The Noise was TOO Much

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There it was again, the Noise was driving her crazy.

“God; I can’t take this anymore!!” Emma screamed to herself as she grabbed onto her pillow and squeezed it in anger. Once again, she awoke from hearing her brother, Colin, moaning and slapping away at his cock from his next door room. Day after day this kept up, and Emma was finished with it!

“Fuck this! If he seriously wants a fucking pussy that bad, he’s going to get one god damn it!” She said quietly.

‘This can’t keep happening; I have to get some sleep! But what can I do to start this off?’ She thought to herself. She dug around in her brain, hoping to figure out a way. A couple of minutes had gone by, and then, in an instant, a brilliant thought crossed her mind…She knew exactly what to do now!

It was Friday, 4:45 P.M. School had let out about an hour ago, but Emma was just now arriving back home. She looked around for her 19 year old brother Colin, but he was nowhere to be found. “Mom…Dad?” Emma called out, but there was no response. ‘GOOD!’ She thought out happily, but she had to make sure. She walked around the house, but she still saw no one.

She headed into the kitchen and noticed a note from their father. “Going out with your mother for a few hours to help her find a few things…only hell knows what…Wish me luck!” He ended with a goofy looking smiley face scribbling.

Emma laughed. ‘PERFECT! Now I just have to find Colin; maybe he’s in the basement.’

She figured that that’s where he must have been, because there was no other room in the house where her voice could have echoed through for him not to hear her.

The basement was where Colin kept all of his gaming equipment, and other electronic devices; there was no room for him to keep them in his bedroom, it was way too small. “He must have the volume up or something, because otherwise he would have heard me calling out.” She whispered.

Emma creeped downstairs, and opened the door to the basement. She heard the sound of the TV playing at a moderately loud tone. As Emma inched down the staircase, not knowing who it was, Colin turned his head in a questioningly way.

“Oh, hey sis!” He called out to her as she reached the soft, off white colored carpet.

“Hey! How are you?” She asked.

“Oh, you know; same old, same old. Just another boring day.” He replied.

Emma was jealous. Her brother had graduated high school last year, and he was now 19. Unlike him though, at 18, she was still working on getting through her final year at school.

“You’re lucky!” Emma told him. “I wish I could just sit back and relax! Cheerleading practice was a pain today! My muscles are killing me right now!” She lied.

Colin looked at her. “Sorry Em.” He said, then looked back to the TV screen.

“Hey bro; do you mind if you massage my muscles? They’re seriously tense right now.” She asked him pleadingly.

“Umm, I’m kinda busy right now.” He responded.

Emma looked at him and shook her head. “Busy? You said you were bored! Come on! Can you please help me?” She asked him once again.

“God Emma, why don’t you just stretch or something.” Colin replied back, not caring for his sister at all.

Emma’s face grew upset. If he wasn’t wanting to do it, she was going to make him do it; for she knew if this didn’t work, she’d have to come up with another plan…that…or just hear her brother slapping away again. ‘No!’ Emma screamed inside her head. ‘I’m going to make this work, whether he likes it not!’

Quickly, Emma jumped in front of her brother to block his view.

Colin was starting to get really annoyed now; she was really bugging him. “Come on Em. Move!” He said loudly to her, trying to direct his eyes past his sister and back to the TV. But Emma wasn’t budging; she kept moving along with her brother’s movement, making sure he couldn’t see anything but herself.

“God damn it Emma, what do you want?!” Colin asked in anger.

“I told you already; I need your help to relax my muscles!” She replied sternly, crossing her arms. “PLEASE!”

Colin looked at her briskly, and spoke “For fuck’s sake; FINE! Go grab a chair.” He told her. Emma smiled to herself. “Okay, Thanks bro!” She said happily.

Quickly, she grabbed a chair at the small table across to the left in the room and set it down sideways in front of her brother. She grabbed the remote for the TV and turned the TV off. “No distractions! I want your focus to be on helping me.” She told him. Colin just shook his head. “Whatever…”

Before sitting down, Emma stretched out her body, trying to reveal how tight her cheerleading outfit really was on her to her brother. She bent down to her toes slowly..she wanted to show off her large cleavage to him. As she came back up, still in her slow movement, she then did the same thing, but the other way around. Her ass rose up into the air and her skirt fell up with it. From the slight breeze that hit her back side, she could definitely tell that her panties were in the view to her brother’s escort kartal eyes. ‘That’s gotta help start this off!’ Emma told herself.

