The Neighbour I

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The Neighbour II guess there are a few things you should not do when babysitting for the neighbour. Well, at least do not get caught doing them. Don’t drink their alcohol, especially that quality brandy in the decanter. Don’t raid their fridge and eat the whole cheesecake. Don’t use the laptop, especially to watch porn. Usually, my twin sister Rosie did the Friday night when Tom and Anne went out. Their son, Michael, four last month was a great k**, always polite and absolutely no trouble. Even me at s*******n tolerated playing with him the few times we met. It was Halloween, and Rosie begged me to substitute as her boyfriend, the freak Mike, had found a cool party to go to. I disliked Mike, he was a serial user of girls, I told Rosie, but all she saw was his good looks and blonde hair – more like the bulge in his pants! Still, I owed a favour, so I agreed, after all, it would be a quiet night in and money in my pocket.Mike was in bed and asleep when I got there. Tom and Anne left shortly after. In went, my headphones and on went the music. It was a little after seven, and they would be home by midnight.By eight, I was bored. The fridge was calling. I went to get a drink from the refrigerator. “Help yourself to pop.” They said, so I did. And a small slice of cheesecake, which they didn’t. Bored eased, but not for long. I decided I would have a look around. At s*******n, my eyes focused generally on one thing…women. They had a passion for older ladies, usually the rearview, but they were not averse to the two lumps that stuck out at the front. I would have blamed my brain as they controlled where my eyes looked, but it had so many things to concentrate on at the same time I thought it unfair to single it out.Anne, mid-thirties latest I guessed, shortish brown hair, pretty face, but you would not say she was a real beauty, and a medium pair of tits. The thing that made my eyes twitch, and yes, my dick as well was the arse. A real peach of a bum, nicely peach-shaped and all the right portions in the right place. Sigh!Hormones oozing I went upstairs. Checked in on Mike as I passed to the main bedroom. Wardrobes, drawers, and a locked door – where does one start. Quickly found hubbies, quick scan and then move on. Anne’s cupboards were a cornucopia of delights. Two large closets of goodies to feast the eyes upon. Obviously, one had to start with the underwear. I mean, one had to know what covered that glorious bottom when my eyes were devouring it. Wow! All the colours under the sun, from white to black and every variation of the rainbow. It was almost a lingerie shop there were so many. Small and very skimpy, to the high hip and even the full brief. Bras to match, of course. Stockings, mostly black, and those opaque denier thighs I loved in black, blue, burgundy, and white. By now, I was hard. The hormones were overflowing as I skimmed through the dresses, skirts and tops. There was no doubt, Anne knew how to dress as I pulled a few from the rail and looked at them. Not one but three little black dresses. The one that really caught the eye was a gothic style. I wish my eyes could have seen her in this. The opportunity was too good to give up. I had wanted to dress in women’s clothes for a while. It was not a constant thought, but occasionally it popped in my head as I stroked my cock in bed some nights. Rosie’s stuff was the obvious choice and believe me I had thought about it. I knew her underwear well enough without delving through her drawers to realise she had some sexy stuff. In the end, I knew she would realise what I had done – twins intuition.You’re thinking, mum! Sorry, but we lived with my dad. Mum left ten years ago, having decided she didn’t love dad anymore. Her new love was Jesus, so upped and went to seek him. Last we heard she was living in a religious commune outside Aberdeen.I tried a few things on. The silk and nylon felt great against my naked body. bahis şirketleri The white lace panties looked like they were made for me as I stared in the long mirror on the back of the wardrobe door. French blue matched my eyes and red made me feel a real slut. I left black until last. The half-cup bra and matching sheer panties, the black hold-ups finished it off superbly. I felt a like a millionaire dollar babe as a flounced around in front of the mirror with my cock tucked away, well as best I could with it half hard. Even I fancied myself once the dress was on. It took a bit of huffing to get the zip done all the way up, but it was worth it. The bed was big and soft as I rolled around it. All those positions I tried pretending to be fucked. The missionary, legs spread wide for the big cock to fuck me hard. The doggy-style, head on the duvet as the fingers stroked me will say I took the big thick cock inside my gurly virgin ass. Then I got a bit scared that I would damage the clothes, so I put the dress back. I gorgeous black underwear which seemed expensive for some reason was neatly folded and placed precisely where it came from. I did briefly try to put on a pair of black heels, but they were a little small, so I left them alone. There was nothing else, no dildos, vibrators or porn hiding in the boxes at the back—only cheap jewellery and