The Job Offer Ch. 02

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Continuing to look at all the gear across the floor, realization kicks in and he wonders if he can actually do this. Feeling her warm embrace helps settle things a bit for him. She hasn’t been wrong with her premonitions as yet. Perhaps this is what it meant for me, fate. He then turns to his slut and says, “Let’s take this gear downstairs and put it in a room for now; I have yet been down there and it would be nice to look around.”

She turns towards him and wraps her hands around his neck, bringing her closer to him and says, “We can have the butler/maid take these downstairs. There is no need for you to go down there; there really isn’t anything worth seeing down there.” Sounding concerned for one and two, it’s not something he should see.

“Nonsense, we have to put this gear somewhere out of prying eyes and I should get acquainted with the gear if I am to wear and use it for my new job.” He stammers back to her.

“You are the Master, after all; I am just trying to say that you don’t have to do this on your own. We do have help that can do this mundane job for you and there really isn’t nothing spectacular downstairs.” She says with a whisper of concern and trying to dissuade him from going down there.

He is getting the feeling that she doesn’t want him down there for some odd reason. He knows that her supply of blood is downstairs in the cooler for her to feed, but what else is she hiding down there? Then he says, “Are you afraid to show me what’s kept in the basement?”

All her efforts to dissuade him from going downstairs are for nothing. She understands he is curious about one, but again, it’s another dark chapter of her life becoming a vampire. He has accepted everything about her past; is she ready to share more of it? Feeling frustrated, she then says, “All my efforts to dissuade you from going down there are for not; you are the Master and I can’t hide the truth from you no longer. If you want to go down there, then I will open it up for you to see.”

He can see the turmoil of emotions on her face; this must be seriously hard for her. Who knew the basement would hold such resentment for her? Being concerned, his right hand leaves her waist and slides up to lift her chin so her eyes can meet his. He then says, “I can see this is hard for you, and I am guessing this is about your past as well. I won’t look at you differently. I think we should face this together.” He lets go of her chin and pushes her back; he has his right hand extended for her grasp, if she is ready to face her fears.

She looks down at his open hand and then gives in; grabs it and leads him to the study. Once there, you can see that there are bookcases along the left side of the room; an old wooden desk and leather chair sit off to the back right of the bookcases. It’s a typical study, filled with old world knickknacks. There is a musty smell in the room, but there aren’t any windows either. She then let’s go of his hand and walks over to the bookcase. She immediately knows which book to pull to open the secret latch to the basement. A Tale of Two Cities is what she pulls down and you hear a click of sorts from the movement. Out comes the bookcase and swivels to the left, and you can see wooden stairs leading to the basement. She flips the switch on the wall to illuminate the way down.

She then turns to her Master solemnly and says, “Are you ready to see for yourself?”

He walks towards her and says, “Lead the way, babe. I can either follow you down or we can do this together. Either way, I need to see and understand why the basement has such an effect on you.” With his hand outstretched, hoping she will take it.

She can feel his words and they affect her in such a way to face her fears. She reaches out, grabs his hand and then walks towards him and kisses his cheek. Then says, “Thanks for the kind words; yes, it’s tough for me, but having you close to me means the world. Follow me, Master.” Tugging on his hand, she leads him to the basement. Her hand is on the wall to keep her balance since it is a way down.

He counts the steps as he descends and it’s a lot deeper than most basements he has been in. Usually they are 13 so steps and we have been going past that; hitting 25+ till we reach the bottom of 30 stairs. Along the wall wasn’t flat or concrete at all but felt more like foam points, like an acoustic board for sound proofing per se. Reaching the bottom, the floor was indeed concrete. The room is still dark, but you can see a refrigerator and cabinets off the side and underneath the staircase. It’s a big room with not a lot of light; there are egress windows but covered up with some UV film to keep the harmful rays out of the basement. There is another switch to turn on more light, but he sees her hesitate for a bit.

