The Joys of Social Media

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The Joys of Social MediaCarvel exited out of the app to check and email that had just come through from c***dhood friend. No sooner than he had done that, he got a message notification from KwikPing saying he had been deleted from the #BBC456 group. Carvel figured the rural Southern people still could not handle his style. He eventually moved on the chatting with a couple of guys on Konnekt that wanted to come through but could not because they were working, or with their girls, or they had no ride. Yet again, Carvel went to sleep with no dick in his soft, pliable derriere.Carvel awoke the next morning and, as usual, checked his phone for what overnight messages had been received. Interestingly he noticed a few KwikPing messages, but one in particular drew his attention. It was from ‘456BullBBC’ – the very person that had expelled from a group of seemingly ready and will BIG BLACK COCKS. Carvel rolled his eyes and tapped on the screen. The message read, ‘Morning’.Carvel replied, ‘Hey’.The next message was a picture of long Black dick sticking out of a towel. Then the man wrote, ‘Want it???’‘YASSSSS!!! Where you located,’ Carvel had no hesitation in writing and then adding an image of himself wearing yellow lace boyshort panties with his booty tooted out.‘I’m in Townsville,’ he revealed.‘Me too,’ Carvel replied.‘Want to hook up,’ the group owner asked.‘Yes. When are you free,” Carvel fired off.‘Can you host,’ the owner sent.‘Yes sir. I live alone,” Carver replied.‘Free at 3pm,’ wrote ‘456BullBBC.‘Hit me up then,’ Carvel sent.The man wrote, ‘I will. Now show me that ass with no panties. Tell me where to meet you.’Carvel answered by quickly with an ass shot he had taken two weeks prior. He also sent the address to his apartment complex so the man on the other of the message exchange would know where to come. The big dicked brotha replied that he would be there. Around noon, the man sent a message inquiring as what Carvel was doing. Carvel sent back that was a meeting at work – which was true because was on a conference call sitting in his guest bedroom which doubled as his office. He loved working from home as a contact center supervisor.At 2:28 p.m., Carvel got another message from the man stating he would be on the way in about thirty minutes. Carvel answered in the affirmative. He stood up from his desk and went to the bathroom where he began to douche. Then, he showered and shaved his legs smooth. He then rubbed oil all over his wet skin so that he was glistening all over. He spritzed brown sugar vanilla scented body spray all over his demure, delicate, delectable physique. For a thin a guy, Carvel had a phat ass. It, along with his dainty voice and intense eye şişli escort contact, constituted his secret weapon. He had heard, more times than he or anyone else could possibly count, a straight man say, ‘I’ve never thought about fucking a dude, but I’ll fuck the shit outta you.’ He brushed out his Afro and dusted it lightly with the fragrance. Finally, he selected a white lace two-piece cami and boyshort set and a pair of black suede stiletto heel ankle boots. Carvel looked at himself in the full-length mirror and said aloud with a beaming smile, “I’m about to be a faggot for real.”It was now 3:02 p.m. and the man had not messaged him saying he was at the complex. Carvel sat on went to bedroom and turned on the TV. He switched the input and pressed a few more buttons with the remote. Now, there was video of muscular black man fucking a big titty white chick. He paused it so it could be playing from the start when his guest arrived. About 3:20 p.m., the man sent this message, ‘I’m here. What apt #???’Carvel replied and readied himself mentally.Ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Carvel opened it to find a six-foot-two-inch, slender, caramel man dressed in a standard issue blue factory worker’s uniform. Carvel locked eyes with him in his typical fashion, smiled broadly, and said with his girly voice, “Hey! Come on in, sexy!”The man smiled back and stepped across the threshold. He stole a glance of Carvel’s backside as the sissy turned to shut the door. Then the tall, lanky brotha slapped Carvel ass while saying, “Damn. That ass!”Carvel cooed, “Do you like it, daddy?”“Hell yeah,” the man replied pulling Carvel close and bending down to nibble on his neck. “You look, smell, and feel like a woman,” he whispered.“Thank you, daddy! Would you like something to drink?”“Uh sure. Do you have Bud Light?”“Yes sir! Coming right up.”As Carvel disappeared the man ogled him.When he returned, Carvel announced, “Here. Come on back to my bedroom.”The man cuddled up close and declared, “That ass is something else.”“Awwwwww. Thank you! What’s your name?”“Darryl,”“Cool. I’m Carvel. How old are you?”“Thirty-eight.”The pair made it to Carvel’s room. He offered Darryl a seat on the bed and hit the remote. He saw Darryl’s eyes light up when he saw the porn playing as he guzzled the beer. Carvel immediately knelt to his knees and began undoing Darryl’s belt. The older man assisted with this task and pulled out his long, thick member. “Ooh yes, daddy,” Carvel purred right as he put his full, fleshy lips on it. It was rock hard within just a few seconds. Carvel savored it massaging balls and whimpering all the while. Darryl’s head fell back in ecstasy.Darryl mecidiyeköy escort pushed back the cocksucker and order, “Get on the bed! I wanna see that ass while you suck my dick,” Carvel complied and hopped up on all fours. When the femboi was in position and slobbering on his meaty nine inches, Darryl began pull down the lace panties Carvel was wearing. Once they were down to the knees, the fragrant pussyboi slithered the rest of the way out of them. Darryl then reached around smacked the cheeks several times. He rubbed Carvel’s tight little boi hole. With his other hand he started stroking the sexy bitch’s flaccid cock. The freaky bottom whined with delight. Carvel pulled up and looked directly into Darryl’s soul and in his angelic voice asked, “You wanna fuck me?”