The Meeting – Cortney and CiCi (Part 1)

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The Meeting – Cortney and CiCi (Part 1)The Meeting …Cortney could not keep herself from thinking about the upcoming date with CiCi as she sat in the luxuriant bath water and shaved her legs. She planned to fuck the glam slut whore long and hard. But first, the metamorphosis to turn her into the dome bitch – Cortney. She rose from the bath, patted herself dry and admired her slim male body in the mirror. Her soon to be she-cock rose to attention and she fondled herself. She thought of CiCi and stroked her cock. This was the last time she would be a male tonight, and she played with herself only briefly. In the next room were her clothes and make-up, and she couldn’t wait to begin the change.She walked to the bedroom, picked up a pair of vintage, black, seamed, Cuban heel nylons from the bed and pulled them slowly over her smooth legs. She straightened the seams and heels and fastened them securely to the tabs of the red suspenders she pulled up over waist. The adrenalin flowed into her body as she slipped into her 5” stiletto heels and pulled the zipper up on the heel of these towering multi-strap sandals. She rose onto the heels and felf immediately female, tall and dominant in her 5 inch come fuck me heels. She looked in the mirror at her tight little ass and perfectly shaped legs. She walked in front of the mirror and moved her ass like a whore as she practiced her dominant she-male role. Now it was time to control her cock and make it behave until later called into action. She pulled the specially prepared tape from her dresser drawer, secured it in her pubic area, tucked her cock between her legs while pushing her male balls into their cavities, pulled the tape tightly over the disappearing cock, and secured the tape at the back of her ass. She then stepped into her gaff and pulled it tightly over what was once her stiff 8” she-cock. All that was left was a small feminine pubic mound. Next she wriggled into her black leather corset. It encased her torso. She was already slim, but the corset allowed her to shrink her waist even more. She pulled the zipper up to her breasts and then fastened the multiple buckles on the front of the corset. She felt herself becoming more and more female with every motion. She then expertly tightened the laces on the back of the corset – first bottom, then top and finally several tugs at the center with a bow to hold it all. She was now firmly sheathed in leather with her waist size decreased to a tiny 26”. Her nipples tingled and her breasts felt erotic as they bulged over the top of her bra.She was excited by her changed body as she walked back into the bathroom and reviewed her shapely handi-work in the mirrors. She could hardly wait to see the final changes brought on by her make-up, wig and the other final touches. But properly applying make-up is an art form and requires time and patience. She took the role of the make-up artist as she first hid her eyebrows and then applied cover and foundation to her face. She followed with several shades of powder, blended them expertly, and then stopped to examine the look she had created. It was good. Now for the first color. Cortney outlined her pouty lips with a dark chocolate pencil then painted her inner lips in a bright red shade. She finished the look with lip plumping gloss that caused her lips to bloom and tingle. She closed her lips together and thought of the amorous kisses these lips would administer as the evening progressed.She next attended to bahis siteleri her eyes by applying black eyeliner and mascara to give her eyes the dark outline that said “sex” to anyone who saw them. Then she expertly drew on high arching black eyebrows to frame her eyes before adding first bright blue, and then shimmering white eyeliner to her eyelids and the area underneath her eyebrows. She then picked out her longest “stage” eyelashes and applied glue to the edges. She fluttered her lashes after they were firmly in place and applied more mascara. She loved the glam look of these super long lashes with the overdone expansive use of eye shadow. More than any other aspect of her expertly applied make-up, the look she had applied to her eyes said “dominant bitch whore” and that is the look she wanted to convey. She was in charge. She applied some red powder to her cheeks to complete her face.Cortney then examined her wigs to see which would be the look for tonight. She thought it was too bad that she couldn’t be a chameleon and wear them all. They each provided a different personality – the long black hair made her into the ‘goddess of darkness’, the flaming red tresses that cascaded