The newspaper advertisement – Part 2

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The newspaper advertisement – Part 2The newspaper advertisement(Part 2)Foreword:Hello dear readers. My story “The newspaper advertisement” appears in several parts. Part 1 was published on in November 2018.I write this story in great detail. Why this is so, you can read in the preface to part 1. You might want to read all parts of the numerical order accordingly. Fans of short stories won’t have any fun with this story.I wish you a lot of fun now and hope that you get horny while reading. The author.Introduction:The story tells an excerpt from the life of the teenager Nadine. Nadine notices strong sexual feelings, which she doesn’t understand properly. When her feelings become increasingly problematic in her everyday life and her school performance, she slips into a parallel sexual world by chance and unintentionally. Trapped in this parallel world, she learns to understand her own sexuality, but she can no longer simply slip off the shackles of this world in order to return to “normal life”. The way back to a bourgeois life seems difficult. Will she make it?Chapter 2 – A hot danceAt the moment I am single, but a year ago Sascha was my first and so far only friend. We are still in the same school as most of my friends. Sascha broke up with me after only 3 months. The reason for this was probably that after a “very special” night in a dance club I met an older man through a newspaper advertisement, who demanded everything from me sexually, so unfortunately I couldn’t have any more time for Sascha.I have never told anyone about the existence of this older man in my life, not even Sascha. But more about that later…Sascha looks really great. He was 18 years old a year ago, too, is tall and strong, has dark blond hair and green eyes. He shaves his slightly tanned body daily and completely. I like that. His firm body always felt warm and he always smelled so good. I often had the desire to rub against him naked, to touch him, to feel his body and warmth. When he came very close to me, for example to give me a kiss, there was always a great excitement in me, so that I often trembled and got goose bumps. He often thought I would freeze and embraced me protective.Too bad that not much happened sexually between Sascha and me, because he took care of his motorcycle almost every day. The motorbike was his other, very big love. Sascha liked to do long trips on the weekends. To be honest, I didn’t like riding on his motorbike so much myself, but rather go to parties or clubs in the city centre.There I usually dance quite lasciviously and like to be watched by other girls and boys. Sometimes I wear my very short, white mini-folded skirt, which my father brought me from Sweden and my white high heels with 12 cm high heels, which are closed upwards with ankle straps.My outfit is rounded off with a white, sleeveless and skin tight, belly free top with a deep back cut. I like to show my pretty body. With my long blond hair, light blue eyes, pink lip gloss, pink fingernails and my slender body, as well as my defined belly, decorated with my belly chain and of course my long legs, I know very well that I am absolutely irresistible on all boys and men, but also on some women. I recognize it by their looks.Under these looks I like to move on the dance floor to slow music. I do for example slowly swinging, erotic movements with my bottom, while I stand on my high heels a little bit wide. With my short mini and my long legs I look extremely horny. I can often watch myself dancing because the walls of most clubs are partially mirrored.From time to time I slowly drive through my hair with both hands and tilt my head backwards, which allows me to present my slim body with rhythmic movements to the audience at the edge of the dance floor. Actually I always feel somehow naked and at the mercy of the spectators.Nevertheless, this situation excites me. And in the clubs of the inner city nobody knows me personally anyway.Completely strange boys and men always come close to me on the dance floor and dance close to me. Seemingly as coincidentally I am touched then also times at the arm, back or bottom. But I know for a fact that the boys and men on the dance floor simply can’t resist me and therefore touch me deliberately. This makes me incredibly hot and humid, but I don’t dare to respond to such touches and always act as if I don’t notice it. The same goes for me when strange boys and men in the club talk to me directly, for example to get to know me better. I always try to avoid such meetings. Sometimes I break off such a conversation by going to the toilet or changing clubs. The atmosphere in the clubs, my outfit, the observations by strangers and my erotic dance excite me myself infinitely, but I still don’t dare to respond to speeches from men to such an extent that on such an evening in the club perhaps more will come out of it and one gets closer. But almost a year ago in one of these clubs a physical closeness developed between me and a strange man. And that was the unintentional entry into my second, secret life.It was a Saturday night last summer. I was already on the day constantly somehow excited and restless. At times I had heat attacks and became unpleasantly warm. Then I noticed that my vagina got wet from time to time and that my vaginal juice was leaking in small drops. In the afternoon an itchy feeling developed in my vaginal entrance, so that I would have liked to have rubbed and scratched myself there. My thong got uncomfortably wet and I was afraid that a wet stain could come out through my black leggings and then everyone would see that juice was running out of my vagina.But since I was shopping with my parents in a big shopping mall near the river Weser in the afternoon, I had to go to the public toilets twice and dry my scabbard with toilet paper. The juice of my vagina even pulled a long thread of vaginal secretion between the entrance to my vagina and the first piece of toilet paper, so that I had to wipe it several times. With a dry piece of toilet paper I also rubbed off my vaginal entrance intensively, which gave me relief regarding the itching. This itching felt so much to me that I felt a deep desire to let something penetrate me. I could clearly perceive the smell that my vagina emitted. It did not smell dirty or like urine, because I also keep myself very clean. No, the smell was different. In a story on an author