The Journal

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Alana drove down from Atlanta to Athens to visit the Botanical Gardens at the University of Georgia. The hotel clerk in Atlanta said it was worth the drive. Arriving in Athens that early morning, she decided to stop for breakfast and then start her tour of the gardens after. Pulling into the gas station to fill up, Alana decided to ask the attendant to recommend someplace to stop. Waiting in line behind a very tall broad shouldered man, Alana’s mind and eyes wandered. She was trying to imagine what the man in front of her looked like and then he spoke to the cashier.

“Morning darlin, how are you doin’ today?” his deep voice struck a chord with Alana.

She was really curious now to see if he looked as good as he sounded. Because she was so caught up in her imaginings, she didn’t notice how close she was standing until he turned around and bumped into her. His warm hand grasped her elbow, “Excuse me, ma’am. I didn’t mean to run you over.” He stepped around her and walked out the door.

Alana just stood there staring out the door until the cashier clearing her throat got her attention. Snapping out of her musings, she paid for her gas and asked about the nearest breakfast diner. The cashier recommended a place called The Waffle House – fast service and good food, just what was needed. After filling up, Alana followed the directions and parked.

Entering the diner, the conversation stopped for a moment and then picked back up. A waitress approached and seated her at a booth in the back. It was on the way to the booth that Alana noticed that she was the only woman in the place besides the three waitresses. She could feel the eyes of some of the men on her as she made her way down the aisle. It was pretty flattering since she didn’t normally get that kind of attention. It put a smile on her face and a little blush on her cheeks.

The waitress took her order and brought her a cup of coffee. Alana could hear the door open behind her and heard the waitress greet the new arrival.

“Well hello, honey – haven’t seen you here in a while. Now you just sit down and I’ll be right with you.”

“No rush darlin’, I’m not in a hurry.”

Alana heard that wonderful voice for the second time that morning. She leaned a little out of the booth to see if she could catch a glimpse of more than his back. As she did, he turned and caught her looking. She saw long legs, a broad chest leading up to a wicked grin and laughing brown eyes. Then he winked at her!

She quickly ducked back in to the booth. She quickly took a sip of her coffee and could feel herself redden with embarrassment.

Looking back up – she could see that he had taken a seat at the corner and was looking at her in the mirror above the counter. His grin widened and he winked again. Breaking the eye contact, Alana turned and took out the journal she always carried. The journal was the recipient of all of her thoughts and fantasies – and boy did that voice give her a fantasy to write about! The waitress, Betsy came up to the table with her breakfast while she was making a quick sketch of “The Voice” as Alana had already named him.

“Well, honey that looks just like him! You’re pretty good.”

Alana put her finger to her lips, hoping that Betsy would catch the hint. She seemed to; she smiled and nodded before walking away. Eating her breakfast while writing in the journal, Alana didn’t notice the whispered conversation between the waitress and “The Voice”.

Looking up when Betsy returned to the table asking if there was anything else, Alana saw him looking at her again in the mirror smiling. Lowering her eyes, shaking her head no and gathering up her things, Alana didn’t notice that her journal fell to the seat in the booth. She paid her bill and got directions to the garden from Betsy.

Arriving at the gardens, Alana parked and decided to change into her walking shoes. While she changed shoes she noticed a pickup pull into the parking lot. It looked familiar but then again every other vehicle here was a pickup truck. The truck came closer to her car and stopped. Locking up her car, she didn’t notice the other driver, just heard a door slam and feet crunching on the gravel as the driver walked around the cab.

“Hey girl, did you forget something at the diner?”

At the first word her head jerked up, it was “The Voice”. Turning around, Alana saw the mystery man holding her journal out to her. Looking quickly into her bag, she confirmed that it was indeed her journal in his hands.

“Where did you find that?” she asked a puzzled look on her face. He stepped closer, not quite touching her but close enough that she could smell the scent of his soap.

“You left it back at The Waffle House. Betsy told me you got directions here so I thought I’d return it to you.” he said with that wicked grin back on his face. “But I’m curious, why is there a sketch of me in here under the label “The Voice”?”