bric-a-brac. The spare bedroom had nothing either. The bathroom was just towels and medicine. It was just after nine when I got downstairs. One hour of fun and thousands of memories for the future as I once more plugged in my headphones.Who knows why I went into the utility room next to the kitchen. Bored, curiosity or second sight but having gotten a can of coke I switched on the light. The beacon of light shown down right on it – the wicker basket of dirty clothes next to the washing machine. A whole week of items, mainly small ones, like underwear. Two bras, two pairs of tights and five pairs of undies I carefully pulled them out, one black, two white, one multicoloured and a light blue pair. My perv side kicked in. I sniffed each one, long and deep to saviour the aroma each one gave. To be fair, they all smelt much the same. I guess that the mingling with the other clothes had taken some of it away, but the light blue silky pair towards the top was the best. You could definitely taste the drops of pee on the pad as I licked them. Maybe they were today’s pair before being changed to go out? I took them and a white bra upstairs for another play. Once again flirting with myself in the mirror as I danced to the music in my ears. The bed where I stroked myself tucked in the silk cocoon as with my eyes closed, I imagined being fucked hard from behind helpless to stop the huge cock plunging again and again inside me as I screamed. The moment time stands still. The moment where you’re not sure what to do, brain fog as you realise that things aren’t entirely as they should be. I had turned over on my back, ready to spread my legs for one final fucking when I noticed a shadow. My eyes opened wide to see the door open and the light blocked by a figure stood holding the handle – Mr Hunt, Tom. I froze, staring back at him as he stood very still watching me. A million clicks in my brain as it thought of what to do or say to explain why I was even in the room, let alone why I had a hard cock, and was wearing his wife’s soiled underwear. Thank god he spoke first. “Get up, get dressed, and get out.” Nothing more, just that in a slow monotone. Slowly I peeled the underwear from me and then conscious of my naked state, I quickly slipped on my clothes. Not sure whether to return the underwear back to where I found it, I decided to leave on the dresser. He stood aside as I walked to the door. I was unable to look at him but knew he was staring at me as I passed into the hallway to the stairs. A glance back as I left through the front door, bahis firmaları but thankfully Mr Hunt was nowhere to be seen.I expected my world to end the following day. A sleepless night and an early rise as I waited for the shit storm to head my way. Me thinking of every scenario as the neighbours told my dad what I been doing. The tears and apologies as he kicked me out and the police dragging me away were the worst. As the day went on, I could not understand why no one had been round. My sombre mood, which Rosie picked up on got a little better, but still, the thought lingered that I was all going to happen soon. Saturday came and went, as did Sunday. Then Monday and soon it was Friday again. Still, I was in limbo. Rosie said babysitting had been cancelled this week at lunchtime. This made me happy, but also I was thinking it was all going to come back and haunt me anytime soon.It did not. A week became a month and nothing.Rosie had been babysitting a couple of times, and the temptation to ask about the Hunt’s was tempting but also tempting fate. No use poking the bear when it’s asleep as they say. It was a Tuesday. A little after eleven, when I heard the doorbell.“Get these on you dirty little sissy faggot. I will be back in ten minutes.”An orange plastic bag was launched in my direction. There were clothes in it. To be precise, a white top like a t-shirt without sleeves, a black mini skirt, black stockings, and a pair of panties that looked familiar – too familiar. There was an urge to run out the back door and over the fence. Instead, in a daze, I stripped off and awkwardly dressed in the girly clothes. At least the blue silk looked and smelt clean before I pulled them on. The memories of that Friday night flooding back. Strangely though the hard cock was missing now. I wonder why.I hid behind the door when the second knock came. Then came a louder knock. I gingerly opened the door. Mr Hunt pushed past me and slammed the door behind him. “Upstairs to your room.” He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the stairs. Slowly I walked up conscious of the irony that he was probably staring at my ass in the mini skirt. In my room, he closed the door, and for a moment, we stood in silence. My eyes alternating between the carpet and him. Mr Hunt just stood looking at me – I wondered what he was thinking.”The state of this room. It’s time you learnt to keep it tidy. Get here.”I didn’t move. Too scared to speak or move for fear of what was happening.