would write that it is the typical smell of a horny cunt.When I pulled my thong up again after the first toilet session, it felt cold and wet on my labia. Strangely enough this excited me again and I got even wetter.In the second toilet I put folded toilet paper into my thong, so that my vaginal fluid does not soak my leggings visibly. My father asked me shortly afterwards in the ice cream cafe whether I would use a new perfume, because I would smell very stimulating. I just thought, “Oh God, he can smell the scent of my vagina and it excites him.” I wasn’t able to answer my father and I think I turned bright red. My father finally ended this small talk with the words: “Nadine, so you may smell very gladly more often. I like that smell on you.” In this moment it became clear to me that my father had u*********sly become aware of the scent of my vagina and found it attractive.I believe that I had my ovulation that day. But that didn’t feel pleasant at all and at times I even thought I was falling ill.Nevertheless I visited a club in the city centre that evening because I felt a little better at the end of the day and I was still in a good mood. I wanted to let off steam on the dance floor. The dance club is called Dance-Palast, by the way, is quite well known in our city and is located in the middle of a street with various scene clubs, as well as two brothels with run house and street line.I had not put on any underwear, although I only wore my short white mini skirt, my white belly top and my white high heels.By my belly top I felt somehow naked and I also felt the air between my legs and at my vagina. From time to time I ran sheath juice on my naked inner thighs, which I rubbed with one hand on my thighs and dried thereby. Since that went the whole evening so, I smelled after some time probably like a horny pussy. But this thought that I had no control over my vaginal function and my clothes could hide this problem in public little to not at all, made me even hornier.I danced as usual exuberantly on the dance floor, at least as exuberantly as it is possible with high heels at all, when finally a slow title was put on.Suddenly I was grabbed from behind on both sides of my naked waist and a little bit back, pulled against a strange body and held. I was totally shocked and before I could react I felt a warm breath close to my left ear. A strange man’s voice whispered: “You really dance horny. Go on.”Frightened I obeyed and continued my lascivious dance a little unsettled, whereby I inevitably rubbed my bottom at the crotch of the femden behind me. With my hands I instinctively held the hands of the stranger to my waist to prevent them from touching me in other parts of my body.But the shock of this surprising closeness and the unrestrained touch of my naked skin by a stranger made me somehow stiff and immobile, so I could no longer move so smoothly. I felt the closeness of this strange man behind me not only through the touches of our bodies and the grip on my waist, but I simply felt his presence and closeness on every inch of the skin of my bare back. In my head and neck I felt the throbbing of my heart and I got goose bumps even though it was very warm in the club.The strange hands on my naked waist seemed to feel that and loosened their grip a little. Some spectators came closer and stared at me and the stranger attentively, probably in expectation of an erotic dance show.Again I heard the voice of the stranger in my ear:”Relax and keep your legs apart.”I obeyed mechanically and now stood with my back to the stranger and frontally to the attentive audience, consisting of girls, boys and some men. I moved lasciviously my bottom and my hip in the slow rhythm of the music. Due to the missing underwear under my mini skirt my sheath felt completely unprotected at that moment. If the light fabric of my mini-folded skirt would not only seductively play around the upper half of my thighs through my dance, but would also get caught on the stranger’s clothes and slip up, everyone would be able to see my naked, depilated scabbard. The thought of it caused me great stress and a feeling of pressure in my head and blocked me in thinking and acting. So I did what the stranger demanded and danced with my legs apart for him. Then I heard again the whispering voice of the stranger in my ear: “Put your head back on my shoulder and your hands behind my head. Relax and present your horny, slim body. Just let yourself go and enjoy the glances of others at you, my little one.”I obeyed again and put my head back on the stranger’s shoulder. I stretched my arms far back to his neck and closed my eyes. Now I danced with my legs apart and my body stretched back in front of the spectators. I felt my top slide up to just below my nipples, my belly retracted, my ribs protruded and my body had to look even slimmer. Since the circumference of my already flat stomach decreased even further due to this stretched posture, the hem of my mini-folded skirt also loosened, causing it to slip a few centimeters deeper and finally to hang on my pelvic bones.In this posture I felt naked and presented, but this dance position also excited me in the firm grip of the stranger behind me, making my lascivious dance movements more feminine and supple again.The DJ had apparently noticed what was happening around me and the stranger and had put on the same title again to prolong our erotic dance.Then I noticed that the stranger held my large left earring with his teeth and pulled on my left ear. This pull on my ear forced me to go along with my head for a while, stretching my body even further for the audience.Then the stranger said with my earring between his teeth and a rutting undertone:”Little one, you don’t just look super-sharp. Also your smell makes me totally horny on you. What is that? I smell Playboy perfume, but there is another, intense smell on you… I get the desire to lick off your whole body, penetrate deep into you, chew on your nipples and gently nibble and lick your cunt.” Now I felt his stiff penis rubbing my bottom in the rhythm of the music. I had seen enough porn movies on to immediately realize that the stranger had gotten a stiff because of me. And it was also clear to me that he could smell the scent of my vagina, just like my father in the shopping mall before him. Then his hands let go of my waist and his fingers stroked me gently while I danced broad-legged, lascivious and outstretched at him. He stroked me from the underside of