The Panther – Chapter 3.

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Alissa White

Helen left me to go to the toilet. On returning, she stopped in the doorway, still temptingly nude, and asked if I wanted a shower. I laughed, “If you mean with you, always!”“I hoped for this answer,” was her laughing reply.When we stood close together under the shower, I told Helen that I showering with my mistress was, for me, a great turn on. By inviting me, she had confirmed that she was my type of women. I gave her the soap to wash me first, and said, “I have to learn how you like to be washed by your lovers.” When Helen was done, she looked admiringly down at what her attention had done to my cock. She giggled and asked, “You must be starving like me, Ben. When did you have your last good sex?”“Oh, twenty minutes ago.” – I truthfully replied. However, I suspected Helen meant sex with my wife.For the time being, I let this matter rest. Instead, I soaped her in, which put Helen in a state of blissful contemplation. My soapy hands lovingly washed all her body and then, at length, all of her hidden crannies. The wash finished with us in the closest of embraces under the cascading water. I was sure that my ministrations had left Helen in a similar state of arousal that she had managed to inflict on me.Once we had towelled each other off to a warm glow, Helen asked if I wanted something to eat. She slapped my bottom when I leered at her and asked, “What is on offer?” Then she skipped off to the living room. I followed. She had already slipped into the pants of her suit. Reaching for the top and pulling it down over her head, her muffled voice told bahis siteleri me to get dressed. I asked, “Fully”?Shaking out her hair, Helen grinned, “Just enough not to distract the cook.”We went to the kitchen. Helen turned immediately to her task of preparing for us a plate of German-style Appetitbrote whilst I, before sitting down, checked the drink situation. The fridge was well stocked.When I asked Helen she laughed. Without turning from her task, she said, “I didn’t know what to buy. Was it going to be a soft drink, beer, wine, Schnapps occasion with us? Well, now I know! We made it a Champagne one! Didn’t we?”We toasted each other and, as Helen’s blush and shining eyes affirmed, the morning we had spent. We enjoyed our repast, but Helen also hungered to talk.To help break the awkward silence, I told her, as a joke, what the first questions are that Austrian lovers ask after their first fuck. He, being an ignorant male, always asks, “Did you come?” And she – a good girl – asks, “What do you think of me now?”Helen smiled, but it was not a happy one. Thinking for a few long seconds, she raised her glass, inviting me to clink for a toast. Then, facing me with a challenging look and even voice, Helen said, “You, Ben, don’t need to ask your Austrian question. And mine, not being a good girl, I better leave unasked.”She hesitated and looked down before she continued, “But there are things I want to tell you now that we have become lovers. We did become lovers, didn’t we – it wasn’t just a great fuck?”I reached across the table for both her canlı bahis siteleri hands and asked her to trust me. I assured her that nothing between us needed to be hidden, or justified, or excused. We had made the most honest beginning to our relationship that could be made.When I released Helen’s hands, she let them rest for a while to show me she was not withdrawing, before she leant back. She looked at me, smiled shyly, and began to talk: “Ben, there are things I have lately thought and done that are strange and new to me. I threw myself at you last week after class. I felt so in danger while I waited to catch you alone, with my need to expose myself to you. I never imagined I could do something like that. You then made it easy for me in the car. You showed me that you wanted me as I wanted you: to make love, yes, to have sex. This morning you came. You wanted me naked, took me, fucked me, loved me on the floor the way I had imagined, longed for, was ready for. I loved it. I want you to want me like that. No holding back! It’s as simple as that, and you knew it from the beginning.”“But telling you about my life will be hard.”Helen shook her head in frustration. It was difficult for her to gather the right words and tone to talk about her past, present and herself, either in spite or because of our sexual involvement. She so wished that I would understand what had brought us together.Beginning with her family, Helen described her parents as caring and her childhood as trouble-free. Being bright, she went to a selective grammar school. canlı bahis On completing her O-Levels, she started a clerical job at a local firm. Like her girl-friends, Helen had from her teenage years on some boyfriends. She did, she thought, share their sexual fantasies. So, the clumsy boys groping did not put her off sex but neither did it make sex particularly interesting or attractive.Helen lost her virginity at twenty, at a house party. After getting partly drunk, a young colleague from work, whom she had quite liked, took her to the back of the garden. What happened, Helen described matter-of-factly, “He just pushed me against the back-fence, bent me over, and fucked me”.Helen said this with a smile; I sensed she was relieved to have found the right voice to tell her story. She continued by assuring me that it caused her no trauma. She just quit her job to get away from the fellow that had relieved her of her virginity. Helen left home and found a job in Bristol at a shipping firm.Over the next nine years, she had several short-time male friends. With one, she shared a flat for eight months before they separated. Helen shrugged her shoulder dismissively as she summed up her amorous experiences: -“I didn’t dislike sex and, I suppose, I didn’t play hard to get either. I was just unlucky in attracting the wrong guys. Perhaps, I was also too ready to say ‘Yes’, instead of ‘No Thanks!’ to guys who didn’t turn me on. When it came to sex, some of the chaps were embarrassed fumblers; others played the tough male for whom a fuck was something one ticked off on a score-sheet before one returned to ones’ mates to booze and boast. They probably thought I was frigid. Not one of those boys could bring me close to the nice little orgasms I had, by then, learned to give myself.”

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