The Countess Ch. 33

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I walked into a room with hundreds of people standing around. I was getting used to being in a large crowd and that no one was wearing a mask. I searched the crowd looking for my wife. It didn’t take long as I spotted her being the center of attention. Sara stood out in a red dress styled like the flappers of the 1920’s. It had a plunging neckline emphasizing her beautiful breasts. Around her neck was the long string of gray white pearls. Circling around her head was a band incrusted with shinny decorations. Popping out of the back was a five-inch feather. I moved next to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Do I know you sir, I was looking for my husband,” said Sara as she moved to kiss me.

“I normally don’t kiss strangers but you look a lot like my husband so I will allow it this time,” Sara said after she kissed me again.

This was the first time that Sara and I were attending a charitable gala in over two years. Shortly after the birth of our son the world suffered the Covid pandemic. All mass gatherings were taboo, professional sports were played in empty stadiums. Theaters were closed and even production and other activities were shuttered. Downtown buildings were empty as people started to work from home or lost their jobs. The LA production industry was shuttered tossing a lot of people out of work. From actors to the lowest production assistants all found themselves without a job. Sara and I contributed to funds that gave grants to members of the production industry. It was a strange time. Thing began to open up and I started working again after nine months on the beach. We got the vaccine along with other folks and Covid began to recede.

I was looking forward to the evening as it was the first time Sara and I were away from home. Don’t get me wrong I love my son but I also love being out with my wife. I came directly from the set of the production I was working on. Sara was on the organizing committee for the event, so she arrived several hours earlier. It also meant that we made a significant contribution to the sponsoring charity.

Two and half years ago Sara announced on my birthday in Houston, that we were expecting, and she delivered a beautiful baby boy, almost nine months later. Our sex life took a hiatus while Sara was pregnant, that drove me and her up the wall. Oral sex was not a substitute for the real thing. Also, Sara not having an evening martini, or a glass of Champagne was interesting. I was able to document the pregnancy by taking profile photos of her expanding tummy every three days ending up with Charles John William Aden François Solsbery-Rogers in her arms. I printed the photos and created a flipbook and used it as a birth announcement. Sara though I was crazy, but she put up with me.

Because of Sara’s condition, Che Red Rock became quiet until Charles John appeared. The lack of parties and socializing was the strangest thing. Covid hit really putting things in the deep freeze. The coming of Charles John our son, meant the appearance of Nanny Williams who is assisting us with him. Mrs. Kelly our house manager is still with us.

“I am like a bad penny you can’t get rid of me,” she said, not that we would want to.

The major change was that William, Sara’s driver and security person; decided to return to Britain. Mr. Solsbery found Frank a former US Secret Service agent, and college football player, to take his place. Despite his retiring on disability Frank is a very large African American who will dissuade anyone from interfering with Sara. I miss William’s unique talents of navigating the city by memory. And his ability to be at almost the same place we were dropped off when picking Sara or us up.

The Architect Astrid Bell completed the pool cabana with Sara and my offices on the second floor. With the pandemic we hardly had a chance to use the outdoor kitchen. We had a run-in with the property association but that was beaten back by showing the original plan of the property. They also relented when we showed them the design. The construction only took four months. Thankfully the construction didn’t bother Sara too much, or at least she didn’t complain. Sara being pregnant had other things on her mind. Her condition did not hold her back as she brought a number of sexual discrimination suits. One against a mid-size oil company in Houston for a woman who was denied a promotion. With the pandemic the case got gummed up in the court and took longer to resolve. Sara made several trips to Houston and even found and OBGyn she could consult with if problems with the pregnancy arose; while she was away from LA. She got word several days ago that the company caved and settled. Making her client a rich woman and padding our checking account.

“Darling you have to meet the honoree of the gala. Dr. Charles Johnson, may I present my husband John Paul Rogers.”

There was a very distinguished gentleman standing next to Sara. I extended my hand and we shook hands. Another woman I figured Dr. Johnson’s wife whisked him away aydınlı escort before I could engage him in conversation. That was fine as I really wanted to talk to my wife.

