The Dixon Club Murder

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I was sitting behind my desk, leaning back in my chair with my feet up on the edge, being careful not to scratch the woodwork. It was a failing of mine, but I liked it because it relaxed me. I took a deep draw on my cigar and puffed the smoke out in a long narrow stream. I shook my head. It was another failing of mine, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from indulging. I was equally weak when it came to my love of whisky, especially Old Forester and Old Crow, but the latter was hard to come by. There was always a bottle and two glasses in my filing cabinet. Why only two glasses some people ask me? That was easy to explain. There was one for me and one for my lovers. One was my secretary, the other was a regular visitor, one who always came after working hours, discreetly, but she never stayed too long.Marlene was the visitor. Now there was a looker. She was tall, slim and very curvaceous, but elegant and refined. At least that’s the appearance she gave. Underneath, she was a wild and inhibited minx, and she was mine, well, for a short time anyway. Soon, she would be free to get on with her life without being dominated and living in the shadow of fear, provided, of course, I could pin something on her brutish husband. It was a risk, but the benefits would be more than worth it, so I kept convincing myself.I first set eyes on her in the Dixon Club. It was a dark, rainy evening, and I had gone to the Dixon club for the first time. I had always avoided it because of the owner, a notorious gangland criminal, but that day I felt it was time to make a call. The room was filled with cigarette and cigar smoke, and a heavy aroma of stale beer filled the air. It was almost suffocating, but being a smoker, I didn’t care.Marlene was the main cabaret act, a singer with a sweet, sultry voice that made me shiver every time I heard her sing. I was hooked. She was divine. The first time I kissed her, I knew I’d kill for her, but then I tasted her, and oh, so sweet. From that moment, I called her my sweet songbird, because that was exactly what she was. That was four months ago, and we’d been on a journey of intimate sexual discovery ever since, a dangerous but pleasurable journey.My trouble was, I had two songbirds. Penny, I fell in love with twelve months ago. She was my rock and cared little that I made love to other women. She knew we were bound by more than just sex. One day we might marry, but when, that’s anybody’s guess. She wasn’t concerned when. She was content. I paid her well as my secretary, and gave her so much extra too. She knew the score. My desires and lust were, however, torn between the two women. Even so, I knew one day I might have to make the ultimate sacrifice and give Marlene up. I laughed. It was more like I would be forced to give her up, but not by Penny.I gazed at the clock. It was six thirty and she was due to call. The weather was foul, it was already dark, and I was getting concerned. Dave Leverman was a respected businessman, at least by those who didn’t know of his ‘other side’. In the criminal world, he was a notorious thug, a killer, and was commonly known as ‘The Claw’ because of his favourite implement he used to teach his enemies and those who dared cross him a serious lesson. Those who didn’t, often ended up dead. How did I know this? My little songbird, Marlene, and of course, Johnny the Snout. Unfortunately, Johnny was no longer with us, and nobody knew where his body was.The building wherein I had my office was quiet, and most of the offices were now closed for the day. I was on the fourth floor, apartment four-two-eight, and I had only two lights switched on, both wall lights, one in the reception office and one in my main office. I sighed heavily, wondering if my songbird was coming. Penny had long gone home for the night.There was a knock on the door, a gentle rapping that indicated she had arrived. I heard the main office door hinge creak, light footsteps tapping on the wooden floor, and then I smelt it: The distinct aroma of her rose-scented perfume. It was such a sweet scent, just like Marlene was such a sweet woman. I loved the taste of her, couldn’t get enough of her, but I had to limit our encounters, for two obvious reasons.I glanced to my left as the door to my office opened slowly. My pistol was in my hand, a precaution because one never knew who might appear in one’s doorway, or what might happen in these dark days. My finger was twitching. I thought it would be Marlene, but could it be somebody else? Could it be somebody wearing the same scent, somebody sent to kill me?I had enemies. What investigator didn’t?Dark days they were indeed. Prohibition had caused so much trouble, and not just for the distillers. Some said it caused more than it solved. I was of the latter opinion, but who was I to make a difference in this city. One false move, one bad word or comment said out of place could find you wearing a concrete overcoat or shoes, your body dumped where it wouldn’t be found for days or years, or maybe never found.When the figure appeared in the doorway, highlighted by the outer office light, I relaxed, but only a little. Then she spoke.“Dave is getting suspicious.”I knew what that meant. I put the gun on the desk and Marlene took a sharp intake of breath. I knew why.“You don’t trust me?”