The Italian Affair

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It was in the Italian city of Livorgio that Arabella’s father had his annual business trip; Arabella always tagged along to explore the new bits of Italy.

“Father? Do you mind if I go out?”

“Not at all Arabella, just be back by six.”

At just the ripe age of 18, Arabella set out to find something new and adventurous. In a pink pea coat and gray cloche hat, she began to wander the orange cobblestone streets. She passed several small stores which sold anything from antiques to packaged water. Dissatisfied with the small town findings, Arabella eyed some of the houses across the street.

Her curiosity was pleasantly piqued at the sight of a lovely garden. The garden was mostly lush roses which sat behind a steel gate, and in front of that, an Italian villa. The house had plenty of grandeur and beauty; grapevines ran up its sides, its two stories were entirely made up of a beautiful ivory-orange stucco, and Spanish tile covered the roof. Although the house was lovely, the one thing that stood out to her most was its size. The house really wasn’t large at all; it’s two stories were very cute. It was like a grand mansion shrunken down.

Excited, Arabella quickly began to approach the house, What’s the worst that could happen? she thought, I’d just kindly be told to leave. Carefully eyeing the courtyard and garden, Arabella unlatched the dark metal gate. Upon its empty countenance, she stepped onto the smooth dark gray stone and beheld the lovely roses. Feeling further intrigued, she bent down and began to smell them.

Peacefully going from flower to flower, Arabella did not see the lean man in a white blouse and black corduroy pants watching her from a dark corner of the courtyard.

“Are you enjoying my flowers?” he finally said. Shocked, Arabella looked back and gasped. “Don’t be afraid, I’m not mad. I think more people should enjoy them anyway.” Arabella just stared back, unsure of what to say.

He stepped forward into the light and eyed her curiously. The man was about 5’10, was lean (for his clothes draped over his thin body), had short buzz cut blond hair, and large pink bull-like lips.

“Please excuse me for the intrusion, I’ll leave right away!” Arabella said as she abruptly stood.

“You don’t have to leave so soon. I just made a fresh pot of tea and ciabatta. You’re more than welcome to enjoy them with me. However, don’t feel obliged to stay.”

With the man’s hands firmly tucked into his pockets, he didn’t look harmful at all. Well…it’s the least I could do for him…I mean, I was intruding on his property, and he was so very nice about it, Arabella thought.

“Um, sure,” Arabella said hesitantly with a blush.

“Great. I’ll set it up, please, come inside,” he smiled before turning towards a lovely wooden door with an arched frame. She watched him enter the house and began to follow.

She’d never been alone with a grown man who hadn’t been her father before; and now, being alone with this man gave her great thrill. She’d seen the way men and women kissed, she secretly desired it. She’d once even seen, out in a meadow a few miles behind their house in the states, a man whipping a woman’s bare buttocks. The woman’s buttocks had been red and swollen, and the man’s trousers were down at his feet. Arabella remembered his penis, long and erect. It was the first time she had ever seen a penis. She had continued to watch the couple until they were fully engaged in intercourse.

She remembered how much she wanted it, the whipping, the sex, she was so young, yet it was the only thing she could think about. Since then, late at night, when her father was fast asleep, she would rub and finger her wet soft womb, desiring what she’d seen every time.

Awakening from her trance, Arabella hastily entered the house. It was warm and sunny in the kitchen, the man was busy setting a small wooden table.

“Oh good! I thought you might have left!” he laughed as he pulled out a chair for her. Blushing, she sat down. In front of her was a lovely porcelain tea cup and saucer engraved with grapes, a bowl of bread and a plate of cheese.

The man quickly returned from the stove and poured her a steaming cup of herb tea. He poured himself a cup before taking his place across from her. The table was so small that she could simply reach out and touch him. He began to cut the cheese, finally Arabella got a good look at him.

He had large blue eyes, bushy blond eyebrows, long blond eyelashes, and light freckling across the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks. She found him remarkably handsome, which only made her more nervous.

He finally sat back and relaxed. He stared at her. Arabella felt her heart begin to beat faster. Every second he stared at her, she could feel the sexual tension rise within. Alanya Escort escort She wasn’t sure what it was, but his stare was very seductive; she was feeling more and more uncomfortable until he finally spoke.