Sara reached into her bag and produced her phone and touched a listing on her contacts.

“Ms. Williams, how is Charles, not causing a fuss because we are not there I hope?” said Sara checking in.

After a few minutes of conversation, Sara closed the connection and put the phone in her bag.

“Your son is causing a major fuss at home,” said Sara.

“The last time I checked he was your son also, madam,” I replied.

“Well Nanny said that he is beside himself because we are not there,” said Sara.

I pulled my phone out and touched the listing for the Nanny and I could hear Charles in the background. I asked Ms. Williams to hold the phone to Charles and I reassured him that we would see him in the morning. He seemed to settle down at the sound of my voice. “Give him a little treat when he calms down further Nanny,” I said before ending the connection.

The situation at home hopefully resolved Sara and I could concentrate on enjoying ourselves. The doors to the banquet room opened and everyone made their way to their seats. I was surprised that Sara led us to one of the front tables. I had to reacquaint myself with several people that I had not seen in a while. Conversation was what we did during the pandemic. Sara and I passed our phones around with pictures of Charles showing what we were up to. The dinner was several courses and the staff did a good job of serving.

The MC of the event took the stage after the desert was served. The first order of business was a special award for service. He started listing the many accomplishments of the recipient. The award was supposed to be a surprise, but I recognized that he was talking about Sara. Finally, he asked if “Lady Sara Jane Solsbery would come up to the stage. The room stood applauding as Sara made her way to the podium. She was presented with plaque and said a few words. The next thing on the agenda was the main presentation of an award to and the remarks from the major honoree. Dr. Charles Johnson gave a good presentation about how the money raised supported several labs working on cancer. He also thanked the group but said that the credit should go to his colleagues as they were the ones doing the heavy lifting.

Another folding wall opened, and a band started playing and those wanting to dance took the dance floor. Sara waited for me to make a move. I leaned over and kissed her. Her hand dropped to my crotch and she began to massage that area. I rose and took her in my arms. I kissed her again.

“Lady Sara do you want to hang around or move home?” I asked.

“We are not going home, since I was on the committee, I got a room so I could dress before the event. Since it is mine until tomorrow. You and I will spend the night here. But first I want to see if I can separate you from some of your money. Let’s look at the silent auction items. There has got to be some bauble that I convince you to buy for me,” said Sara as she kissed me.

“Sara, you know that I only recently went back to work. Most of my money went to support the house and Charles John. So, I’m not sure that I have bauble money right now,” I said.

“Darling, you know that I know what your checking account looks like. And I know that you can afford to make a bid on some bauble that I could add to my collection, and make me happy,” said Sara with a slight laugh.

I realized that I was in a corner and she directed me to the set of tables loaded with items for the silent auction. There were all kinds of things that I would like to put bids on, but Sara was looking for jewelry. One thing in my favor was that there was a number of people browsing and bidding on the items and so the chances that I would win an item was cut down. Sara picked up a beautiful set of diamond earrings and held one to her ear and asked me how it looked. I asked her to put it back before security came over. I grabbed a form and wrote what I thought was a good bid.

“Remember Paul the money goes to charity,” Sara whispered.

I scratched my first bid and wrote another one five-hundred dollars higher and deposited it in the box.

I got really close to Sara and whispered, “Can I make love to the most beautiful woman here?”

I got a whiff of the perfume she was wearing and my knees almost buckled. She kissed me but took me to another table and began to look around. Waiters were passing with trays of Champagne and I grabbed two glasses. On the tray was a card stating that the Champagne was donated by J. Paul Rogers and Sara Solsbery. This was a development that I had not expected. I looked at Sara and pointed to the wine.

“Sorry darling, the provider backed out of the donation at the last minute so I decided that we could cover one round of Champagne,” said Sara.

“Sara, I am going to get bağdat caddesi escort you a calendar because you spend money like there is no tomorrow.”

“Paul it is all for charity, and this is the first time in a while that we have been out, and I am having fun.”