“Now.” He barked.Taking a step towards him, he grew impatient and bridged the three paces to me. He grabbed my arm sand in one swift move I was bent under his arm.The first smack on my arse was a shock. The slap on my half-covered bum ringing loud in the room before the warm tingle had me pulling to get free. No chance, I was held firm. Another two smacks, one on each cheek, then another four hard slaps to the right side. I squealed. Never, that I can remember, had I squealed like a girl before but now as I twisted this way and that I squealed with each smack on my ever-increasingly warm bum. Thank god it stopped. Tom threw me on the bed. I lay slumped half on it, half on the floor as I reached to rub my sore bottom.”Next time I come round I expect this spotless. If not, you’ll get more than my hand.”I looked forlornly back at him stood there with his hands on his hips and face that looked mean.“Get on the bed. On your back, legs spread like the whore you are.”I hesitated, my eyes watching him before I scramble up as I saw his leg move in my direction. There was no way I was getting another slap on my arse. It hurt.“Play with yourself. Rub your dirty sissy cock in those panties.”I pleaded with my eyes.“Go on, you know you want too.”My shrivelled penis took some coaxing to life. I had never masturbated with anyone else in the room. As far as I was concerned, it was a one-man sport. One where you closed your eyes and thought of kaçak bahis siteleri something downright dirty until it exploded into my hand, tissue or my belly. It was not for the gratification of others, even if they had something bad on you to blurt out to the whole world. Not sure if it was the slow rubbing, the warm sore arse, the situation or the potential threat but finally dicky came too life. It started to feel good as I relaxed, my eyes watching the stroking hand, not Tom. The blue silk panties bulging from the six inches it held inside. I stopped when he moved to the bed. But he did nothing, so I carried on. A few minutes more passed, my breathing became ragged as I felt close. I could see him hard against the front of the grey trousers. He slowly undid his belt, then the button flies before it popped out. My eyes popped wide at the size of it. His wife was one lucky lady I can say without fear of contradiction. It was long and thick, maybe nine inches, maybe longer. He smirked.“Sit up and suck it.”Not sure why I did not hesitate when he spoke. Never, ever had I thought about sucking cock before, even that night I was on the bed imagining being fucked did I ever think about cock sucking. Now I slid myself up and put my fingers tentatively on it. It was warm. I could see a little juice on the small slit as I inched my mouth towards it. My lips parted and touched the smooth end. It felt weird. Soft fleshy feel yet my fingers felt nothing but hardness a little further down. It tasted of soap for a moment, then my tongue touched the tip, and there was another taste. A bitter, salty flavour of the pre-cum. It made me judder. I had no idea what I was doing. Closing my eyes, I slid my mouth up and down it, well as much I could get in. I remembered the cock sucking porn clips I had seen and tried to emulate them. My tongue licking as I took the hard throbbing muscle from my mouth before sucking it once more. Tom was grunting, pleasured moans I think and the real possibility he was going to spurt in my mouth. I just carried on sucking, rubbing and licking almost oblivious to what was happening around me.There had been no mercy given when dragged by my hair and bent over the bed. The panties yanked down hard, my ass cheeks split apart, and the big purple bulb pushed at my virgin hole. No time to react, no time to plead as it started to enter. The pain as he thrust the big cock in my hole was incredible. Tears in my wide-open eyes as I gasped for breath, my hand grabbed the duvet until my knuckles were white.I felt him stop, the cock deep inside my ass, but it was only momentarily as he adjusted his position. On he continued, the deep thrust bringing pain as he slapped his thighs against my sore ass cheeks. “What am I doing you sissy whore?” He grunted with another slow push deep inside me.I was unable to breathe, let alone speak. Tom’s hand smacked my right arse cheek. I squealed.“Well?” And another smack landed.”Fucking my ass,” I whispered between deep breathes.“Wrong.” I got another slap. “It is my ass now.”Tom just kept on fucking me with the occasional slap to my ever sore arse cheek. His cruel words calling me a faggot, whore and sissy at times will he enjoyed riding me. I had a hope it was all over when he pulled out. I should have realised that it was not by the lack of cum in my arse. Another slap and a command to suck him. I grimaced but reluctantly slipped my lips around it. The taste and smell overpowering as he face fucked me. His hand holding my hair as he pushed back and forth. Not deep but enough to make my eyes water. He stopped when his cock was inside. For a brief second, I wondered why he had stopped, then I realised as the hot liquid filled my mouth full until it split out. It dripped down my chin and onwards to the carpet. The rest ended down my throat. I could feel it ooze down with each spurt.I was left to clean up the mess still dressed like a sissy, except the panties which he had wiped his cock on then threw on my bed. His final words. “Clean this shit up, wash and iron the clothes and bring them back on Friday afternoon.”I sat on the floor just staring at the ceiling.

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