The Facesitting Bar

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“Please Jake, we need a guy,” Natalie begged, her coffee cup clattering down on its saucer, “We can’t go otherwise.”She touched her pouting lips, shuffled on her chair and recrossed her legs. She twisted her head to create waves of long dark hair and hoped that the freckles on her nose and her tendency to giggle weren’t taking away from her practised look.“If I come,” Jake replied slowly, holding out a stern finger, “You and I must not…”“No, of course not! There will be heaps of guys there.”“And don’t tell your brother.”Jake studied Natalie’s excited face. She was his friend’s younger sister and a girl that had seemingly had a permanent crush on him. Natalie was now twenty-three and good-looking but to Jake, she was still Ben’s little sister. Just being seen with her would get him angst from his friends.“So, you’ll come then?” Natalie babbled with a flash of perfect white teeth. Anytime spent with Jake was a bonus, especially if it gave her a chance to get close to him in the dark. She put down her cup, more gently this time, sat up straight and brushed her long dark hair back behind her ears in an attempt to look older.“Okay.” The place did intrigue him, and at least he should be safe from Natalie’s attention. Here was a woman who seemed out of her depth in any bar, let alone one where women sat on guys’ faces.The Facesitting bar had developed a cult reputation in the few weeks since it had been open. Seats had to be booked in both senses of the word. For women, it offered cheap drinks and the chance to enjoy an illicit thrill in a discrete, all-female environment. For men, the proposition was less clear.*Jake walked down the short flight of steps and in through a discrete metal door. Natalie waited for the door to shut firmly behind him, before swaying on her black heels and hurrying over to the bar’s main entrance.At his entrance, Jake was met by a curvy blonde woman dressed provocatively in a short black leather dress.“Guest of Natalie?” Jake said uncertainly.“Guest?” the woman laughed, amused by the good-looking guy’s choice of words.Fuck, why had he repeated Natalie’s euphemism?“Natalie’s ‘guest’ will spend the evening over here,” the woman chuckled again as she pointed to one of the six coffin-shaped steel boxes that ran along one side of the small room.“Where’s the bar?” Jake asked.“The other side of this wall. Girl’s only. Sorry.”“And the way out?”“Locked.”The woman tapped her stiletto heel impatiently as Jake climbed warily into his box. He lay down on his back with his head resting on the shaped foam that prevented him from turning his head. His neck squeezed between vertical bars, effectively separating his head from the rest of his body.“I assume you will be paying for your host’s drink?” she checked.Jake had barely pulled his wallet from his jeans pocket when the woman whisked it from his hand. She pulled out his credit card, brushing against his erection as she eased it back into his pocket.“How much?” Jake asked.“Sweetie, when you see the position you’ll be in, you’ll want to be generous.”The woman then produced a short length of heavy chain, a large padlock and a metal plaque emblazoned with the Facesitting bar’s pink logo of two stylised cheeks.“For identification, while you’re on the premises,” she explained, padlocking the chain and plaque around Jake’s neck with bahis siteleri the plaque now resting against his Adam’s apple.“Branded with your logo?” Jake observed, “Good way to advertise.”“Natalie has the key to unlock this.”“What?” Jake grimaced, “I wasn’t planning to see Nat.”“Great! Then you’ll be a permanent advertisement,” the woman laughed.Jake looked on as she lowered the metal lid down on top of him, leaning forward with her weight until the lid clunked into place. Jake was now enclosed in a tight metal coffin with only his face protruding through a hole in the lid. It was a tight fit with a strong smell of leather from the surrounding red padded seat.The woman smoothed her dress and sat down on his metal lid, “The benefits of curves,” she smiled sheepishly, “No one gets out.”“You look good,” Jake stuttered.The woman smiled back, delighted by the compliment, “Maybe later?”“If I’m still here,” Jake stammered, not wanting to offend the seemingly enormous thighs and hips that loomed above his lowly position.The woman pulled a single key from her bra, reached down and locked his steel box before replacing the key between her breasts, “You’ll still be here, sweetie,” she teased.