“Of course I do, my sweet songbird.” I put my feet on the floor kocaeli escort and turned my chair to face her.She walked toward me, her fur stole still wrapped around her neck and draped across her chest. I stood up and we embraced, then kissed. She took off her stole and draped it across the back of the armchair. Her coat followed, but that was hung on the hook behind the door. She then sat at an angle on the edge of my desk, her legs split slightly apart, showing her stocking tops. It was a sight I loved to see, and could feel my cock hardening already.I poured her a whisky, put the bottle beside her glass and then put my hand on her leg, just above the knee. She gazed intently at me as I started moving my hand upward along her leg, enjoying the sensual feel of her silk stocking. I felt her leg muscles twitch at my light touch, so I continued. My hand reached the hem of her wrap-over style dress and then I slid it underneath, passed the tops of her stocking and felt the smooth, soft skin of her upper thigh. I wanted to press on further, but she moved.She wasn’t ready, and I thought she was going to get up and walk out of the office. She didn’t.Marlene gave me a brief seductive smile, took hold of the glass, put it to her lips and tipped it back, swallowing the entire contents in one gulp. She put the glass back on the table and licked her lips seductively. Then she pushed her handbag across the desk and repositioned herself so she was sitting on the desk facing me, her dress pulled up slightly to reveal her upper thighs and stocking tops. She knew what this did to me, and was teasing me. I wondered if she was going to let me indulge.“Pour me another whisky, Abel. I think I need it tonight.”I did as she asked and watched her down it in one gulp. She eased herself nearer to the edge of the desk making her dress slide farther up her legs. When she lifted her feet and put them on the arms of my chair, I noted she wasn’t wearing any panties. My heart was beginning to thump in my chest, and my cock was rock hard with anticipation, straining inside my trousers and briefs.Marlene leant back, her hands flat on the desk, her head angled backward, her pussy in full view. She was completely shaven. As I said earlier, she was a wild minx with a hearty appetite. I could smell the scent of her sex as I leant forward in my chair and wrapped my arms around her lower back. Taking a deep breath, I buried my head between her legs and licked her clit which was already looking swollen and sensitive.I licked and kissed her gently at first, then a little harder. She squirmed and moaned with pleasure as I teased and stimulated her clit. Marlene lifted her legs and draped them over my shoulders, effectively clamping me to her. I loved being in this position. Her pussy was getting wet with her juices as she became more excited, so I licked the folds of her pussy, then probed inside with my tongue.She tasted divine.“That’s it, Abel, lick me hard, tongue me deeply, and make me squirm with pleasure.”I was no longer shocked by her crudity. She was breathing a little harder and deeper now, trying to regulate it and focus on the sensations. Marlene went down on her elbows, which gave me easier access to her. I licked her all over, from her clit to the strip of flesh between her pussy hole and anus. She tasted of soap and pussy juice, a heady mixture of scents.“Damn, that feels so good, Abel. Finger me too. I need to feel them plunging in and out as you lick my clit to the point of ecstasy.”It wasn’t easy to finger fuck her in this position, but I managed to do it. I was obviously not getting them in deep enough to satisfy her, because I felt her wriggling her body so she could move her bum closer to the edge of the desk. I was soon able to plunge my middle two fingers deep inside her hot and wet pussy while still licking her sensitive clit.My cock was throbbing and aching to be released from the confines of my underpants and trousers, and the constriction on it was actually beginning to cause me pain and discomfort. I stopped finger fucking Marlene, but continued licking her pussy and clit in turn while using both my hands to undo my trousers and release my cock. When I managed it, I sighed in relief and felt Marlene twitch as my hot breath was blown over her already hot pussy.I resumed working my fingers in her pussy while gently massaging my cock, which was already leaking pre-cum. I desperately wanted to feel Marlene’s lips encase the head of my cock and then take it into her warm, moist mouth and suck me until I shot my load down her throat. I felt her wriggle her bum and understood what she wanted me to do. I lubricated the fingers of my other hand, a little disappointed at having to stop massaging my cock, and rubbed her juices all over her anus. Then I began gently pushing a finger inside, added a little spittle, and then used two fingers.I didn’t get far because she almost screamed with pleasure as her orgasm sent spasms throughout her entire body. I felt her legs clamping tightly around my body, pinning my head against her hot, wet sex. When she finally relaxed, I took a deep breath and sat upright, forcing her to relax her legs, which she dropped down and then sat up, her legs hanging over the edge of the desk.“Fuck, that was intense,” she said in between breaths. She rubbed her fingers over her wet pussy and then licked them clean. kocaeli escort bayan “Mm! That’s delicious,” she cooed, her eyes wide and bright.I could see she was still feeling the after-effects of her orgasm, and it was my desk that was being stained, not her dress, which was wrapped and balled around her waist.