The Last Flight. Chapter 30

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The figure was that of a woman. A woman who was familiar to me somehow and yet… “Hello, Karen.” Her voice was thin and hollow, feint and yet clear. I looked at the supine figure of Jemima lying beside me, her breathing deep and regular. “She will not awake, Karen. You will not disturb her.” “Who are you?” I spoke firmly and without fear. “Don’t you know me?” The reply came as a simple question, with little emotion. “Mum?” I whispered. It was as though a veil had been lifted and I could see her now, as clearly as the last time I saw her alive. “But you are…” “Dead?” She finished the sentence as a query. “Perhaps.” I looked at her and saw she was looking at Jemima, sleeping soundly and totally oblivious to her presence. I followed her gaze for a moment then turned back to her. “I…” The words failed me then and the figure raised a finger to her lips. “Do not be afraid, Karen,” she said softly, “I know about you two. I also know that you have been worrying about it.” “You were always so straight laced, Mum. I thought you might disapprove of us.” In the half light I could see her face clearly and she wore a sad smile. “You have had a horrible life, Karen,” she began, “I have been watching you and seen how well you have overcome all the unhappiness you have suffered. How could I possibly disapprove of this woman who has given you the joy you have so long deserved?” I looked down at Jemima again, my heart at ease now, then back at the shadowy figure at the end of the bed. “There is something else troubling you, I know,” she said, “Your father.” I nodded. “Do not worry,” she continued, “I am pleased he has found peace at last. I always told you he was not himself. The nurse is a good woman and I am glad he has someone he can be happy with, someone you can both be happy with. Together they can put aside their past sadness and move on.” “Mum…” I started to speak but my throat was so dry. “Are you happy?” The figure smiled. “Yes,” she replied, “I am in a good place.” “Will I see you again?” I asked, the edges of my mouth beginning to twitch as a tear formed in my eyes. “One day you will but not for many years. I cannot see into your future but I do know that your time is not yet come.” The bahis siteleri figure began to fade. “Mum! Wait!” I called out. “I cannot,” she called back, “My time here is not my own but be warned, Karen. Your life together will not be easy. Be strong, it will be worth it…” The words faded as her form slowly became transparent and finally vanished leaving just the shadows from the orange glow of the sodium street lamp outside. I took a deep breath and lay back alongside Jemima. I felt a great weight had been lifted from me.. I understood what she meant by not being easy. Two women together as lovers was seriously taboo and we had to be so careful if we were to have a life together but my Mum had somehow given me a new strength and I knew she was worth fighting for.. I lay back, relaxed and closed my eyes once again. I was aware of nothing more until my eyes snapped open again and instantly closed as the pain of the morning sun, streaming through the window, burned into my skull. “Owww…” I groaned and, for a moment, I lay still until my eyes adjusted and I was able to open them just a little. “Oh hell, the car!” I gasped. “What time is it?” I reached across to the night stand for my watch and suddenly realised I was alone. My heart sank. Was I wrong? Had Jemima only wanted what all those boyfriends before had wanted? I looked around the room. Her clothes were gone! So, that was it then. That was how my life was destined to be. A life of giving myself to whomsoever wanted my body, be it man or woman. I sighed sadly and flopped back into the pillow in disbelief. Moments later I looked at my watch and saw it was almost eight 0’clock. With a heavy heart I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat upright. I felt sticky and could smell the feint aroma of sex, lingering from the night before. I wanted to wash it away immediately so pulled on my robe and headed for the bathroom. As I passed the top of the stairs I heard a board creak lower down and stopped in my tracks and spun around to see Jemima climbing the staircase very carefully carrying a tray with two cups and saucers, a teapot and a small vase with a daisy in it. My heart soared! She hadn’t left me at all. “Jemima, thank goodness!” The canlı bahis siteleri words just seem to escape my thoughts. She frowned. “Thank goodness?” she enquired, puzzled, “Thank goodness for what?” “That you are still here,” I replied. “Still here?” she repeated my words again, “Why would I not be?” “Oh, don’t mind me, I am just stupid,” I answered, ignoring her question and taking the tray from her. “Shall we take this in my room? There is more space for the tray in there,” and without waiting for her reply I turned and headed for the door across from my mum’s room. As soon as I entered I gasped. Jemima’s corselet was lying on my bed along with her stockings. It was then that I realised that she was wearing the night dress I had given her. I began to giggle like a schoolgirl. Jemima smiled and looked at me curiously. “What is funny?” she frowned. “Oh, nothing really,” I replied between chuckles. “It’s just that I thought you had left when I saw your clothes were gone.” “Oh, Karen!” she said, in a less than pleased manner. “Do you still not trust me?” My heart missed a beat and I took the tray from her and placed it on the dressing table. Taking her hands I looked her straight in the eye. “I trust you with my life, Jemima but old experiences are hard to put aside after so long and so many disappointments. Tell me you understand and forgive me, please?” She smiled and visibly relaxed. “Of course I do. One look at you and how could I not? I just didn’t want to disturb you if I dressed before you woke.” She leaned forwards and kissed me softly on the lips. I put my arms around her neck and responded but after a moment she pushed me away. “We don’t have time for that now,” she whispered, “You have less than two hours before the car arrives and you cannot turn up smelling of us now, can you?” She chuckled happily and I agreed, also laughing and so, together, we sat on the side of the single bed and drank our tea together. The rest of the day passed in a daze. The car arrived exactly as planned at ten and took me off to the airport, leaving Jemima to tidy up and get dressed at her leisure. We had agreed that she would not stay so the neighbours wouldn’t have anything to comment about canlı bahis I was given a rapturous welcome at work. Everyone who could was there to welcome me back and Pamela herself took me to the boardroom where I spent most of the day with her and the directors planning my return to flying duties. I could not be expected to fly right away in light of my journey home the day before. A psychiatrist, who was present at the meeting, had suggested that I work at the training school and get used to the simulated cabin in short stages before being sent aloft in an aluminium tube from which I could not escape if my fears overcame me. That seemed to me, the best option and I agreed whole heartedly. It would also mean that I worked more sociable hours for a while and would give me the opportunity to get accustomed to my new found circumstances and build up a loving relationship with Jemima. We would be able to spend time together and really get to know each other. For the following few weeks I assisted Pamela at the training school, refreshing the existing stewardesses and teaching the new ones. I concentrated on service and appearance at first. Getting used to the training cabin took a little time and I spent most of my time, to begin with, in the class room but with the knowledge that I could not be trapped inside and gradually increasing my time there, I eventually got my confidence back but much of the following year had passed before it was agreed that I should begin to practise emergency drills with the trainees. That was the most difficult part. At first I could again see the passengers crying out and the dead and injured people amongst the wreckage but, slowly and with determination, I overcame these obstacles until I was able to put those visions away and help teach the students with confidence. The only good thing was that I was the sole crew member in the airline who had actually experienced the trauma of a real emergency and so I could demonstrate with absolute certainty that what we were teaching would indeed save lives. My relationship with Jemima grew steadily stronger. My mother had been right, it was not easy keeping our feelings secret. She continued to live in Maida Vale at first and I remained in New Cross but our visits to each other became more and more frequent until, one day, we decided that the time had come for us to live together. I didn’t want to live in Maida Vale so she said she would be happy to move in with me.

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