The Club – Chapter 4

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Mike phoned our order through as we took a seat. Lisa shuffled as close to me as possible, holding my arm tight. By the time we were settled, a waiter entered with a tray and served us the drinks we had ordered.“So,” opened Mike, “tell me about yourselves and what brings you here today.”We gave a potted history of us, listing the Mitch incident as ‘difficulties leading to counselling’. One of the things to come out of the counselling was that we had drifted apart in our interests and that should be one area of reconnection. Part of it was joining each other’s exercise regimes, Lisa started running, though she was not up to my distance yet, I joined her at the gym. Living where we did south lead to cliffs and north to the New Forest. It also made a lot of people think that we lived in Liverpool when we said we lived near Everton. What it also gave us access to was plenty of walks, which we had let drop off our list of hobbies.On one of our first outings, we found the grave of Alice Liddell in Lyndhurst, she was the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. That in itself was interesting to stumble over, but given ‘our’ New Year’s Eve, it touched both of us. It was little reconnections like this that, one by one, were picking up pieces of that mirror and glueing it back together again.We had also discussed Lisa’s need to submit both with and without the counsellor. Bless the internet, I could not believe the amount of information that was available. That said, this covered just about every kink, lifestyle and any and everything related. It started with learning basic terms and how they related to our situation and had details all the way to the harshest of practices, which frankly scared the heck out of both of us.Once we had explained all this to Mike, both taking turns to talk and fill in details. He smiled and picked up our papers off the table. After a few minutes reviewing them, he started to ask us some questions.“So, Lisa has been aware of her need since before you met?”Lisa nodded and gave some more info of her previous boyfriend, who was more Dominant than a boyfriend; although they had parted on good terms.“How much did you explain to Peter and push him to try and take on the role you needed?”Lisa looked at the floor and told Mike how at first she had been a little coy and hesitant to use certain words around me for fear of scaring me off. When we had tried, some things worked, some didn’t, but it did annoy her that I was so hesitant.“And all this came to a head, for some reason, that I don’t need to know, and ended with you booking this session?” Mike didn’t wait for an answer and continued, “What is it that you hope to achieve?”Lisa looked at me. “This is really on me. Lisa has spent nearly thirty years holding back and getting what little dribs and drabs she can from me. Some of that without me even realising, like how she pushed me to lead.“I had not recognised how important this was to her, it’s been kicking around since the very early days in one way or other. Lisa summed it up really well when our marriage started to implode; when I said master it was with a lower case ‘M’, not a capital.”“Actually,” Lisa interrupted, “I think the words I used included something like ‘you spit the word out’. Don’t pussyfoot, P, you hated almanbahis şikayet the idea.”Now it was Mike’s turn, “Thank you, Lisa, even without all the other information, you have confirmed my perception from the questionnaires. It’s obvious that you are the submissive, however, you do seem to need taking in hand.”Lisa must have felt me tense as she started to stroke my arm to settle me.“If we were in the main club, there would be potential for issues if people witnessed that exchange. Peter, Lisa should not be interrupting you, she should not talk to you disrespectfully and she really should be using honorifics.“Yes, we pride ourselves on being a good club and very novice-friendly, but seeing that could cause a couple of reactions. Some might see Lisa as a target, ‘she’s obviously not being trained properly’, ‘I can do a better job’, ‘I can take her from him’, shit like that.” When we exchanged looks, Mike carried on, “Ah, I’m guessing I hit a nerve. Sorry, I won’t pry,” he finished, holding up a hand.“The other reaction that you might elicit is one of genuine concern. Lisa has needs, and they would see these not being met and would feel sorry for her and may offer to help. These offers may or may not come to you. If people see you not looking after her, they may not respect you as a Dominant and therefore not feel the need to talk to you.” Mike paused to let that sink in.A smile broke over Mike’s face, “It’s fine, Peter, I get that is why you are here, but I don’t think a reality check hurts either.“When you go into the club proper, you will see sights that may shock you. If not shocked, I’m sure some will at least surprise you. What Lisa did, interrupting you and showing disrespect, should have been admonished straight away, even if it was just a look. You, Peter, seemed proud that she did it.“Let me explain. In the vanilla world, equal rights, speaking your mind, et cetera, are all virtues to be proud of and encouraged. If you are going to have a D/s relationship, then you will take on certain roles that ignorant people may look at as archaic. This, I think, is where your issue is, Peter.”“How do you mean?”“All of your relationship with Lisa has been spent supporting and encouraging her. Wanting the best from and for her. This is perfect and in some ways even more relevant to the lifestyle. It’s something I hope you never stop. However, she has always been your equal and again should remain so, but with a twist. You have seen examples of our lifestyle on TV and in books, read stories in newspapers, even seen or read that fifty shades… fiction. Correct?”“Well apart from fifty shades, Lisa won’t let me,” I laughed as I replied.“Uhuh.” He turned to Lisa and asked, “Topping from the bottom again?”Lisa looked abashed and blushed before looking at her feet and Mike smiled and chuckled. I looked at both of them, feeling at times, despite what I thought I had picked up, like I was learning a whole new language. Mike saw my confusion and explained what he meant.“From what I have read and in our brief conversation, Lisa is what many may refer to as a brat. That is, in itself, self-explanatory. Think of the little brat, stomping and squealing to get their own way. In the lifestyle, a brat will speak up, when they should be quiet. almanbahis canlı casino Will not do as they are told, sometimes to provoke a punishment, sometimes just because.” Lisa sniggered at this and Mike raised an eyebrow, before continuing, “And many other different things.”