The Downfall of Mistress Lisa and her Pet Shelley

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This is the story of how my girlfriend Lisa and I had a girl’s night out that we will never forget. It is a story that changed our lives somewhat, and I’m happy to be sharing it with you. One Saturday night, as we occasionally do, we went out to a club to unwind after a long week from work. We wore sexy dresses that barely covered our asses, and we wore them with no panties. It was exciting to think about our bodies being bared for those who just happened to see. Lisa is an Asian woman who has been married for twenty years, she is forty years old and one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. She happens to be my best friend and my confidante. I believe that I can tell her anything that is on my heart, whether it is good or bad. I can seek her out for advice or just for fun. She is an amazing woman. Lisa is also a strong Domme, and not just my best friend but my mistress as well. I am a single woman in my twenties and a teacher. As we drove to the club, I decided to be the designated driver since I hardly ever drink. I knew we were going almanbahis to have a night-load of fun though. When we arrived at the club we found a table and just chatted some among ourselves. The club was crowded with an airy smoky feel to it. The women were treated to “two drinks for the price of one,” which Lisa enjoyed. The crowd was a mix of many pieces. We noticed six guys sitting at a big table who kept staring at us. Although uncomfortable, we tried our best to ignore them. They were persistent, and we finally went to the dance floor to get away from them. As we bumped and ground together, a few of the guys come to join us on the floor. After we finished dancing, they invited us to their booth. Introductions did nothing for us as we cared little for their company, but we did enjoy the attention. They tried to persuade us to go back to their house for a small party. It sounded like a fun idea, but I was worried about Lisa. She had always been faithful to her husband; I felt like she would do something she would regret this evening almanbahis yeni giriş and hesitated. However, Lisa insisted on us going and having a good time as she convinced herself that the young guys would be no match for her. Regardless, she told me to keep an eye on her so nothing would happen. Little did we know, we were in for a nice surprise. Mistress Lisa and I followed the guys to their house in our car. Over the hours, they played some music, and we chatted, and drank with them. They wanted to give us a tour of their place, so we followed them. We saw most of the house but they wanted to show us their “special room.” They told us we had to wear blind folds. After we put the blindfolds on, they carefully walked us into the room then slammed the door and locked it. We both gave a silent scream. Terrified and excited at the same time, we did not completely understand what was going to happen to us. Suddenly I felt someone grab me and bend me over forward. I felt something hard on my wrists and then felt my hands almanbahis giriş being tied together by rope. A sense of helplessness and dread flooded my senses. Never before had I felt as vulnerable as I did that moment. I also wondered about my friend, my mistress, my companion, as to what her fate was going to be. As the flood of emotions percolated, I felt my dress being lifted up and my bare ass exposed. A rush of dread hit me. They finally took the blind folds off of my eyes, and I began to take in the room and the view. The room was set up as a “dominatrix” room, completed with sexual play toys and a “dungeon” feel to it. As my eyes adjusted to the contour of the room, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My Mistress, who was always in control, was bent over on all fours with her hands tied to the head board of a rather large bed. Her eyes were still blind folded. I was bent over with my hands tied to two saw horses. Soon one of the guys started talking. He was a tall man, with strong features. You could clearly tell he was the leader of the group. As he talked, his large hands were sliding over Lisa’s ass. Lisa always loved a strong hand on her ass although her Mistress desires always kept her from admitting this to many. The man spanked her ass once and continued talking.

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