The Pizza Hook Up…

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The Pizza Hook Up…I was in the little town, about thirty miles from my college town, at the pizza joint not far from the motel I was at for the weekend. I had ordered a pepperoni pizza, medium, to go. Having been informed the it would take thirty minutes I ordered a pitcher of beer and found a table and waited.To my surprise the guy that took my order came over and sat down at my table, I was half way through my pitcher and the young bastard brought his own glass and helped himself. I asked ‘what do you think you are doing,’ his reply ‘John, our delivery guy told me all about you, so I thought that we should hang together to nite.John the pizza delivery guy, had taken advantage of me the last time I ordered a delivery. He seemed to know that I would not report him if he just came in and took my body the way he wanted to. Now it seems that he has told has told his co worker about my indiscretion. After getting over my immediate horror I ask ‘just where is this John fella,’ the young man looked at me and replied ‘he don’t work here anymore.’ I glared at him and demanded ‘than how do you know I am the guy he’s talking about,’ to my shock ultrabet yeni giriş he reached into his pocket retrieved his cell phone and played a video.tho it was grimy and some what out of focus, you could make out the guy on his knees devouring a nicely size piece of man meat was none other then yours truly. I looked up at the guy across from me and said ‘what now…”First my name is Dean, and you are David Ross, I got all that from your credit card.’ I sat and listen intently as Dean continued to talk. I have finished my shift and your pizza is ready since you aren’t driving, I will drop you at your motel and you will invite me in.’ I asked coyly, ‘what if I refuse,’ Dean smiled there allways is the internet.’WE left together in Dean’s car and made a stop at the beverage store, where we picked up a very large bottle of white wine. Back at my motel room Dean made him self at home, he stripped down to his boxers and laid upon the bed. Stroking his penis through his boxers he ordered ‘pour me a glass of wine and get out of your clothes, I want you as naked as you came in the world and kneeling here besides the bed.’I ultrabet giriş followed his commands and was kneeling byb the bed, Dean swung his feet to either side of my body, took the cup of wine and started to sip. He glanced down and almost whispered ‘start sucking my cock till I tell you to stop. Don’t be too aggressive but I want to know that you are enjoying what you are doing.’I eased forward and took his hardening penis from his boxers and begin to gently yet passionately sucking on his penile glans. Dean moaned softly as he sipped his wine, with his other hand he embraced my head and rested his hand.Dean placed the cup on the night stand and pushed my head gently back.”Now I want you to get up here on the bed and on your stomach, with your legs open’. I laid there waiting for Dean to make the next move, slowly he crawled between my legs and parted my buttocks with his hands. Spitting directly on to my anal opening Dean rubbed his rubbery rigid cock head through his spit using it as lube.I said to him ‘in the drawer you will find a tube of lube, it works better,’ His reply was stern ‘bitch, I don’t want nothing between ultrabet güvenilirmi me and your ass but what I put there.’ With that Dean pushed forward and forced most of his hard cock deep into my anus. I gave a short shriek as his penile head pushed pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.Dean did not give me anytime to adjust he just started to work his rigid cock in and out of my butt hole with great pleasure. His hands on each of my butt cheeks spreading them apart, he plowed deeper and deeper and deeper into my resisting rectum. I was groaning and moaning from pain more than lust, yet I was some what turned on by the fact that I was being taken almost against my will.Dean collapsed down on my back and gripped my shoulders somewhat awkwardly as he plowed in to my prostrate body. Dean hunched angrily into my anus and I could tell that he was about to shot his load of spunk. I started to say something but Dean pushed my head down with both his hands and raised his upper body up for more leverage. With a number of sharp thrust Dean deposited his load of baby making fluid into my anal canal.I reached up to try and remove his hands from my head so that my airway was clear. Dean pushed more forcefully down on my head till he had emptied his entire load of spunk into my anal cavity. Slowly Dean laid down on to my back and whispered into my ear ‘bitch, I hope you liked that, cause we have just begun…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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