The Day after The Big Day

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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.

Slowly I began to come awake. The sun was shining through the hotel bedroom window but I was still too foggy to realize just where I was. Oh, yeah. Yesterday was my wedding day. That put a warm feeling in my heart. It had been a wonderful day, full of love and joy. All the people that I loved were there to see me and my new husband be joined together. Husband!

Wow, that was a new term I was going to have to get used to. I turned my head the other way and there he was, my husband, still asleep. I smiled and thought about all the possibilities that lay ahead of us. Tony was such a great person and I loved him very much. He had a great job that he loved and he was in love with me, he had proved it to me over and over again but yesterday was the cherry on top of our relationship.

The wedding ceremony had been small but that was what we wanted, just family and a few friends. We kept it short and we each had written our own vows. We basically said we would love and honor each other with respect always. I loved the words we had both written for each other. They showed that we each knew that being a married couple would not always be easy, we would have to work at it sometimes. And we both made that commitment to work at it when necessary and always communicate with each other.

After the ceremony we all adjourned to a little restaurant where we had rented a party room for our small group. The food was really nice but I do not remember what it tasted like, I was walking on air. We decided it would just be a meal without dancing or any other entertainment. Everyone had a great time. At the end Tony and I changed clothes and got ready to leave for the airport. On the way out we were showered with rice as we kissed everyone goodbye. Then we got in the limousine and headed for the airport and our honeymoon.

At the airport we got our tickets and waited for boarding on our flight to Hawaii. Once on board we settled in for the 10 hour flight in First Class. The flight attendants brought us champagne while we waited for takeoff. Once in the air we were served a light snack and Tony and I held hands practically the whole trip. When we arrived on Oahu we took a cab to Honolulu and then the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and checked into our room. We both were so tired that we just stripped and fell asleep on the bed immediately.

Now it was morning and I was feeling wonderful. Life could not get any better than this. I debated about whether or not to wake Tony, but decided I needed a bath room break before I did anything else. I

got out of bed as quietly as I could and went into the bath room to do my business. Once done, I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I was presentable to my husband. There was that word again, it made me smile.

I am not bad looking. I stand at 5-2 with auburn hair that reaches my shoulders, my breasts are a nice 32C in size under the T-shirt I had on, my legs and butt are nicely shaped, and my face is pleasant to look at. My green eyes shined back at me over my smile. I decided to brush my teeth and comb my hair before returning to the bed.

When I felt I was presentable enough I got back in bed and moved to spoon next to Tony, hoping I would not wake him. He stirred a little but stayed asleep. We had plenty of time, seven days to be precise. So I could wait a little while to consummate our marriage. But I wanted to consummate it as many times as possible over the next seven days. Just the thought of that was making me horny. Tony was a great lover and had proven that many times over the last two years. Our courtship had been one torrid storm after another. Although we had spent a lot of time in bed, we also spent a lot of time out of bed doing the things that lovers do. The longer I was with Tony the more I loved him. He not only was a great person, caring, kind, unselfish, loyal, and loving, but was also intelligent, adventurous, and fun. I felt like I was the luckiest woman alive. And now he really was all mine. It gave me a warm feeling inside.

I felt Tony begin to stir, so I moved even closer to him and put my arm around him. He put his hand around mine and held it to his chest. He squeezed it a few times and then rolled over to face me.

“Good morning, wife.”

“Good morning, husband.”

He leaned toward me and kissed me. We held it for a while, taking in each other freely. When we broke the kiss he smiled and put his arms around me. He put his head between my breasts and closed his eyes.

“I love you, Stacie.”

“And I love you, Tony.”

“Humm, you feel good. But I need to make a trip to the bathroom.”

“Go ahead, I will still be here when you get back.”

Tony got up and went towards the bath room.

“Back before you know it.”

I waited patiently. I heard him pee and then brush his teeth. And then he was back in bed with me. He snuggled up facing me.

“You içerenköy escort look amazing this morning. How do you do it?” he asked.