my elbows, over my depilated armpits and my canlı bahis ribs to my waist and then down to my buttocks. This felt tickling and very tender, which is why I felt a sense of well-being radiating from his fingers all over my body. My air stayed away, my belly pulled in even more, my ribs stepped out even more and my skirt slipped a bit further down. I felt that my skirt now had so little hold on my body that I pressed my butt against the stranger’s limb so that my skirt wouldn’t slide to the ground. The stroking of the stranger felt beautiful and indescribably awesome. Then his fingers stroked me again in the opposite direction, up to my elbows. And he repeated that a few times, so I could hardly breathe.Sometime I could feel that from my sheath a drop detached … and then still another … and still another. I felt at my inner labia the pull of a forming thread of sheath juice and the back-fast of the thread against my labia, always after a drop had loosened. Everybody could now see my lust and probably everybody realized that I was not wearing any underwear. Again I heard the voice of the stranger:”You’re not wearing any underwear, are you?”I answered him quietly: “Yes.”Then his left hand drove under my top and stroked my left breast, whereupon I heard a cheerful murmur from the audience.At the same time his right hand, starting from my waist, slowly descended over my belly to the very loose hem of my mini-folded skirt. His hand stayed there for a few seconds until it finally slipped through the hem, under my skirt and stayed on my abdomen for another few seconds. The warm hand of the stranger now rested on the naked skin of my abdomen, under my skirt and only a few inches from my vagina and I knew that in a few seconds the hand would continue its way and touch my unprotected vagina. I felt this idea deeply oppressive, so that I felt the heavy throbbing of my pulse in my whole body. I held my breath with tension, I could no longer hear the music and all the surrounding sounds and felt a deep pressure in my abdomen that radiated into my vagina, causing more drops of vaginal fluid to come loose from me. I knew that if I now remained inactive, this hand would penetrate my vagina, fingers sliding between labia and palms touching my clitoris. The fingers would then probably irritate my clitoris and finally penetrate me. But I kept my eyes closed, my body stretched, my legs wide apart, my hands behind the stranger’s head. I presented myself to the stranger and all the spectators.Something inside me wanted my body to be unprotected, to be able to be touched and used unhindered and everywhere. I did not want to be in control, but wanted to be determined and available. Someone else should decide what happens on and with my vagina. Something inside me wanted everything to happen that the stranger wanted. Exactly that caused more and more drops to appear on my labia and exactly that also prevented me from ending the presentation of my body by my own decision. The hand of this stranger could do whatever she wanted with my body. And she did it.For the first time in my life I felt the hand of a stranger on my naked vagina. I was horrified, because I couldn’t believe what was happening here and in the party lighting of the club everything seemed like a dream anyway. A man I had never seen before stroked my naked, dripping vagina in front of a semi-circle of enthusiastic viewers as I stood on my high heels with my legs apart and showed a posture similar to that of the models in the porn movies on Obviously I just had the lead role in my own little porn movie… totally unplanned, totally unwanted and morally totally forbidden. And yet, despite my stagnating breath, this moment excited me so much that I exhaled loudly groaning as I felt the stranger increase the pressure with which he touched my vagina, compressing my labia and open clitoris.This feeling of lust shot me from my clitoris directly into my stomach and from there into my head. I hit the real blow of lust and I started again with circling pelvic and butt movements. But I didn’t dance anymore. This time my movements were aimed at rubbing my slightly protruding inner labia and my beautifully open clitoris against the palm of the stranger’s hand and I think the audience had understood the meaning of my new movements immediately because they made sounds like “Yes! Cool! Well then! Wow!!!” and agreeing whistles of itself. Then I felt a finger glide between my inner labia, which increased the pressure on my clitoris and I had to moan loudly again. Again the audience answered my moaning with applause and howling: “Yes, do it for her! Put your fingers in her! She needs it! Wank her the cunt! Fuck the little whore!”At the same time the stranger pulled again with his teeth on my left earring, which is why I had to lean my head even further back and stretch my body even more. Broad-legged, skinny, mini-folded skirt, high heels, my body stretched backwards, with one foreign hand each on my vagina and on my breasts, I stood in front of a semicircle of foreign, yelling spectators, moaned loudly and rubbed my vagina recognizably for everyone on the hand of a foreign man.Then I heard the voice of the stranger again:”You’re a horny little bitch. Dainty, beautiful and so horny that you almost run out. I have quite a lot of your Fotzensaft on my hand. Come on, rub your sweet pussy on my hand until you come on my palm… right here in front of all the people. Let yourself fall and give me your orgasm just on my hand. This is your little live show.”I could only answer these words with a moan, because the stranger let a finger slide into my vaginal entrance at the same time with his words. The itching there caused me to wish that the finger should penetrate deeper into me, but it only penetrated a few centimetres and began to move within me. At the same time his left hand pulled my top completely up and exposed my breasts for all to see. That I noticed of course and I stocked again briefly the breath. I had never shown my breasts in public, let alone presented them, as I am now. But then the stranger distracted me by withdrawing his right hand from my crotch and wiping it off on the bare skin of my belly. As the skin around my belly button immediately felt cool, it was clear to me that my vaginal juice was now wetting the skin of my belly and probably everyone could see my moisture. Then the stranger led his still wet hand alternately before his and my nose:”Oh my God. Now recognize this