over her shoulders made her into a ‘red hot tempstress’, and the strawberry blonde gave her the look of the ‘Hollywood Madame’. However, for tonight she selected the platinum blonde wig with bangs and a brush-over. This was her favorite look. It said to others that she was the queen of the evening and in charge of all. She was the ‘queen she-male dome’. She found her longest 6” dangling earrings and fastened them onto her ears, and then slipped on a sparkling necklace. She paused to walk seductively by the mirror several time as she admired her fetish look before stepping into a skin tight black dress that barely covered her tiny tight ass. The dress rose upwards and the tops of her nylons were visible with only a slight movement of her shapely legs. There was one last step now that she was dressed. Cortney sat down at the night stand and affixed 3” dragon lady curved nails onto her own, and then painted them a bright red. The nails were perfect for domination of her slaves – providing stimulating sensations on sensitive skin, clamping onto nipples and caressing hard cocks. However, she was now the captive of her nails. They made a girl helpless to perform simple acts like buttoning a button or fastening lingerie or earrings. Thinking of the paradox caused her cock to start to swell. Electric sensations raced through her body as she lightly caressed her body with the tips of her super long nails.It was time…. Cortney and CiCi had agreed to rendezvous at “The Platinum Night” prior to endlessly fucking each other. They both felt it was a mutual turn-on to publicly fondle each other and talk dirty in a dark bar prior to a wild night behind CiCi’s closed doors. Cortney entered the club door and surveyed the bar for CiCi’s location. Not finding CiCi on her first scan, she sashayed into the bar, swinging her hips and ass as she walked through to the bar at the rear of the establishment. It was dark in the bar, but she knew that the male eyes in the bar were following her every step and x-raying her dress as she made her way to the rear bar. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light she saw a beautiful blond sitting at a small table near the rear bar. Cortney made the final approach to the table, leaned over the table, made eye contact with CiCi and said softly in canlı bahis a husky voice, “Hi Honey, how would you like to be tied up and have your tight little ass fucked by me tonight.” CiCi fluttered her long eyelashes, pulled her own dragon lady nails along Cortney’s arms and replied, “Why yes, Miss Cortney, that is exactly what I would like to do tonight. What took you so long to make such a marvelously lurid suggestion? I would love to have your hard she-cock pound my tight little ass until we both explode.” Cortney leaned in and pushed her tongue into CiCi’s open lips as she dragged her nails across her naked back. CiCi responded in kind and they continued the physical greeting until Cortney broke from the kiss and eased down onto the chair next to CiCi. Cortney crossed her legs as she moved them under the table causing her nylons to make that beautiful rasping sound as they slid over each other. Her dress hiked up above the top of her nylons exposing the suspender fasteners as well as her concealed she-cock. They both instinctively reached under the table and lightly d**g their nails along the other’s thigh with the end point being the other’s she-cock. Cortney felt CiCi’s soft she-cock start to harden within her diaphanous panties. CiCi found that Cortney’s shaft also was starting to grow under the caress of CiCi’s fingernails but was constrained by the tape holding it tight into her ass crease. “Excuse me, Babe, I have to go to the ladies room to remove an obstacle. Then you can more easily stroke that she-cock that’s now beneath your glistening nails.” Cortney returned with only the gaff covering her cock. She felt free. CiCi immediately slid her hand back onto Cortney’s now unconstrained she-cock, and Cortney returned to stroking CiCi. CiCi said, “Miss Cortney, I love your cock, it’s so large. I want it in my throat.” They were interrupted as the waitress brought them drinks. “Compliments of the two gentlemen at the bar.” They made eye contact with each other and then looked at the two men at the bar. The guys rose from the bar and walked over to their table. “You ladies are looking fine tonight. Would you care to join us?” Cortney was quick with an answer, “No offense guys, but you cannot handle the two she-cocks under this table. We are into each other tonight and we are going to fuck each other senseless. You are not invited.” Their jaws dropped and they quickly excused themselves and backed away. Cortney and CiCi resumed