“Do you want me to hit the switch, or do you want to do it?” He asks her plainly. He sees her bursa escort hesitate for a bit, but then leans forward and flips the switch. Immediately, you see what lies in the background of sorts. Along the back wall, you see 2 stainless steel looking shackles attached securely to the back wall. Also, you can see faint line marks from either side of the shackles. It also appears to be some distorted white drops as well. Someone tried their best to get rid of the blood splatter along the walls. Looking away from there, there are two rooms and they both seem to be locked up with stainless steel doors with deadbolts. Not a pretty sight to see in your basement.

He slowly turns to her and says, “Is this what I think it is?”

She nods her head

‘Were you tortured down here when becoming a vamp?” He asks and sounding concerned.

She nods her head again but then says, “I was a different person back then when I first turned. I was rebellious and not accepting the ways my father instructed. And so, I was tortured and spent many days in the one of those rooms before seeing the light of controlling my bloodlust urges. It’s a sad time, but again, it’s a constant reminder when I come down here to feed. It’s so easy to let go of control and give in to the hunger. Having you as my son and he truly cares. Plus, feeling his warmth and hearing his heart beat for her means so much too. She knows that her Master truly loves her. The hug itself lasts for a while, but she steps back. She wishes she could remain in his arms forever, but knows that they have to get things going.

He feels the same way, but leans down and gives her a quick kiss on her lips, then pulls back to look at her before saying, “I love you so much.”

It warms her heart to feel his lips and hear his words. She instantly flushes by his remarks and feels kind of shy to be in his presence.

He then says, “Are there any storage behind those closed rooms?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, they are empty.”

He nods his head and says, “We could turn one of them into a storage room for my gear; I was thinking we could either get drawers to hide the stuff or get a mannequin and dress him up with the gear; would be a kind of cool (Like Batman/crime fighter). From now on, we will need a utility vehicle to draw less suspicion of what we’re actually doing there when killing these rogue vamps. What do you think?”

She nods her head and says, “That’s an excellent idea; probably going to need something bigger than a cargo van if you’re bringing me along. Plus, I will need to outfit it with a computer gear of sorts and get protective gear for myself from sun exposure.”

Sam nods his head as well, and she is making some good points as well. Her safety is paramount; if he wants her to come along on these jobs. He then says, “We should also get you some leather gloves and a hat, or better yet, a motorcycle helmet, to keep the rays away from your face. Just to be safe, travelling to the vehicle to be safe. Once inside, you can take it off to wear you’re comfortable. Now I know you like being naked, but you should wear something appropriate just in case you get asked ‘what is the purpose of this maintenance?’; just to cover your basis.”

She smirks a bit, but nods her head in agreement.

Seeing that we agree; he suggests to her to unlock the room furthest away from the shackles to store the gear. While she does that, he will transverse back upstairs and start bringing down the cases. They both nod at each other and say, “Sounds like a plan.”

Where she follows up with, “Jinx.”

He laughs and says, “You win!” shaking his head.

He turns around and walks to the steps but sees a blur heading up the stairs before him. He turns to the furthest room and sees that it has been opened, and then sees her standing at the top of the stairs.

She is smiling down at him but says, “The sooner we get the gear downstairs, the sooner we can play again, Master.”

She was right, but has an unfair advantage over me: increased speed, agility and strength. Seeing reason, he will not let it bother him. He takes it slow and knows that he is getting his cardio early today.

In a short amount of time, they could get all the containers to the room. The only person sweating from exhaustion was him. She looks at him with a smile and says, “Don’t worry about it, Master. You can make me sweat in another way, but that will have to wait till after lunch. I will inform the maid to make you a meal and in the meantime, I will do some research on your behalf and probably start ordering more stuff for your new job. After you’re done, meet me in my room and we can take a shower together before we play.” She smiles up at him before planting a kiss on his lips. She then leaves him standing there as she makes her way upstairs to get his lunch ready.