scent on you. Smell times. I have just really smelled your pussy. And you smell down there absolutely wonderful. One should create a perfume smell from your vaginal juice.”Then he wiped his hand wetted with my vaginal juice through my face, so that I felt my own moisture now also on my left cheek, lips and nose and could now smell myself. Immediately afterwards his hand slid back through the loose hem of my mini-folded skirt back to my vagina. Without transition his fingers slid between my labia and penetrated into me again, whereupon I moaned audibly for all. The spectators, male as well as female, then moaned louder and clapped again.I moved my scabbard back and forth on the stranger’s hand while one of his fingers moved within me. Then I felt a pinch on my left nipple. The stranger twirled my nipple with his left hand, then stroked me with this hand down to my navel and up to my neck again and took this firmly in his grip. I lost control and was so far before all people in the club to get an orgasm. My breathing became faster, I felt pressure in my vagina and on my clitoris, I felt a flutter in my abdomen, felt the finger in me and stroking my breasts and then the firm grip on my neck. Then again the voice of the stranger:”Come! let yourself fall now. Give me your orgasm on my hand. Geil, you are so beautifully wet that your geilte pussy even the dance floor fully drips. You horny, beautiful thing!”I could only answer with a loud moan and moved my pelvis even more violently, rubbing my vagina even more intensely on the hand of the stranger and his finger in me, while the spectators cheered even louder, clapped and cheered me on.Then I felt the musculature in my abdomen as it contracted and tightened, while at the same time a pressing, warm feeling spread within me from my vagina and clitoris. A slight dizziness followed and I saw bright colours in front of my closed eyelids. I had to stop breathing. In my stomach I had the strange feeling of lightness, as if this organ in me was flying. My vaginal musculature enclosed firmly the finger penetrating into me, as if it wanted to hold the intruder in me. My legs trembled and threatened to sink away under me. The stranger kneaded my breasts, jerked my vaginal entrance in a quick beat, his teeth had let go of my left earring in the meantime and his tongue licked my neck and my left ear with pleasure. It was so far! In me came an orgasm on …, I screamed with trembling voice:”Ohhhh yaaa! Hmmm yaaa! Uhhh hmmm! Hmmmmm!”An orgasm came up in me… here in front of all these strange people… in the middle of the dance floor in a public club… with the finger of a completely strange man in me… I wanted to come now! I screamed loudly moaning: “Please, I want to come now… ohhhhh yaaaa, I am coming, I am coming! Now! Please!”Chapter 3 – Safe?Suddenly there was this deep, different male voice: “No, you are not coming here now! You stop immediately with this shit and you little whore come now first of all with!”Shocked, I opened my eyes and looked directly in front of me at the black T-shirt of a well-trained men’s chest with the white inscription: “SECURITY – Dance-Palast”.Four well-trained young men of club security stood around us in black uniforms. The spectators whistled, clapped and cheered all the time and apparently wanted to see my orgasm. The security guards separated the stranger and me pretty harshly. His finger slipped very easily out of my dripping vagina, but his fingernails accidentally scratched my sensitive labia, which were already very irritated and I had to moan. The security guard in front of me, in front of whom I still stood with my legs apart and my breasts naked, grasped my waist and pulled me jerkily to his chest. This happened with a force that made me feel like a toy. My low body weight obviously didn’t cause any problems for the well-trained security guard. He straightened my somewhat high-slipped mini pleated skirt so that my bottom was covered again. And I embraced his neck with both arms and put my head on his shoulder. I breathed quickly and heavily because I was still in a state of a state of high posture and had almost had an orgasm shortly before. I felt that moisture was slowly running down the inside of my thighs and I knew it was my vaginal fluid. So I pressed my thighs together and angled my lower legs. Also this must have been a horny sight for the spectators, because I embraced the security man with angled legs and high heels, breathing heavily and horny, had a pulled up top, a mini pleated skirt, which just covered my bottom, rumpled long blonde hair and vaginal juice, which ran down my inner thighs. Now the security guard, in whose strong arms I was, said quietly in my ear: “Come to your breath first, little one.” The voice of another security guard loudly and angrily posed the retoric question in the room: “What the fuck is this? I mean, what are you guys doing here? This is a respectable dance club and not a cheap porn shed!”Then the same voice pointed: “You throw the guy out the front. Write down his name. He’s banned here from now on! The little one takes her to the back. I want to know how old she is. She’s only 16 at the most!”The security guard, accompanied by one of his colleagues, carried me like a toy to the back entrance of the club. When I left the clubroom, the spectators applauded after me. At the back entrance the security guard dropped me off and wanted to fix my top, but when I came back to my senses, I intervened and pulled my top myself over my breasts and finally also fixed my mini pleated skirt. “How old are you? 15 or already 16” asked the security guard. I answered: “18.””Yes exactly” came as an answer. “Do you have your ID card with you?” I answered “No”. The second security guard ordered me: “Put it against the wall and spread your legs! You’re pretty good at that!”Through his considerable strength he led me with ease to the wall on my right wrist and pressed my hand against it above my head. I put my left hand mirror-like to the wall, also above my head, and opened my legs a little. Since my inner thighs and my vagina were still wet, I felt there now a coolness and felt again unprotected. The other security man stepped now behind me and pushed with his foot my legs to the left and to the right so far apart, until I stood finally with far spread legs on my High-Heels and with far spread arms, at that wall before these two men. I looked at myself down. My long, bahis siteleri blond hair hung down. Below my