Then Emma easily inched back up and sat down onto the chair. It was then that her brother could finally begin to massage her. As his hands clenched her shoulders moderately, Emma started to moan slightly. “Mmm, Yeah…Uhhh, that feels good bro!” She let out.

After a few minutes, Colin’s hands began to get rougher, and Emma began moaning slightly harder now. Trying to make it seem as real as possible, she made her moans still just seem innocent, but at the same time, she was hoping this was turning Colin on; she was ‘really’ hoping it was giving him a hard on.

She leaned back a bit. Stretching backwards towards her brother, she made her cleavage hit Colin’s eyes like a dart to a dart board.

Colin coughed up as her breasts hit his eyes. Seeing as she was his sister, he never really noticed, nor cared, how big her tits were until now. ‘They must be at least a 36D!’ Colin thought. Even though he wasn’t sure, Colin thought that her large breasts must have been a deciding factor on whether she made it onto the cheerleading team or not, because they always looked for good looking girls to make the crowds get even more enthralled than they already were.

Emma stretched back to her normal position and her brother started up the massage again. After several more minutes had gone by, Emma started to wriggle around. She complained that the chair she was sitting on was hurting her back; not only that, but her ass even worse. So she looked at her brother and asked him. “Hey, this chair is killing me, do you mind if I…if I sit on your lap for a better seat?”

Colin gulped, and his voice got shaky as he heard her request. Emma smiled as her brother looked down at his crotch. She could feel his bulge being to take shape; she now knew her plan was starting to take action.

‘I wondered how long it would take for you to get one bro; I mean, it took you long enough!’ She thought out loud to herself.

Although it took some time, she knew that showing her body off to him, and grunting out her moans, that it would finally get to him sooner or later. And now this question she had just asked him, turned her hopes into reality; she had finally given her brother a hard-on!

Colin quickly began to get worried that she would feel his hardening cock. “I don’t think that that’s a good idea-you, you might hurt my legs” he said, trying quickly to come up with an idea to stop her from sitting on him.

“Come on! There’s nowhere else to sit; there’s no couch or anything, just these stupid table chairs; I’m really hurting right now, pretty please!!” She pleaded multiple times, each time holding out the word “please”. Colin stared at her in annoyance; her pleading wouldn’t stop, so there was no way he could have said no-he knew that she would just keep asking.

“Fine, just don’t crush me as you sit down.” He told her. Luckily, before her face could turn around, cautiously, Colin shifted in his recliner and tried to calmly suppress his erection.

“I won’t; I promise!” She said, looking back at him. Slowly, she stood up, moved the chair out of the way, and eased her ass back down onto her brother’s right leg. “Thanks bro!” She said, gleefully.

“Yeah, yeah.” He let out, trying to keep as calm as possible…trying not to make his dick harder than it already was.

As Emma leaned over, again Colin began massaging his sister’s shoulders and upper back. Emma’s moans started up again, and with every press of her brother’s hands onto her back, she would inch back a bit to get closer to her brother’s cock. ‘Mmm, yeah bro; get hard for me!’ She thought intensely to herself. She could really start to feel his cock grow now, but it wasn’t enough. A few more minutes had passed and then Emma suddenly stopped her brother. Colin was curious as to why she had stopped him, and then she spoke up.

“You know what?” Emma asked.

“What?” Colin pondered.

“This stupid skirt keeps pushing up into my ass; do you mind if I take it off?” Emma asked.

Colin was really worried, for his cock was almost rock hard now. “Umm, Emma, do you really have to?” He asked, trying to keep calm, ‘hoping’ she would say “No”.

“Oh come on, it’s really annoying me, …please!” She again pleaded, holding out the word ‘please’ once more.

Shaking his head, her brother once again agreed to her wish. Emma thanked her brother again and stood up slowly. She easily slipped the tight skirt down to her ankles and flicked it aside. There she stood looking back at her brother clad in only her panties and cheerleader top shirt.

“All right then, where were we?” Emma laughed out as she eased her ass back down onto her brother’s legs. Colin’s heartbeat began to quicken as his sister’s near naked ass was sitting just below his throbbing cock.

“Mind if you massage my lower back?” Emma asked.

“Uhh…No, I guess not.” Colin replied maltepe escort anxiously.

So Emma stretched out and bent over. As she reached down towards her feet, it caused her ass to inch up-giving her brother a chance to stare intently at her backside. Her panties were showing off her large, tight ass, and a camel toe too! Colin coughed slightly, and Emma spoke up.

“Is there something wrong? She said, looking back up towards her brother.

“Ughh…no, I’m, I’m ok.” He replied.

“Ok that’s good, ’cause I’m still sore. Please keep massaging.” Emma told him.

