The Obsession Ch. 02

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I didn’t see Brian for three days after that first night. I was surprised at myself by how much I thought about him. Something had changed in me. I was excited every time the phone rang and smiled in anticipation every time I checked my e-mail. My heart jumped when I got a voice mail from him asking if I wanted to go out to dinner. I rushed home and called him back. I did my best to hide any excitement in my voice as he seemed to speak with me just the same way he always did.

I showered quickly then dug into my closet looking for some cute to wear. I thought about him telling me I was gorgeous and his friends wanting my number as I held up different outfits. I pressed a fun black dress up against myself and looked in the mirror. I saw that my hands were shaking with excitement. My own hands were shaking just to see my brother. I stared in the mirror. What the hell was I doing? I wanted to ask out loud. Why was I being like this? Sure we did something most people would question, but we still are just brother and sister…right?

I took a deep breath. The dress was way too sexy for just a bite to eat. Besides, I reasoned, he sounded the same on the phone as he always did. I wonder if he forgot about the whole thing…or maybe he didn’t want it to happen again. My heart sank. What if things are weird? What if he wants to meet at a restaurant, somewhere safe…to tell me he doesn’t want me to come over anymore? I frowned at the thought. With my mood successfully deflated I grabbed some jeans and a tank top. I was just going to act like Michelle and I would expect him to just act like Brian.

I drove to the restaurant calmly and found him waiting for me in a booth. He looked happier than the other night. He wore a polo shirt and some khaki pants. When our eyes met he smiled all the way until I sat in front of him.

“Hey Brian,” I said trying not to blush at his handsome face.

“Glad you could come,” He said looking at the menu. “I thought you had drama or something tonight.”

“Not anymore,” I lied. Monday nights had been my reserved drama group night for months now. Funny how priorities can change.

We talked and ate just like we always did. I wondered the whole time if he would talk about Friday night but he never did. We joked and laughed and when he asked for the check I realized all my awkwardness was gone. Things were right back to normal.

He walked me to my car then stopped me before I got in. “So…um…do you want to come hang out at the dorm?” His manner was cutely nervous.

I looked at my watch. School started at 7 am the next morning and it was already 10. “I don’t know Brian, I have some homework to take care of for tomorrow.”

His face fell. “Oh…ok…that’s fine. I guess its not Friday yet so…” He put his hands in his pockets.

Not Friday yet? My heart sped up a bit. My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of what I had to do when I got home. “Well…I think I can come by for a little bit. I really don’t want to rush back to homework really.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Shut up, of course I am sure,” I said. “I will follow you back.”

He nodded and jogged back to his car. He seemed ataşehir escort so excited that I laughed out loud. My brother was adorable.

We drove back and found parking easily. I looked in my rearview mirror to check my make-up. This was fun. My heart was pounding and I felt my hands start to shake as I stepped out of the car.

Brian walked over to me and we went back to the dorm at a brisk walk. He seemed quiet and a little awkward as we walked. I made little jokes to ease the tension, but I had to admit, as we climbed the stairs toward his room I was pretty nervous too. He fumbled with his keys and finally got the door open.

I stepped in and sat on his couch lazily. He flipped on the light, shut the door then walked over in front of me. I could see he was nervous and he stood in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

“Well,” we both said at the same time. I noticed his crotch was bulging in his pants.

He followed my gaze toward his pants. He looked back at me and swallowed hard. His handsome face was so serious—almost asking me with out saying a word.

I bit my lip playfully and looked up at him. I could see he was starting to breathe faster. I took my hair and tied it back behind my head in a pony tail and looked from his pretty green eyes to his crotch. I thought about the soft skin of his penis and the large round tip in my mouth. Then the feeling of his shaft growing harder and harder and then the release of his warm, salty cum in my mouth. My knees trembled and my heart pounded. I continued to bite my lower lip and my mouth grew moist. I wanted to please his dick, I wanted it to need to be in my mouth as badly as my mouth needed it. I wanted to swallow his cum—a much cum as he could give me.

I reached forward and rubbed his crotch with my hand. I felt his hard shaft under his clothes and I rubbed it.

“Oh…Michelle,” he murmured and shifted on his feet.

I took a deep breath and let lust start to take me over. I looked up at him intensely. “I want to suck your cock right now Brian.” I gripped his dick through his pants firmly. I felt the need growing in my body. I wanted my big brother’s cock in my mouth.

He fumbled with his fly and with my help as soon as his pants were unbuttoned, I yanked them and his boxers down to his ankles. His cock bounced up in front of my face—hard, rigid, red and swelling. Best of all I saw that he had cut most of his pubic hair back, making his penis look large and delicious. The mushroom tip was pink but growing red and swelling out. “Come here,” I whispered to it, then grabbed the shaft and brought that wonderful swelling head to my mouth.

I opened as wide as I could and took it in, enjoying every inch as he pressed it forward into my mouth. The large head pressed against the back of my mouth and I opened wider knowing there was still another inch until I had the whole thing in my mouth. I wanted all of it. I brought my head back slowly, sucking firmly the whole way and then opened wide to try to take the whole thing in. I went down as far as I could but his large head just banged against my mouth. I breathed out and pressed until I felt it start kadıköy escort bayan to push down my throat. My gag reflex fired and I choked for a second—pushing the dick back so I could breath.

“Oh shit…” he whispered. “Do that again.”