He’s left standing in awe, and bursa escort bayan again, how did he get so lucky? A cum slut, who cares about her master and is going to be my Trinity to me as I am being Neo from now on. Just thinking about it is making me kind of agitated with a hard on; fuck, can’t get enough of her. Well, have to put that aside for now and make my way upstairs for lunch, then perhaps play either in the shower or afterwards. Sam takes his time climbing the stairs and reflecting on the 4 years of bliss and getting to this point in time. He pauses a moment and sees the shackles; wonders a bit and thinks that he should inquire about their dynamic. Is she happy with it or does she want to expand it a bit?

He continues to climb up the remaining steps and turns off the switch to turn off the lights down below. Then reaches for the bookcase to close the secret entrance to the basement till he hears the click. Hmm, just wondering if there are any more secret rooms/passage ways in this house that he doesn’t know of; guess time will tell.

Sam walks to the kitchen to find a sandwich and a tall glass of juice left behind for him. He sits down at the breakfast nook and takes his time to eat. Thoroughly enjoying replacing the energy lost in carrying down all those crates to the basement. Once finished, he washes his plate and glass; he could’ve just left it for the maid to do it, but felt that he should clean up after himself since he was an adult. Leaving the dish and glass in the dish drainer to dry, he makes his way up to his mother’s bedroom. Slowly climbing up the staircase, his cock is slowly getting erect. The need to be in his slut once more is overwhelming. Once he reaches her door, he stands fully erect and looking forward to shower with her once again. He finds her already in a terry-cloth robe and waiting for him on the bed.

“Did you enjoy your lunch?” She asks.

He replies with a nod.

Her eyes devour him and can see that he is fully erect and in need of her. A smile forms on her lips and then she says, “Ready for that shower to clean off that sweat?” She sees his nod and then gets off the bed. She then walks around him and tells him to strip off his clothes and follow her. Hearing his clothes hit the floor, and him following behind her, encourages her to do the same. She slowly unhitches the belt and slides off the robe ever slowly; pulling it off her shoulders, letting it slide down her back and over her hips, then letting it fall to the floor as they walk into the bathroom.

His eyes take everything in. The exquisite sight of her shoulders, then her back, and her flared hips slowly being exposed increased the tension of his cock. His eyes watch her heart-shaped ass move further into the bathroom has him mesmerized. Cock is pulsating with the need to penetrate her; that his eyes didn’t see that she stopped to slide the shower door to the side. Continuing to move forward, his cock slides between her ass cheeks and spreads them apart.

As she walks into the bathroom, she feels his eyes all over her backside and feels them settle down on her ass. Instantly, she feels moist and needs his cock once more. Her cunt is completely wet and ready for him. She stops to slide the shower door open but feels his cock slide between her ass cheeks, spreading her open. She feels his desire and the warmth of his cock on her backside. A shiver of electric heat pulses within her to her core. Damn, his cock feels so good, wherever it’s placed on or in her body. She stutters a bit, but says, “Someone is ready for dessert? It seems you want more than just a shower, Master.”

It takes everything within him to not push her against the wall and take her. He calms down and lets her take the lead. He watches her step into the shower and slowly turn on the water; running her hand under the tap to get the right temperature for him.

Once she is happy with it, she motions for him to step into the shower. He walks into the stream of water and instantly feels the water penetrate and loosen his muscles, which relaxes him. He reaches out to her, but she shakes a finger at him, saying, ‘No’. She then says, “Stand here and relax; let me wash/clean you, Master.” And with that, she grabs the bar of soap and starts rubbing the soap between her hands to lather them up. She starts with his shoulders, down his back to his hips and down his legs. Then she turns him so the water will wash off the soap from his backside. She lathers up once again, then does his chest, arms, then legs; leaving his cock for last. She uses the lather to stroke his cock up and down. Feeling his thickness in her palm. His cock is thick and ready to insert in any of her three holes. The anticipation of having him enter her is causing her legs to shake. She then controls him through his cock by turning him towards the stream of water to clean his front side. Once escort bursa cleaned, she continues to stroke him.

He noticed her legs were shaking and her hands have yet to leave his shaft. He then says, “You’re trembling. Are you in need of dessert too?” With a smirk on his lips.