“Uhh…Okay.” Colin let out, and then began messaging again on his sister’s lower back.

Minute by minute, Emma’s moans were getting even louder than before. “Mmm…MMM…YEAH, that’s it, RIGHT THERE!” She said as her brother pressed down onto the middle of her back. She could feel her brother’s hard-on throbbing erratically underneath her, but Emma still wanted more! She needed to see it, needed to feel it!

So again, Emma suddenly spoke up the next time Colin had pushed his hands down hard onto her spine. “Ahhh…Dang bro, that feels GREAT, but I’m getting super hot! Practicing today was crazy, and I’m dying of heat. Do you care if I take my shirt off?”

Colin didn’t know how to answer, so he again repeated his earlier statement. “Uhhh, Emma that’s not a good idea.” He told her, still trying to hide from her that he had a raging hard on.

“Why not? It’s not like you have a fan down here.” Please bro, I’m burning up.” She asked very politely.

Colin looked around and saw that she was right; there was no fan, and seeing as the basement really was one of the warmest rooms in the house, he then looked back at his sister and couldn’t help but agree. “Uhh…fine, yeah I…I guess.” He said shakily, knowing that his sister was just about to be half naked.

Emma smiled and once again thanked her brother.

Emma then stood up and reached under her shirt. Very slowly, she inched it up, and over her head. As the shirt came off, her brunette hair, still tied up in a ponytail, fell back down, and her large breasts toppled out, bouncing up and down within her bra. Quickly Emma threw the shirt to the ground and looked back at her brother.

“Phew…that’s better!” She let out.

Colin’s eyes were glued, and his dick was nowhere near soft anymore. Emma spoke to him, but Colin’s attention was gone, lost in seduction.

“Umm, bro?” Emma let out, pinching his arm. “Ouch!” He screeched. “What?” He replied as he came out of his trance.

“I said, what about you? Aren’t you getting hot too?” Emma asked her brother again.

“Well, yeah sort of, but I think I’m ok.” He replied.

Emma shook her head and wiped her hand over Colin’s forehead. “Liar!” She laughed. “Look; SEE! You’re sweating like crazy!” Why don’t you just take your shirt off?

Colin looked at her as if ‘she’ was crazy herself. “No, seriously Em, I’m fine.” He said, nonchalantly.

Wiping off Colin’s arm, Emma responded. “You’re not fine; look, your arms are all sweaty too! Seriously, just slip out of that wet shirt; you’ll feel much better!”

“Look Emma, I’m…” But before he could finish, Emma took the situation into her own hands.

“Here, let me help you.” Emma insisted, and then began slipping her brother’s shirt off.

As she pulled his shirt up and over his head, Emma wiped the sweat from Colin’s chest with it and threw it at him. “See; feel how drenched it is?!”

Feeling the wetness, he replied. “Yeah, I guess you were right.”, and then threw the shirt to the ground. As he tossed it down, Emma stared at him intently. “What is it?” Colin asked.

“I told you so!” Emma said with a smirk. Then her eyes looked elsewhere; she immediately looked down at his waist and legs. “God bro, your legs are drenched too! You’ve gotta be super hot in those shorts if your legs are this sweaty.”

He looked down and felt the wetness of his leg. “Yeah it is kind of getting pretty warm in here.” He told her.

“Here, just slip those shorts off; it’ll help you cool off.” Emma said.

Colin was scared; his rock hard cock was throbbing erratically underneath his shorts, he didn’t know what to say. “Emma, I’m good, don’t worry about it.” He got out quickly-the words just slipping out.

But Emma again took matters into her own hands.

Smiling sexually at her brother, Emma suddenly took hold of the waistband of both his shorts and boxers, and ripped them off-exposing her brother’s thick, 7.5 inch dick. Emma slid back and gaped, not believing what her brother had been hiding.

Colin quickly tried to cover up, but it was useless. There was nothing laying around to help him do so. “What the hell Em?!” He yelled out.

Emma still stood there looking down at her brother lusciously. “God Colin, I can’t believe you got a boner from your own sister!”

Colin looked up at her. “Well what did you expect? Your ass kept inching towards my dick, you kept moaning, and pendik escort bayan then you started undressing! Can you blame me?” He said, Still holding his hands over his erection.

Moving back towards her brother, she spoke. “No I don’t blame you; that’s what I was hoping would happen!” She replied.

“What?” Colin questioned.

Emma kneeled down. “Mm-hmm…You have no idea why, do you?” She asked him.