“Magic, and a little help from mother nature.”

“Remind me to thank her.”

He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me again. This time there was a little passion in the kiss and I tried to return it in kind. One thing Tony knows how to do is kiss me. It always ignites a little spark between my legs and if he keeps it up it can turn into a roaring flame. But he was in no hurry this morning so he continued to just hold me, which I was more than willing to reciprocate. But eventually his hand began to wander to my breasts. They are very sensitive and provide me a lot of pleasure when stimulated. Tony already knew this and made the most of providing that stimulation by massaging them and occasionally pinching my nipples lightly through my T-shirt.

I reached down to find Tony’s cock. He was still wearing his underwear but his cock was already almost fully erect. I reached into the waist band so I could hold it. It was warm and hard, just like I like it. His cock was seven inches of meat and it could stay hard longer than any man I knew. Tony seemed to be able to have at least two orgasms before his cock lost its hardness. This more than anything is what I loved about his cock.

Tony now pushed up my T-shirt to expose my breasts to his kisses. He kissed all around each breast using his tongue to provide extra stimulation. Eventually he began to suck and tongue each nipple, sometimes taking the little nub into his mouth and using his tongue to circle each nipple. When each nipple was really hard he moved up to my mouth again to give me kisses while he continued to massage each breast.

Meanwhile I was squeezing and rubbing his cock. God I loved being this close to him. I decided it was time to get even closer by removing my shirt and panties. I broke his kiss and pulled my T-shirt off over my head and tossing it off the foot of the bed. Then I removed my panties and tossed then in the same direction. Now that I was naked I pulled Tony’s underwear off and threw them to the same place. Then we embraced again and now I could really get close to him.

Tony threw the covers off the bed to get them out of the way. The he turned so he could climb over me with with his head at my pussy and his cock at my mouth, the classic sixty-nine position.

“God your pussy looks good. I am just going to eat it all up.”

“And I will do the same to your cock.”

And then we both tongued each other. I took his cock in my mouth and did my best to get to his cum by licking and sucking it for all I was worth. Tony was doing the same thing to my pussy. He kissed and licked all around my shaven pussy. When he had enough of that he started licking and sucking on my clitoris. That was really driving me wild. Tony could eat pussy with the best of them and I was glad that he loved doing that to me. Because I sure loved having his cock in my mouth. It gave me a powerful feeling that I really enjoyed.

We continued stimulating each other in that position for a while. Soon I could feel my orgasm approaching from inside me. Sometimes it sneaked up on me, but not this time. I was getting close to orgasm and I could feel Tony’s balls starting to get tight in my hand which meant he was close too. So I increased the sucking pressure on his cock. He was starting to pump his cock in and out of my mouth and I knew he was really close.

And then my orgasm hit me and I could feel a little squirt from my pussy. Tony loved it when I squirted and never moved his head from my pussy to avoid it, he just let his face be soaked in my juices. And them he was cumming and shooting his love juice into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but not fast enough as some of it escaped around my lips. Tony always had a lot of cum to give me.

I was still in the throws of my orgasm a little bit and Tony continued to lick and suck on me while I did the same to his cock. After a while we both came down from our orgasmic high and he rolled off of me and turned back around to face me. His face was still wet with my juices but I kissed him anyway. I love to taste myself, especially when I can taste it on Tony. It tastes twice as good when I lick it from his body. He embraced me again and we lay there to recover for more fun.

“Let me go clean up a little and I will be right back.” he said.

“Don’t take long.”

“Not likely.”

He was back before I knew it. I grabbed his cock while he pulled me over on top of him. His cock was still hard and of course I was still wet. But we made out for a while before the main show began. I squeezed my breasts against his chest as I lay on top of him. We kissed and held each other. Eventually I sat up and put his cock under my pussy. Then I moved back and forth on it stimulating both myself and him. I liked doing this because it felt kadıköy escort like we were two teenagers who were afraid to go all the way. That always brought back a lot of memories, but this time it only added to our pleasure. It was only Tony I was thinking of.