their mutual stroking. CiCi said, “Thanks hon, we don’t want men to ruin our night together.” I want you to drive your she-cock deep into me – first my throat and then my tight ass.” They continued stroking and then mutually decided to cease so that they could finish their drinks and let their cocks return to the rest position before blowing cum all over the floor of the bar. This foreplay made them both so horny that they wanted to race to CiCi’s home and get started with the real fucking.CiCi lived in an upscale condominium only a few blocks from the appointed meeting place. They walked together for the short distance and knew that others on the street were undressing them in their minds. These were two beautiful bitches – they knew it and they knew that others knew it as well. The condo entrance opened to CiCi’s key. They slowly closed and locked the door to CiCi’s condominium and then walked up the stairs to the second floor living area. Cortney fondled CiCi’s ass as they climbed the stairs. As they stopped güvenilir bahis in the living room, Cortney pulled CiCi close and curtly demanded, “Make my she-cock hard, you dirty little whore.” She dug the long red nails of one hand into CiCi’s back and with her other hand she pushed CiCi’s head down to her cock. Cortney could tell CiCi was enjoying the moment as she didn’t give any resistance. “Lick it. Lick my she-cock”, Cortney said. “Lick my panties, you whore. Then suck my cock. Lick my cock head and stroke the shaft.” CiCi knew what to do. She expertly closed her nails around the encased cock and caressed the she-cock within Cortney’s gaff. She captured her balls with the long curved nails and Cortney tingled. She then slowly licked Cortney’s cock through the gaff and started to lick the naked cock flesh as with her long nails she unleashed Cortney’s already growing she-cock from the gaff that held it in. She looked up at Cortney, paused for a moment, and then drew Cortney’s she-cockhead to her ruby lips. She circled it with her tongue several times, then made multiple quick cock head sucks. Cortney moaned, “That is so good. Lick it, whore. Lick that she-cock.” CiCi twirled her tongue expertly around the cock head three more times. CiCi then drew her tongue along the shaft several times before pulling Cortney’s entire she-cock into her mouth. CiCi sucked it deeper and deeper, then started rocking her head in and out, as Cortney accentuated the motion by thrusting her pelvis in reversal to CiCi’s movement. “You are such a cock sucking slut.” Cortney pulled out for a second and CiCi smiled, “Yes I am, I love being your she male whore” “Put your tongue on it and lick my she-cock and balls,” Cortney said. CiCi was delighted to do as she was told. Cortney could tell that CiCi was in orgasmic nirvana as she licked her she-cock. It was wonderful to have CiCi’s expert tongue that was so warm and wet tickling her cock as her she-cock throbbed with sexual energy. What a turn on for both of them. CiCi took Cortney’s she-cock back into her mouth and started sucking her deeper and faster as CiCi took the she-cock-head to the back of her throat. She positioned her head to maximize penetration of Cortney’s cock into her open throat as Cortney stood directly over her. She could feel the knob at the end of Cortney’s cock deep in her throat as Cortney pushed for maximum depth. CiCi was in heaven as Cortney skewered her throat with her long prong – slowly at first and then with a more rapid tempo.Cortney let out a series of moans and ahs and continued to encourage CiCi’s performance with a series of epithets – “Suck that fucking cock, you fucking cocksucker. Gag on my fucking cock. Gag on my fucking dick. You know you fucking like it.” CiCi felt the gag response, but she was a practiced at having large cocks down her throat, and she controlled the automatic urge. She took Cortney’s she-cock deep into her open throat again and again. She pulled back every so often to concentrate sucking on the Cortney’s sensitive cock-head skin. As she performed twirls on her she-cock head she stroked the shaft with her fingers and nails. Then she pulled her all the way to the end of her throat again. Cortney placed her dragon lady fingernails back behind CiCi’s head to put pressure on the interface of her she-cock going deep into CiCi’s throat. Electric tremors ran up and down her body as CiCi continued. She could feel the hot cum starting to well up and the need to explode started to become more and more real within her sexual organs.“CiCi, lets find somewhere more comfortable. I want to abuse your tight little ass before shooting my cum onto your face.”To continued……………………..

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