“Some see topping from the bottom as another bratty behaviour. Ordinarily, the top is the Dominant person, the bottom is the submissive one. Basically, it is her demanding, stating, stomping, seducing, cajoling, bribing you in one way or other to either get her way or lead your relationship in the direction she wants. However, she will always defer to you in the end and take the submissive role or at least claim that she does. This is very different from proper negotiations that you should include as an integral part of your journey.”“Well, to be honest, she has had to. I’ve got no real idea about being a dominant or master or what have you, so Lisa has had to help and guide me.”Lisa had elbowed me in the ribs and when I looked at Mike his eyebrows were pulled together.“Peter, how do you feel about being Lisa’s Dominant or Master?”“Why do you ask? Specifically, now?”“When you said ‘dominant, master or what have you’ I heard exactly what Lisa has; spitting the words out.”“I feel a lot better about it than I did, but I am still scared shitless.”“What scares you?” Mike asked.I sighed. “Getting it wrong. Getting it wrong and hurting Lisa or getting it wrong and pushing her away.”Lisa put her arm through mine and squeezed at the same time shuffling closer. Mike smiled at us both.“From all the signs I’ve seen; that you are here, that you are trying, mean everything to her.”“Yes! Oh, P, you don’t know just how much it means. I know this is alien to you, I know you don’t understand, but you are willing to try. That means the world to me. You won’t lose me, you won’t push me away. If you hurt me, I know it was an accident because you are trying, for me.“P, I trust you with my everything, if you do something that isn’t for our kids, it is out of your love for me. The counselling has helped us see each other clearer and I love you only and would only put you second to our kids. Though, they are big enough to take care of themselves. Everything I do is out of my love for you.”“There you go, Peter, all sorted, you can go home now,” Mike said with a smile.Lisa looked up at me and when I nodded, she turned to Mike and said, “In his defence, he is getting better. It seems to be in new situations that Sir has a bit of a wobble, but he is much better.”“And that’s what brings you here today,” Mike said. “You want to learn more about the lifestyle, about being a Dominant, about how to train and tame a brat, all that sort of stuff?”I looked at Lisa before looking back at Mike and answering, “I think that broadly sums it up.”Mike got up and ordered some more drinks, which were brought to us fairly quickly. As we waited for them, he explained some more about how he saw the evening progressing. Starting with some explanations and descriptions of some terms, then speaking to us separately and finally a tour of the club with the offer to have a few drinks with other members.“Okay, Peter, I’m going to treat you like you know nothing and that Lisa has not told you anything. almanbahis casino It’s not to be patronising or to try and make me appear better than you. Outside of all of this,” Mike said, waving his fingers, indicating the club, “you don’t know what I do, nor I you. I have no idea what you know, but would rather not make assumptions. So please, don’t take offence.”I nodded that I understood and Lisa squeezed my hand.“One thing to bear in mind, through my descriptions I will use masculine words, just for simplicity. More properly, women should be called Dominatrix and Mistress. You will also hear Dom and sub because it’s easier and quicker. If you hear someone referring to a woman it is Domme, D-O-M-M-E, as opposed to D-O-M for men.“BDSM,” he started and then paused to mull over his next words. “I suppose there are two eras pre and post-internet. Before the internet, it was spoken about in hushed whispers, like many lifestyles and kinks that have become more mainstream over the last twenty years. There were clubs like this, small clubs held in houses and generally only found through word of mouth or advertising in adult publications. There was a little exposure on TV, but that tended to show what they felt was most shocking and ‘abnormal’. Leather-clad people, in gimp masks, being led around on leads with private parts hanging out. Others being tied to crosses and being whipped and beaten. Always there was the undercurrent of sex, generally group sex.”Mike laughed a little at this and took a sip of his drink.“There were also a lot of bands from the late seventies and early eighties, either punk or heavy metal, but not mainstream groups, that identified with leather, whips or bondage. So many factors that helped to build the impression this was more of an underground lifestyle.“The internet was a blessing and a curse. It gave access to information, people and advertising. Really whatever your interest you could find out more about it, find places to explore it, talk to people who know. It soon became evident that there were people in the world that got off on annoying others, be it joining a forum for sex and calling everyone sinners or spouting loads of rubbish like pretending to be Masters or Dominants and either being trolls or seeing it as a chance to be bullies. What all of these… people forget is they are dealing with people, toying with their emotional and mental well-being and if it goes into the real world their physical health too!”Mike snorted and took a deep breath.“Sorry, I can feel myself about to start on a rant and that won’t help you. The simple thing is to remember to take a step back and reality check what you are told and I recommend you do exactly that with what you learn here tonight.“BDSM previously was viewed as orgies full of whipping, sex and restraints and only practised by sexual deviants. Okay, maybe that’s more a tabloid version, but you understand what I mean. Even now people do not understand it, which I get, but some think of it as some way to justify an abusive relationship. Sadly, just like any type of relationship, there will be those that are abusive. The trouble is many do not understand the lifestyle and I’m sure some that don’t even realise they are being abusive or abused. A Dominant might think he has to be harsher on his submissive and get it wrong. Alternatively, a submissive might think he needs to put up with more to keep his Dominant, rather than working with them to find their limits. If I can help one person, I’ll be happy.”

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