sheath a few drops were dripping on the floor. Due to the overstretching of my upper body my ribs had come out and by the spreading of my legs the material of my mini fold skirt was so far apart that surely my labia were visible from behind. Then again the voice of the second, somewhat coarser security guard: “Wow, look at this horny body. Who doesn’t get stiff there… . What a horny little slut. She knows exactly how she has to stand on her heels with her legs apart, so that our men’s brains are exposed and the sack tightens!”After a short break, in which the two men probably looked at my slender, spread body and my labia, I heard again the coarser of the two: “So doll. Now I will search you for your identity card and feel your horny body. But don’t give me an orgasm here now, all right?”Both laughed after this saying. Then I felt the security guard standing between my legs from behind. That was such a feeling of extradition to stand on this wall in this spread posture, in sexy outfit and thus almost undressed and absolutely defenceless, because I could not have done anything against these two big, well-trained men. First I felt the two big strong hands of the security man on the left and right of my ribs. But it was not a palpation, but rather a gentle stroke. Then I heard him say quietly and thoughtfully: “You really have a beautiful body”.He stroked down to my belly chain. He took it on both sides between thumb and index finger and glitt gently the tender chain links along up to my belly button. I could look down in this position at me and observe his hands thereby.His fingers circled my belly button tenderly and stroked the contours of my abdominal muscles along. Then his hands drove on both sides over my ribs again upward. That tickled me and felt strangely also fulfilling. My abdominal muscles flutterten and everything tensioned itself up high to my neck. I got visible goose bumps and began to tremble. The gentler of the men asked: “Are you cold?”I answered “No” and shook my head. The coarser security guard who had just searched me added: “You are certainly not cold. She’s just getting horny again and wants a finger that’s now penetrating deep into her. Is my horny pigeon right?”I answered that question in the affirmative with a shy nod. The security guard who searched me answered my nod with a shy nod:”You’re about to get very warm, baby.”Then his hands slid under my top and pushed it high over my breasts. Now I stood not only defenseless and spread out before these uniformed men, but I was also naked again and was touched everywhere. He stroked with both index fingers tenderly around my nipples, in which I felt a tension. My nipples were now hard and put up. Then he kneaded gently my breasts, which thereupon also totally spannten, the flutter feeling continued up in my abdomen. “Your tits are pretty small, but beautiful. The fit to you” I heard from him.Then slipped his hands high under my raised top and stroked my clavicles to glide afterwards under my top back on my shoulders. Then he massaged my shoulders hard. That felt incredibly good and I pressed my back down through and stretched him thereby my sheath against. Thereby breathed long stöhnend from … “hmmmmmm”.From my shoulders, he massaged up to my neck and then along my lower jaw, up to my mouth. There he pressed a finger on my lips and said: “Open it and suck on it.”I opened my mouth only slowly, but the finger immediately slid through my teeth with force and touched the tip of my tongue. I felt the size of this strong, rough finger. And I tasted it. Somehow the finger tasted musty and unwashed. But I also smelled on his hands my own perfume “play it sexy” by Playboy, which now stuck to his palms. When he moved his finger in my mouth, I played around it with my tongue and bite on it from time to time, but I did not bite seriously. At his request I also sucked briefly on his finger. Then the finger withdrew from my mouth and I heard the security guard say: “So your upper half of your body is already clean. No ID to find. Let’s take a look downstairs. Maybe we’ll find it there.”His hands now stroked backwards and along both sides of my lower jaw to my neck and shoulders, which he again massaged vigorously and slowly. That felt incredibly good, which is why I moaned loudly again, lowered my head downwards and stretched my shoulder blades up like a hump towards his strong hands. Then his hands slid forward to my breasts, kneaded them first and then gently stroked my nipples, in which I felt this pleasant feeling of pressure again. By a look at me down I could see that my nipples had set up. Then his hands drove slowly and tenderly over mine, by the stretched posture protruding ribs, up to my thin Taile. This bilateral stroking of my tender skin in the area of my breasts, ribs and waist created a feeling of pleasant tension deep into my body and stomach. I felt my stomach vibrate with excitement. But then the security guard grasped my waist rather rough. I felt this strong grip in which my body was now, which at that moment made my absolute helplessness clear to me, towards these two large, well-trained men in uniform, while I stood in front of them with my arms and legs wide apart, slender, dainty and virtually undressed. These two men now had unrestricted access to every part of my body and I had no choice but to let them go. For whatever reason at that moment, but at that moment I thought for a moment that no one should ever learn anything about what happened that night. Least of all my parents.While the security guard continued to hold me tightly to my waist, he came a few centimetres closer between my legs, whereupon I could now feel the rough fabric of his uniform pants touching my labia. At that moment my whole body was suddenly tightened and I flinched violently. In addition my vagina was still sensitive irritated and I reacted also therefore very sensitively to this touch. I looked down at myself and could see between my long, hanging hair that the security guard had also put his legs apart, so that his heavy, black lace-up boots now stood on both sides next to my high heels, only that his boots stood inside and I stood on my high heels, a little further than he spread, in each case on the outside. While he held on to my waist, he now pushed his genital area rhythmically against my vagina and simulated that he was having sexual intercourse with me. “Hooo huuu! Is that awesome. I’m fucking you right now, baby.””Oh yeah, ha ha, I still can’t