The Party

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The PartyShe was new in town and some people she just met invited her to a sex party that night. She was told to dress sexy and have a good time. She wore a low cut tight top and a short skirt. She decided to not wear a bra and panties. When she got there she noticed there were many more men than women but that was ok with her. The women were dressed very revealing and sexy. One lady had on a see thru dress and nothing else. Another lady had on a bikini that exposed her nipples. Some of the women were topless. It seemed the smallest tits were a C. The men were clad only in underwear and some in tight jockeys. You could see the outline of their cocks. She loved to fuck a big cock. She was great at deepthroating too and loved the taste of cum. As they all got a drink the host passed out numbers in pink for the women and blue for the men. They were then told they would draw a number and that person holding that number would be a partner for the skit. She was then told to draw a number. As she drew number five a man in a tight speedo stepped forward. His cock was amazing long and thick. Then the host asked the rest of the guests to name four things they wanted this couple to do as they watched. He wrote them on a board and was to cross them off as they were done. 1. She was to remove his speedo and deepthroat his cock. She pulled the speedo off and the cock popped put. It was big and hard and she got on her knees and began to lick him and suck him. It did not take long to get the cock down her throat and she sucked him as she squeezed his balls till she felt his cum coat her throat and she swallowed every drop. 2. He was to tongue fuck her cunt till he made her cum several times and lick her hole clean. He pulled her skirt off and layed her down and spread her legs and bursa escort began to lick her pussy till his tongue got to her cunt and he then tongue fucked her as he felt her cum and kept swallowing her cum and soon she had cum three times and he then licked her clean and gave her clit a last minute suck. By now she was so horny she would do anything for this group.3. She was to play with his cock and get him hard then ride it till she could make him cum in her cunt. She began stroking his cock and it did not take long till the big shaft was once again hard. She then mounted him and began to rotate her hips taking every inch of the monster cock into her cunt. As she fucked him he was moaning and loving her tight cunt squeezing his big cock. He was able to let her ride a long time before he filled her with cum. 4. They wanted to see her DP’d. So a man stood up to make the 2nd partner and they laid her on the fuck bench and raised her legs over her head as the man shoved his cock into her cunt. Then her partner got behind the first and and shoved his cock in her ass. Both men were fucking her holes hard as the group cheered them on. They fucked her quite a while before filling her with cum.As she lay there well fucked the host grabbed a nude woman with huge tits and shoved her to the girl’s pussy and told her to clean her cunt and ass. The woman then began to tongue her pussy sucking the cum from her and as her cunt was clean she then went to her ass and tongued it clean also. The host sat the woman down beside the girl and then told the men “Who wants to fuck this young girl? Bring your big hard cocks here and mount her. This woman will clean her between each fuck.” The men came and stood as they began to fuck the girl. As one man poked his cock in her cunt two men started bursa escort bayan sucking on her tits. The girl was now screaming as the men sucked her big melons as the man fucked her cunt hard. As she was filled with cum the woman licked her clean each time. The men took turns fucking her and sucking her tits and shoving a cock down her throat. She was swallowing cum as the woman kept licking her pussy every time a guy fucked her. She was cumming faster than she could keep track. The woman licking her cunt was covered in cum.When she had been fucked over a dozen times the host grabbed her and pulled her on his lap and began to spank her ass. He spanked her till her ass was beet red. Then he rubbed her ass with his hand. Before she knew it the men grabbed her and strapped her to an “X” and she was secured with her legs spread wide open and her arms tied above her head. Her tits were positioned so he could feel them as he could fuck her ass and cunt. The host then stripped naked and she saw his huge cock. He was big as a horse and thick. Every one watched as the host went to the woman and placed a plug in her ass and then brought out the leather belt. The belt was thin but strong and he then started to whip her already sore ass. As the belt landed it left narrrow welts and made her scream in pain. The women all watched as each one had been strapped to his whipping post before. With her ass full of welts from the belt he then went to her tits and whipped them. After several welts appeared he then rubbed her tits and pulled on the nipples. He kissed and sucked each nipple pulling on her huge whipped tits. His hand then went to her pussy and he rubbed it and played with her clit. He folded the belt and pushed it inside her cunt and began to fuck her with it. As he fucked escort bursa her cunt with the belt he pulled the butt plug out and pushed it back in several times.He ran a finger over the welts on her ass. Then he pulled the belt out of her ass and put it around her neck and tightened it. He held on to the end of it and pulled her head back as he put four fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her. After she came several times he pulled out the wet fingers and made her lick her cum from them. Then he pulled out the butt plug and pushed it in her mouth. He spread her ass cheeks and poked three fingers in her ass and finger fucked her. With her legs spread wide he then pushed his monster cock into her cunt and began to fuck her stretching her with the size of his cock. In the past he had done damage to women with his huge cock. With the plug in her mouth she could not scream as he fucked her and then grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled them. As he fucked her harder he twisted the round nipples causing more pain to the girl. He fucked her cunt for a long time before he pulled it out and with no warning shoved it deep into her ass. Now he was r****g her ass as the party watched. He tortured her tits more as he fucked her ass. He pinched and twisted her nipples as he fucked her. After quite a time he finally filled her with his cum. It was a huge load and ran down her legs. He laughed and turned to the party goers and said “Now that is how you fuck a bitch. Let them feel the pain so they know they have been fucked hard tonight. I will leave her tied for a while and you may watch me fuck any girl that wants my huge cock. I love fucking the new girl every time we have a party.”For the rest of the night the men took turns fucking and making the women suck their cocks. The men would suck the big tits as another fucked the women hard. The host left the girl tied all night as he planned to fuck her a few more times. He also had a whip to use on her. She was his fuck slave for the night.

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