“What do you…” but Colin couldn’t finish, for his sister hurriedly moved her brother’s hands out of the way and grabbed onto his hard shaft and started pumping it.

Colin began to moan. “Mmm, Uhhh, Emma what the, Ohh fuck!…what the hell’s gotten into Y…oooou…!? He got out slowly as his sister spat on his dick and slid her saliva down his cock with her hand.

“Mmmm, bro, do you know how many times I’ve heard you jacking off at night? I can’t help it; you were keeping me up almost every night! I just had to find a way for you to stop!”

“For fuck’s sake Emmmm…Uhhhh…I didn’t…Oh fuck!! I didn’t mean to!”

“This is…S…Ohhhh…wrong!!” Colin moaned out loudly as he bucked his hips up.

Emma hushed him. “Quiet bro! I couldn’t stand it any longer, I’ve had enough; and I figured that if I helped you out, maybe you’d finally stop keeping me up at night!” She said, and then went on stroking him once more-milking him like a cow.

“But seriously Emma, I didn’t Mmmm…mmmm…mean it! He told her, clenching his lips into his mouth. “I was just trying T..Ughh…mmmm…trying to release myself. Seriously Emma, I mean this is…S…Ohhh shit!! It’s wr…wr..Uhhhh…GOD! SO Wrong!” He got out, breathing heavily.

Easily, Emma slowed her pace. “Well…do you want me to stop?” She asked, staring intently with her bright blue eyes into his own hazel colored eyes.

Although Colin’s brain told him that this was completely bad to do, he couldn’t help himself; the enjoyment of what was happening took hold. Colin suddenly made an awkward face and spoke. “Well no, but…”

“Then shut up, and let me get what I came for!” She told him abruptly. As she took a hold of his cock once more, she shifted from jacking him off, to blowing him. Her warm wet mouth engulfed his shaft. Over and over she sucked in the full length of him, which almost made her gag.

“Ohhh FUCK…Mmm…God sis, you are REALLY GOOD at this! Ahhhh…yeah…Shhh…Shughh…SHIT!!” He let out crazily.

Emma took his cock out of her mouth and thanked him, then went back to work. Playfully, Emma only kept the tip in her mouth this time. She looked up to her brother and started playing with his balls. She gently squeezed them and tickled them with her fingernails and soft hands which made a shiver go up his spine.

Still holding only the tip in, Emma finally started sucking on it, making sure to swirl her lustful tongue around it. As her tongue swiftly went around in circles, Emma inched it up and stuck it into the slit of his cock. Colin moaned loudly; his hips began bucking up, causing his dick to slide back down his sister’s throat even further than before.

Emma gagged, and quickly pulled her brother’s cock out of her throat. Coughing, Emma stopped for a second. “Are you alright?” Colin asked, making sure his sister wasn’t hurt. Emma looked back up and grinned. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She said. As she got her breath back, she then slowly grabbed back onto Colin’s shaft and shoved it back into her mouth. She quickly started pulling at it, roughly slurping on it-hoping and trying to make him cum.

Both Emma and Colin’s elation was cut short though. Abruptly, a noise sounded behind them; they both jumped in fear. They hoped their parents hadn’t just shown up.

Emma looked towards the basement door and stood up. Quickly, she ran over to it, and opened it slightly to see if anyone was there, but there wasn’t, so she shut it and locked it up tight. Turning around, Emma leisurely walked back. She smiled, then unclasped her thin, sky blue bra, allowing her large 36D breasts to fall out.

Emma grabbed her boobs from underneath and squeezed them. “Mmm…Do you like them bro?” She cooed-teasing her brother.

Colin nodded his head in enjoyment. “They’re beautiful!” He replied.

“I figured you would; tits always turn guys on! I know how guys are.” She said laughing slightly.

As she finished speaking, Emma took one breast in hand, lifted it up and licked the areola, swirling her wet tongue leisurely around it. Inch by inch her tongue got closer and closer to her nipple. She was intentionally teasing Colin now, and he couldn’t stand it.

His cock was throbbing erratically; it was either now or never. Quickly Colin threw himself out of his chair and grabbed ahold of his sister. He pressed his lips against hers, and she followed, both passionately kissing for several seconds. As the kiss ended, Colin grabbed Emma’s left breast and pulled it into his mouth. His tongue began to rage war with every inch of her tit that it could. This was the most aroused Colin had ever been, and he couldn’t believe it was his own sister that had made him this way.

Emma moaned multiple times as Colin’s tongue whirled all over. “Ohhh God bro…that feels SO GOOD!!! Please Colin bite them! BITE MY NIPPLES!!” Emma cried out.

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