seem to find any ID!” he cynically added and continued his implied fucking movements on me.The second security guard laughed and added: “Yo, the little hooker looks sooo unbelievably horny. Actually she doesn’t need an ID card, but rather a gun license for her body!” Thereupon both laughed and because the security man behind me pressed his genital area now firmly against my vagina, I felt his laughter also as light tectonic blows against my labia and my open formed clitoris. Again I felt this pleasant pressure in my abdomen and the itching, as well as a slight pulling in my vaginal entrance, which aroused the deep wish in me that something penetrates into me. Then the security guard behind me continued his push movements and I breathed out groaning. “Yes, this little hooker so horny. She wants it. Age I tell you, she wants to be fucked” he shouted and pushed further against my vagina.Now the security man reached with one hand into my hair and pulled my head backwards, so that for both on the one hand my face was visible between my hair and on the other hand automatically my back was pushed through. Thereby also my sheath was stretched further to the back, spread and presented still better. Pulling at my hair the security guard pushed now further against my scabbard and I breathed and moaned shorter and to the beat of his pushes.The second security guard next to me suddenly held a smartphone in his hands and it flashed. I was photographed. “Yeah, awesome. Come make another one if she looks directly into the camera” the security man behind me instructed.He directed my face by my hair towards the viewfinder and said: “Come on, stick out your horny tongue. Lick your upper lip and moan a little or I’ll really fuck you now!” and for emphasis he pulled my hair hard. I obeyed immediately and licked my upper lip, while I looked directly into the viewfinder of the smartphone. Then I moaned loudly towards the camera, while my body was simultaneously rythmically shaken by the security guard’s blows.”In the box!” said the second security guard and took his smartphone down. The security guard behind me stopped bumping into me and stepped back half a step after releasing my hair from his firm grip.Next I felt his hands on the undersides of my upper arms. He stroked his rough fingers gently down my armpits to my ribs, giving me goose bumps again. Then he stroked further down to my waist. On my waist he briefly exercised a strong grip, then continued to stroke down with his hands to me.I felt his hands now caressing my hips sensitively over the outside of my thighs. Then they glided further over my knees and my lower legs to the ankle straps of my high heels.His face now had to be directly in front of my vagina. “Wow. What a beautiful fragrance your dripping wet, velvety cunt exudes. I’ve been thinking all the time about what you probably wear for a horny perfume, but instead I just smelled your wet pussy.”I heard him breathe in very deeply and felt a slight breeze on my labia. I looked down at myself and realized that he was squatting between my legs. His face was right in front of my vagina and I felt the closeness of his mouth in front of my labia.He breathed in deeply again and I felt that draught again. Then he breathed long out and his warm breath hit my vagina. “What a wonderful fragrance!” I heard him say thoughtfully. A light tickle, as if something came away from me, let me look down on myself again and I saw that drops of my vaginal juice collected on my clitoris dripped from there in long threads to the ground. Actually I should find this situation anything but horny. Everything here was neither planned, nor did I actually want anything of what happened here. Also nobody asked me finally whether I like all this here. And yet: I had swollen, irritated labia, a sensitive clitoris, an itchy feeling in my vaginal entrance, muscle tension, which turned out to be a pleasant, horny pressure in my vagina, my nipples and my abdomen. I was just horny and my vaginal juice now hung in a long thread from my clitoris to the floor. The security guard behind me watched that for sure in this moment and stroked over my ankle straps, over the outside of my legs again completely up to under the fabric of my mini-folded skirt and pushed this, although this had already released the view of my vagina completely, further upwards on my waist.Then he stroked the complete length of my legs again down to my High-Heels, in order to stroke afterwards on the inside of my legs again upward.This feeling of his hands, which came closer and closer to my naked vagina, was more nerve-racking for me than anything that happened to me before that evening. His hands slowed down on their way up and stopped just before reaching my vagina. Then he stroked the inside of my thighs gently up and down, observing my vagina and the juice flowing out of it with interest.”Look at this long thread pussy juice. Dude, I have never seen anything so horny. Come closer older, take a look at this. The little one is soooo horny!”The second security guard now also kneeled behind me and picked up his smartphone again. Now the two men kneeled or squatted behind me, between my legs spread wide and examined my vagina and my juice at close range.Then it flashed several times and I heard the simulated release noise of a camera. “Sooo horny. That is really incomprehensible. Without the photos nobody would believe us.””Jo, dude. I can tell you that. I have never experienced anything like it. Madness. Horny, little bitch.””Just have a look at this. She pulls a juice thread down to the ground with hornyness. Really crazy, she is soaking wet and actually belongs really fucked” I heard the quiet conversation of the two between my legs. Then the two hands detached from the inside of my thighs and suddenly I felt first a finger on my clitoris and then a whole hand on my labia. I immediately jerked back together and moaned loudly. When the hand began to stroke my sensitive labia I breathed heavily because the tension in my body took the air out of my mouth. Then I began to tremble violently, not with lust and tension, but because I could no longer stand broad-legged and my muscles slackened. “I can’t go on. Please! I have to stand up differently, I get dizzy. I am really 18, I swear. I am 18! I really can’t do anything anymore” I begged the two men.Both security bahis şirketleri men stood up. One of them now roughly grabbed my sheath from behind and with the other hand he pulled me