My heart jumped and I swallowed around his cock then pushed it in again. This time I knew it was coming so when it hit my throat I didn’t pull it back. I felt myself gag and I tried to relax. His cock slid in my mouth further and suddenly my face pressed close to his skin and I knew I had the whole thing in my mouth. I gagged again and again until I couldn’t take it and pulled it back out of my mouth. My mouth watered and his beautiful cock was dripping with my spit as it dangled in front of my face.

Brian shivered. “That feels amazing.” He said looking down at me. He put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair.

I looked up at him lovingly, “Thank you for shaving.”

I slid my hand over his wet and hard cock stroking it quickly. I felt a hunger inside of me. My body was hot and my crotch was dripping wet. My hands were shaking as I put both of them on his shaft and stroked it. I stared at the hard tip and devoured it with my mouth. I rubbed his shaft and sucked the end of his dick furiously. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me so I opened up, let my hands go to the side and took it in. I felt like his cock had grown as it hit my throat before I could take it all in. I coughed against it but Brian pushed my head harder. I took a breath through my nose and relaxed my throat and it pressed in further.

“Oh…” Brian said in a half moan half grunt.

His hard cock in my mouth twitched and I felt his balls against my chin. My eyes began to water and I tried to close my throat on his dick. I gagged and he groaned again. I pushed my head again against him. I wanted it…I wanted to please him. I pushed back against his hand until just the tip was in my mouth and then I took it all in again. My mouth watered around his hard cock as I went back and took it to my throat again and again.

“Shit Michelle…shit…” he groaned.

I looked up at him and let the dripping penis slip out of my mouth. I could see white drops on the tip and I quickly stuck my tongue out and licked them off.

He looked down at me and asked, “Are you ok? Your eyes are watering.”

I sucked the end of his penis and stroked it with my hand. I let it slip out of my mouth and bounce in front of me. “Yes,” I said full of lust. I felt like I was losing control. I stroked his dick and took it in my mouth again, pumping it quickly with my hands. I pressed the shaft up and sucked on his balls. He grabbed my hair and held me there as I took both in my mouth and sucked. I thought about his cum churning inside and I sucked them harder. I kept stroking his dick—it was so damp with my spit that I had trouble keeping my grip. I tried to swallow his balls. I stared at my wonderful brother lovingly and opened my mouth as wide as he could to suck his balls. He looked down at me so sensitively and put his hand on my cheek. Finally I let his ball sack out of my mouth. “Can you cum escort maltepe for me sweetie?” I asked him.

He nodded and took a deep breath.

“When you cum,” I said then jammed his cock in my mouth vigorously, took it out and continued, “Push my head down on your cock like you have been trying to. Not the whole time—I can’t do that the whole time. So when you start to cum, do it…I want all your cum down my throat.”

He opened his beautiful eyes wide when after that. “I…I don’t want you to choke.” He was so sweet to me.

“I know sweetie,” I replied then I sucked his cock firmly. I pumped it in my mouth and imagined his cum spraying all over me. I took it out and said, “I won’t choke…I want this so bad, you have no idea…I will be ready for it.”

He smiled at me and put his hands on both my cheeks then guided my head against his dick. I let him pull me back and push me forward on it at his pace. I licked and sucked as it went against my throat and all the way out. He started to pump my face faster and I gripped it with my mouth. I put one hand on his shaft to keep it from going to deep. He grunted and pumped my mouth faster. My tongue was going numb from his dickhead rubbing against it so fast.

Suddenly he yanked me to my feet by my cheeks then he walked me over until my back was against the wall. He moved close to me until his mouth was just an inch from mine. We stared at each other’s mouths for what seemed like an eternity. I opened my mouth and continued to breathe heavily. He licked his lips then pushed me down on the wall until I was mouth level with his beautiful, fat and hard cock.

I took it in my mouth and he pumped it into my face vigorously. He grabbed my head and held it as he drove his dick in my mouth. My head pressed against the wall, I kept my hand on his shaft and sucked it as best as I could. He pumped me faster and faster groaning my name over and over again.

“Oh…Michelle…here it comes…here it comes…ah!” He said in a heated whisper.

I moved me hand and took his cock as far in as I could. It pressed against my throat and went in until I felt his skin on my face. He clutched my hair and moaned loudly. I suddenly felt the back of my mouth and throat fill with his hot cum. It shot out so fast and with so much that I gagged instantly with surprise. I sucked his cock as best as I could and I felt my knees grow weak from how wet I was. I drank his cum and pulled his dick back then drove it in again as it continued to spray into my mouth.

“Oh shit…fuck….” He grunted as I sucked his cum straight from his dick into my throat. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” He said thrusting my mouth as hard as he could.

I groaned as he ground and pumped my mouth. Then he shook and held my head tightly with his hands. I gurgled and swallowed his hit cum. He pulled his cock back slowly from my mouth. I sucked it as it went out and then it flopped in front of me. I wiped my lips and licked my lips. My throat was sore and my mouth was warm with the taste of all his cum. I took a deep breath. I swallowed every drop of it. I leaned my whole body against the wall and slid my hand over my burning and soaking crotch.

He looked down at me with a tired expression. He looked concerned. “Are you ok?” He asked.

I blinked thoughtfully and licked my lips again. “Brian,” I started then took another deep breath. “Do you think sometime…you could fuck me?”

He looked at me and smiled.

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