A blush flooding her face, Alana looked up. “I hope you’re not offended. You canlı bahis see I am a writer and I am always sketching and adding things to my journal. I saw you twice today and just decided to add you to my collection.” Seeing his grin widen, realizing what she’d said, “I mean not my collection — I just added you to the journal — oh, please can I just have it back?”

“Well that’s why I’m here darlin’. Now let me give you a name to go with the sketch, I’m Jim. And what’s your name?” holding out his hand.

“I’m Alana and thank you for returning my journal – that was very nice of you.” shaking hands and taking the journal back. “I hope that this wasn’t too far out of your way.”

“No, I was just stopping at the diner for breakfast – didn’t really have anything else to do today. So, it was no trouble to bring this to you? Going for a walk through the gardens, that’s what Betsy said you were here for”, he asked, smiling down at her and stepping closer.

Backed up against the car now, Alana leaned back and looked up. Her eyes roamed over his chest and shoulders, rising up to his face. Seeing that wicked grin back on his face, she could feel her blush deepen; knowing he’d watched her checking him out again.

“Umm, yes the clerk in Atlanta said they weren’t to be missed. Since I have a couple of days free in my schedule, I figure I have the time to see them. I love to garden myself and love to see what the professionals design,” hearing herself babbling, Alana quieted.

“How would you like a guided tour, girl? I come down here all the time myself and just wander the gardens”, reaching for her hand, he pulled her away from the car and started to walk for the entrance.

Searching his memory, he tried to remember the path that led to the maze, wanting to get her alone without raising her suspicions. He had first noticed her that morning at the gas station – but she hadn’t been there when he went back. Then when he walked into The Waffle House and saw her sitting there – he couldn’t believe his luck. Her shy glances at him and her blushes had him moving in his seat at the counter, adjusting himself. He hadn’t been able to resist winking at her to see her blush deepen. Then when Betsy handed him her forgotten journal, he knew he had no choice. Fate was pushing her into his arms. His long strides eating up the ground, he didn’t notice that Alana was practically running to keep up.

“Excuse me; can we slow down a bit? I have to take three steps to keep up with one of yours. Short legs, you know”, giggling breathlessly. Unaware of the thoughts racing through his head, she couldn’t get over the fact that they had run into each other so much this morning.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry”, wrapping his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. “We’ll just take a seat here and you can catch your breath.” He pulled her down next to him on a bench just inside the maze. He placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. There was no space between their bodies or legs and yet it was perfectly comfortable.

Looking up at him, Alana met his eyes and smiled. She turned her head and looked around the maze. The boxwood was about six feet high and made the area nearly soundproof. Her breathing finally back to normal, she turned to him again.

“Do you know your way around in here? Or will we get lost if we go farther in?”

“I know this garden really well. My son got lost in here playing hide and seek but I found him in five minutes. You want to get lost? I’m sure I could find you real quick”, he grinned down at her and winked.

Not sure if he was teasing or not, she decided to take his challenge and stood up. She started walking farther into the maze. Not sure where the urge came from, she looked back over her shoulder, grabbed her long skirt in her hands and started to run.

He had just started to rise from the bench and saw that saucy grin just before she took off. Chuckling and letting her get a little lead on him, he decided to catch her and claim a reward. Giggling as she ran – turning corners and getting completely lost, Alana was surprised at herself. Normally she wouldn’t play like this but something about that grin and wink put her in a playful mood. Finally finding a bench, she collapsed on it, trying to catch her breath. There was no sound except her breathing, so she had no idea where he might be. Suddenly arms grabbed her from behind and lifted her onto a hard lap.

“Gotcha!” he laughed.

Turning her head, giggling up at him, she was surprised when his lips came down on hers. His lips were so warm and he slipped his tongue into her slightly parted lips. Deepening the kiss, he turned her on his lap and wrapped his arms tighter around her. They both pulled back from the kiss and looked into each others eyes. Seeing the wonder reflected back at her, Alana lifted her hand to his cheek and stroked her thumb along his lips. Reaching towards each other, they began kissing again. Softly at first and then deeper, their bahis siteleri mouths learning each other. Leaning closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, moaning into his mouth – so desperate to be closer.