back by my hair, away from the wall and into a standing position from which I would have fallen to the ground immediately out of weakness if the security guard had not continued to support me.The forces in my legs had completely slackened and I could no longer stand. Then he turned my face to the Smartphone of the other one, who photographed my face again with flash light. “So now say your name in the camera” demanded the security man behind the smartphone.I answere “Nadine Keller” quietly.”So I think you’re getting out of here now, baby. Only girls over 18 are fucked here. And if you are that old, you are welcome here. Such rockets like you get here immediately a job.” The other one added to that “You were just a totally horny sight, girl. But unfortunately we now have to go back inside and work. But you just earned your taxi money with your body.”He pulled his hand out of my crotch and wiped it on my stomach and on the fabric of my mini-folded skirt. “Oh man, hammer. I’ve never met a girl before who gets so horny that her pussy juice hangs in threads down to the Floor” he commented. Then he pulled my top over my breasts and adjusted my mini-folded skirt so that it covered my shame. They led me through the back entrance and one of them supported me because I was still shaky on my legs. After a few minutes waiting silently on the sidewalk at the back entrance of the club, a cream yellow Mercedes with a taxi sign on the roof finally arrived. While one security guard opened the right rear door and helped me into the taxi, the other one talked to the driver through the passenger window: “No matter where the little one wants to go, I’ll pay for it. She just earned it.””Okay” came the answer and I realized that the supposed driver was actually a driver. She was about the middle of her 50s and somehow had a cunning and instructive facial expression. I usually only saw that expression on the faces of my high school teachers. “Where should I go?” she asked me.I answered “Hindenburgwall 131” quietly. “Write down her address again to be on the safe side” one security guard said to the other.The taxi driver charged a flat rate of 20.00 € for a trip to the outskirts of the city. The security man gave her 30.00 € with the remark “that’s right”.Then he slammed the door shut and said goodbye: “I mean it seriously. Come back when you’re 18. I wait for you and you get a job here immediately, baby. You’ll get any job in the escort service at all.” Then he laughed, turned around and went back to the club.The taxi drove off and I immediately thought: “Oh God, finally safe. Finally home.”I was completely confused. My thoughts revolved around the experiences that night.At times my thoughts of these experiences made me dizzy.For a long time I only looked down into the footwell and was lost in thought when I heard the driver’s voice ask: “Well, now already after work?”I looked forward into the rear-view mirror and saw how her eyes looked at me. “I beg your pardon? I… I don’t understand” I asked.”Well, I was wondering if you’re going to quit now. I drive your colleagues somewhere every night and pick them up again. To train stations, in hotels, in clubs, to running houses, well just everywhere to their customers. At this time I normally don’t drive you girls home yet. Usually we go home in the morning. Or does a customer of yours live in Hindenburgwall 131?” asked the taxi driver.”No, I live there myself. There is no customer of mine” I replied. I got hot and if it hadn’t been dark in the taxi, she probably would have recognized that my face was flushed. She thought I was a whore.”How much was it today, if I may ask?” she went after. “I don’t know what they mean” I pretended to be stupid.”Well I mean, how many customers did you have today? You look pretty tired, as if you had experienced a lot today. That would also explain your early closing time… if you understand what I mean” she gave herself stubbornly. “I don’t really want to talk about it” I strangled the conversation.”No problem. I see, they were once again customers with very special wishes, or even a whole group, huh? I’ve heard it all before. The other girls always look as ready as you do” she replied. “But you don’t smell like sperm like your colleagues. You wonder? I smell something like that. Especially here in my taxi. You smell completely differently than the other girls, somehow aufgegeilt and very feminine. Could mean that your customer was today in reality probably rather a customer. Am I right?”I knew immediately that the taxi driver had misinterpreted that. She had just smelled my own vaginal fluid, which not only clung to my labia but also to my face, neck, stomach, my mini-folded skirt and my thigh. I could even smell it myself.”Listen” she continued. “You still look pretty young and you’re crazy pretty. Many men ask for girls like you. I refer different girls to the clientele. It’s nothing solid, just a kind of sideline of mine. I get then 50% of your wage for the switching of a customer. And: I drive you to the customer and pick you up there again. What do you say? Here’s my Card” and she handed a business card to the back in the dark.I answered “Thank you” quietly and accepted the card. “I mean it seriously. This is a serious thing here. Think about it and give me a call” she concluded the conversation. After a few minutes of silent driving the taxi reached our house. “So, we are there. Hindenburgwall 131” she interrupted the silence. I opened the door, but I couldn’t get out so easily because I lacked some strength in my legs. My leg muscles made me feel a burning sensation with every movement and I felt a flutter in my legs, which took the strength to get out.I pulled my legs on and wanted to take off my high heels, but because of my long fingernails and the darkness in the taxi I could not open the ankle straps of my high heels. The taxi driver turned on the interior lights, turned to me and asked “Do you need help?” Then she looked down at me and added “Oops, you forgot your underwear with your customer, but you look really nice down there. I really want to know what kind of customer you had today. You really make me curious the way you look.”I immediately put my feet down in the footwell and held my thighs together. Then I looked the taxi driver in the face and said “I think I really need a little help”.