The Hate Fuck Of My Life

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Prologue I love my wife very much. She is an amazing woman, from the southern state of Tennessee. Being southern she is typical in many ways; she does not like to discuss sex outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom she is pretty amazing. For a married couple we make love often and I get oral multiple times a week, I’m very lucky. However we don’t fuck often. She supported me one hundred percent in my naval career. Often should would give me advice or words of encouragement when the sacrifices we make start to become almost too much. Recently I had checked into a new command. My new EMO, electronic materials officer, was a formerly enlisted. She had been the same kind of technician as me but one rank higher. If only for a month before she was commissioned. EMO had been making my life hell at the new command. She always challenged me on anything technical I said and made me prove I was right, which was more often than not. At first I thought she was just verifying my knowledge, but the more I was right the more she would challenge me. Some days she was outright rude, telling me she never really listens to me. Sometimes she’d acknowledge mersin escort I was talking, listen to a complete update on equipment statuses and then once I finished inform me she really wasn’t listening. She’d usually ask me to repeat it all the while still letting my words fall on deaf ears. Needless to say I began to hate her. Everyday brought new levels of hate, not dislike or disdain but full on hatred. Now the story begins. I lay in bed already excited, waiting for Winter to get out of the shower. I imagined every stroke of the razor, her public hair washing away. I couldn’t help but touch myself through my boxer briefs. Finally I heard the water shut off followed by the sounds of her moving around the bathroom. My excitement was evident from the tent my erection was making in my underwear. She stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a charcoal grey towel. Her amazing breasts bunched up, the curvaceous swells over flowing from the top. “Stop staring creeper,” she said lovingly, but rolling her eyes. “Then hurry the fuck up babe,” I replied eagerly. “Maybe,” she said dropping the towel and letting me see mersin escort bayan her full body, “someone should have been patient and not started without me.” She flopped onto the bed and tapped at the wet spot on my boxer briefs where my swollen head was making a mushroom shape. I didn’t even reply, I just laid back and grabbed the pillow. She was amazing at sucking my dick. I had been with a lot of women before, but she took oral to an artistic level. She pulled my underwear down and my waiting cock sprung out. She wasted no time eliciting moans of pleasure from me. Moans I tried to smother so the neighbors wouldn’t complain again. I could be vocal sometimes. She would suck and twist and stroke until I was on the edge of cumming. Right when I was about to blow she would stop, gently tease me just enough to let me remain hard but calm down. Then she would start all over again. Midway down the shaft she stopped jerked her head off and looked at me. I stopped moaning confused, releasing the balled up sheets in my hands and looked at her. “I wasn’t there yet babe,” I said reassuringly, “Yea I know,” she said escort mersin still looking at me “I had an idea. You know how you described hate fucking to me?” “Ummm yea,” I said hesitantly. “Next time EMO pisses you off you should just imaging hate fucking the shit out of her,” she said smiling at her cleverness. Sadly my erection started to go soft in her hands. “Seriously why the fuck would you bring up that cunt right now?” I asked pissed b off. “I dunno it was just an idea,” she said apologetically “sorry.” She took me into her mouth again. I began to harden and get excited again, and then the image of EMO bent over her desk popped into my mind. My cock grew soft as I pictured her looking over her shoulder at me. “I like to be fucked at precisely a forty-two degree angle Petty Officer Rich,” she instructed me sarcastically in my imagination “you’re currently at a forty-two and a half degree angle. I would have thought as a First Class Petty Officer you could differentiate a half degree.” I felt all limp as the scenario continued to play out in my mind. “Hey! What happened?” Winter asked flopping my limp dick back and forth, my limp cock making slapping sounds as it hit. “I dunno you mentioned that bitch during sex now I’m imaging her as you’re sucking my cock,” I yelled exasperatedly. “I actually see her bent over a desk!” Winter smiled at me as she slinked off the bed and stood naked before me.

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