“So, how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she replied, finally sipping her tea. It hadn’t been until now that she noticed that he didn’t have an Italian accent. It was American like her own. He took a large bite out of the bread and nodded looking off.

“What do you do for a living?” Arabella asked nervously. He swallowed his bread and sat for a minute.

“Well…I worked in adult films.”

“You’re an actor!” Arabella concluded triumphantly.

“I was, but probably not the kind you’re thinking of,” he laughed as he sipped his tea.

“Well then…what kind of film?” Arabella asked somewhat disappointed.

“Sex films,” he stated bluntly.

“Otherwise known as pornography, sweetheart.” Arabella didn’t know what to say. Her loins were on fire and she was beginning to sweat.

“I decided to retire a few months ago. I had a miraculous run, made much more money than expected. I soon grew tired of it though, thus…I decided to reside here. In quiet peaceful Italian bliss. What are you doing here, I’ve never seen you around before.”

“My dad’s here on a business trip; we visit every year,” she replied shakily. Arabella had seen pornography tapes before; she’d accidentally stumbled across them at a friend’s house. Her friend’s parents were gone and they were playing in the master bedroom. They turned on the small television to find a woman relentlessly humping a man; her large breasts slapping against his face. Her cries of ecstasy and the sound of skin slapping on skin resonated for just a moment. ‘Sorry!’ her friend had said embarrassed as she had quickly switched off the TV. ‘Sometimes my parents watch porn.’ The girl reached for a case concealed behind a vase of flowers and quickly tossed the disk set into a drawer. Arabella had secretly wanted to see more.

She now couldn’t help but to imagine herself as the bare buttocked woman in the field, with the blond ex-porn star the beholder of the whip. She also now envisioned herself as the sex-crazed woman who was furiously humping her seductive new blond friend.

Frozen in the gaze of his inquisitive eyes, Arabella felt invaded as he seemed to read the sexual desires on her mind. He then leaned forward, his face just inches from hers. She twitched in shock as his large fingers began to gently trace her jawline.

“What is your name?” he asked as he intently examined her features.

“Arabella,” she replied in an anxious whisper. His eyes climbed over her neck and chest before finally settling on her eyes.

“A very sweet name,” he breathed. “I’m Uri, and in case you’re wondering, I’m 31. Now, I don’t mean to be invasive, but Arabella darling, you’re very provoking. With the way you’re looking at me, and with a face so appealing, I’d find it hard to believe you a virgin. You’re not a virgin, are you, Arabella?”

Unable to speak, Arabella nodded the truth. “As pure as an angel,” he noted, “Surely you wouldn’t mind if I corrupted you a little…”without having much of a choice, and being unable to resist her innermost desires, Arabella held in place as he clasped her face in his grasp, leaned in and locked his lips with hers.

Butterflies began to seize her stomach and her throbbing pussy grew increasingly wet. He gently pulled away, his eyes fixed with hers. He stood, rounded the table and gracefully pulled out her chair. Nervous, Arabella expectantly stood and turned to face him.

“You must be burning up…” Uri stated as his eyes roved over her thick pea coat. Arabella gasped at the thought of taking her coat off. Underneath she wore nothing more than a sheer white nightgown that barely passed her butt; she hadn’t ever intended to take the coat off.

“Let me take your coat,” Uri said as his large bony fingers began to undo the leather and wood clasps. Arabella trembled as his nimble, quick fingers reached the last of the buttons. When all were undone, he gently grasped and spread her coat wide. Arabella was now sweating profusely, perspiration ran down the side of her face and neck. She watched Uri’s eyes turn to molten liquid sapphire; it was clear her skimpy attire was arousing him.

“What a dress…” he bemused aloud. Still grasping her coat, he quickly slid the heavy material off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Arabella shyly looked away feeling pleasantly slutty.

“Dearest Arabella, darling of my summer, I will now present you two options. The first is to leave, uninterrupted and completely unchanged. The second option will be to follow me through that archway to my bed, where I will violate Alanya Escort bayan and caress you as I so desire. What do you say, sweetheart?” He found her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss.

“Which archway shall you choose, my lover?” He bemused as he began to step towards the archway of his bedroom.

