She started imagining that it was her up there, getting her pussy teased with her lovers long tongue. Judy started rubbing herself harder and faster, until soon, her body craved more. Frantically, she dug in her purse, searching for something, anything that she could use to pleasure herself with. All she could find was her favorite shade of coral lipstick. Wiping it off with a clean napkin, Judy teased her clit with the tube of lipstick. It wasn’t as good as her dildo, but it would do. The smooth round top of her lipstick built Judy’s orgasm up, slowly and steadily. Judy’s hips slowly rocked as she toyed with herself. Judy started drifting into her own little world, imagining she was out on a date with her husband. At the thought of her husband, her arousal dropped slightly. Judy changed her fantasy, substituting her husband for her daughters black lover.

In her fantasy, she was wearing a skimpy red dress; a dress that accentuated her luscious curves. Her six inch red heels made a sharp clacking sound as she walked into the theater with her date. Every eye turned to her, the men looked on with lust and desire, while the women glared in pure jealousy. They entered a busy theater and headed to the top row. As the lights in the theater went down, so did her lover. His lips kissed Judy’s clit and pussy lips through her lace black g-string. Judy started to moan, before her lover silenced her with a kiss on the lips. His hand returned to where his mouth left, and as he rubbed her pussy with his hands, he silenced her moans and pleas for more with his mouth.

Judy felt her body shake with a powerful orgasm while her lover stroked her constantly. In real life, Judy silently came in her seat. Her fantasy continued as her lovers hand pulled aside the small black lace and his mouth caressed her swollen bud. Judy tucked the lipstick tube under her panties and ran it along her bare clit. The cool tube made her shudder in another orgasm. In her daydream, her lover took a long sip of cola before licking her clit once again. The cold feeling of his mouth on her made the fantasy more real. As she slipped the tube inside her pussy, she imagined that his tongue was flicking in and out of her.

The busy theater patrons were absorbed in the box keçiören escort bayan office hit; too absorbed to notice her lover suckling her clit with extreme proficiency. His talented mouth made Judy cum a third time, her moans unsuppressed. The movie drowned her out though, choosing that moment for a loud car explosion. Both explosions were intense, but neither compared to the orgasm she was about to have. She glanced up at Stacy and her lover. Stacy’s hands were holding his head between her legs, and Stacy was biting down on her scarf, trying to silence her erotic sounds. Judy could tell that Stacy was almost there. She began rubbing herself with more fierceness, forgetting about her buttery fingers, and the other people in the theater. It was only her, Stacy and her daughters boyfriend. Judy saw when Stacy came, and it pushed her closer to a big orgasm. The three previous orgasms were small in comparison to the one she could feel building up. Then Judy saw the unexpected.

Stacy took the scarf out of her mouth, and waited for her boyfriend to sit down in his seat before she got down on her own knees. Judy almost came when she realized what Stacy was about to do. But Judy held off, knowing that if she came again, her body wouldn’t be able to handle another orgasm for a few hours. Forcing herself to slow down her rapid movements, Judy watched as Stacy’s head began to bob up and down on her boyfriends lap. The look of joy on his face turned Judy on so much that she couldn’t help but fantasize that she was the one giving him a blow job.

Judy had never given head before, not that her husband hadn’t asked. She’d always thought it was dirty; sucking on a mans penis. Now she wasn’t so sure. Stacy was obviously enjoying it. Stacy’s black lover grabbed hold of Stacy’s head, and Judy pretended that it was hers. With her free hand, she grabbed a fistful of her hair, and tugged to the movements of her daughter. Once again, Judy was close; there was no delaying the orgasm this time. She tried to prolong it as long as possible, but when she saw her daughter stop sucking the long black dick long enough to catch a fountain of the black man’s semen in her scarf, Judy blew. Her orgasm shook her whole body, and there was no way to stifle her erotic screams. The man who’d fallen asleep during the movie woke up and suddenly all eyes, including Stacy’s and her boyfriend’s, were looking in her direction.

Since she was between her viewers and the bright screen, Judy was sure she was just a shadow to them. Gathering her stuff, Judy rushed out of the theater before anyone tried to find out who she was. She was about to leave the building completely when she noticed another movie that was just starting. One she hadn’t seen. She slipped into that theater, and studied the movie like it was part of a college exam.

When Judy returned home, her family was eating leftover takeout. Stacy had a strange look on her face. Judy feared that her daughter recognized her as the one who’d been masturbating in the movies, especially when her husband asked her about her movie. Judy blushed with embarrassment as she tried not to stumble on the lie she’d concocted on the way home. escort keçiören As she’d told it, when she’d arrived at the theater, the movie had already started, so she went to see another. Relief flooded Stacy’s face, and Judy realized that her family believed her. Judy quietly excused herself from the room with the excuse that she’d already eaten and tried to get as far away from her family as she could, which happened to be in the laundry room out in the family’s garage.

Judy sighed, the suspense over, and decided to do a load of laundry or two while she was hiding out. As she looked down, she noticed the corner of something familiar sticking out from a wrapped up towel. The scarf that Stacy was wearing earlier. Had Judy not witnessed what her daughter did with that scarf earlier in the day, she wouldn’t have paid any attention to it now. But here it was, beckoning to Judy. She glanced around quickly, then seeing that she was still alone, carefully unwrapped it from the towel. The cum stains were still there, and Judy got wet when she saw just how much there was on it. There was no way one man could cum that much!

The wetness between Judy’s legs demanded to be dealt with, so Judy took the cum stained scarf and slipped it into her bra. Her large chest would conceal the scarf while she passed by her family. Judy threw a load of clothes in the washer in record speed, then joined her family back in the house. Her husband was glued to their wide screen, while Stacy had retired to her room for the night to study with her classmates via video-chat. Judy knew what that meant… Stacy was having video sex with her boyfriend, or so Judy suspected. She silently removed her dildo from it’s secret hiding place, and slipped into her bedroom to ‘take a bath’.

As she filled the bathtub, Judy took the scarf from her bra and began rubbing it on her pussy and clit. The thought that it had her daughters saliva on it, and her daughter’s boyfriend’s cum on it made Judy cum quickly. Not wanting anymore unwanted disruptions, Judy turned on the bathroom radio to drown out any sounds she would make. The scarf made Judy cum once more before she couldn’t wait any longer for her 10 inch dildo. She slipped into her hot bath water and slid her best friend inside herself. It felt so good, sliding her toy in and out in the slippery wet water, and soon Judy was continuing her earlier fantasy… this time her date was sticking his 10 inch dick inside her. Judy couldn’t help but moan as his cock filled her to the brink. Judy recently discovered, by accident, that her dildo was a vibrator. When she first turned it on, the vibrating sensation made her orgasm in a few seconds. She had a little more control now.

Lying in the tub, Judy switched her dildo on to low. The constant pulsing matched her lovers rhythmic pounding. Her cunt, clit and g-spot started throbbing in response. Judy was about to cum, and hard. She stopped only long enough to turn the radio up louder, then finished herself off. The wound up coil that was her arousal snapped, giving Judy another earth-shattering orgasm. She felt her body shoot out her squirt in the water, like strong streams shooting out of a pressured hose. She was sexually exhausted by the time she’d washed up, toweled off and crawled into bed. Stacy’s scarf was now on her bathroom floor, in a pile with her dirty laundry. Judy barely had enough energy to slip the dildo in between the mattresses before she passed out with a smile on her face and a swollen clit between her legs.

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