“My dress will look a mess now, all creased,” she said croakily as she gazed longingly into my eyes.“But dry. The creases will fall out soon enough, especially if you get wet going back to the club.”I hoped she was going to give me what I now craved, what I needed. If she didn’t, I’d have to find release another way.Marlene smiled warmly, took her dress off and put it aside.Her body was exquisite. She was beautiful and sexy, her body comparable to a goddess, perfect in every way. Well, I thought so, and that was what mattered. She moved closer to the edge of the desk, leant back on her elbows and raised her legs once more. I dropped my trousers and guided my hard dripping cock into her pussy hole. It went in easily and I sighed in relief and pleasure. It was hot and wet. I started pumping away, desperate to fuck her deep and shoot inside her.I bent forward and sucked her firm breasts, which she had released from inside her brassiere. I licked each nipple in turn and then rolled them between my fingers, occasionally pinching and pulling them, something Marlene adored and took great pleasure in. Marlene grabbed her legs behind the knees and held them back as I increased the pace of my thrusting. I knew I was getting close to climaxing, and I also knew Marlene would not let me shoot my load inside her. It was too big a risk. For a few moments, I thought she was not going to stop me, but then she did.“Pull out, Abel, and I’ll suck you off.”I pulled out and stepped back. My cock was dripping with her juices and I could feel it throbbing away, the blood pumping through the veins. Marlene quickly knelt on the floor and took my cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down, sucking hard and taking my whole length inside. Moments later, I shot my load and groaned with pleasure. Marlene didn’t break her rhythm, nor gag or choke. She swallowed every drop and then licked me clean with obvious relish.When she stood up, we kissed hard. The taste of her juices and my cum mingled together was sweet and salty, and we licked each other’s lips until it wore off. I then pulled up my trousers and sat on my swivel chair, my gaze drifting between my sweet songbird and the door to my office. I was always alert, always expecting trouble. One did these days, especially in my line of work.Marlene sat back on the desk, took her cigarette holder and packet of cigarettes from her handbag, slipped one cigarette into the holder and leant forward. “Light me up, sweetie.”I took the lighter from the drawer of my desk, flipped the lid and lit her up. I didn’t like her smoking, but she derived some pleasure from it, as did I from smoking my cigars. It was a bad habit, but in these stressed-out days, it gave some modicum of relief and comfort.I watched her smoke, her poise so ladylike and elegant, just like the movie stars of Hollywood and the ladies of England. She adjusted her bra back over her breasts and sighed lightly.“Thanks for the loving, Abel,” she said as she got off the desk, slipped her dress back on and wiped herself down. “I wish we could spend the night together, one single night without having to feel threatened.”I had nothing to say in return.Marlene smiled, shook her head and put her coat back on. Minutes later, I was sitting alone in my office once again. I knew it was time to confront ‘The Claw’. I shook my head. “You fool,” I said aloud. “What chance have you got?”I sighed heavily, got up and put my jacket and Homburg on and walked out of the office. My pistol was tucked into the waistband of my trousers, hidden quite well by the cut of my jacket. It was a Colt 1903, a neat little thirty-two calibre pistol, and I never went anywhere without it.Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting in the local diner having a meal. I chose the meatloaf, mashed potato and peas with thick gravy, one of Patricia’s specialities. I drank coffee and let an hour pass by. I glanced at the clock and sighed. It would be another hour before Callie was on, so I wasted more time by having apple pie and custard. It filled me up and I felt satisfied, as far as food was concerned. My appetite for sex was still strong, and I was hungry for it.At nine o’clock, I was sitting at a small table in the Dixon Club, my back to the wall, my eyes scanning the clientele. It was surprisingly quiet at the moment, despite it being late. I watched Marlene enter and head for the door leading to the ‘private’ section where the singers and staff had their offices and changing rooms. She completely ignored me.I expected nothing else.I sighed and sipped my whiskey. I wanted to make it last. It was my second already, and that doesn’t include the two I had in the office. I was still drinking too much, but I didn’t care. I would soon, but that would depend on the outcome of my activities. I saw Callie saunter across the room, another gorgeous songbird. I wondered how on earth Dave Leverman managed to find the most delicious, beautiful, and talented singers to perform at the Dixon. He paid well, that much I knew, but still, it was rare to have three in one club. I loved izmit escort all three of his singers: Marlene, Callie, and even Lorraine.Callie was the one I wanted to meet tonight. Despite having had sex with Marlene, I knew by the time Callie ended her stint on stage, I would be more than ready to indulge her needs. She walked onto the stage in her blue sequinned dress and blue heels, braless as usual for extra effect. She was a stunner, and all the crowd cheered. You could just make out the outline of her panties and her suspender belt when she bent slightly. It made my heart race.Callie sang three songs, bowed to rapturous applause, and strolled elegantly off the stage. I headed for the door to the other corridor that allowed access to the singers’ rooms, not the one marked private. This one was where the likes of me were allowed to venture, but only because I had a pass, thanks to Callie.I knocked on Callie’s door.