She takes a deep breath and says, “I need you.” With that said, she rises on the balls of her feet and moves his cock into position at her entrance and slowly descends on his cock. Feeling him enter her throws her into her first orgasm. She reaches out to him, grabbing his shoulders to steady herself as she climaxes over being penetrated. Once her orgasm subsides, she feels him pick up her right leg to open her up. She places her left hand out to the wall to steady herself as she feels him slowly leave her before thrusting back into harder and deeper. A moan escapes her lips as he dominates her pussy.

Lifting her leg up at an angle so he can drive his cock deeper between her folds of her pussy. With each thrust, he can feel the texture along her walls caress and squeeze him as another orgasm is about to crash down on his cock. She shudders and her legs shake when another climax takes hold. He drifts in and out of her channel as she grips him tightly. Once it passes, she relaxes a bit, and he can quicken his pace once more. He continues to hammer into her; watching her tits shake and her expression on her face as he works diligently. Feeling her slowly tightening up again, he reaches out with his right arm to hold her steady. Within moments, her leg and arm weaken and are about to collapse when her next orgasm hits.

Feeling his arm reach out and support her when her 3rd orgasm hits. This one rocks through her to the core. It’s a massive orgasm and has no control over it. She lets him support her; she screams when it hits. Her thighs fight against his hand and want to squeeze together. She feels him let go of her leg and having it on the ground helps stabilize her. Still squeezing him, she feels the shutters run through him. He was certainly close to exploding within her but stays strong. She looks up at his face and reaches out to caress his cheek. She then says, “Please cum in my ass, Master.”

As her third orgasm slowly passes, and her grip on him eases, he pulls out of her. She immediately turns around and offer him her ass. He aligns himself up at her puckered hole. Slowly pushing the head of his cock into her.

She turns around and says, “I know you care about me, but I want you to just shove it in; take me hard and fast. I want to feel you shoot your cum deep into my ass. Making me you’re, bitch.”

Without further ado, he rams into her; taking her ass hard. Once he is fully into her, she shakes as an anal orgasm takes hold, but it doesn’t slow him down one bit. He continues to drive in and out of her; as her grip on him caresses and urges him on. Grabbing her hips with his hands, pulling her ass down onto his cock and feeling her cheeks slide apart slightly, allowing him to drive deeper into her ass. He slaps her ass with his right and grabbing her hair with his left; riding her with every thrust, claiming her ass once more. The angle of his cock changes as she arches her back; it hits her in G-spot. Her moans of ecstasy drive him; ramming it into her. His balls tighten and his shaft thickens. He grabs her hair and yanks hard as he drives deeper into her. A moan escapes his lips and feels his legs tighten. He screams, ‘Fucking Bitch’ as he shoots his cum deep into her ass. Continues to thrust and shoot his cum deeper into her.

She grips him with a shudder as she has another anal orgasm; with her grip, it helps milk his cum out of his shaft and into her ass. Feeling his warm cum being deposited deep into her makes her inner slut happy. He claimed her third hole again; making her his three-holed slut once more. Feeling giddy that her Master claimed her asshole and giving her 5 orgasms. Impressed with his stamina and to please her, she giggles a bit as he slowly softens within her.

He pushes her against the shower wall, wanting to never leave her, but caresses her right breast and slowly deposits kisses along her shoulder and neck. It prompts her to turn her head and their lips intertwined. Kissing her deep, letting her know she is his bitch. The kiss ends with him biting her lip, letting her know that he always needs her. He then grabs hold of her hips and slowly extracts his cock out of her ass. Slowly but surely, his cum drips out of her lax asshole and falls to the wet floor. He grabs the soap and lathers up to clean his cock thoroughly.

He rinses his body once more, and with that, some heat from the water to soothe his muscles and calm him. Walking out of the shower, he dries off with a towel. His eyes marvel at the amount of cum leaving her ass. Seeing her gaped ass slowly move to push out all the remaining cum from within makes him smile. Smiling at her, knowing she is my three-holed bitch slut, and that she is MINE. He leaves her to clean herself up; walks into her bedroom, picks up his clothes, and makes his way to his bedroom.

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