The Cuckold’s Reward – Alistair’s Story – Part XI

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Alistair’s hand was shaking as he looked at his watch. He held his wrist with his other hand bringing the trembling to a halt. It was just after 2:45pm. Jeff’s flat was a just a few minutes’ walk away from Starbucks. ‘Would they both be there together now?’ He wondered. His hands shook again. It had never been like this with Abdul so why was it different now? It was bound to be different though. He knew Jeff. He wasn’t just some guy that they had met on the internet. They had grown up together; even worked together at one point. They were equals. But all that would change now; the dynamic would be different. Once another man fucks your wife you lose that equality. He is now superior to you. In the dynamics of things he has cuckolded you. Alistair and Jeff could never stand and chat together from now on as equals. Jeff had fucked his wife and whenever they met up from now on, Jeff would always have those memories and images of their last fucking running through his mind. Jeff would always look down on him now, having sexually satisfied Julie. He should be angry and hurt. His honour was at stake. He should be leaping into his car and rushing to stop them but almanbahis he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Even if it wasn’t too late he still couldn’t do it. His humiliation in this way was arousing him. Alistair suddenly realised that his hand was gripping his bulge. He was hard again. Alistair wanted to go back upstairs and masturbate again. He wanted to take a fresh pair of Julie’s panties and relieve himself but he also wanted Julie to do it for him. He wanted to hear from her own lips how Jeff had fucked her. He wanted to know everything he did; everything thing he had said. He also wanted to hear from her own lips how good it had been with him. He wanted to hear how big he was. He remembered the first time that they had seen Abdul’s erect cock. They had been sat at her laptop together when the attachments came through. One of him dressed and the other showing him naked from the waist down. “Oooooh that’s a big one isn’t it?” Julie had said. Alistair had looked at the expression on her face. There was an expectant smile that told him that she was looking forward to being on the receiving end of it. He would so love to have seen the expression almanbahis yeni giriş on her face when Jeff’s nakedness was uncovered. He let go of his bulge and looked at his watch again. It was just after 3:00pm now. He was certain that they would be fucking now. She would be naked in his bed now. He could picture it in his mind. Her clothes strewn across the room as she lay naked on her back with Jeff head between her spread thighs. Jeff would taking care of her pussy properly, as he put it. He could see Julie’s hands gripping his head pulling him into her; her head shaking from side to side as she screamed in ecstasy. He could almost hear her begging him for his cock as well. He could picture Jeff obliging her. Pushing the tip of his huge cock against her pussy lips as he took in that moment of surrender before pushing forward in conquest. Alistair found his hand gripping his bulge again. He so wanted release. Instead of giving into his instincts he got up and went into the garden. The fresh summer air would bring him to his senses and the sight of work that needed doing would take his mind off Julie and Jeff he thought but they didn’t. He looked almanbahis giriş at the weeds growing between the bedding plants. The word ‘bedding’ conjured up different connotations. Julie was being bedded as he walked slowly around the garden. Jeff was bedding her. He glanced at his watch again, it was almost 3:30pm. She would be well and truly bedded by now. He spent the next half an hour pottering about in his garden shed. There was so much needing doing and tidying up. There were also odd jobs around the house that needed doing as well. However his thoughts kept drifting back to Julie and Jeff. He wondered how many times he had fucked her now. He once told him that his record was eight times. It was an overnight affair, of course, but it was still a lot of times. The woman, apparently, had been quite sore next morning. Would Julie be sore when she returned to him from Jeff’s bed? A short while later he heard the house phone ringing and he dashed inside to answer it. It was Julie. “Hi darling,” she told him, “the shops are so busy this afternoon. I probably won’t be home until after 6:00pm.” “Okay,” he gasped. “Are you okay?” she asked him. “Yes,” he replied. “Ha…has he…have you?” he stammered. “Yes, I have seen three so far,” she responded cryptically, “I will keep looking for more.” She was with Jeff. He knew that. He was probably lying next to her in bed as she spoke.

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