The Ladder

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When I was a nerdy, unpopular high school junior, I was so taken by the unapproachable beauty of one of the senior cheerleaders, Erica, that I sometimes followed her home at a distance, admiring her long legs, bouncing breasts, and shoulder-length reddish blonde hair. I’d find excuses to walk through the gym during cheerleader practice, catching glimpses of her red uniform panties. I became obsessed with Erica, masturbating to my memories of her and to the greater pleasures I imagined. Finally, I decided to see if I couldn’t actually see her naked. She lived only a couple of blocks away and her backyard ended at a wooded area that led to a park. After the weather warmed up, I’d tell my parents I was going for a bike ride, or sometimes sneak out (I could get out and in without them realizing it if I timed it right.). I’d ride to near Erica’s place, hide in the woods, and watch. It didn’t’ take too many nights to figure out which room was hers. It was upstairs in the back of the house where it was quite dark. I was too low to see any details, but once I saw her close the window, so I knew it was the right room. How could I get a glimpse of this beauty? Determined to see more of the girl, one night I sneaked out and climbed a tree opposite her place, only to have almanbahis her put out her light as I reached the correct height. Frustrated, I’d gone home and masturbated. The next night, I sneaked out of my house early and was in the tree long before the girl’s bedtime. I was rewarded by the sight of her in a bathrobe, but nothing more. Several nights in the tree gave no better results and frequently I saw nothing at all. Still determined, I came up with a desperate scheme. I’d learned from my dad how to handle long ladders, so I began earning extra money by cleaning people’s gutters. I canvassed the block where she lived and lucked out. My low price appealed to her father and one Saturday I got my dad to drop me off with the ladder. I had several houses on the block and left Erica’s house for last. As planned, I didn’t quite finish, telling her father I’d be back the next day. The ladder remained in the backyard, right next to Erica’s window. After dinner, unable to stay away, I rode my bike down her street. The ladder was there, but I was just in time to see her leave for a date, dressed in a short dress and high heels. Insanely jealous of the guy in the sports car who picked her up, I nevertheless stared avidly at her legs as she walked from the house to the almanbahis yeni giriş car. Her hemline rose high on her thighs as she swung her legs into the car. At 11:30, I was in place, watching from the bushes for her return. She finally got back at a bit after midnight and remained in the car for several minutes. She adjusted her dress when she came out. As soon as she entered the house, I scooted to the back and swiftly climbed the ladder, keeping my head low. A hand-held mirror gave me a view into the room. I had to wait several minutes before the light in Erica’s room went on. The teen beauty never looked at the window, but sat on her bed with her back to me. The view I got from the mirror was very small and shaky. I popped up to get a direct view. The bed was right up against the window. I thought I’d have enough warning if she started to turn around. Erica stretched her arms over her head, then crossed them in front of her. She had to be feeling herself up. My cock started to stir in my pants. She stood up and started turning around. I ducked down, holding my breath. The next thing I heard was the scrape of the window going up. I was so close I heard her deep intake of breath. Had she seen me? No scream, just silence. Then I heard soft music. almanbahis giriş Carefully, I twisted the mirror so I could see the window. It was empty. Rising, I turned the mirror, scanning the room. Erica was swaying, almost dancing, in the center of the room, her back still to me. I risked standing so I could see her without the mirror. The beautiful girl swung her hips and dipped her legs, gyrating. Then, starting at her hemline a few inches above her knees, she ran her hands up her body until they cupped and squeezed her breasts. Even though I could only see her from the side, I was really excited. Then, to my delight, she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress as far as she could. Pulling the shoulders forward, she opened the zipper the rest of the way. I saw her back, crossed by the band of her bra. She leaned forward, the blue dress falling off her shoulders and arms. A twist of her hips and it dropped past her legs to the floor! Erica in her undies! What a sight! The light blue bra and panties matched her dress; light sheer pantyhose made her legs glisten in the light. The heavier material from the tops of her thighs to her waist partly obscured her tiny panties, but I thrilled to the sight of the exposed cleft of her ass. She danced to the music a bit more, then tugged her pantyhose just below her waist. Before I got a really good look at her partially bared bum, she took a step backwards and sat on the bed, kicking off her heels and tugging the pantyhose down and off her legs.

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