While I was doing this Tony reached up and massaged my breasts for a while. And then he dropped his hands down to my hips and helped me move on him. I was moving pretty fast over his cock and one of my forward motions went a little too far and he slipped cleanly into me. So I changed motions a little to up and down and fucked his cock while he remained motionless. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him.

“You really know how to fuck my cock. Where did you learn that?”

“From you, silly.”

“I thought so, just checking.”

“I love you so much, Tony. Will you make love to me from now on?”

“As often as possible. And this week, everyday, probably more than once a day.”

“Hummm. I would like that. I will do my very best to please you every time.”

“And I will do my best to please you. That is the one promise I will keep for as long as possible.”

With that he rolled me off of him onto my side facing away from him. He got on his side behind me and lifted my top leg so his cock had clear access to my pussy. Then he inserted it into me and slowly began to fuck me. He also wrapped his top arm around me in order to reach my breast. I liked this position because it gave him almost total control over me. He liked it because he had at least one free hand for my breasts.

We fucked in this position for a while and I was getting closer to my second orgasm because he could hit my G-spot with his cock easily. Then Tony withdrew and turned me on my knees so he could enter me from the rear. I put my head and shoulders down so he could really get to my pussy, which he did. This position was good but it took the pressure off my G-spot. Tony knew that would make me last longer.

He started really pounding me. I could feel his balls slapping my clitoris. That was also stimulating but not as much as Tony when he fingered me. I began returning Tony’s thrusts with everything I had. I wanted to get him off again, but not just yet. I needed him to last for my climax with his cock in me. We must have fucked like this for ten minutes. Then he pulled out and turned me on my back. I spread my legs for him and he entered me from the missionary position. This was really good for both of us.

His pounding increased and I could tell he was close, and he was getting me closer as well. I kept moving my hips to meet his thrusts and he seemed like he was going deeper and deeper into me.

I had my climax just before his. I loved having his cock in me when I climaxed, it gave me something to squeeze. And squeeze I did. It caused Tony to go off like a roman candlestick. I could feel his seed squirting into my pussy as I finished my climax. It felt so good, all hot and sticky. There was so much that I was leaking a little, but I did not care.

Tony collapsed on top of me. We were both spent and needed a little recovery time after that fuck. It was a really good one, not that any of our lovemaking was bad. Tony rolled off of me so he did not crush me. We were both covered in sweat, but with smiles on our faces.

“Stacy, you are the best lover ever. There is no one else like you.”

“The same goes for you. I feel so good when you make love to me. I never want to leave you as long as you do that to me. I can’t get enough of you.”

“That goes double for me. I love you and will be yours always.”

“And I love you even more. As long as you are with me I will be yours.”

We lay there a little while and then Tony turned to me and said “Do you want to get some breakfast?”.

“Yes, but not before a shower. Lets order room service and have it here afterwards.”

“Then lets get going, I’m hungry.”

Tony got up and went to the phone to order breakfast while I went into the bath room and started the shower to get it hot. When it was hot I got in and Tony joined me a minute later.

“Breakfast will be here in thirty minutes so we can’t stay in here too long.”

“Then lather me up and I will do the same to you.”

We soaped each other up paying particular attention to the naughty parts just for fun. The we washed each others hair. When we were done we toweled off. I had to dry my hair so Tony put on a robe and waited for breakfast to arrive. When it did he put it on the bed and waited for me. I joined him when my hair was dry and brushed.

I removed the covers from the plates and said “Hummm, looks good.”

Breakfast was eggs, toast, some fruit, jelly, and coffee. We dug in and before long there was nothing left. I guess we had to restore our strength.

“Want to go out and see the beach and whatever else is around?” he asked.

“Sure. I think we need a break. But not too long, I want kartal escort to make love to you again. And again.”

He smiled at that and I smiled back at him. We got dressed casually and went for a walk. Across the main street from the hotel was a an outdoor shopping plaza so we went to investigate. It was a real tourist trap, but it did have some nice shops. We looked at everything, just browsing and “window” shopping, even though there were not many windows to look into since most of it was outdoors.