He leaned back on the bench until he was flat with her on his chest. Her legs straddling his hips as they continued to kiss. He began stroking up and down her back. She was playing with his hair, and then began tickling around his ears and caressing his neck. He followed around the waistband of her skirt and pulled her blouse out – his fingers just touching the skin above the skirt. Spreading his fingers out, he pulled her closer and felt the soft skin on her lower back. Wanting to feel more he slid his hands up her back, caressing her.

Pulling back from his lips, breathing rapidly her eyes lowered, Alana placed a hand on his chest and leaned up. This brought her into closer contact with his very evident arousal. Her cheeks reddening even more, her chest rising and falling as she gasped at the contact.

“Come back here, girl,” he slid his hands around to her waist and pulled gently.

Shaking her head no, she braced her hands on his chest. “Someone could come in here,” her voice husky with desire. He could feel the heat of her arousal along his shaft, making him twitch against her. Her eyes widened as she felt his reaction.

“Would you come with me someplace more private then?” he asked, grinning and winking at her. “I live right up the road, or are you staying someplace locally?”

Closing her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath and wondering why she was even considering it. He could read her thoughts on her face seeing her wrinkled brow as she considered his request. Sensing that it would only take a little push to convince her, he pushed up with his hips against her and was pleased to hear her soft gasp. Opening her eyes and looking back down at him, the desire clear on her face, she gave a quick decisive nod.

Sliding off his lap and brushing her skirt back in place, Alana took several deep breaths to calm down. He watched her chest as it rose and fell her hard nipples and flushed cheeks confirming her arousal.

“I still have to check in at the bed-and-breakfast place I’m staying at. Their gardens are supposed to be a must see, too. I was going there after looking around here. Maybe you could meet me there?” her voice huskier now.

“I know the only bed-and-breakfast in the area that would advertise their gardens. It’s just up the road and owned by friends of mine. I’ll be glad to take you there,” he said as he rose to his feet. Taking her hand in his, they slowly walked out to the parking lot, glancing and smiling at each other all the way.

Following Jim’s truck out of the parking lot and down the road, Alana looked at herself in the mirror. Her bright eyes, flushed cheeks and swollen lips gave evidence of her excitement. She was surprised at how strongly she felt attracted to a virtual stranger. She didn’t have this reaction to men, normally. Seeing the truck ahead of her slowing down and turning into the drive of the bed-and-breakfast that was identified by the sign, she followed and parked in front of a beautiful mansion. It looked even better than the brochure that she had seen at the hotel in Atlanta. Jim was at her door, opening it and holding his hand out to her.

“Well, here you are. Come on inside and lets get you settled in,” he said. He reached into the back seat of the car and grabbed her bags leading the way inside as she looked around, pleased that she had chosen to stay here. By the time she entered the hallway, Jim and the owner were deep in conversation.

“I’ll just take her bags up if that’s okay with you. Alana, you go ahead and sign in and then come on up.”

After signing in and getting the key, Alana started up the stairs. This was such a beautiful place; she hoped her room lived up to the promise. The owner said that they had a cancellation so she could have her first choice, the safari room. It had a wonderful view of the gardens and the biggest bathroom in the place.

The door to the room was open and the lush furnishings made her gasp. Off to the left, she could see a big canopied bed. Kicking off her shoes and shutting the door, she ran in and threw herself on the big bed, rolling over to her back and looking up at the canopy. She stretched her arms over her head and let out a satisfied sigh.

“You sure look good there.”

Leaning up on her elbows, she looked over to see him leaning against the door that must have led to the bathroom. Grinning at her, he pushed away from the door and came over to sit next to her on the bed. Placing a hand on her thigh, he squeezed gently and leaned down to place a soft kiss at the corner of her lips. Her arms wrapped around his neck, Alana pulled him down for a deeper kiss. Their tongues met at their slightly opened lips – touching and retreating. He pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth, tasting her sigh as she accepted him. Sucking bahis şirketleri on his tongue, Alana’s fingers threaded through his hair. Her breathing speeded up as his tongue stroked faster in and around her mouth. Rolling onto his back, he pulled her on top of him, sliding his hands down to cup her ass pulling her into him so she could feel the affect she was having on him.