“If that’s you, Abel, come in. If it ain’t, you can bugger off!”I laughed and opened the door to see Callie sitting on her chair, her legs crossed and a cigarette holder in her mouth, but the cigarette was not yet lit. I could see her stocking tops and she noted where my eyes flicked to. She twisted in her chair, raised her leg a little, and flashed me more of her thighs and stockings.“You are a tease, you know that my sweet songbird.”I closed the door and sat in the chair in front of her, crossed my legs and took out my lighter.“Light me up, honey,” she said, her voice soft and mellow.Her voice was lovely to the ears, and yet quite different to Marlene’s. She took a few draws and then puffed out a stream of smoke.“So, did you fuck her?”I stared at Callie but showed no reaction or emotion. “Fuck who?”She smiled and took another puff of her cigarette. “You know damn well who: The star of this damned place.”“Why, what’s it to you? I thought you didn’t care what I did or who I did it with?”Callie leant forward, the elbow of her left arm resting on her knee and her chin nestled in the palm of her hand. The other arm was resting on the arm of the chair. She smiled one of her killer smiles, the sort that could melt a hardened heart, but not mine.“I don’t, but I expect you to be fresh and unsullied when you come and see me.” She sighed. “I may only be a plaything to you, Abel Gregson, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, or care for you, but you know I always want your full load inside me.”“Yes, I know all that, sugar, but life is, well, shall I say rather precarious at the moment.”Callie laughed again. “You can bloody well say that again. I sing in this damned club five nights a week, putting up with sods who leer at me, and that swine who demands more than he gives. The atmosphere is great, except for the stink of cigarettes, sweat, and stale liqueur.” She uncrossed her legs and pulled her chair toward me. Don’t you know he’ll kick me out of here soon, then he’ll replace me with new blood, just so he can say he has fresh talent to woo his mistresses, his wealthy business friends, and his fellow thugs?”She wriggled so her bum was right on the edge of the chair and leant back.“He’ll realise what he’s lost once you’ve gone,” I said as I put my hands on her knees and started caressing her stockinged legs.“Yeah, right. I don’t think so. That’s why you’ve got to do something soon. You said you had some dirt on him, so why haven’t you made your move?”I shook my head in exasperation. Callie was a real live wire, a bit too hot-headed at times, but I couldn’t stop liking and loving her, nor could I rebuke her. She made me feel so good, just like Marlene, Lorraine and Penny. I had dug myself into a hole, one I couldn’t extricate myself from, not that I wanted to, not yet.I moved my hands farther up her legs and under her dress, caressed her soft flesh at the top of her stockings, and then as she parted her legs, run one hand over her panty-covered pussy and clit. She moaned at the touch and lifted her bum off the chair. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down, took them off her and put them in my pocket.“Eat me up, Abel. Lick me to climax and ecstasy and then fuck me hard.”No embracing or passionate kissing this time, just straight in. It was typical of Callie. I knelt, buried my face between her legs, and licked her sweet pussy, then licked and sucked her clit. As I licked her clit, I fingered her pussy, which was getting wetter by the moment and then I thrust two fingers deep inside her. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. I was working quickly, anxious that somebody might burst in at any moment, despite Callie insisting we wouldn’t be disturbed.One never knew with Leverman and his goons.I licked so hard and fast, my tongue was beginning to ache, but combined with my fingering of her pussy, Callie was soon clamping her legs around my back and pulling me into her so much so, I was now finding it hard to breathe.Moments later, she clamped her hands over her mouth to stifle her groans of pleasure, and to prevent herself from crying out as her body convulsed from her orgasm. She kept her legs tight around me, and then used her hands to pull my head hard against her sex. My hot breath was tingling her now very sensitive clit. She whimpered quietly, but wouldn’t release my head.When she did finally release my head and took her legs from around me, I sat up and gazed at her intently. Her eyes were partially glazed over, her mouth was stretched wide in a smile of satisfaction, and her nipples were poking through her dress. They were quite large, much more so than Marlene’s and Penny’s, and were great to suck and play with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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