Then we proceeded down towards Waikiki beach. It was not much of a beach, a real disappointment. The surfing was non existent since the water was pretty shallow and the water itself was not clear like I expected. We decided to do a little more walking to see what we could find.

There were some restaurants and shops of all kinds so we spent some more time shopping. We did find a really neat T-shirt shop that had really good quality shirts. We both found some we liked so we purchased them and made a note of where the shop was in case we wanted to buy more. We continued on and found a whole street of jewelry shops which we mostly ignored since neither one of us was much into jewelry. It was getting a little warm so we headed back to the hotel and up to our room.

The room had a little balcony that was shaded by the building this time of day so we sat on the lounge chairs out there. It looked out onto the beach and Diamond Head. It was a great view and the balcony was pretty private. We both adjusted the chairs so that the backs were lowered. The shade and a little breeze were very nice. I shut my eyes and was soon asleep. I think Tony did the same.

I woke about an hour later refreshed and relaxed. Tony was already awake.

“Hi, sleepy head. Want some lunch?” he asked.

” Yeah, I’m hungry again.”

“Me, too. Lets go downstairs to the restaurant and get some lunch.”

We left the balcony and went to the door. But before Tony could open it I threw my arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

“That’s for being you. But I will want more later.”

“And I’m just the man to give it to you. But food first.”

He opened the door and we took the elevator to the first floor. The restaurant was open and we got a table next to the window to look out on the garden outside. It was a lovely view with flowers, palms, vines, and a little water fountain. Tony ordered a sandwich and I ordered a salad and we ate and talked about the wedding and what we would do this next week. All in all a nice lunch.

When we finished we took the elevator back up to our room. Once inside I went back out onto the balcony and took in the view one more time. Tony came up behind me and put his arms around me so he could reach my breasts. He massaged them through my shirt and bra. I let him because it felt really good. He always knew how to treat my breasts. I turned around to face him and he leaned in to kiss me. He held me close and eventually broke the kiss and I buried my head in his shoulder.

“I love you so much, Tony. I have never been happier than I am right now. I really feel safe and loved when I am in your arms.”

“That makes me feel special. But you always make me feel that way. I love you.”

We held each other close on the balcony. This was paradise, both the location and the company. I felt on top of the world.

Tony sat down on one of the loungers and pulled me onto his lap. He began kissing me while massaging my breasts. I put my arms around him and kissed him back. After a few minutes of this I could feel his cock through his pants stabbing my butt. That turned me on for sure. I got up and got on my knees at his side. I reached in and unzipped his pants. Then I unfastened his belt and unsnapped his shorts. I spread his pants wide and reached into his underwear to pull out his penis. It was already pretty hard so I proceeded to rub it up and down until it reached a full hard on.

I always enjoyed making Tony hard. It felt powerful and fulfilling at the same time. Tony was watching and smiling at me, I could tell he enjoyed this too. I leaned in and began to lick his cock up one side and down the other, then all around the head and shaft. Then I started to suck on it a little, just enough to get him aroused and really wanting me.

“You really know how to treat your husband.”

“I enjoy it more than you know. I love your cock and always enjoy getting you going because it always leads to other things.”

“Speaking of other things, would you like to try it out here?”

I looked around. We had walls on both sides of us and the nearest building was a long way off. And we were so high that no one could see us from the ground. So I stood up and pulled off my shorts and panties. Tony pulled down his shorts and took them off. We now had unfettered access to each other. I put my leg over one the other side of the lounger facing him and then guided his cock into me. I was really wet after sucking on his cock so he went in easily.

“You really are adventurous, Tony.”

“So are you. I didn’t really expect you to do this in the afternoon.”

“Well, it is private enough and I want to please you so much. Anyway, we are on our honeymoon and no one can really fault us, can they?”

“I guess not. But you look really look sexy against the view from here.”

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