“Hell yeah,” the rock hard maintenance supervisor revealed.“When was the last time you fucked a boi?”“Too long,” came the reply.Carvel grabbed some petroleum jelly and slapped it on his opening. He asked, “How do you want it?”“Get on the bed on them knees and put that ass in the air,” Darryl commanded.As Darryl slammed his manhood in and out of Carvel warm, snug booty hole, he groaned, “Damn that’s some good ass.”“You really like it, daddy,” Carvel groaned.“Hell yeah,” he answered grabbing a handful of the sissy’s hair.“Oh shit yeah, nigga! Fuck me just like that. Fuck like I’m your prison bitch!”“That’s what you want,” Darryl yelled as pounded harder and harder.“Yeah! Fuck me like a faggot, daddy!”“You my li’l faggot. You my li’l faggot.”Having noticed this wedding band on Darryl’s finger earlier, Carvel cried out, “Do I take dick better than your wife?”“Gotdamn,” the sweating fucker groaned.Darryl pushed his fuck slut down into the bed so that he was now flat on his stomach. He began to lick on Carvel’s neck. The effeminate booty boi screamed with pleasure and tried to force himself away from Darryl plundering his erogenous zone. Darryl ordered, “No! Take it!” Carvel relented. Darryl slid his right hand underneath Carvel’s torso. He began fondling his faggot’s nipples.“Ooh, daddy, yes,” Carvel wailed.“You like that shit, faggot,” Darryl asked rhetorically.“I love it, daddy. Your little faggot boi love your big dick.”“You take dick so good, bitch. Look at it go in,” he remarked and he pushed up a little.Carvel angled his head around to watch it too and remarked, “Look at that big black cock going in and out of my faggot ass booty hole.”“Hell yeah! Yo’ faggot ass can take some dick!”“Give it to me nigga!”“Shit that ass wet as hell,” Darryl offered pulling out completely.“What’s wrong, daddy,” the pussy bitch checked.“I don’t wanna nut yet. Get back on them knees.”Carvel esenyurt escort did as told. Darryl slapped the round ass cheeks as he hammered his girly fag. He thundered hard shoving the full length of his shaft into Carvel’s creamy, wet rectum.“Fuck that faggot booty hole, daddy,” Carvel exclaimed.“Hell yeah,” called out Darryl.Then Darryl pulled out again. He sat down on the bed faced a mirror opposite it. He instructed, “Take all that shit off. They don’t that shit in prison. The get over here and sit on daddy’s dick.” Carvel moved swiftly undressed. Then walked and over and nearly sat on Darryl’s dick facing him. “No bitch! The other way,” Darryl corrected. “Wait grab that baby oil first!” Carvel brought over the oil and sat back down. The femboi began bouncing.Darryl put some oil in his hand and started stroking Carvel’s flapping penis. He took his other arm and it hooked under Carvel’s left leg lifting until his left hand was once again massaging the fuck slut’s nipples. “Look at me fuck yo’ faggot ass in the mirror,” Darryl hollered.“Fuck this faggot ass. Fuck me,” the girlish whore gasped.Carvel moaned. Carve whined. Carvel pleaded. “I’m about to cum,” Carvel huffed.“Nut bitch. We both gon’ nut today. Cause it might be a while before I let you’ faggot ass get to,” Darryl revealed.“Oh shit. Oh shit, Oh shittttttttt,” the bitch cried out as his seven inch dick shot sperm onto Darryl’s hand and the floor.Darryl lifted Carvel up and announced, “Now it daddy’s turn. Get on your back.” He lifted Carvel’s in the air and positioned his meat back at the now open boipussy. He began working in but cautiously because he so close to climaxing. Carvel looked into his daddy’s eyes and begged, “Fuck me. Fuck me.”Darryl thrusted harder. Carvel pulled his torso down to touch his own. They began kissing each other’s necks as Carvel clawed at Darryl’s back and butt. Darryl increased his pace. Carvel’s hole farted.“Oh shit. That pussy talking,” Darryl said.“Yeah. Make that faggot boipussy talk, daddy,” Carvel cooed.Darryl fucked. Carvel too. The pussy hole was slurpy and loud. Darryl’s strokes became swifter. Carvel could feel his daddy’s ass cheeks tense. Darryl groaned, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Gotdamn!” Then, Darryl collapsed.After Darryl was all cleaned up, Carvel led him to the door. They embraced and Darryl leaned down for a kiss. They locked lips for over a minute before Darryl pulled away. “I gotta go, baby,” the tall man admitted. “But I’ll be back often.”“So can I ask you a question,” Carvel posed.“Yeah,” Darryl grunted.“Did you just delete me from that group so nobody else could fuck me from it?”Darryl grinned widely, “Yeah. You told me you get some action and I wanted to be me.”Carvel playfully slapped Darryl’s chest and said, “Well I can’t wait till next time.”They kissed and Darryl left. Two hours later Darryl messaged and it read, ‘I enjoyed myself sexually with you more than anyone I can remember. Same time tomorrow?’

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