There was a placard with a Champagne label on the table. A brand that I was familiar with and liked. I scribbled a bid and threw it in the box for a case of the wine. Sara pointed out another set of earrings and I watched as she filled out the bid form and deposited it in the box. I directed Sara toward the open bar and ordered her a martini. I watched carefully as the bartender mixed the drink and brought it to her.

“That was not a top shelf gin or vermouth, but it will do,” said Sara after she finished the cocktail.

“Your just spoiled,” I replied.

“Yes, darling and I have you to blame for it, your martinis are the best in the world,” said Sara as she kissed me.

Waiters were passing around finger food. Despite the great meal we had I couldn’t pass up the delicacies’ being offered. In the background I heard the MC say that the silent auction was closing that the winners would be contacted.

I felt a hand on my wrist, and it was Sara directing me to the hotel elevators. She swiped her keycard in the reader and pressed the button for her floor. She leaned into me and kissed me again.

“Do you know that you are one of the nicest people I know, I hope we can train our son to be as nice as you. Frank will be here tomorrow at nine, I hope Nanny and Paula can hold the fort until then. But tonight, is for love,” said Sara.

I felt a growth between my legs, and I leaned down to kiss the area between Sara’s breasts. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. Sara directed me to her room, or I should have said apartment. My mind cast back to our first meeting in LA when she was at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Like that night, Sara had a complete suite. Consisting of a sitting room, a bedroom, Dining room and bar. Sara moved to the bedroom after issuing instructions for a martini before I followed.

“No button, so I am at your mercy,” said Sara with a laugh.

I mixed the drinks and walked into the bedroom. Sara was standing next to the bed and I slipped my fingers under the straps of her dress and let it fall to the floor. I bent down and kissed her pussy as she was not wearing any under garments. I kissed her again, and then handed her the cocktail. She slipped into bed after finishing her drink. While got out of my suit and took a sip of my drink and slipped beside her.

We came together in a kiss and my hand began to massage her breasts. Sara’s hand was busy bringing on my erection. She lay on her back and I gently inserted my cock in her pussy. I kissed her and then began to move my cock in and out of her quim.

“Madam this feels nice we need to do this more often,” I said as I continued to fuck my wife.

“We make love every night what are you talking about?” said Sara.

“No this is the first time we have made love in a while and not worried about Charles John waking up and wanting attention,” I said.

I continued to move my cock in and out of my wife and kiss her. She finally broke me down and I came with more force than usual. I continued to make love until I was soft and fell out of her. I kissed Sara again and slipped out of the bed.

“Darling I don’t remember giving you permission to leave my side,” said Sara.

I fished around my suit and found a small box and brought it back to bed. I kissed Sara and grasped her wrist and placed what was in the box around it. Circling her wrist was a gold and diamond bracelet. She inspected the gift and gave me a quizzical look.

“That is for all the work you did bringing us a healthy baby boy,” I said as I kissed her again.

Sara’s hand slipped down and began to massage my tool. She brought it to a suitable erection and allowed me to enter her again. I moved my cock in and out of her slowly and leaning in to kiss my wife. I moved to her breasts and used my tongue to excite her nipples. I have been better at concentrating on my wife during intercourse. I felt my climax coming on and shot a load of cum. I withdrew and kissed Sara. My hand massaged her breasts and we both let sleep take over us.

“Wake up darling,” Sara said as she kissed me.

She was standing by the bed in very revealing pajamas. I wanted to reach up and massage her beautiful breasts.

“Get up Paul,” she repeated.

“Darling what time is it?”

“Somewhere around three. Time for lovers to have some nourishment. Put this on we have company,” said Sara.

A terrycloth bathrobe fell on my face, but all I wanted to do was bring Sara down so I could manipulate one of her tits in my mouth. I finally got out of bed and wrapped myself in the robe and followed Sara out of the bedroom. There was a pop of a champagne cork as we entered the small dining bostancı escort area. Sara waited until the young man, waiting on us, held her chair allowing her to sit. Sara was in full Sara mode. He then poured wine for both of us. Lifting the cloches showed what looked like a full breakfast. As I ate, I mentally thought of the number of laps I would need to swim to make up for all the calories I took in yesterday and today.