“Now listen up boys,” the woman called addressing all six boxes.Her fishnet tights straddled Jake’s box and she tapped the side with her shoe to ensure she had everyone’s attention, “This is ladies’ night! Any complaint from any woman and these boxes really will be your coffins. Your box will be taken out of circulation and probably not unlocked until the morning.”The woman then stood up on Jake’s box and stepped from box to box, her shoes starling each occupant, “Your only purpose is to please the girls… and remember, ‘please’ can mean different things to different girls. Just use your intuition, boys. Any questions?”There was silence from the six men, all now terrified of the roomful of women next door.The blonde woman sat back down, spun her hips and landed on the floor, “Seriously boys, facesitting is a beautiful thing. The soft erotic touch, the contact with a beautiful friend or maybe a stranger, and the thrill of control and submission. So be giving and enjoy!” The woman then slid each box forward on its wheels until the ends containing the men’s heads pushed through holes in the wall and protruded into the adjacent room. The boxes matched the other chairs, completing the seating arrangements in the elegant bar.The room was faintly lit, with most light coming from spots that shone directly into the faces of the smother box occupants. Jake screwed up his eyes and listened to the mix of music and cries of excitement that echoed around the crowded bar.He could feel a woman sitting on one side of his smother box, the warmth of her bare thigh against his cheek. The thigh lifted, momentarily blocking the spotlight to give him a glimpse of white lingerie between round buttocks before her cheeks touched down and everything went dark. The bottom wriggled before settling in with his nose between her legs.*It was late in the evening when Jake staggered back out through the discrete entrance and quickly ducked out of sight into the nearest alleyway. He looked at his reflection in the shop window. His zipped jacket covered the provocative plaque with the buttocks logo, but he could still see parts of the canlı bahis siteleri heavy security chain.He pulled out his phone and dialled, “Nat, pick up!” he mouthed as he called his friend’s little sister.*Jake arrived first and took a seat at the back of the bar. He looked around, strangely disappointed to be in a traditional bar with no one was sitting on anyones’ faces. “Please Nat, hurry up,” he mouthed repeatedly as he waited. Twenty minutes later she arrived, skipping across the bar and slipping onto the barstool next to him.“Oh wow,” Natalie breathed in hushed tones as she kissed his cheek.Jake’s face was still red, slightly chafed and marked with faint lines from various items of clothing that had been pressed into his flesh. He looked dazed and was clinging to his beer.“Nat, I need the key.”“Let me see it?” she giggled.Jake huddled closer and unzipped his jacket just enough to show her the blatant female buttocks chained around his neck. Natalie’s laugh made the barman look across. Jake quickly zipped himself up and looked down in embarrassment.“It’s at my flat,” Natalie whispered, her eyes blinking nervously.Jake shook his head, seeing all too well where Natalie wanted to take this.“Well, given our evening so far…” Natalie mouthed, her blue eyes big and hopeful.“Did you see me in there?”Her hair ruffled as she nodded.Jake eyed her warily. “I take it we didn’t…?”Natalie sighed in a waveringly throaty voice, “Please can I have a drink?”Jake looked alarmed, now completely lost as to what this woman may have done to him. He stared down at her grey flared mini-skirt and strong thighs, crossed and clenched tightly on the black leather bar stool.“Recognise anything?” she whispered. Her lips were trembling.Jake shook his head.“Maybe you were inside?”“Nat!” Jake tried to sound angry, but he was becoming increasingly captivated by this crazy woman.Jake stared again. A couple of women had sat on him in jeans and skirts, but mostly he had felt skin-on-skin contact, with the occasional strip of silk or satin between them.“Do you wish that we had touched?” Natalie breathed, fidgeting nervously on her stool and almost wobbling off.Jake had to know.“What are you wearing underneath?”“You can’t ask a girl that!” Natalie smiled coyly, “…but they are a little damp.”“Nat!”