In all honesty, Arabella knew she would choose the archway to the bedroom. Sex with Uri was alluring and inevitable. She was already at the moment finding it difficult to keep from jumping on him at the very moment to pull his cock from his trousers.

Feeling the man’s constrain begin to penetrate within her, Arabella took one sly step towards her tempting destiny.

“Yes, there we go my lover…” he exclaimed with a smile as he grasped her hand and gently pulled her along into his room.

As Arabella entered, she could feel his dominance surround her immediately. The walls were a dark provocative red, there were no windows, the lighting was dimly lit by candles, and the large black bed looked ready to devour her. Despite this, she liked the feel of being his slut, and submissively allowed him to lead her to the black mass of pillows and blankets.

Now standing near the bed, Arabella felt a strong push suddenly jerk her face down into the soft sea of blankets. She looked behind her to see Uri situating himself. He dropped to his knees and clenched her ass cheeks in his firm grip, a low guttural sound permeated from within his throat.

Having never felt a man’s lust-driven touch, Arabella winced as a shock of pleasure rippled through her. He pulled her white panties tight, making her ass bulge through the fabric. Hungrily, he began licking the valley between her cheeks, delving his tongue in deeply. He then moved south and began to plod at her clit.

“Oh…” Arabella moaned zestfully. Why couldn’t he just remove her panties already?

“Oh! Mr. Uri…” she suddenly cried out as he began to suckle her love button through her wet panties.

Upon resurfacing, Arabella looked back at her skilled lover, her eye catching his. Almost as if to restate his dominance, he then smacked her ass very hard. She winced at the bittersweet pain and pleasure of the smack.

“Arabella…you’ve been a very bad girl,” Uri exclaimed slowly as he pressed his erection against the back of her thigh. A well of sexual pleasure blossomed inside her stomach at the touch. He then violently pulled down her panties, “A very bad girl.” Smack! This time Arabella winced more at the stinging pain of skin against skin.

“Tempting a grown man-” Smack!

“Into sin.” Smack!

“Such a bad girl,” Smack!

“Cock slut!” Smack!

“Bitch!” Smack!

“Fucking whore!” He spat with a final smack before finally submitting to her womanly goods, smothering his face into her ass cheeks once more. Arabella reveled in the thought of being such a slutty whore as she provided the man with what he needed.

Anything for him, she thought in a trance, Anything to please him and his hard cock…

He then quickly flipped her over and pushed her further onto the bed. He climbed on top of her and lifted her skimpy gown over her head. Arabella had not been wearing a bra, she now felt completely vulnerable with her small tits exposed to him.

She whined as his strong hands cupped her miniature 34A breasts. A small moan escaped her lips when his tongue lasciviously lapped and suctioned her sensitive nipples.

“Mmmmm…” she groaned pleasurably, he then, to make the situation of dominance further pronounced, took her dress and tied her hands together above her head. Feeling satisfied, he stared down at his captured girl. Ready to fuck, he began to unbutton his trousers. As the baggy material fell to his knees, Arabella’s gaze fell upon the long, thick, veiny rod that at last revealed itself.

“Do you want my cock Arabella? Mmmm baby? Do you want my dick?” He taunted as he brought his face closer to hers. “Do you want it?” he whispered before forcefully pressing his lips down on hers. Arabella struggled to breathe as he settled all of his heavy weight on top of her thin frame.

“Do you want to get fucked, mmm? Do you want to get your pussy pounded at eighteen? Mmmm baby? Is that what you want?” He jeered as his hips began to grind into hers. His cock slid rousingly in between her juicy pussy lips, causing her to whimper with pleasure.

Enticed by the sound of her vulnerability, he cupped her chin in one hand and led his cock to the entrance of her pussy with the other. Observing her countenance, he slowly began to push it in. Her jaw clenched as she tried to stifle a cry. With a final jolt, he sent his 7 inch cock through her tight pink fuck-hole.

“Oh!” Arabella cried as the pain of her stretched Escort alanya pussy clinched her. No longer wishing to hear her cries, Uri shoved his thumb into her mouth, “Suck it,” he demanded. A tear rolled down her temple as she obediently began to suck.

With his face buried in her neck, he began to move over her with hard, slow, hip thrusts. As he rousingly grunted in her ear, she began to feel her pain slowly dissipate; and a faint deep pleasurable throbbing begin to conquer. Wrenching and wriggling free out of his self made handcuffs, her small hand found the small of his back, and the other the back of his head. Uri looked up at the girl to find a molten lust-driven stare.