The food was good and looking at Sara as she drank the Champagne was better. The server withdrew leaving us alone. I again though about the night at the Beverly Hills and the early morning meal after a lovemaking session.

“Are you trying to recreate our first night in the states, madam.”

So, you remember?” asked Sara.

“As the song says it’s unforgettable. How? Why? You know that I love you,”

“You know the answer, I am a pushy broad, that wants things and has the resources to get them. Besides Father owns the hotel and kept it afloat during the pandemic, I’ve got pull,” said Sara.

“You’re not going to whisk me away to the ranch are you Lady Sara?”

“Not without Charles, I figure that we will have a quiet Saturday at Che Red Rock, I invited Bret to bring the kids over for a swim. It will be good for Charles to socialize,”

I continued to eat and savor the Champagne I refilled our glasses and sat back admiring Sara. What I wanted was to get her back to bed so I could make love to her again. I was jolted out of my thoughts when Sara put her foot in my crotch. She didn’t withdraw it quickly but left it there allowing me to contemplate future love making.

“The rest of this will keep, but I don’t think your cock will. Come Darling let us make love again,” Said Sara as she removed her top exposing her breasts.

The material was transparent and didn’t hide much but with it removed I could see how aroused she was. I rose and took her hand and directed it to my tool to let her know that I was ready for another round. We kissed as we entered the bedroom. Sara got on the bed and allowed me to remove the bottoms. I was on my knees and my head was buried in her quim. My tongue brushed her clit, and I felt her jump. I plunged my tongue in her pussy and breathed in her sex. I rose and got between her legs and brought my cock to her pussy and slipped in. My mind was going in a million directions, but I was able to discipline myself and concentrate on giving pleasure to my wife.

Her hand directed me to her breasts and I gladly sucked on her nipples. I could feel her starting to climax and I waited until it passed and then started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. We made love three more times before we again rested.

It was about eight when I heard my phone start to buzz. I flicked the answer button and put the phone to my ear. “Better get in here if you want breakfast, said Sara.

I closed the connection and hit the bathroom and did a quick shower. I walked out and found a set of clothes on the chair ready for me to put on. I gathered my suit and folded it as neatly as I could and walked out to the dining area. There was a committee of people around Sara. I grabbed a plate and gathered my breakfast. Sara was holding a post-mortem on the event with other members of the committee. I stayed out of the way, but I noticed that Sara was fingering the bracelet that I gave her last night.

She raised her hand and mouthed the words “I love it.” Score one for me, I guess. Unfortunately, or fortunately Sara and I were the winners of three of the auction items. My credit card was going to get a workout. The auction chairwoman came over to where I was sitting and handed me the winning slips.

“When can we expect payment Paul,” said Marsha.

“Now, what is the charity’s Zelle account, and I will transfer the money with my phone.”

I totaled the bids and got my phone and transferred the funds to the charity. Marsha pointed to a large box with two smaller boxes on top. Indicating that those were our prizes. Sara reduced the suggestions, from the committee, to writing and wished everyone a good afternoon. The room emptied leaving Sara and I alone. Sara picked up one of the hotel phones and told the front desk to send a bell boy to her room.

“Frank should be arriving soon, darling.”

She went back in the bedroom and gathered my suit and put it in her suitcase and brought it out to the sitting room. There was a knock on the door, and I opened it letting the bell boy in He gathered the luggage on his cart, along with the case of wine. I handed the small boxes to Sara for safekeeping. When we got to the lobby Sara went to settle the bill and I waited for Frank outside. I felt an arm snake into mine and Sara waited for a kiss.

“I am not in the habit of kissing women I don’t know, but since you look like my wife, I will make an exception.”

Sara leaned in and kissed me. She said that I was a funny person. I was not looking forward to calming Charles when we got home, but I am sure that a swim will comfort him. Soon Sara’s green Escalade pulled into the hotel driveway and stopped. The staff assisted with our luggage and I joined Sara in the car. Frank took off and soon we were pulling up to Che Red Rock. Charles was standing beside Nanny Williams waiting for us to emerge from the car. I stooped and picked up my son who was not crying. Sara kissed him and me.

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