“No problem, my little one. I see already… You had a heavy assignment today. I’ve seldom seen one of you get as beat up as you did” she said, got out immediately and appeared at my door.We both reached out our hands and she pulled me out of the taxi and into the booth. “Wow, you’re pretty light and look totally sexy from top to bottom.” She looked around our house and added “Hm, looks kind of normal and neat here with you. Do you live here with your pimp?””No, I don’t have a pimp. Thank you very much for the ride. I really want to go in now” I said to her while I was standing a little wobbly on my high heels in front of her. “Yes, do that. Go inside and all the best. Call me. You are really cute. I’m counting on you, okay?” Then I walked past her towards our front door. She gave me a slap on my right butt cheek and finally said, “You really smell tempting, baby.”Then she got in and drove back towards the city centre. I looked after her and when the taxi disappeared in the dark, my legs slumped away. I had to sit down on the sidewalk in front of our house. Small grains of sand poked into my skin at my bottom and the asphalt felt extremely cold. I became dizzy. What happened there? I danced almost naked in public in a dance club.Spectators cheered my organsmus. A strange man, whose face I would not even recognize, touched me publicly at my most intimate body parts and massaged my vagina. He brought me so far that I wanted to get my orgasm on his hand. Two security men grabbed my whole body. They got me so horny that my vaginal juice dripped to the ground in front of them and they filmed and photographed me. And they know my name and address. Just like a taxi driver who thinks I’m a whore, saw my naked vagina and wants to recruit me for prostitution. Oh, God. I couldn’t tell anyone. Absolutely not. Especially not my parents. And if all this became known… in school … my friend Sascha …my girlfriends …oh God. Oh God.At that moment I saw everything as if through a tunnel and did not even hear the noises of the night anymore, but only a noise. Then I got nauseous and I handed myself over directly between my legs. Since I had eaten nothing in the evening, I strangled only yellow gastric juice. It tasted disgusting and hit accidentally also my thighs. With one hand I wiped my vomit from my thighs and stripped my hand on the pavement asphalt next to me and on my mini skirt.Like in trance I opened the ankle straps of my high heels and took them off. I don’t know how long it took until I came back to myself. In any case I trembled already before cold when I could get up again and then barefoot into the house went. The key was at its usual hiding place. Inside I immediately wanted to go up to the bathroom, but my father, who was apparently still working, called me out of the study. Did he know anything? Did they call from the club? Or taxi driver? I stood in the hallway, rooted to the ground, staring at the door of the study, which was only leaned against.”Nadine? Didn’t you hear? I need to talk to you!”With my throat tied, I went to the door of the study and slowly pushed it open. My father sat in front of his PC and had technical graphics on his screen in work. I asked “Yes dad?” quietly and insecurely.”What do you look like? Celebrated again until the bitter end, huh? Well, we used to be no different. But sometimes different. I’ve been thinking about your perfume all day, which I smelled on you in the mall. What’s that perfume called?”I looked at my father in silence.He continued “I found the perfume, let’s say, really stimulating and pleasant. You seldom perceive something like that as a fragrance, you know? I would like to take the perfume with me to Stockholm next week as a gift. Lotta, my engineering colleague, then turns 37 and celebrates her birthday with us, also because he happens to fall on weekends. Your perfume would be the perfect gift for her. Will you please take care of it?””Yes Dad, I will” I replied. “Thank you, sweetheart. Now go freshen up and get some sleep.””Yes dad, good night” I said and went upstairs. Horrified, I thought that my own father obviously wanted a perfume that smelled like my scabbard. I got dizzy and nauseous again.In front of our big mirror in the bathroom I was frightened by my own sight. My long blond hair was completely mixed up and in places glued. I had dried vaginal fluid sticking to me everywhere, shining on my silky skin. You could see that I was crying. And my labia had three bloody scratches from the strange man’s fingernails that caused a burning pain while showering. Also my white top and my mini pleated skirt were glued with dried vaginal secretion and on my high heels I found several dried drops of it. On my thighs and mini skirt were also remains of my vomit already dried. I sat in the shower and let the water rain down on me until my tender skin was completely soaked. When I soaped my vagina and washed myself with my fingers between my outer and inner labia and washed out my vaginal entrance, I had to howl quietly. I could hardly soap my clitoris, because it hurt me, it was so much irritated. I went to bed when it was early in the morning. I usually sleep naked. I cuddled up in my blanket in a foetal position. And although it was warm in the room and my blanket was cuddly, I froze and trembled. I was totally tired and still couldn’t sleep. The events of the evening appeared in my mind’s eye all the time. I was used like a whore and then I suddenly remembered that the security guard was giving money to the taxi driver because he had used me before. It was my whore pay! So the taxi ride was paid with whore pay. I had to cry again. I was deeply afraid of what might happen now. “Whore pay… 30,00 € whore pay” I thought. “Whorer’s pay……… Whore pay……….. Whore pay…………….Whore……………. a whore” While I was thinking about it, a feeling of pressure came up in my clitoris, in my vagina and finally in my whole abdomen. I felt wetness between my labia and at my vaginal entrance. These thoughts really made me horny. And again I thought: “Whorer’s pay……. my first whore pay…………………. Whore…” Trembling I grasped between my legs and penetrated with my fingers between my labia. I felt wetness with my fingers. My entrance to the vagina again created a feeling that I had the desire to allow something to penetrate me there. I became warm and I stopped trembling. “Whore pay… my first whore pay… a whore… Whore pay… Have I become a whore?”I was tired. Tired from my whore service that evening. The first fornication of my life.And then I fell asleep. To be continued…© by Katze3 on, 2018

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