“Oh, Mr.Uri…” she moaned as small waves of ecstasy ran through her with every thrust of his hips.

“Fuck me harder, Mr.Uri…faster…harder!” Upon the request, he kept his eyes secured on hers and began to pound her cunt more vigorously. The bed began to violently shake under the exertion of his powerful humping.

“Mmmmm…yeah!” Arabella shouted as his propelling dick began to stir up more ravishing waves inside her. His body moved over her like a wicked engine as his muscles flexed intensely over her. She knew he was beyond the point of stopping.

“Yes!…Yes!…Fuck!…Bitch! You sexy young bitch, fuck yes!” Uri gasped as he stroked her face in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Arabella was teething now as her orgasm neared. She lowered her hand from the small of his back to his ass. Feeling his rhythmic pulsating was enough to send her over the edge.

As her orgasm began to take hold, she probed her fingers deep into his ass crack. Feeling her body turn tense with amplified arousal via his dick, Uri began to kiss her cupped face.

“Mmm, poor baby…poor darling, did I fuck you too hard? Can you handle it sweetie?” He jested as she quivered beneath him. Warm juices from her orgasm soon encircled his cock and spilled down her ass.

“Oh, Mr.Uri!” Arabella moaned as a blithesome tear rolled down her temple.

“Oh Arabella, you’re going to take it…you going to take it sweetie, to the very end,” he panted.

“Oh, Mr. Uri…Oh God! Oh Mr. Uri!” She yelled out as his humping quickened due to his own near orgasm. A second climax overtook her as his balls slapped loudly against her cheeks.

“Oh! Mmmmm…!” She groaned as another fit of jovial arousal overtook her body. This time, as she clenched his ass cheek, Uri came as well. Arabella felt complete as his ropes of cum ejaculated inside her tight cunt.

“Arabella…” he groaned as he slowed his thrusting and lowered his face into her neck. He released her face from his touch and slowly lifted off of her. Arabella continued to lay motionless, entranced by her two orgasms. Noticing her paralyzed delight, Uri stooped down and kissed her gently on the lips. Lured back to reality with his pleasant taste, she kissed her lover back.

“Is it wrong what we did?” she asked as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“No darling, nothing wrong at all. Just don’t tell your father about us, okay?”

“I won’t tell him,” she agreed.

“Good,” he replied, his face above hers. He finally stood and gathered his clothes.

“Belle, you’re going to clean this off for me, yes?” He asked, referring to his cock.

“Yes!” Arabella exclaimed as she crawled from the bed. Eagerly, she began to lap up their combined love juices; Uri’s cock was her new best friend. She loved the taste, the smell, the size…the feel; she would do anything to get her mouth and pussy around his superb dick! Oh anything…She thought, I’d do anything to please him…anything so he’ll fuck me again.

“Darling?” he inquired staring down at her.

“Yes, Mr. Uri?” Arabella replied.

“I’d like to see you again after today. When do you think?” He asked casually. Staring up, Arabella nodded agreeingly.

“Tomorrow, Mr. Uri?” She asked hopeful.

“Yes, Arabella, tomorrow. Come by for dinner…and dessert.”

“Yes Mr. Uri,” she said as she licked the last bit of cum from his dick. Uri then dressed and handed Arabella her own clothing from the kitchen.

“Do you feel like a woman now?” Uri asked his young mistress.

“Yes, Mr. Uri, very much so.”

“Very good my bella regazza.”

The two embraced a last time before he finally sent her on her way. On her walk home, all Arabella could think about was Uri and the newly found pleasure he had showed her. Upon arriving home, Arabella glistened with a new spark.

“Arabella…I told you to be back by six, it’s six forty five.” Her father said disappointed.

“I know father, I’m sorry, I won’t be late again. I’ve been requested to have dinner with a friend tomorrow though…could I perhaps stay ’til eight?” Arabella’s father sensed the difference in the Arabella that had left and the one that returned.

“Sure…” he said hesitantly. It seemed crazy, but something in his gut seemed to say that his little girl was no longer an innocent virgin little girl, but an enlightened woman.

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