His hard cock pressed into her. She moved her hips, rocking against him. The heat of him through the clothes was making her wild. She began pulling at his shirt, needing to feel his skin. As she pulled at his shirt, he leaned up and helped her get it off. She ran her hands over his chest, gasping. Meanwhile he was busy pulling her blouse off and grabbing her breasts. She arched her back as he squeezed. His big hands held her tightly. He could feel her nipples harden under his palms through the bra.

“Darlin’, I need to see you,” he practically growled as he reached behind to undo the bra. Her mind overwhelmed with the sensations of sitting on the lap of this man while he stripped her, Alana could only nod.

He slid the bra down her arms and just stared for a moment. Then his finger traced a line between her breasts and up to her right nipple. Her breath caught at the feather light touch just as he pinched. Her back arched as she moaned softly. Smiling at her, he reached up and pinched her left nipple too. Her face flushed and she moaned louder.

“Let’s get the rest of these clothes off you,” he said rising up, still holding her nipples, rolling and pinching them. “Take them off for me, girl.”

She slid the skirt down her hips – taking her panties with it. Standing before him now totally naked, she raised her head and looked in his eyes.. Her cheeks were pink but there was a small smile on her lips.

He looked down at her, seeing the full rounded breasts. Her pink nipples grasped firmly in his hands. He could see down her flat tummy to her bare lips, already swollen and glistening. Her legs were short but muscular and her little feet had toenails sporting red polish.

“Now me darlin’. Take my clothes off,” he told her huskily.

She reached for his belt buckle. Sliding it open, her hands trembled slightly as she reached to unsnap his jeans and slide the zipper down. It was tight against him and his erection pushed out as the pants opened. His hands were still on her breasts as she knelt down to take his pants off. Her nipples were stretched as far as they could be. She looked up at him, kneeling by his feet. He was bent forward a bit and started to pull her up by her nipples.

“Sit down right there”, he rasped as he stepped between her legs. “I read your journal and I know what you want to do. Open your lips and give me that sweet mouth.”

Leaning forward, Alana kissed the head of his cock, inhaling the scent of him. Her tongue lapped gently around the head, tasting the precum already there. Flicking her tongue around him, her hands wrapped around his shaft, she looked up into his eyes. Opening her lips wider, she took his head into her mouth swirling her tongue around. She flicked her tongue under his head and felt him jump. Stroking him slowly with her hands she began moving her mouth down and up on him. Slowly taking him in an inch at a time, watching his face. He got harder and thicker in her mouth making her open her lips wider. As he slid along her tongue, she licked up and down his shaft, coaxing him in deeper.

“That’s it, take it all”, he said as he released her nipples and moved up to cup her head.

She stroked him a little faster as she slid her mouth farther and farther down on him. His head hit the back of her throat. Swallowing loudly, she tilted her head back and felt the tip slide into her throat. As it did, he moved his hips slightly. They began to rock together. He slid deeper as her lips tightened around him. Her moaning caused vibrations to travel up his cock. Her right hand moved to cup his balls rolling and squeezing them gently. Her thumb stroking around and around on them. He began to rock faster, sliding his cock up and down on her tongue. He kept sliding the whole length almost out of her mouth and then back in. Gulping around him, she swallowed as much of him as she could.

He put his hands on the sides of her head and thrust harder. She put her hands on his hips and began to slide her mouth faster on him. He grunted as he realized she was fucking him with her mouth. She was sucking hard enough that her cheeks were sucked in. His cock was sliding down her throat and he could feel her throat muscles squeezing and swallowing around him. Looking down, he saw her eyes were locked on him. Her lips were wrapped tight around him and her tongue was flicking faster. She could feel him swelling up more, his balls were tightening up.

“Girl, you going to swallow?”

Shaking her head yes, Alana sucked harder. The first warm shot hit the back of her throat. She moaned and slid her mouth faster on him squeezing around his cock. He held her head tight against him as his cock twitched and jerked filling her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could sucking the cum out of him. She continued licking and sucking until she felt him soften a little.

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