“You asked.”Fuck, he had just asked about his friend’s sister’s pants and now his cock was aching.He thought back. One woman had sat on him in Lycra underwear. The heat from his breathe had soaked in and she had seemed delighted to slide around on his face. He could still smell her scent.“Nat, I don’t think you would do that.”Natalie smiled a little condescendingly as she picked up the small teddy bear mascot from the bar, leaned to one side and pushed it beneath her skirt. She sat back upright and rolled her hips back and forth, feeling its crushed form beneath her.“Fuck,” Jake mouthed.“You and he can compare notes later.”“No way, Nat.”This was starting to become all too real. One woman had rocked on him, just like Natalie was doing to the bear. That woman had pulled aside her thong and forced him to lick her, and in the dark intoxicating atmosphere of the bar, he had obliged.“Nat, I need to know!”Natalie hiccupped and pointed at her empty glass.“Please, Nat.”Fuck, if she was to tell her brother, it would be a canlı bahis story he would never live down. Surely, she hadn’t forced him to kiss her vagina, but then she was still sitting on the bar’s mascot and she was now staring at his obvious erection.Jake looked away and quickly ordered more drinks.“Are you jealous of the teddy?” she asked, touching his bulging lap.He turned to find Natalie’s lips only inches away. Brown hair, blue eyes and freckles that somehow, he had never noticed before.“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Jake replied, his hand on hers.“Why? I love your touch?” Natalie uncrossed her thighs and slid a trembling hand inside her skirt, “I had you there,” she could barely believe her own breathless voice.“Nat?”“Well, you were never going to touch me,” her hand dove deeper under her skirt.“Which one were you?”Natalie smiled shyly as she leaned to one side. Her short skirt had ridden up and the teddy was sandwiched between her skin and the black leather bar stool. She eased out the flat toy and handed it to Jake.Alcohol and nervous energy were getting to her, so she consoled herself with memories of the amazing evening. It had been so awkward being the only woman in the bar that wasn’t with a group of friends, but nothing mattered as she saw Jake’s blinking eyes looking up from the seat. Within seconds she had spun on her heels, flicked up the soft grey fabric of her skirt and snuggled down.They had fitted together so well, moulding together as one as she engulfed her crush. Years of not being noticed melted away as she finally owned her man. He had started to kiss her, tickling the front of her special new white silk lingerie. It fired something completely overpowering within her. His lips had as good as pushed inside her panties and she was only helping him when she had eased them to the side, and she had been shaking with excitement, wobbling on her feet ever since.But after a few precious minutes, they had all been told to move tables. She had watched distraught as some bitch had played with Jake. Natalie had frozen, crossing her arms and legs and almost suffocating the poor man at her new table.“Nat, I need the key,” Jake interrupted, still holding the mascot.She blinked at him blankly.“Please, Nat?” The woman slowly came to life as he held her hand, “Let me take you home.”Jake wrapped his arm around the exhausted woman and guided her towards the door and along the short walk to Natalie’s small flat.“I don’t know what happened in there,” Jake whispered, “but I almost hope we touch.”“Really?”“And I’m quite happy to be branded with a picture of a bottom. Especially if it’s your bottom.”Jake watched Natalie unlock her front door, and then followed her inside and up the steep narrow stairs to her flat. He made some coffee for them both and joined Natalie on the kitchen stools.“Every time I see you sit down… I get excited,” he smiled.Natalie smiled, uncrossing her bare legs and swivelling to face him. “Every time I look at you, I can feel you down there…”Jake leaned closer to kiss her lips for the first time, yet it felt strange as if she was already his lover. As he tentatively touched her thigh, she pulled her skirt higher, willing him closer.“What did you do to me in there?” he mouthed.Jake hugged her tighter, pulling her to her feet to press his body against hers. The closer he came, the more she came to life, biting gently on his lip and pushing her tongue deeper. They collapsed to the sofa, Natalie sitting astride his waist, toying with the Facesitting bar logo still padlocked around Jake’s neck.

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